Celeb thread

Celeb thread

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Cabo vacation when?

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Ooo good start!

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oh EMMA!

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haven't even touched my lc (lewd cock) yet and im already spurtin 4 emma :P

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mmmm she owns me

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she owns me like no other

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Ngl, I stared at this for a bit and it gave me a stiffy

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literally fuckin my hand like a pussy rn for mew

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mmm mommy

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my cock's spillin all over the place for nina...

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god i wish she would bully me

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BD is needy

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its not me its my DICK :P, horny AF rn need to milk this D ffs, this DRAGON DICK

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his punching bag at the moment is not here right now. leave him be

They're so perfectly small

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for the tits, stayed for the tummy-button :^3

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Nice size for me tbh

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>unzips lewd dick
mmm, is this smol...? didn't think so :P

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mmmmmmm god my neighbors are gonna hate how loud im moaning for dua rn

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cock's out

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Her performance in Blade Runner was spectacular.


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Join now before it's too late

Hi Duanon

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Meika is too innocent for this

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I prefer them on the smaller side of the scale as well

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Ana was playing holographic gf in Blade Runner 2049.



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How has your day been ?

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Big tits tend to sag as well, another minus

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Great, I played soccer with friends, then we sat in a cafe, and now I sit at home and drink tea thinking about the pretty face of Dua Lipa

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Dua does have a pretty face. I would love to know if those lips are soft or not

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gere u go...

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I think yes, imagine how strong the euphoria will go through the body if you touch her lips or nose with your lips.

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What about to check her soles on softness (with your mouth)

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check my lewd cock for softness u fuckin whore

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Bigger ones have their perks too, but these are so inviting to just pinch and munch on

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I want to thrust so deeply into her when I cum that her fucking brain gets pregnant.

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It would be very strong.
Would do that for Dua

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That's not Alice Eve..

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BIg tits tend to look better in clothing/push up. Altghough rarely observed is big tits while perky, although that most likely means young age

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mmmm wish it was u tho...

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mmm my beautiful neice...

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I'm quite certain that's Bar Rafaeli and not Alice Eve
All sizes are beautiful, but some are beautifuler

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>All sizes are beautiful, but some are beautifuler

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fuk yeh ehs

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Which part of Lipa's body would you like to kiss the most?

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Ofc I do

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her butthole obvs

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>Ofc I do

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You got kik user?

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Top tier belly too
She's pretty top tier overall desu

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Her face or neck

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o fuk i need her so bad

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Top tier everything :3

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oh, emma!

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:3 mmm

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Is her back top tier too? Asking for a friend

Which part do you want to kiss the most ?

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well now i know whos getting my nut

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Which part do you want to kiss the most ?

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Maybe, answering for a friend

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fuck yes, my friend (my dick) likes that :3

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imagine being bd

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yikes id prob kms just at the thot of that :P

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Love her mouth in that pic
Great choice , user

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>forgetting a pic even before seeing it
Friend said it definitely is and he would like to see more

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my dick's out... now what am i to do...?

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Love her mouth in that pic

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And then I want to suck her toes.

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Back is love back is life

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I think you like her mouth in any photo:D
By the way, here is my favorite photo,
imagine you kiss her neck and she smiles so back

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Back is love back is life

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need more...

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Pretty nice arch too. Proper posture is very imporant in certain activities

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I bet her toes are nice
I do. the picture you shared is one of my favorite pics but there is a pic of her giving in a kiss in the air but I cant find it.

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so thicc and sexy... need her

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Pretty nice arch too. Proper posture is very imporant in certain activities

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I do. the picture you shared is one of my favorite pics but there is a pic of her giving in a kiss in the air but I cant find it.

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hmmm with a kiss I only have this

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fuck yes that vicky

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hmmm with a kiss I only have this

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that is the one. Thx Duanon. You are very kind.

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Dat nose, jesus
this is a work of art

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my nice hard lewd cock is needed for certain activities ...

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fuck that smile gets me goin every time

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why is she so perfect?

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Good posture is important

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not as important as my dick...

To torture us every morning that we wake up without her in bed :/
And she's nailing it
>insert funny joke about wanting to nail her here


thats not me etc