I'm trippin balls on 200ug of acid right now...

I'm trippin balls on 200ug of acid right now, but am i becoming alex jones here or is the very true ultimate red pill of them all our existence?

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even the most melodic melodies sound so lifeless right now

im dissolving :D

are there humans out there? testing 123 123

Humanity as we know has perished, i havent eaten in an hour.


We have restablished communications with the human species

The red pill is that the holocaust didn't happen, the bad guys won wwII and jews and whites have been at war with each other for thousands of years. Jews actually have "internet defense forces" (JIDF for example) who shill the internet, particularly Cred Forums and try to stop the truth from getting out.


If you can still type out a coherent post and complete a captcha youre not 'tripping balls.'
nigga step it up lmao

200 is not so heavy.
at >500 it gets heavy.

and hanging on Cred Forums is not the best idea on acid, esp. searching for red pills, which negative shit, pure fucking evil, if you dig deeper. you won't want that on the psychic vulnerability on an acid trip. just believe me, I know what I am talking about. You will have a rude awakening. And that might turn out not quite well. Better search for redpills in a clear state of mind. My advice.

I barely even fucking use this site, and would never even think to when tripping. Guess you're just fucking retarded.

1. Truly tripping balls would mean you would be unable to type, let alone coherent sentences, plus you would have no interest in your phone.
2. If you are actually tripping, why waste it on phone / computer time? Go do something outside / interesting.

Fake as LARPer.

have a safe trip man

Cred Forums is a pretty negative place sometimes so I wouldnt recommend it, per se, but there is something to be said about learning how negativity and other not so great things work, so you can be adaptive

be easy user

you are a nice person whoever it is wherever, take a second and think bout it

Have fun! You don't need anything bro. That's the red pill. You've got a choice to be who you want to be

Some people are almost completely coherent when tripping

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Yeah, but not if actually "tripping balls." I have plenty of experience with this stuff.


Yea lol I know what you mean

i can see through people or like their egos, its like a thick of skin that just disappears when you realise it, how funny

Enjoy the trip, ignore the spiders on the walls and on your pants. There's probably also a snake in your ass.

Facts. Reality's truest insights can easily be obtained through simple observation and experience if on is perceptive enough.
>Life's facts are self evident
>Hope the trip goes well bro
>Take some art I made. Hope you enjoy
>Wish I could post the animated version for you :(

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Lol whatever brainlet. If you couldn't communicate while in your trips, you probably didn't have anything worth a damn that needed to be heard.


i have reached the part where i feel like im completely sober but im fucking not holy shit this is awesome :D

Ok listen. There are like 7 species of aliens. 4d reptiloids are amongst the vicious ones holding people as energyfarms in jobs. Deprogram yourself. Start masturbating to sings that scare you like the eye or cum on a piramid. Or a female 4d raptiloid. Imagine sexually dominating it. Abiff eat my cum.

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good for u
>pic related when im on acid

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here is the red pill for you buddy, close your eyes, turn the lights off and listen to this


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