School Shooting Achievment Thread

School Shooting Achievment Thread

If school shootings were a game what would be the achievments, give your suggestions
be creative and GRUESOME

here are my siggestions

"Blow N Load"
Force the stacies to suck your dick

"Let's Hang Out (in hell)"
At the end of your rampage hang yourself next to a corpse

"Eric and Dylan were N00bs"
Get 100 or more kills

"Mr.Ethnic Cleansing"
Kill all Kikes,Nignogs and Spics Present

Instead of a shooting carry out a chemical attack Prefferably with Poison Gas

"Pinochet Would Be Proud"
Attack the School with a helicopter

"Last Stand"
Get at Least 150 Kills and hold off the police for at least 2 hours and save the last bullet for yourself

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school shooters are pussies

“reverse final solution”
kill all blonde haired blue eyed white kids and spare the rest.

"School Stabber/Slasher"
Use a knife or sword7uuu instead of a gun

"Check 'em"
When you dropping dubs

"True Gangsta"
As a black shoot up the school with your gang
bonus points if you all use glocks

"Tacticool or Bust"
Use full body armor and an AR-15

"Every Students Fantasy"
Nail your most attractive teacher at gunpoint.

"Prison Break"
Let all the students in detention go.

"Have Some Respect"
Use a silencer only in the library.

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Here’s the list for a stealth playthrough.

-Clear a classroom without alerting the school or the police

“Real Sneaky”
-Clear 3 classrooms without alerting the school or the police

“Classroom Ninja”
-Clear 5 classrooms without alerting the school or the police

“A Ghost Came Through”
-Clear the school without alerting the school or the police

“Mr. Sandman”
-Clear a classroom without waking up a sleeping student

“Mr. Technician”
-Destroy every camera in the school

“No Records”
-Destroy every camera and never be recorded by one

“Going Dark”
-Cut the main power to the school

-Clear the library without anyone being alerted or screaming

“Halloween Prop”
-Kill yourself in a place where your body is not discovered for 2 months or more

“He’s Got A Gun!”
-Have a kid get shot after you’ve already died

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“Brother In Arms”
Get another guy to join you without him shooting you in the back

“They’re Expecting One of Us in the Wreckage Brother”
Kill a teammate and escape with a Lone-Gunman ending

“No Tears Left to Shed”
Get 5 kills after having been tear-gassed or pepper-sprayed

Get nut-kicked by a Stacy trying to escape

"guerrilla warfare"
take out as many students/teachers without raising the alarm"

"silver tongue"
Make another student kill somebody so that they can be let go free

"we need to talk about kevin"
only a bow and arrow are allowed to be used

"To be or not to be"
Kill the play teacher

"free melees"
Kill 10 students with a katana

"Allah Who?"
End your massacre with a suicide bombing

really good ones. thanks

"You got a loicense?"
Play on the British school map and find a gun to use

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"The perfecionist"
25 bullets 25 kills

"47's Son" Shave your head before the attack and score 47 kills with only 18 shots

Does anyone have the dead body pics of Adam Lanza?

Failed detonation: create IEDs that fail to go off

„Moonman‘s back“ Use the moonman costume and proceed to kill every race except aryan in the school. Bonus points if you replicate the moonman mod from doom.

i remeber in 2 pics his knees were visible and it matched the discription of what he was wearing on that day. i still think there are pics of him like there were of eric and dylan, i was just hoping someone snached them from the dark web or something

''Better than Cho!''
Get more than 32 kills

Wear corpse paint during the massacre

Make the entire shooting look like a hoax and get away with it

''Dylan's boot''
Wear a communist pin during the shooting

''Can't Dodge The Rodge''
During the shooting, only target stacies and chads

Wear a tactical uniform during the shooting and use an AK-47, end the shooting by asking your crush to kill you.

''It doesn't matter anymore.. go home.''
Meet your friend a few hours before the shooting and tell him what's going to happen

''Can't Goof The Roof''
During the shooting, only target blacks and christians

During the shooting, damage at least 65% of the school enviroment, end the shooting by shooting yourself in the head while you have at least one book in your bag

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