yes you, post your favorite actors NOW, one male & one female, or I'll kill a kitty

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William Holden
Emily Blunt

Tom Cruise.
Cara Delevingne.

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Jackie Chan

Tony Leung (Chiu-Wai)
Aoi Miyazaki

Tom Hardy
Emilia Clarke

Don't F*** With Cats.

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you can curse in Cred Forums you know

They're just like me

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Cilian Murphy and Kendra lust

Christian Bale
That one whore from the blade runner 2049 movie

philip seymour hoffman
Sigourney weaver

male: Michael Cera

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I don't know what this thing is. But it's my favorite.

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Adam Driver
Florence Pugh

Zbigniew Zapasiewicz and Phoebe Waller Bridge

Tom Brady
Maya Hawke

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ITT: Your favorite actor and your waifu


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not true, I posted my husbando as well

Prince Yahshua
Julia Fox

Jackie chan tina fey

my new favorite actors

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man I must be a raging misogynist. I had a handful of contenders for actor, but when I made a point to not just go with waifu actresses there was really only one option
other actors were kurt russell, steve mcqueen, toshiro mifune, and jake gyllenhaal

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Finn Wolfhard and Mackenzie Davis

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