Trap Thread

Trap Thread

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any cute asian traps, cds or twinks?

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All traps welcomed ! Gimme moarrrr

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Keep up the good fight my fellow degenerates

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Report the scat post people. It goes under "intentionally evading spam/post filters"

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Enjoy your ban faggot

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iron666maiden69 skype slave

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Why are trap butts so fucking yummy

Oh man, that gives instant erection.

Because they serve us the right way.

Who is in OPs pic? Fuckin' cute, I wanna get my hands on that bulge while I fuck her cute butt.

Join now before it's too late

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idk why this ones really hot to me, any ID on him?

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these pics are all adorable omg

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Bad bitch

Would marry/10

That pussy is delicious.

ass pussy is the best and tightest pussy

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The smelliest too.

from experience guys like various sexy smells

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You're talking with a foot and armpit connoisseur. I never said otherwise.

You have plenty of experience with guys?

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have had an ex I did almost everything with and I've had some quite fun requests from guys that chat with me

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shes called veronica, shes def cute and sexy

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if an user wanted to buy a qt's worn panties, what would be a fair price?

Thanks, user. She's so cute!

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youre welcome, she also has amazing booty

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Thanks! Id like to think almost everything i post is cute / sexy

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okay i need to know who this oh it's ella hollywood nevefuckingmind

$/£ 1 to $/£5 would be fair its just panties

i think you're right babygirl, you are really good at being sexy as hell

Join now before it's too late

Are all traps submissive bottoms?
Love to find one with a nice cock I could
be vers with.

I switch

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that sounds way to low to me, i mean they cost more than that just to buy them from the store

Aw thanks hun ;*
I mean im sure theres some out there who can top just as well as being a sub bottom

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shall i do more pics?

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Those butt dimples look sexy AF.

yes please, you're cute

no, you're a pathetic fag

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yea but store bought comes in packs and you gotta determine the value baced on that. 5 wold be a fair cost of smelly panties

neck down only please


;* thanks hun. My ass is pretty sexy too

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In the middle of putting on my makeup but here's some older pics while im getting ready

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DAMN right. Do give more of your sweet, sweet asspussy. Too bad there's no hard dick in it at the moment.

hi gorgeous

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hows it hangin :3

Is this you?
You've got some man eyes, either start HRT or don't bother

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yea its sad but my toys will do for now

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i got a pretty good grip on it right now tbh, how are you doing?

100% passable, without a doubt. Could take you to mother and she wouldn't know that there is dick in both pants.

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Congratulations, you just made a straight guy's dick rock hard.

No way

lol that got you rock hard?

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Yes way c:

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same grill?
got thiccy, very nice

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hello guys

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Lucky toys. Make sure they go as deep as possible in your pussy.

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Show more face pls.
That u?

Omg you saved me

Thats so fucking hot oh my God

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hello Jes

Yeah please

yes pls, i would wanna face fuck the pretty face

Fuck anons recognized me I'm so fucking turned on by that

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ive slowly been working on making myself more passable, next step weight loss surgery/treatment, then begin to take hormones any advice from others that have gone M to F?

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post her booty pls

>anons recognized me
youre really pretty so....

Crazy your hot. Not just your body your face is cute af too

That's prolly one of the best outfits you've ever worn
I literally died

luv to see a newer pic of you in this outfit.

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you dont look like you need weight loss surgery, show more legs plz

Show legs and clit.

thx I really love this outfit too

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What weight loss surgery do you need?


I want those thighs around my head uwu

I certainly do

You're super hot

Didn't buy that sorry

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thank you, and i need some lipo around my belly area, i want to look as fem as possible, currently 5'10" 250, I want to lose at least 100 lbs

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What a cutie.

would import and wife/10

That might make a man cum, whether he wants to or not. Because of your arousing butt and wonderful dick. Holy fuck, it's heavenly good.

anyone else look at these girls and just think "man i wish i could look like that"

Can you show us peen?

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Make me so fucking horny.
I'm open to tributes anytime, boys.

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too fat and manly bodied

Do you show hole?

Are your thighs and ass thick or is it mostly in your belly?

>8 head

I don't like it :(
I don't like to acknowledge it when I'm dolled

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thank you guys but I have a stupid face like this lol

Attached: 2018-10-29-02-37-12-242.jpg (1080x1440, 615K)

I’m down to send some got sc or disc?

I beg

yes, show off that heel game mama.
so sexy

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This is more on theme.
I don't take pics of it sorry, and idk how I'd show it while hiding my taint

I'd cum all over that stupid face Jes

Thank you for that, darling.

but how awkward when your dad recognises me from his 'business trip' last year :P

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>I have a stupid face like this
you spelled cute wrong, it goes C U T E....

How about more of your ass in a thong or panties

Okay now these are just plain hot

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Good god without the gallons of makeup that is unmistakably a man face. If he's out there, may God have mercy on your tainted form.


Nothing you haven't seen before on hand.

Fuck you'll make me cum so hard you guys

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Lost to this

Oh man. You are a living sex doll. Dick was meant to be inside you, in EVERY possible way. You are sweet piece of ass.

all the way to make the balls touch

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nice receding hairline dude

any pics from the back your body’s bangin

your butthole?

Not brave enough to share a Sc yet :c

silly slut, just put one hand over your taint and ballbag, and put the camera in the other hand

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absolute trash, not even feminine

heres a better idea, i know im aware im not passable and still need work but im trying to get to the point where i can go out in public and get picked up and fucked by a man just like any other girly :)

ALSO, your dresses and heels are GORGEOUS and you yourself are a DOLL i hope to one day look as good as you xoxoxo

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you fugged an anons dad? what was that like?

Hot as fuck

built like a fucking pickup truck

you are 100% right. My body needs cum inside.

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Fuck. Yes. Omg
Don't like my shoulder blades still. Working on reducing muscle there still. So close.

Quarterback star for the NFL, heeerrrreeesssssssaa PEYTON MANNING

oh, Hi Sin


smh how am I supposed to send mami vids of me busting to her

He also has great taste in women, so he would have already fucked you many times. We could share you without a problem, you taking turns in visiting bedrooms. Sucking cock is what you would mostly do.

Fuckkkk you need to make an onlyfans or something. I need more of your ass

Yes im aware, im a work in progress, but thank you for the love all xoxo

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fyi i dig on thicc girls, and you could get it like now

Omg that means so much thank you
I'd be so intimidated to be in the same room as you, you're so much more confident and owning the look

well keep it in mind for new pics.
thank you for these new ones.
looking very beautiful

Hhhhhnnnngggg. Don't make me cum again, please. It's too good.

It was a joke I swear

ok then

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I will live as a street whore in America

Attached: 2018-06-26-00-47-35-115.jpg (1080x1440, 779K)

macho man randy savage

good ll slut

Attached: 1435659.jpg.jpg (500x273, 18K)

Sorry daddy :(

Attached: Screenshot_20200130-170540_Photos.jpg (1080x2280, 442K)

so fucking stupid, gtfo of here bro, not even a sissy at your best

heheh keep going

Attached: WIN_20200202_13_13_00_Pro.jpg (1280x720, 169K)

You carry most of it upper body so.. maybe lose 50 pounds then get lipo amd fat transfer for the last 50. Or lose all 100 pounds then get on hormones then after a year on hrt start gaining weight bc I didn’t notice fat distribution until a year after hrt

where did you buy that extended forehead?

ive wanted to look more manly like you

nope, ive got a better idea, i would share you with all the anons tho

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Where are you from? Cum is the elixir of life for your pussy, mouth and that feminine body.

Fucking please
I'll buy a bj from you everyday

My hair has always been thin :/

sad af maybe next time. also your shoulder blades are fine you look fuckin really good


this is my breaking point

not this ugly man not this dude with balloons under his moms shirt not this dudes massive forehead and receding hairline but this couldn't look dumber
the wig that doesnt fit right
the manly eyes
the manly body
the dumb ugly asthetic of a man in a womans cosplay costume

absolute trash, fuck this site, stupid garbage men in panties arent traps

This one is so cute. Every time I see something of her it's like 2 or 3 hours into the thread >.< I wanna see moar

pay no attention to this troll. you're stunning and incredibly feminine.

well thank you, id give it to anyone who wants it ;)
OMG no, youre honestly gorgeous! Feel confident cause honestly you look amazing girl OMG thank you, that is great advice, i hope to come on here one day and be able to pass on a regular girl thread not even just trap ones lol

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Attached: IMG_0918.jpg (575x490, 40K)

Post u fatty

lol that's a good one
I'm gonna be a millionaire

Attached: 20180629_030426.jpg (1080x1440, 619K)

his mother is a lucky (and I imagine constantly gaping) lady.

well hey- it's a more fun father-son bonding activity then fishing!

tbh I think Satan and I will strike up a better camaraderie when I eventually arrive in hell, and then it's sun, sand and the screams of the damned!

Attached: IMG_20191002_015044.jpg (1536x2048, 370K)

You look fucking retarded with your eyes crossed like that. Stop it.

You are a masochist, since no one forces you to be here.



Np if you want more advice drop discord I’ll add you.

How can I make you my personal slut??

What would be your rates?

if you have telegram I'm dublinswitch on there (I can have it run on my laptop and im faster typing then on my phone for kik

Might as well make a discord in that case

idk buy me?
Since I'm a cheap slut, blowjob/$2, analsex/$10, pissplay/free per shot

Attached: 2019-01-22-19-27-09-234.jpg (1080x1432, 735K)

Give me a price and I will buy you right now ;)

Seed should also go as deep as possible in you. Whether it goes in your pussy or in your mouth.

You're so thoughtful
Perfect pricing for a dying economy in th us

someone got the WebM of that cutie wanking her little peen while showing feet?

so for $10 i can pee in your butt?

lol thx

Attached: 2018-06-29-02-45-44-269.jpg (946x1440, 606K)

a good throat fuck finish wold be nice

How much do I have to pay for you to swallow roofies and abduct you to my homeland in eastern Europe?

With dick deep in throat during whole fucking ejaculation. You could look in my eyes at the same time, tears streaming down your face.

Why we can't have such nice things in Europe like you? Prices are just perfect.

Omg so fucking hot I want you

>raging homosexual
sounds about right. Absolutely subhuman.

More wtf

oh shite yeah i have discord i just don't use it much : irishtrap#1516

sounds nice bet you'd love forcing my face to your crotch as I try and tap out or pull away

I remember one time you sent me a picture of how you are normally. And you look just like a normal guy. It's crazy to think that you have secret second life in which you make men fantasize about fucking you. You still get me super horny when you dress up lol

Tiny cock

Mabey like my kik?

Sure, do give. We might have fun times, indeed.


legs or hotdogs

Attached: 1540978615224.jpg (1791x2046, 741K)

No use in trying to pull out of that cock, it stays in your throat as long as it feels like it. But don't worry, if you lose your consciousness in the process, I will then slowly remove my cock from your throat so you can come to your senses again. Just so you can once again experience the delight of swallowing that hard cock right into your throat. And fucking KEEP IT there.

Thank you, babe.


fill my belly with every drop you can

Damn wanna suck this?

Attached: 338A1569-D7A8-40A6-A352-A99191DAB422.png (640x1136, 1.3M)

Not big or black enough

Attached: 1542996673524--.jpg (1082x1920, 325K)


Attached: 1577108760900-.jpg (1080x1440, 214K)

Would you ever do a threeway with a married couple? Cuck queen style?

Well Jess you're our whore, and a good whore will take any dick

Attached: 20200108_023408-min.png (1264x2251, 1.01M)

Can you make a video of you teasing your hole?

Traps here

Attached: 1568675874012.jpg (1200x1600, 127K)

Moar? I'd even pay for it

Attached: 1568347964977--.jpg (1080x1800, 439K)

anyone got pics of trap sluts outside in their slutwear?

lot lizard trap?

You're meant to say

>YLYL thread


Hi Jess :3 omg that's cute

Attached: 1901904110.jpg (977x1280, 554K)

Ur cute

tip to tip

Lol that manly face

thankie sir :3

Attached: 1901904105.jpg (977x1280, 1.13M)

What will you do with that plug

Jesus Christ, those cute little feet in nylon makes so hard.

Traps here

Attached: 1568256234032.jpg (1429x1778, 524K)

anyone have sauce on this fag?

Attached: 497793ec5e57e3b05ecffba03948b4fd.jpg (540x720, 40K)

Attached: e268072a2aafd092a51c85dc34c7dcd4.webm (640x480, 1.99M)

Fuck yes


that's one pretty dude.

Attached: 47ce42dd8ce349da3cf72d646db4b2f0.jpg (562x1000, 71K)

The left is so cute, the right is an ugly tard.

Willow Hart.

Anyone got more pics of this person

Attached: 1576509954438m.jpg (768x1024, 71K)

I usually put it right here :3

Attached: 1290834.jpg (1037x841, 341K)

pornhub . com/users/imjes

H-how about I put it in your ear instead and kick you real hard?

My dick belongs there if you'd ask me

any webms of you pounding your ass from behind?

Thank user!

Attached: 1568087616004.jpg (600x800, 243K)


Thanks brother

Maybe yourself, you nigger. Being gay is illegal where I'm from.

nu pls

cuz i'm a cocksleeve sir?

this really belong to Jes? omg that's great

Attached: astolfo6.jpg (1580x1280, 370K)

>this really belong to Jes? omg that's great

Don't know about that, she open and closes accounts all the time.

Calling someone Homo while browsing a trap thread.

What else do you serve you purpose for?

Traps aren’t gay tho

Pornhub bubblebumbutt

He back?

10/10 Would kiss again

Been dying to find a trap in Orlando

Attached: scy01.jpg (628x1034, 50K)

okie, thankie for answer me sir!

that's right sir, that's what i'm only good for

Attached: astolfo8.jpg (977x1280, 247K)

i know a couple up there

Fuck off scat fags


Attached: 5b5e06581a1275368af41fbebea2579e27a1d49b.jpg (320x270, 6K)

Attached: 93.jpg (954x743, 336K)

Attached: 1580060759631.jpg (384x216, 7K)

Attached: EH0A1MiWsAAUmKl.jpg (815x1031, 72K)

Is this you?

How do I make my pickle smaller and my butt/hips bigger?

Jes tier cute


Attached: EOOUfE0XUAA56HX.jpg (675x1200, 89K)


long term tiny chastity for the shrinkage, and diet plus hormones for the hips/booty

who this nigga be

not that cute
tweeter opheliafawn i think

Attached: EK5bA9mXkAY0270.jpg (1080x720, 99K)

This chastity won’t last but hormone shrinkage will last

She would always post on this bbc forum was so desperate but would always delete her account

Attached: 181.jpg (1065x1113, 545K)

Not coming up with anything on tweeter

Attached: tumblr_mdp6qtMsZ71rhyj9no1_1280.jpg (1280x960, 522K)

Attached: perfekt.jpg (1440x1080, 266K)