New Celeb

New Celeb

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weird schtick but okay

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Sexy hips
Sexy lips

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Dua user?

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I'd pay to be her toilet

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this how u look in my dreams jac

Taylor Swift's pussy stinks

that's a hot way to live

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for sure compare them to the monsters in the post below urs

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oh yes

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fuck yes my dick

she's kinda cute

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That's how you get chappy lips... :

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Mommy Katy

that's the worst

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you are


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Almost as bad as a paper cut.

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frisia cunts u are white girls hope of humanity
stay the fuck out of usa
do not be usa affiliated
do not even be jew affiliated



Garbage thread
Abort mission

not u.


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Saved your webm, thanks.

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only kinda? :-/

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y u say dis :

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paper cuts are horrible

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Those tits mommy they look fantastic

emm if ur here just know u got the big retard cause ur mum drank in womb but i c the real genetics u.. we can heal with activties diet philsoophy and wisdom but u basically have to.. do everything i say. starts in my arms. if i find another and that means u cant bl

ur childrens upbringing unspoiled depends on it

cannabis in womb from day 1
never ever drink alcohol without me
with me .5-1 glass.

sweet fuck

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>The Virgin Corly
>The Chad Camila

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ass too

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Fucking hell

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OH TRU! I thought you were talking about Jessica.

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Sexy Haiz.

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oh I like that. I like that very much.

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you are correct!
no shit talking, just jacking and posting

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oof god xx

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Hi Dua user :3


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I've got rosy cheeks and everything rn anony :3
dude she's not from this planet @_@

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pill=good girl

as long as you're enjoying yourself :3

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of course mommy i will make sure to give that attention to

cute fit cute anony

always sweetness

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holy moley :O

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no schizo. its ur loss shitso nigger


sure thing boomer

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oh i am on the edge mommy, can i finish please?

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now u wanna go on date?? im gonna go nap then gotta go doctors n shit call me cause all this shit can wait, u cant

how about 2

tomorrow who's gonna fuss

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don't hurt yourself

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get on that

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very well, if that is your custom

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I don't know why, but the more I think about this woman, the more I like her...

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I think I just came a bit

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Tomato soup?

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Playing vidya, that is a sexy outfit.

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You like tiiiiiiiits too?! That's a pretty big coincidence. ;]

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that a bisque, trips user

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Ok ty

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Join now before it's too late

a third may send you over the edge


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she's the worst
ass is my preference, but i'll always appreciate nice tits

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Goodness gracious.

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no doubt
eyes open or closed?

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I'm with you on that one, you can get away with small tits but a flat ass is just gross.

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this season of celeb thread is fucking wild I gotta go update the wiki

always open


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Join now before it's too late

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Whooo dis

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The | worst |

And yet....

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sarah snyder

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I've always felt that way, I like Elle cause of her big fat ass but she's very flat on the front. :c
When will tit > ass fags learn??

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That's an Italian beef!

Im hungry now.

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this is the hottest pic of brie larson?

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I done did my chem test. It was easy as hell compared to the "Practice questions" they had for the test. I was stressed, but today turned out to be a good day!!

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k now we're in love

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sounds like a good professor

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All rise for a cock salute for the newly beloved.
Yeah. Idk, I studied for 2 weeks for this thing lol. I was so scared because the questions were so hard, but then I breezed through the test. It was crazy!

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Idk whether to be horny or hungry or both. Please user...

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she's got a weird long jaw and chin

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Stop it. I am becoming hungry

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WTF are you americans eating?

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we already were ^_^

where the cheese pizza at?

ugly fuckin whore

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It's good tho.

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Nice trips.
>Better to be fat than eat a bat
>And get a virus just like that
That would be fried chicken with gravy, to the right (cheese curds?) and potatoes with pepper on it. Middle north looks like chicken bites with ranch dressing, and to the left looks like salsa and blue cheese for chips. The things in the middle are your appetizers that you share

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mmmm her tits are coming in nicely

you are so cute.

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my dick's becoming hungry for emma

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it might be chicken fried steak


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why you doing this chad


You should be gone

actually it's chicken fried steak with cream gravy and fried okra and mashed potatoes to the right and with fried mushrooms and ranch at the top.

gonna give you a little squeeze for that one

If you fry everything, then no one knows what it is!
I should not be gone. I am here. Therefore it is fate.
You were right!

It's MBB Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like a George's Cadillac from Teds Montana Grill
not too tight now :-DDD


>chicken fried steak

Chicken put into steak form and then I think it is either breaded with batter or cereal. No clue. I had it once and it was good.
Feast your eyes on actual food culture

what happened to coroly?

corly make the new

That's one of my favorite things that my grandma cooks.


>looks like a George's Cadillac from Teds Montana Grill
Nope, Solly's Grille in Milwaukee