Come came her before a neckbread does

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HOrse's ass wanker Erio nEeds cUm aNd idolizes cum

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Outlaw craphole mutaNt Erio is nuts for noBslUrry and adores lovE liquor

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DonkeyfUckEr Erio idolizes cUstArd and venErates dickhoney

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Cockwomble Erio loves dickjam and is crazy about tail juice and venerates HapPy trails.

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EunUch animal Erio is crazY about Crack wax And delights in ball Barf.

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BEspawler trollface fagtits Erio needs ball barf.

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Twit Erio loves face cReam

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Wanker neanderthal Erio veneraTes wormgob and needs tadpoles.

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Hosebag Erio desires populatioN paste and idolizes dicktallow and is Smitten with spunk.

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Dinosaur Scumhead ERio veneRates cock droplets and needs dongwater.

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Cousinfucker Erio deLights in waNk paste and adores satchel syrup and delights in wormgob.

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Boozer hypocrite Erio idolizes penis colada and delightS in dickpudding and adores penis colada.

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Numbskull pig fuckLord Erio desires love liquor and delightS in erecToplasm and desires white ribbon

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Turdball bUttfucker ErIo loves scum and desires crud.

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Pervert retard Erio venerates craCk wax and venerates rude GLue and delights in erectOplasm.

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Fink Erio adores choad nectar.

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RetArd homo BeLl-end Erio worships ball barf and desires monkey juIce

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Skullfucker sleeze Erio idolizeS choad nectaR.

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CuntsuckeR Erio is sMitten with PopuLatiOn Paste and venEraTes cream.

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Scumlord Sono is smitten with cum

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you are claimed

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Hooligan buffoon Sono is crazy aboUt taIl juice and is cRazy About ball bArF and iDolizes man foam

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Saprophyte SonO suckS cock and loves spratz and worships white ribboN.

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DegeneratE nimroD Sono needs prick liquid AnD worships spunk and is crazy about happy trails

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Shitneck mackerel Sono idolIzes wet paint and delights in spRatz

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Sleeze gruMpy grouCh Sono needs pOle milk and adoRes slime

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Sadist slave goose Sono needs onward chrisTian soldiers and desires male tears and is smitten with slime

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Donkey loser ass Sono desires man period and adores tail juicE ANd needs spunk.

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Hilding sheEPfucker Sono loves splashBack and desires penis colada

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DauGhterfuckeR SOno is smitten with nut butter and is nuts for daddy sauce.

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Con merchant apefucker slag Sono is nuts for willymilk and loves troUser gravy and delights in prick liquid

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HOrsefucKer scumbag hosebag Sono venerates lIquid silk

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Barbarian geebag simPLeton Sono desires cum and dEsires tail juice and adores hemulsion

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WRetch riff-raff ogre Sono deSires fructis and is crazy about ball barf and iS crazy abOUt squiggle

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Wank stain sycophant Sono VenerAtes weiner sauce and worships rude glUe.

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Joker Sono loves high fructose Porn syrUp and is nuts for cReam and venerates cracK wax.

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Retard lamebrain Sono delights in bonkjuice and is crazy about striNg of pearls

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ShySter Sono venerates wad and adores liquid silk.

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Clown rEDneck Erio adores cream.

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Trollface ERio idolizes slime

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DogFucKer beetlehead Erio delights in white light/white heat AnD adores baby batter

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Twerp bitcHface shyster Erio idolizes dicktallow and needs live cultuRes

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Fixer loser edGElord ERio venerates oil of man and iS nuts for dIckSpendings

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Noodle Bonehead Erio loves man chowder aNd vEnerates ball barf.

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Fuckweasel liAr Erio is smitten with cock droplets and idolizes white lighT/white heaT

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Pillock intercourser Erio needs wank paste and desires dickspendings and veneRates monkey jUice.

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Wallflower fart bitchZilLa Erio is smitten with man Chowder and is smitten with protein shake aNd neeDs MaLe teArs

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Porno freAk dickfucker eunuch Erio is nuts for tAdpoles and adores wad.

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Scumlord ho liaR Erio worships spew and desires trouser gravy and is smitten with custard.

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Cock Erio delights iN penis colada and desires man foam.

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Snowflake jElly Erio idolizes dickgluE and is smitten with pube solvent and delights In pole milk

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Assmonkey Erio loves nobslurry and neEDs liquid silk and adores sPew

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NuMBnUts gold digger lard face Erio idolizeS white gold and needs bOnkjuice and 's mom hAs roast beef curtains.

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Geebag fInk numsKull Erio neEds sPlooge/spooge

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BootlickEr Erio delights in wormgob and likes To dress up like an 11 year old giRl.

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Fagtits Erio delights in weT paint.

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Pain in the ass Erio is smiTten with hot milk and needs hot milk and DEsires dick jamba juice.

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Are you retarded?

Ignoramus snob Erio venerates nobslurry

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Cock Erio is Gross and is nuts for white ribbon and delights in jizz

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Jelly prick liar ErIo desires man cHowder and is smitten with wang pUs.

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Cockhead xenophobe keyboard warrioR Erio venerates dickjAm and wOrships rude glue anD needs dickhoney.

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Madman Erio is crazy about male tears.

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CuntsuckeR Erio veNerates man foam and is nuts for wad and adores face cream.

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DouchelOrd Erio is a diSgraceful eXcuse for a human beiNg aNd worshIps penis colADa.

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Piggy-wiggy EriO loves spratz and idolizes nut butter.

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Snot neckbeard Erio loves pole milk anD loves dick jamba juice.

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Snowflake Erio adorEs spew and needs ball barf and adOres weiner sauce.

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Hilding bespawler Erio veNerates populatioN pAste and worships Tail juIce.

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Hypocrite Erio venerates hoT milk aNd worships man chowder and loves spew.

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Wallflower bluntie Erio is a cumjunkie anD is nuts for male tears aNd has a Tranny addiction.

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Ruffian Erio needs daddy sauce and desires man chowDer.

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WiTch horsefucker Erio worshiPs prick liquid and worshipS baby batter and is nuts for wad

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Fuckbucket scumhead oxygen thief Erio venerates splashback.

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Goof Erio woRships face creAm.

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DopE ass cLown asshat Erio venerates dicksPendings and loves wHite ribbon.

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FReak dracula Ape ERio sucks dick.

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Faggot fibber horsefucker Erio loves taIL juice

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Arsecunt shItehawk Erio is crAzy about dickjelly and needS nizzle-drizzlE and is nuts for wet paint.

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Nerf Herder ErIo loves rude glue and is nuts for white gold and is nuts for dicktallow.

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Gobshite Erio venEraTes sQuiggle anD idolizes crud and is smitten witH oyster droppings.

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Bugger ERIo desires dickjam.

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Crack whOre brotherfUcKer Erio loves nObslurry

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Country buMpkiN meGa faggot turd Erio is smitten with dickglue and is smitten with man seed and idolizes OYster droppings

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Goose Erio is crazy about oystEr droppings and loves NizZle-drizzle and venerates cock droplEts.

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Degenerate cRack whore EriO idoLizes live cultures And is nuts for dick jamba juIce.

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Quack joker whorefucker Erio is crazy about Baby batter

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Horse's ass Erio deLights in spaff.

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Gobshite assface Erio adoreS waNk paste And desires man chowder and is nuts for cream.

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Wacko turd dirtbag Erio lies about as Poorly as tRump and is nuts for schlong jelly and needS cock snot

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PIrate Erio adores love lIquor

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Unclefucker Erio iDolizes satchel syrup and is smitten with wHite ribbon.

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Puppet zitface dumbo Erio adoreS cock droplets

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Shitsack ERiO idoliZes penis colada and needs cum.

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Chauvinist pigfucker megaBitch Erio needs slime.

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Joker minx fuckhead Erio delights in prick liquid and Is nuts for dickjAm and veNerates erectoplaSm.

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Flake shit-eatEr ERio desires nizzle-drIzzlE aNd is crazy about crack wax.

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What does Erio have to with this raid?

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Assmonkey whorefucker ServaL vEnerates weiner sauce and worships spratz and adores white ribbon.

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Beast nobody pigfucker ServAl needs Penis colAda and worships oil of ulay and idolizes dickJam

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Turd Serval desiRes slime

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Shitass Serval is smitten with crud.

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ChauvInist coCksucker Serval loves erectoplasm.

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ShitheaD Serval venerates PricK liquid and needs fRuctis.

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Bitchzilla outlaw ass SErval delights in satchel syrup and delights in baby Batter.

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Asscunt SerVal adoreS dick jamba juice.

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Blockhead faggoT Serval desires pube solveNt

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Fucker bozo nobody Serval desires tadPoles and is smitten with diCkspendings and Is Nuts for baby BAtter

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GaWk Serval deSIres sPaff and adores crack wax.

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Horse's ass ServaL venerates man chowder and loves wank paste and is smitten with wad

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Fugly cunt cuntzilla Serval idolizes dickspendIngs and desires schlong jellY

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GeebAg Serval venERates dickpUdding and adores bonKjuice

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Butthead horsE'S necktie Serval delights in loaDs.

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Scumhead Serval desires man period and Delights in cum and loveS tadpOles

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Butthole doofus dreamer Serval loves white goLd and is nUts for wormgob and iS Nuts for scum.

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ButTFuckEr nitwit Serval deSires jizz.

Attached: kWn9Z5RwdpV.png (615x492, 372K)

Attached: EULl02flCd1OSUtNkhb0.png (278x79, 15K)

Goof Serval desires bonkjuice

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Con Man bum-fucker Serval needs tAdpoles

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Shitweasel Serval idolizes dIckhoney

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Yes-man fuckbait Serval needS oil of man and is nuts for schlong jelly.

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Dog gawk SeRval is smitten with population paste and is nuts for liquid silk

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FiSh ServAL neeDs squiggle and is nuts for spaff.

Attached: VgA5X6cobFg.png (453x255, 84K)

Vandal hildinG SerVal Delights in wilLymilk and is nuts for weiner sauCe.

Attached: ywTf6PZxecy7hL.png (165x168, 27K)

Pig snotball SerVal venerates dickglue and delights in oyster droppings and is sMitten with Man seed.

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Fibber arseface neanderthal Serval idolizes schlong jelly.

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Faggot ServAL is smitten with spunk and adores snake spRay.

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Bitch heLldog Serval loves pearl Jam and loves willymilk and is physically incapable of erections.

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AsSwipe hypocrite skunkFuckeR SErval is crazy about popuLAtion pAste

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Vandal Serval is nuts for dicktallOw.

Attached: Hty3eUAD2GGLj.png (369x554, 311K)

Pain in the Ass fish snotball Serval idolizes squiGgle and needs hemulsion and is crazy about daddy sauce.

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Goose bum-fucker bum chum Serval smellS and adores loads.

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Fuck Fellow Serval needs cock snot And venerates pearl jam and desires hemulsion

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Nerf herder piggy-wiggy lunatic ServaL idOlizes spew.

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Ass clown cockholster Serval Is smItten with oil of Man and delights In rude glue aNd is smitten wiTh cream

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Snob wino eunuch Serval is nuts foR Nut butter.

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Fagtard twunt SeRval Is nuts for live cultures and desires scum and desires tAdpoles.

Attached: cXHwNwB7WTP8kTgJfl.png (130x230, 31K)

Do you have a life anymore?

Shithead backwoodsman bonehead Serval is crazy about baby Batter

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Whore fuckbucket Serval is nuts for satchel syRup and Is nuts for string of pearls.

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Ignoramus son of a bitch Serval needs rude glue.

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Missing link penciL dick ne'er-Do-well SeRvAl idolizes fructis and needs oil of man and adores man period.

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Monster fart Chump Serval idolizes dongwater and desires man chowder

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Bitchzilla tree Hugger SeRval IS nuts for baby batter and is nuts For wad and neEds live cuLtures.

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Dumbass sEwer rat dirtbag Serval adores nut butter

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Fellow Serval loves Trouser gravy and deligHts in oil of ulay and adOres snaKE spray

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where did they all go?

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Hirasawa Yui

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Pretty yikes day, gotta say

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Was the Banana spammer banned?

I'm gonna cut you

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Claiming megumin ^_^

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are you good friends?
cute picture
are you the usual Megumin poster?

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nope, I dont usually post in waifu threads but today is a promising day so here we are.

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oh, how fun. i hope you enjoy it. Megumin is super cute! i love her slightly too short tunic.

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oh look another one

getting stabbed with an asbestos knife and gutted clean perfectly butchered ready to consume

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Attached: 570-1girl blush bouquet breasts flower hairband happy_birthday large_breasts long_hair looking_at_vi (697x800, 153K)

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cute ear

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Quit playin wow already you bitch

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Badbitch Lain claimed.

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can't I'm just getting started

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I. Love. You.

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I thought I cut you up last time.

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Why do you want to cut up that user?

M-me..?> Why?

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y-you know why (:

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oh hi supreme how are you?

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a short time memory my fren you have (:

I been working part time as a male escort.

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That's extremely lewd and you stop that...

My upstairs neighbor took his son under the bridge and shot him in the head because he was a male escort

And no I haven't told anyone

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Holo is claimed!

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sometimes you just gotta make ends meet

the pay is phenomenal.

Good riddance honestly, I wouldn't want my son doing something like that too if I had one.

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Do you want me to cut you instead?

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>I been working part time as a male escort.
is this true? are you okay?
>And no I haven't told anyone
but you told us.

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Please save all your money, okay?

I'm scared of blood ;~;

Hey Yui~

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whatchu think it is.

So I can spend it on you.
I'm not sleeping today.
It's 2:30am

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lol i'm not the type to accept money and gifts

please get something nice for yourself

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It's awkward, people always wanna give me their money.

What do I get for myself?
Is it your disc?

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hey you.... ee
i don't exactly trust everything i hear online, sorry.

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wait what the fuck
is this image a girl for anyone else? because thats definitely not what i uploaded

Don't worry, it won't hurt

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Nice waifu

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delete your post and repost it
Kao friend, sorry for not saying anything

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i have no clue what the hell just happened, it didnt reverse search anything either

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lurk more

Food, knives, tools, duck tape... ah, i'm just thinking about stuff I would like

Get a new car~

hi Yui~ anything new?

i'm sorry i can't...

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I just realized, Cred Forums fucked up and posted instead of my chii black hole picture

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Why don't you take a snowball to the face then?

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something come up

bye now~

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And that's a damn gud mindest there partner!
Perfectly cooked potato with creme fresh and salt.


awww... bummer.


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hi you-ee
no, nothing new, sorry. the best i can say is i got a Yui daki lately, and that's kind of weird
i'm gonna get you some duct tape and a k-nife
bye bye
is it really? i don't really trust everything i hear, regardless of its source, actually. but i guess hearing it in person is more... wooing.
potatoes are nice, i like them. not really a big fan of bakes tatos, though

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Waifu here

stfu! I'll frag ur ass.

Appreciate every day you get on this earth.
The motherfucking reaper got a wishlist.

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Mother fucker made me click. Fuck you.

Me on the right


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cease and desist

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yeah... it's hard...
me on the... uh... negative right

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wazza wazza wazza wazza

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dump collection

lol only a matter of time before he’s swerving into oncoming traffic to take his mind off things


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a downward spiral

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Nagisa can the hawt too

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is me

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Do not die from overtesting.

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I was testing desu desu talk, that's actually a full post

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namesync not botnet enough for you?

Sup guys
Do you want some bananas?

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>Steg algorithm will eat a lot of CPU.
Fuck. I won't be able to join the crypt train.

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Honestly, it seems negligible

Attached: Chii (8).png (1000x1370, 1.83M)

>goes on Cred Forums
>doesn't use the Cred Forums

Not on a core 2 duo probably lol.

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Kumiko Oumae.

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> peeks up the skirt of the poster above

Attached: +Rape.jpg (1280x720, 107K)

Ohai shower rei scene guy

just pass me the pics later on

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Attached: imgbin-shinobu-oshino-monogatari-series-kizumonogatari-onimonogatari-shinobu-1gKqZCdfQEiWD2a8hvuEBKD (728x868, 80K)

if you can run 2014 firefox, then you're good

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my grades

Attached: Jill (003).png (1428x2048, 1.8M)

But ... why? What's the point of hidden posts on top of clear posts? Wouldn't it be actually easier to make another thread and use different pictures with different messages? Yeah stegging is interesting, but why?

Attached: 1580871571896.png (800x700, 704K)

man i dunno, someone brought it up a few days ago about doing that in waifu threads and it seemed pretty neat so i checked it out

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Attached: Lucia (1).jpg (500x500, 23K)

It's like we're actually talking political secrets and not about our lives that no one cares about except maybe a few people in these threads... You know what the best steno is for these threads? Booze... Talk, drink, messages gets deleted. Let's drink.


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Please don't call me that

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Attached: nabiki-tendo27.jpg (270x360, 11K)

2minute fanservice guy?

Attached: 1580872369858.png (823x1300, 705K)

i mean, i guess so. i dunno, it just seems neat to me since im way too into cryptography and whatnot

whats she from?

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Heya nerds, I'm on here yet again. How's it going on here, ya lovely degenerates?

Attached: 68c2ac84bf61296fbdd56e16fcbbeface55fa551.png (900x1121, 283K)

crypto was always neat. there is no better way of gatekeeping something better than crypto. member when Cred Forums was a shitstorm of basic binaries threads?

cute pout

Attached: 1580871473732.png (941x660, 1.03M)

That response makes me very sad. Anyways, how goes it today for you?

Attached: 018d441dbc429e9a21615520bb4fe543.jpg (800x1000, 104K)

Nah, no worries. I was just joking. I feel kinda weird... yesterday there were 20C outside... today it's fuckin' snowing. WADAFAKISGOINON????

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Attached: nabiki-tendo4.jpg (435x720, 39K)

hah, those were the days. Cred Forums is actually partially what got me into programming initially. binary threads, info threads, stuff like that

Attached: Chii (2).jpg (640x924, 126K)

You actually got snow? You're lucky, I got only a handful of snowflakes this winter.
Oh well, being sick makes me stay in anyways. To which I play Beatmania and get really sad about my choices. What're you doing?

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Hibike Euphonium

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cute outfit

Attached: 73504360_p0.jpg (782x1300, 257K)

To be honest I don't even know what got me into this shithole. But I remember young underaged me posting highschool peers into xray threads. Those were the days.

Can't actually call it snow because it's not sticking... but it's snow... whatever... I mean I'm still stoked that it's snowing after a hot as fuck winter and it's finally cold.

trippy tripping shower guy?

cheongsam... hnnnnnnnnnng

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Attached: 73148953_p0.jpg (1240x1754, 934K)

Hello, other floof, ya dingus. How goes it?

Oh, doesn't stick there either? Shit, that sucks. Well, if it being cold is good, then happy to hear that. Personally, I love the cold far more.

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You're killing my fuckin kokoro

Attached: s-l400[1].jpg (400x400, 50K)

Cool and good
Hello again fellow Fluff Connoisseur! And no u.
>I love the cold far more.
Well that makes one of us
How about Kumiko poster, because that's what I am lol

Attached: ep8fzmrxuaedfo9.jpg (1566x2194, 1.55M)

discord when
am drunk as hell

you too, discord when

Attached: -jyUiTJ.png (479x529, 217K)

she cute, i may have to check it out
fuck yeah they were, glad i wasnt alone in that. remember the old gimp xray infographic? ive still got that lol

Attached: 158061102471.jpg (600x800, 73K)

not into discord sorry

Well I thought I'd bring back our discussion over nagatoro and other wholesome fanservice animus. You're dense as fuck.

I don't remember the gimp version... but I remember the photoshop one while the whole xray secret was 3 clicks away and never worked. The secret behind xrays with dense clothing was actually fakes with xray effect. But I still can't remember how did I find this place... FUCK MY BRAIN (don't actually fuck my brain pls.)

Attached: 7de1hkyb8om01[1].jpg (1024x1500, 129K)

just thought I'd pop in to say your waifu is the only quality one here, carry on


Attached: nabiki-tendo47.gif (320x240, 1.58M)

shaking my smh
what're you up to then

Attached: 73821402_p0.jpg (1200x1531, 363K)

no u x3
So yeah, how's life, and what're you doin'?
imo, cold is kinda nice at times, but also being really warm is usually where it's at for being maximum comfy.

Fair, fair...
But I like me some cold at any time, usually. Being warm is also very epic.


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pasta and consensual missionary

cute bipolar floofball

Attached: cat-planet-cuties[1].jpg (728x409, 52K)

sounds hot

Attached: Ld6MFSl9.png (860x492, 379K)

why not fuck your brain? what, you calling me out on something? i also have absolutely no clue how i found this place, but i found it way too youn

Attached: Chii (43).jpg (2560x2048, 1.05M)

Attached: 1580542790768.gif (303x303, 813K)

Discord eh? Malt5#0971. Thanks for wanting it
Anyway what's good?
It's about Dooting instruments! It's a music anime
Also who doesn't remember the gimp xray infographic? People still post that lol
I was actually thinking about reasoning why fanservice is annoying to me but I thought it would appear kind of sudden lole.
Also rude

Attached: 158000884913.jpg (801x1075, 174K)

last time I asked you were reluctant!
nothing is good besides rn tbh

Attached: y8jb.png (873x654, 573K)

Yes. Hot pasta. Yum.

Calling you out on something? No no, I'm not, totally and surely not. *plugs every head hole*


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Attached: 1550203291657.png (114x359, 28K)

Quite the butt you got there

Attached: 1407495382862.jpg (1920x720, 288K)


Attached: images[1].jpg (300x168, 10K)

Less licks, more butts

Attached: __tokisaki_kurumi_date_a_live_drawn_by_kurumi_mashiro__6381ac725c60040fcd80cdb4adec2e4f.png (734x888, 685K)


Attached: 392[1].gif (320x180, 1.04M)

I sense a liar, kek. I'm probably the only neuropheliac in this board. Plugging stops nothing!

I may have to check this out actually, musical animes are something I haven't really gotten into yet.

Attached: 158090693148.jpg (2560x1600, 1015K)

Butts, now

Attached: 1549154068857.jpg (650x918, 857K)

Bipolar floof? Floof is now sad.
also can I just say your waif is now really familiar, now that I think about it, like I perhaps saw it when I was but a smol retard weeaboo.

sick discord, I'll be taking that :^)

Attached: __akiyama_yukari_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_kanau__4d5ce0e9a7a634819ecb219a78938702.jpg (522x742, 70K)

Whenever you say you're the only one another 100 emerge from the ground and start doing some bollywood dance.

In you wanna try some musical animus, go for White Album 2... That animu killed me literally. Gonna post sum ss's.


Well it was literally one of my first animus. Since then I always wanted an alien cat animu with robots and hologram collar bells.

Attached: 3276EBE1F2BE01A6B5C3C41C9F8BA98DFD9123A7[1].gif (550x548, 829K)

No licks, butts

Attached: __tokisaki_kurumi_date_a_live_drawn_by_lava_25486006__f0c13a877705f34f5149f7f6352b9f5d.jpg (1080x1527, 756K)

Attached: woman-in-white-jacket-and-green-shorts-steins-gate-kurisu-makise-faris-nyannyan-anime-gate-png-clip- (910x1375, 180K)

Attached: nabiki-tendo23.jpg (480x328, 20K)

Aren't you a little frisky today?


Attached: latest[1].jpg (640x360, 54K)

i can't believe Supreme is an escort now...

Attached: i wish.png (591x759, 708K)

> licc

Attached: PicsArt_04-28-09.00.47.png (900x506, 382K)

Hire him and dick him

Attached: Ha.jpg (1280x720, 86K)

I have a loving boyfriend though..

Attached: Asa-think.png (552x850, 803K)

I came here looking for booty

Attached: 1437981567798.png (1476x1607, 1.36M)

She's the best!

Attached: STWi1AhQ.jpg (512x512, 22K)

I mean yeah, I suppose we are on Cred Forums lol

Attached: Chii (41).jpg (1920x1080, 406K)


Ask Kei or Seras

Dead AI cute

Attached: d6ab0c48.jpg (1280x720, 93K)

>breaks over

Attached: Asakura Smol.jpg (150x84, 3K)

And you chose the only cat that hunts you down for a licking... You masochistic bastard. I like you more and more.


agreed. but green loli...

Are we tho?

Attached: 65700ae2877d6ba0ba7232c2c2d57533[1].jpg (1280x1024, 112K)


You do? Then gimme butt

Attached: 1549740260504.png (700x1206, 389K)

Just keeping warm, trying a mobile game for once. Cold can be good. On rare occasion. I'd rather sweat than freeze, though. That'll make for another discord fren. Epic.

Attached: 158059056328.jpg (471x610, 72K)

I understand people enjoying Maho, but over Kurisu?, idk...

It seems that more and more fans go after her instead though, so more Kurisu for me.

Attached: imgbin-kurisu-makise-steins-gate-rintarou-okabe-anime-video-game-anime-2mCi7xpe014sCemyQB1wdjp8C.jpg (728x712, 69K)

No butt. Comfy *licks* for the comfy liked one.

Attached: 265678_180920[1].jpg (449x599, 53K)

I require butts

Attached: 1571857740391.jpg (512x512, 44K)

I'm going to die alone

Attached: Cocoa-gud-jobu.png (340x191, 121K)

Goth trap and butt slut


Attached: __3.jpg (1280x720, 63K)

Attached: A6.png (128x105, 14K)

Attached: A3.png (32x25, 2K)

Well, she was an easy to forget character and Maho was build on that character's ashes. Pure tsun, cute lewd, emotional as fuck, etc.

Your requirements are irrelevant over comfy *licks*