If you guys give the answer, l’ll show my gfs bloody toilet mess

If you guys give the answer, l’ll show my gfs bloody toilet mess.

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(-3*2) - (-12/-3)
-6 - 4


-10. You’re welcome

As promised

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Could you unironically not solve this?

That was easier than I thought, I expected some dumb discussion about the division sign.

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You can literally type equations into Google and it'll solve it for you right then and there.

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If you guys solve this one, l’ll post her pussy

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Not -10

We have been using proper maths outside the US for a couple of millennia, I think we know how to calculate simple equations without the hurr durr American method that ends up with a different answer than the rest of the world.

PEMDAS vs BODMAS it a stupid argument.

You simple work from left to right, if anything in brackets is in the equation more than once, you work the contents of them first, if not then read it like a sentence.

Almost as retarded as the American calendar system and their metric system that is far too complicated and out of touch.

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Post how you got the answer faggot, lets see how shitty your math is eurofag brainlet

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>left to right
This is dumb. You are dumb. The important thing is the SIGNS not the order. As long as you remember that subtraction is just addition of a negative and division is just multiplication of the reciprocal then you're set. Don't perpetuate this simplistic view of algebra.

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My German calculator says otherwise.
>German science iz ze best science in ze world

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Yeah because you manipulated the equation by introducing brackets when the original didn't have any.

Now do it again without the brackets.

why would you trust 4 Chan, ask for a link to a math question answering site not the actual answer

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>putting Single numbers into brackets changes the result

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Persia and Europe developed Maths over centuries, Physics got developed mostly in Europe too to the point most of the equations used is based on proper mathematics procedure.

The Quadratic Formula must be a fucking hoot in the US also Calculus.

Like that guy with the calculator who conveniently added brackets to his equation when the original didn't have them.

If the original was ac - (b / a) sure work out the bracket first, but it didn't, thus the equation is read left to right and in that order.

-6 - -12 / -3

-18 / - 3


not hard.

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8/8 g8 b8 m8

obviously a bait, the answer is -2

OP here, the answer on the question was -10

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Please explain to me how it changes a equation if I add brackets around a single number
The calculator just doesn't accept things like "2 + -2", so I have to put brackets around negative numbers.

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So why didn't you just do 2-2? You only really need it if you're multiplying or dividing.

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One last time I'll give into this bait. If we consider the letters as variables, we have to isolate them with brackets in order to preserve the number's sign. A lack of any operator between variables is commonly considered as multiplication.

10 is wrong bro its fucking 3

>gregorian calender
I'm glad I was born in America and got a decent education.

This is wrong
I saw the division symbol and thought it was a subtraction symbol

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