Another feet thread

another feet thread

post your fave foot sluts and foot goddess

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Would sniff with such voracity, my sinuses would collapse.

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nice haver her soles covered in your cum?

I cut off my dick just to take a taste of that foot

no but there's this of her

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are you the nigger


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Cool. Can i ask why you’re into getting cucked? Doesnt it make you like feel worthless and like your wife doesn’t truly love you?

Also more pics please

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nah we booth enjoy it. i love seeing her pounded just as much as i love doing it myself, plus it feels like she' a pornstar coz she kknows how to take cock lol

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Ok thats cool then im way to jealous to ever make that work lol

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each to their own. it works for us we both love it coz we're both constantly horny lol

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Did the darkie eat all of your food when he got done fucking your wife

Do you not care that she might be fucking these bulls on the side and not tell you?

He better have to regain some energy after giving the wife a proper breeding.

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no coz she knows i'd be ok with it, so there's no reason to lie. we do it so often she'd have to bean olympian to still have bulls on the side lol

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Please if there is more of this chick, post it. Want to nut on those toes so fuckin bad

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Have many more

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God who is this???

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10stonedtoesxo have some lf her onlyfans stuff with full nudity in a bit

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more pls or source pls?

Man you are a hero

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very big feet!
anyone knows her size?
but very beautiful too

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Fucking sexy

her feet are size 8 US and she is 5'6"

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More OC

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nice wear can i find your work

>her feet are size 8 US

I was so wrong
thought she got 10s

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Check the tag on the image on instagram

How much content you have?

Any feetfags who also likes black girl feet?
I'm just into white girls feet or latina feet
but blacks and asian have terrible feet most of the time

you love her feet right?

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Join now before it's too late

rihanna has the nicest toes ive ever see. black toes with white polish is instant diamonds

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“Knows how to take cock” as if it’s a skill someone learns rather than just getting their meat flaps stretched over 50 years. Dunno how people do this. I’d rather Kill myself than live as a cuck

Fuck yeah I do


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>black toes with white polish

I'm not into black feet but what you say is true

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good boy

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stonedtoes poster is mvp

Got kik or something we could chat on?


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It’s an honor to serve

Holy fuuuck

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So yes? Lol

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Very much so!

yes she has great "dreamcicle" soles orange on the outside and white in the center my favorite

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looks super soft
can't imagine her scent

Sperm targets.

please tell me you have a fucking link to this girl

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lets see em wrapped around your cock or covered in cum

I want to jizz all over these.

Fuck, I love feet.

My favorite

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very lickable

Glad you like her feet

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who the fuck is this

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fuck was she on her phone here? would be so hot to have her ignoring me as i fucked her feet

Got her soles covered in cum?

anybody got source on her

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just wondering
are you feetfags also into 12 or 13 year old girls feet?

Yeah she was lol she isn't hugely into giving footjobs so she does it while on it lol
I don't, sorry

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Have a link to dump all? Vola? Mega?

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These are weird looking feet

whos asking

are there more than 3 foot models that exist? Couldn't tell from this thread.

I was asking
cause I'm into that
get diamonds in summer when I saw all those nice cute feet of 12 year old girls

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kys glow nigger

No sorry

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no, you might need some help

name is Ashley Taylor, aka footqueenboo, aka @yoursolegoddess

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just about their feet and the idea how young those feet are is such a turn on!
nothing pedo

>the idea how young those feet are

>nothing pedo

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sniff sniff
lick lick
fap fap


How has this stayed up this long lol

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I bet they stink like heaven

why wouldn't it?

Very much so

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looks soft and stinky

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That's how I feel about beautiful women's farts

loving the glimpses of her face user shes cute

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so perfect ever get a pic with her doing this symbol for you?

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I have not, no

shitty invite server hope you know it doesnt count when they leave instantly

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looks like size 10 or 11?

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She's 16

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how do you know that info

white toes before hoez

I've seen all her vids ;)

>She's 16
who cares? female feet is a turn on no matter the age

no you havent

She's fucking beautiful.

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This chick is awesome thanks

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yeah bro

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I think I'm in love



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Wtf is wrong with you

This is very strange seeing someone you personally know in a thread like this.

I think I’ve done enough internet for today.

Join now before it's too late

Face like shes 20, body like shes 50

Ok same fag how do you “know” them

all face pics I got
no way user, kik?

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Ehh not really shes just got freckles and birthmarks nothing you can do about that shit and shes hot as fuck with amazing little dark pussy lips

Fuck you

Not a samefag, but ok. I went to school with her.

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Cool cool no offense i just needed to provoke you to make you wanna show proof

This is so hot

>Can i ask why you're into getting cucked?

1. There's no such thing as "cuck". It's a fake/fantasy porn term that only came up in the last couple years. It doesn't exist in reality. It's pretend, dumbass.
2. You are being trolled by the same nigger who always trolls here. Those are not even the same feet, dumbass.
3. Try using your brain. If you are literally this fucking new and stupid at the same time, you probably should be off reading a book rather than here getting your brain warped by od'ing on porn every day such that you don't understand reality anymore.

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damn bro, so hot to see her full body. lol don't scare her away though I'm still buying stuff

lol wait till u see her pornhub album and vid


Lol i won’t. I didn’t know she was that kind of person. Until I reverse image searches her, I didn’t realize she’s been doing that stuff for years.

Daaamn love her beautiful toes got more?

I already found it. It’s weird seeing places from the university I went to in those pictures. Especially since I’ve sat in the same places.

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Fucking degenerate


This is not only confirmed for CP (she was 16 when those picks were taken), but there is also a Court Order requiring these images to be removed.


MODS: Retain the records on the IP address for the poster of that CP.

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what a fag lol

eat this!
left or right?

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What about twinks?

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thread capped, so you now obtain CP on your computer, way to go idiot.

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not sure, need more

thats cp, idiot
everybody knows that which is why its been scraped
even your filename says so, so you're fucking stupid
fyi, there have been multiple federal grand jury indictments against individuals posting this on Cred Forums
only a complete idiot would have this on their hd at this point
enjoy getting raped in prison


her soles

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Thread capped and reported to fbi.

Where are the mods? Complicit again?

Share link dood

The other poster is either trolling or larping. Cuckolds don't maintain stable relationships.

more irl pics also you should dm her on twitter

Who is her

god save EU and GERMANY
fucking amifaggot

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>enjoy getting raped in prison

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Hey you the oc op? You ever get that cum on soles pic we talked about lol

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Wow cute feet. if anyone wants to chat about cute feet wickr me



dump the premium stuff in a vola?

Maybe an other day

Attached: 24karatfeet-20150919-0001.jpg (1080x1080, 197K)

aww man
thanks anyways

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Attached: 24karatfeet-20150919-0002.jpg (1080x1350, 84K)

Yeah i would do it now if i wasnt on mobile but ohh well

is it on your phone or pc cause i can make the vola room for you

she's freaky and said shell do sessions. try her twitter or her bf if they're still together

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=J-_7JFo0bStUryIE)original_420257761.jpg (575x766, 71K)

Attached: ashleysoles-20150919-0002.jpg (1080x1080, 53K)

Got link to her pornhub? Some other user mentioned it above

I cant save most of the pics on mobile (only fans uses a plugin to stop 3d touch on most pics ) and cant get any of the videos on mobile anyway

Anyone save the non feet pic of her that got deleted?

Love lightly dirty soles like this

ah i see
if i made a vola room and kept it open would you dump in it later when you had the chance?

sooo soft!

Attached: goddess_grazi-20150922-0002.jpg (1080x1080, 72K)

Since you got dubs sure

yeah me too bro!
pls more

Attached: 1566535732239.jpg (425x638, 40K)

thanks user, i'll keep the room open

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Damn user you’re getting close with the rolls tonight

I know her boyfriend personally

you wouldn't happen to have that starbucks barista's premium stuff too right...?

Lol I actually used to have her OF as well but i unsubbed cause her posts werent great really puts her best stuff on reddit for free imo lol

You mean this chick?

Attached: (1080x2240, 564K)

she recently had a vid leak (taken down already) on pornhub that she claims was $70 because it was nude content, now she said she'll never do nude again

yes her
any of her premium vids?

Nope, jerked plenty to her YouTube vids though. Can only imagine the smell of those feet after a shift in Starbucks wearing toms

Ohh she had her tits on the of I believe never any pussy though did you see the vid lol? Did she have a nice kitty

no idea, link was dead before i could see it

Anyone familiar with this queen?

Attached: Screenshot_20200206_010944.jpg (1080x1332, 586K)

Shes an insta lady right? Uk feet something like that used to follow her not so much anymore

My goddess

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Attached: IeKxc9g.jpg (1080x1921, 189K)

Attached: wmujCFz.jpg (2128x2894, 1.07M)

who's this?

Yeah she's joined forces with another uk insta queen - feet wonders. Followed her only fans and gives public foot jobs to different guy, in cafes and at tube stations etc. Dirty bitch

Attached: Screenshot_20200206_011220.jpg (1080x1079, 249K)

Attached: Screenshot_20200206_011448.jpg (1080x1073, 201K)

Thats kinky af but sounds like a terrible idea to film lol give it a year before shes charged for that

Attached: Screenshot_20200206_011610.jpg (1080x801, 225K)

The amazing 10stonedtoesxo

She doesn't give a fuck

Attached: Screenshot_20200206_011815.jpg (1080x1427, 498K)

NEW PICS! Feeturing her friend

Attached: B695DE0E-4F73-4E12-88E5-C3B0D1849CF5.jpg (1280x1916, 521K)

Soles getting spunked by BBC in car park

Attached: (2240x1080, 815K)

Attached: CAB0A544-7540-4B01-9DA3-21DE6D82925D.jpg (1280x1920, 465K)

Attached: 2oKh8kQ.jpg (285x960, 47K)


Very cute girl

that's awesome lol get a sesh bro

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=ZihYO3w2MtK7Cvvd)original_396020291.jpg (575x766, 76K)

Foot worship on the tube

Attached: (2240x1080, 1.01M)

larp detected

Cumshot in the park

Attached: (2240x1080, 1.43M)

who does that on their onlyfans?

Attached: 82614264_537357690208702_3267912426689530156_n.jpg (1080x1350, 54K)

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=t4V8pHhUT5Dpjp2f)original_396020421.jpg (548x1080, 101K)

Attached: 83135249_178137556747850_9089328175989117196_n.jpg (1080x1350, 211K)

user pls return I wanna ask u more questions

nigger this shit just posted instead of my anime shit, so heres an anime in response to your shitty feet pic

Attached: 876618_pauljin_black-hole-chan.jpg (2894x2840, 1.14M)


what kind of questions?

mainly like what's she's like, see more pics etc, ask if you've ever got action or heard any hot stories. idk just wanna know as much as possible bc I've been obsessed with her for years lol

also dm and post results @yoursolegoddess

Attached: received_447255459170573.jpg (3024x4032, 430K)

she was a couple years below me in college. i mostly only know her boyfriend, we were in the same social club in college. she was always super quiet and reserved, i never thought she was someone that sold feet pics. she's super into economics/finance and that kind of crap.

nice user, ever think ab dming her feet account? ever find her feet sexy?

Attached: received_363378931128508.jpg (1512x2016, 272K)

no, i literally just found out about this. also, is this mr. jimmy d posting this stuff lol

nah just her #1 fan lol who tf is that

Attached: received_2359370164084346.jpg (982x1932, 97K)

her boyfriend

Attached: IMG_20190615_190826~2.jpg (2519x2289, 1.13M)

Feet here

ooh bet I'm tryna find him for some irl pics lol

Attached: received_1231364930357061.jpg (982x1932, 95K)

any vids with sound to drop in a vola?

Attached: received_549167729006318.jpg (2316x3088, 609K)

Attached: received_349115379083945.jpg (2320x3088, 469K)

i didn't know there were people following her lol. i went back and checked the archive and there's stuff all the way back to 2018, it looks like her boyfriend is the one that started posting stuff of her. there's a post by him that has this kik name on there, @fqbguy, you could try that.

Whoever posted it can't be that smart. I mean, you have to know you're going to get reported, right?

Dude probably has nothing left to lose.

Does anyone know the name of this girl?

Attached: received_858081037577351.jpg (1440x900, 74K)

nah from his name, I saw that kik, but tryna get some fb and insta pics

u have kik?

Attached: received_720968974981754.jpg (3024x3024, 441K)

i think, but i gotta download the app again

Attached: received_989221917796595.jpg (1440x900, 104K)

lmk bro would love to see more irl of her. can't find fb or ig quite yet

Attached: received_380000629609323.jpg (2208x1120, 117K)

drop your name and i can shoot you a message



Attached: received_434211620785584.jpg (1122x2208, 159K)

Fucking perfect

the goat

Attached: received_624685254726399.jpg (1122x2208, 88K)

Fuuuuck need more man please

Attached: received_734487013672562.jpg (720x1416, 54K)

Attached: edf.jpg (960x720, 110K)

hate feet
they are weir
so flexible
so hard to draw
anyone know where can i get...more artistic references?

Attached: 1578431261629.jpg (4392x5292, 438K)

I love her damn feet and the best pussy

Wow more please nice long toes

Attached: 5544.jpg (960x781, 201K)

Attached: received_447146335858072.jpg (3024x4032, 520K)


Attached: dvqw.jpg (956x960, 181K)

fuck that gets me right in the fetish

Pretty and long toes wife material got more of her? Do you know her?

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Not really personally but I want to be her slave. Her name is Ralitsa she is Bulgarian

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she is divine

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I like ralitsas big beautiful feet

IG: vickis_space

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goddess Ralitsa :)

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hot off the press

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onlyfans com/bbkelc

great feet

Daaamn where I can find more of her?

Need all of her in saving

ig kiaribitch

use the pornhub

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