Family fap incest thread / share pics, wins, and stories of family members you want to bang/have banged

Family fap incest thread / share pics, wins, and stories of family members you want to bang/have banged

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Want to bang my cousin

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so...who is she to you?
start with your damn story atleast if you want an incest story thread

Lovely fat tits on your cuz

I want to tie up and gag my sisters. esp lefty

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They look yummy right, This a better one of her

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Why ?

Cuz needs a good tit spunking - what size those beauties

because they'd resist. and cry. and squirm. and moan. and I'd just laugh as I gag them with each other's dirty socks and panties and stroke my cock harder the more disgusted they'd get. and then I could use them however I want and keep them as my sex slaves.


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Got any ass shots

She needs to release the puppies

Set up a hidden bathroom cam on her

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been thinking of fapping to my sister for weeks ... still undecided

Found nudes and videos my mum made and ive been sharing them on the internet. Love the thought of thousands of people jerking off to her

Let’s see

My older sister accidentally left this in the recycle bin on the computer and I keep thinking about it.

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cousin of mine. Love jerking to her modeling pics

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Don't have access to my pc, but heres one.. Enjoy

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Hot stuff

Would love to fuck the shit out of my grandma, has the body of a 30 year old

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I was posting in last thread before it 404d. My Uncle and younger cousins came down to stay with the rest of the family for two weeks over the holidays. It was my first time seeing my male cousin (15) and female cousin (17) since they were like 10 and I was looking forward to hanging out with them. And while male cousin turned out to be an effeminate spoiled brat, his sister jumped at the first opportunity to go for a drive with me.

Pic related was chosen because they look extremely similar. And that girl isn't cp/jb she's a verified model on reddit gonewild.

Kinda nerdy bookworm type until her sexuality starts coming through in a big big way. She does swim team and track and her private school, and my aunt/uncle are always going on about how she's gonna be a lawyer or doctor or fucking president, but once we got to talking she opened up pretty quick about how she hated them for smothering and sheltering her for her entire life, and trying to choose her future for her. She said she planned on going to the same uni I go to, which is several states away from where aunt/uncle live, and she hasn't told them yet.

After scoring some weed and ecstasy, both of which she had never tried, I asked if she wanted to come back to my apartment and hang out, but no pressure if she didn't. She immediately started begging me to take her with me.

Now, brief exposition: I spent 3 years caring for my grandfather after his stroke left him paralyzed over 70% of his body. When he passed he arranged for me to get a large portion of his life insurance to pay for uni and the time I cared for him, as well as their house eventually passing to me when my grandmother passes. So I spent the summer turning his workshop into a 2 story apartment. Now it's the perfect hangout.

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This is the most I have, used to be a dancer

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Keep going

Continue good sir.

His workshop was already really nice inside, but installed hardwood floors, added an extra window AC on each floor. The downstairs is more a hangout with the TV and couches, while the upstairs is my fucking batcave. We always have people over, and since it's across the back lot we can come and go as we please, make as much noise as we want, and have complete privacy. When I told my cousin, who we're just gonna call Leah for simplicity sake, she couldn't wait to see it.

Speaking of Leah, I've described how she swims and runs track, as such she's super thin but she's grown long legs she isn't shy showing off. She's wearing short-shorts and a church activity shirt, and the entire time we're hanging out I'm staring at her tan slender legs every chance I get without letting her on to me, though once she definitely notices me while driving because I almost swerve into another lane. She does this thing where she covers her playful smile with her hand and it's adorable. As soon as I saw that the ten-ton iceblocks I'd had packed around my heart started melting.

Her dad wouldn't go for me and her alone in my "frathouse" as he accused me of turning the workshop into (when he visited once in the 3 years his own father was dying) and he's constantly blowing her phone up so she tells him we're till out cruising, then I pull up from the opposite road and park behind the workshop. As soon as we're inside she's like a kid in disneyland. Running around touching and looking at everything. I forgot this part earlier, but once we got back I sat down at this worktable left over from the shop and began rolling the blunt, she came over and rest her chin on my shoulder to watch, asking me all sorts of nervous questions what it would be like. I told her she didn't have to smoke or take the ecstasy, but she said if I was doing it she felt safe doing it too. At first it surprised me how we just latched onto each other.

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Ya'll niggas need to bump.



I see my cousin on tinder pretty often. Always wondered what would happen if i swiped on her.


lets see her

Had a long term sexual/ romantic relationship with my 9/10 cousin that spanned for years starting when I was 15 and she was 20. We cheated on our respective SOs (her now husband and my ex who is the mother of my kids) with each other. She's not allowed to talk to me outside of family functions anymore because two years ago she drunk snapped me and told me her husband has never made her as wet as I did and he found everything out after that. It sucks because I think deep down in my cold heart I still love her after all this time and I wonder if she still feels the same or at least thinks about me from time to time.

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Who’s that on the first pic?

Decided to save the ecstasy for later, as I had no idea how she might react the first time she smoked weed after being told her entire life it led to heroin and eventually eternal hellfire. When I had it rolled and was about to light it she was standing right in front of me, her eyes looking huge behind her glasses, and I could tell she was nervous. I asked her one last time if she was sure and he nodded, so I lit it up and I hit it a few times before passing it to her. To her credit she immediately tried to hit it but as soon as she inhaled started coughing so hard I had to keep her from falling over and sit her down on a stool. She tried two more times taking much smaller hits but still couldn't handle it, so I got the idea of shotgunning. For those unfamiliar you take each others hands and interlock fingers making a kind of tunnel from your mouth to theirs, you take a hit, inhale, then exhale through the hand tunnel and they inhale as much of it as they can. She did a lot better with that, and also it was strangely romantic passing it from me to her. I thought I was just being stupid until she admitted she felt the same way later. We did that a few times before I remembered I had a bowl and packed it. Luckily she could hit that just fine.

Now, I've seen people get high for the first time before, and sometimes they behave extra stupid, like they feel they're supposed to. I've heard it's the placebo effect and maybe it is. She began acting silly and really bubbly, but most importantly affectionate. She was kind of dancing around before she came up behind me, wrapped her arms across my chest and leaned over my shoulder to rub her soft cheek against my "whiskers" from where I hadn't shaved in a day or so.I asked how she felt and she said "Like I never want to leave here" then got quiet for a while, still rubbing her cheek against mine softly, before telling me when she was younger she had 'the biggest' crush on me and I never paid her any attention.

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I screenshotted her page the last time I saw her, so here ya go. Can share more of her if you want.

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Keep goig man

I am. Just doing homework at the same time. This thread keeps almost 404ing though.

sister sent me this pic as a joke.
Little did she know she gave me a boner and I pretty much started fapping to her since then

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if thread dies i hope to hear more in the future threads

only vanilla stuff sry

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fucking hot

that is fine she is hot


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Message me if you want to get into one of your fam members snapchat

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The last time I was them she was 11 and while still cute, her parents still controlled her entire look and definitely hid everything that makes her so cute. And I know what this thread is about and the promise inherent in posting this, but at the time of these posts I wasn't thinking of her as a sexual object. She was adorable and I wanted her to like and look up to me, but I wasn't trying to get her high and fuck her. In fact, every step of the way I repeatedly check to make sure she's comfortable and thinking clearly before we take the next step. Okay, that aside.

"They always made me babysit. It was summer at the beach. I wasn't ignoring you I just had other priorities." Namely, fucking a 10/10 tourist at the beach whose parents had the camper next to ours.

"You made me feel like I was so ugly no boy would like me. You didn't look at me once." She said in a pouty mock-upset tone. Now she was draped almost entirely over my shoulder and leaning against me for support. I told her to sit down on a stool and she said no, she liked the smell of my bodywash (classic old spice niggas). I pointed out how she was 11 during that time and she came back reminding me I was only 14, which is fair. Looking back, she was constantly calling my name and following me around, and since then I've wondered what would have happened if I had paid her some more attention back then. "And Mom made me wear that one piece that made me look so ugly." She let out a frustrated groan, meanwhile her saying that gave me a flashback to this hideous one piece they made her wear that was too small for her even though she was absolutely tiny, it was meant for like a six year old. It had a little skirt and angel wings tacked on to it, and she had to wear it every time she got in the water. Then she snapped me out of it with a Sherlock-tier observation.

"But you sure noticed me this time. Wonder why?" She said, tilting her head to the side and trying to meet my eye.

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tbh I prefer jacking off to her face

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Next post coming. Please live thread.

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Same here



"Now we're old enough to really be friends and not just awkward teenagers. You came into your own, I almost didn't recognize you." I chose every word as if each was another step across thin fucking ice because that's exactly how it felt. Luckily, this was pretty much the perfect thing to say.

"Awuh, really?" She said, perking up again and kissing my cheek playfully. "I had so many arguments with Dad to get him to let me cut my hair. It was all the way past my waist. I hated it. He's eased up a lot lately, he used to never let me wear these out of the house but now he doesn't seem to mind." She had come around and sat on the stool in front of me now and was smiling so wide I could literally see dimples.

Fast forwarding a bit, Leah couldn't decide if she wanted to play my Switch or watch a movie, and was browsing my shelf full of blu rays and boxed sets when she finds Game of Thrones and immediately pulls it out and starts asking me about it. Namely, is there really a lot of nudity? Since her parents don't let them watch HBO. I give her this look that I hoped accurately conveyed just how ridiculous of a question that would eventually prove to be, but she completely overlooks this and plants herself in on my throne, the loveseat, the altar on which I sacrifice pussy roughly every fortnight, or at least as much as I can. And now my younger cousin is sitting on it waiting for me to turn on Game of Thrones so she can see some sex scenes. And apparently I had skipped any kind of mental process as I had already popped it into the PS4 before I even thought about it, and she was complaining about the cold. I explain to her she's damn right it's cold, that I added another unit to each floor because I'm a strategic genius and when it's cold and you have girls over, you tend to get a lot closer, especially under a blanket. Then as if on cue, she asks for a blanket.

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>my older sister

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She's stacked.

i know i’ve cum on her tits when she was sleeping before too

Pics of that!

I'd tie them up too


Looks like a young Jay Leno

Go grab her one, trying to mentally separate her from the other girls that have been in that room during a "movie night" and I make sure to grab her a clean blanket, one not stained with cum, which is the only one still folded up neatly. Back at the throne I offer her the blanket only to snatch it back before she can grab it. "You can have the blanket when you get off my throne."

"No way, I'm comfortable here." She protested, pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around her legs, shivering as if she was in the artic tundra and not an air conditioned garage. "We can both sit here, it's meant for two people anyways."

With all my self control I resist the urge to tell her that like the temperature, that was a strategic investment. The arms of the loveseat are big and curved so no matter what, before long the two people in it are pressed right together. And now I wasn't sure how I felt sharing a seat with my adorable and suddenly very feminine cousin in the same place I had fucked numerous local sluts. Since we're in this thread, you know I caved in.

When I first sat down we were all elbows and shoulders, until finally I lifted her up by her bottom, surprising myself with how light and easy she was to move, then positioned myself in the center of the seat and planted her bottom so that she was half in my lap and half on the cushions. She was laughing and accusing me of manhandling her when I told her she'd know for sure when I was handling her roughly. Again, this made her break out in that smile she always covered up. It took a few more adjustments, she slid more onto my lap but I pretended not to notice, and I had to reach my arm around her so that I wouldn't be elbow jabbing her the entire time. As soon as we were comfortable and the blanket was cover us she laid back against my chest, her head right beneath my chin giving me a nose full of her scent. As pathetic as it was, it made my heartbeat skyrocket. Next post will have action.

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Sister is a free spirit type. One time and one time only way back when, we tripped on some amazing sugar cubes and not remembering a fucking thing. Found this on my camera sd card one day with a timestamp of that night. Not sure if anything actually happened but I don't remember taking this picture either.

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This gunna take another half hour ?

I don't remember taking this picture either. lol

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or this

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Did all the creep manual with my sister, creeped her awake and sleep, fapped to her and her pics, felt her up while sleeping, spied her in the shower until i fulfill a fantasy when i pound her while passed out. The good ol times

Told you faggots I was also doing homework. Gimme a few more minutes you choosy ass faggot.



I got my dick sucked by my younger boy cousin one night when we slept in the same bed... I came in his mouth and forced his head down on my cock as i came...we also used to kiss and hump a lot...stroke each others cocks.....fucked a girl cousin of mine all summer once when she was 19... We did it all suckin fuckin 69 watch porn...made her squirt almost every time we fucked

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more auntie

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I got the pass to my aunt's email address and found the name of some guy she was emailing and dating in 2012. I set up an email address in his name and emailed her. I now regularly send sexual messages to my aunt pretending to be him and she sends back very sexually explicit replies unaware that she's actually messaging her nephew.

Saw a video of my mom masturbating on her computer, she asked me if I saw it at one point and she's let me cum down her throat several times since then. I've also had sex with my sisters a few times if you want stories

Mainly pics but stories will suffice

When the White Walkers appear she actually screams and digs her fingers into my arms, she still got her knees drawn up to her chest and cowering in my lap, so in what might be my first alpha move, if incest can ever be considered alpha, I wrap my arms around her and tell her to calm down she's alright, I'm right there with her. Don't know if she's tripping because weed or because sheltered but she takes my hand in both of hers, squeezing it tight, she's holding it against her chest while my other hand is now rubbing her right arm. I ask her if she wants to lay back in the seat and she says yeah, I prop my feet upon the ottoman and she stretches her legs out and lays them atop mine. Still clutching one hand but my other is just rubbing her as reassuringly as I can. While clutching my hand she pulls my arm around her and is playing with my hand as Thrones starts getting boring, neither of us paying attention to the first episode. She's drawing on my palm with her finger, she draws a heart at one point, and so with my other hand I move my hand down from her arm and start rubbing her bare thigh in the same manner. In response, she places me hand directly over her breast. She had to feel my heartbeat pounding out of my chest and against her back, but still I act like I don't notice where she has my hand. So she opens my palm and draws circles on it , then placed my open hand over her left breast, and I feel her inhale deep then let out a nervous sigh.
"user I thought there were nude people in this."

She doesn't know we're about a minute before Bran stumbles on the twincest.

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Yes, gib story

post more


ive shared this a few times and people always seem to get a kick out of it but theres A RECENT PLOT TWIST so sharing again

>be me
>have cute second cousin about same age
>known her since childhood but see her maybe once a year at max
>always tension, always flirting at family events through teens and early twenties etc
>brought a girlfriend home for christmas one year and girlfriend was like "your cousin hates me, shes been staring daggers at me all night"
>skip ahead a decade or so
>adulthood, both in our 30's working in different cities
>tell her i'm going to be in her city for work, she's thrilled
>meet up with her, have an absolutely awesome night and proceed to get completely fucking smashed
>like five martinis and several rounds smashed, barely able to walk smashed
>"user, your hotel is so far, my place is just around the corner, why don't you just stay with me?"
>back to her place, she wants to smoke
>doesn't have any weed but she has the kif from the bottom of her grinder
>smoke a bowl of kif on top of being blind drunk
>for some reason she puts on home alone (i think it was christmas-ish time of year)
>getting comfy on couch, she nuzzles up against me and eventually goes full horizontal
>her head is in my lap, i'm playing with her hair and she's smiling and giggling, nuzzling closer to me
>both proceed to pass the fuck out, wake up several hours later with home alone still playing on repeat and one of the worst hangovers of my life
>give her huge hug and tell her i have to go because i have a train to catch, will see her next time i'm in city

take it from me lads, get fucked up but never get too fucked up. the plot twist is she's started texting me again in the last few weeks about missing me, how have i been, etc. thinking it's time for another visit soon, and only three martinis this time.


Found these photos of my Aunt now i can’t stop looking! Wwyd?

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Fakes of my sister. WWYD to her Cred Forums?

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my sexy aunt

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Post some normal pics

I know this last post was poorly worded. I just wanted to establish we were already getting handsy and starting to feel each other out before anything else happened.

"Be patient for about another minute and you'll see." I tell her, realizing my voice has become low and breathy just like hers. My right hand was rubbing her thigh just on top, basically copping a feel, and as Cersei and Jaime's moans start to fill the room I move my hand along her inner thigh, making her let out a whimper and squirm on my lap, stirring the beast that slumbers beneath. She actually mutters an "Oh my god" when she sees Jaime fucking Cersei from behind, even though you cant see a fucking thing, this is like the closest to porn she's ever seen, and at the same time she's got her childhood crush running his hands all over her body.
"Aren't they family?" She asks, turning her head to look at me, for some reason this makes me stop spreading my fingers over her thigh.

"They're twins." I tell her, cue another gasp. Like she can't wrap her mind around what she just saw. "But she's the only woman he's ever loved (even tho she a cunt)."

She falls silent but still looking up at me, just staring into each others eyes, I don't realize she's moved one of her hands until it's on top of mine, the one I was rubbing her thigh with, and all while staring longingly into my eyes, she guided my hand right between her legs then lets go of my hand to pull open her shorts and underwear.

"Please don't stop."

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I'm impatient nigga but its okay.

i fap to my sisters regularly, any interest?

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Older or younger than you?

stroking for my younger sister, kylee

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both older than me, should i keep going?

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fapping to my cousin right now

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younger sister

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Absofuckinglutely. They’re both gorgeous bro



More pls

any stories


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half just sister posted this to Instagram

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bruh don't tell me that's it

Unfortunately for me, nothing belongs sometimes when I saw her change / wash

Got disc or Kik?

Nop bro

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thought thread was dead but im back

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tagged wrong user meant to tag

post this a lot but maybe this time ppl will read it
cousin used to make me strip down for him whenever we visited (basement, negligent parents, etc)
started when i was 13, he was 16, started touching me a lot not long after
fucked me up in the head for a while, but after i went to college and had sex with other people i didn't really give a fuck
now 26, and sometimes at family gatherings we fuck again anyway

M or F

ever think about breeding her?

M, and maybe cause of all this i'm bi

more leggings?

To Instagram? Girls always try to find an excuse to show pics like that without looking like sluts. They make up some bullshit reason for posting it. What was her comment/caption for this post?


that's what I'm saying user, which do you like most if you had to pick?

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Fuck I honestly can’t even say. I’d love some of both. They look like they’d be two totally different flavours with neither being better than the other.

Why Not

Brunette for me, I like her facial features

both are hot

that's fair hahahaha

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No I'll be back as soon as I'm done with this assignment. And is anyone capping this?

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Fuck school gibe story faggit

Yeah man, I can’t imagine how sexually frustrating it would have been to grow up with them. Any stories worthwhile?


About three weeks ago, my sister had a problem with her cellphone, "fixing it" I found her photos posing as a whore

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You Musta been cute

wish i had pics in leggings this is all i have.

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Fuck you for not pretyping and green texting anyway

Why the hesitation? Can you post a pic?

You got any good wins user?

some gay shit about getting out of your comfort zone and loving yourself

Got more? Deliver please user.

Do you jerk to her too?

I would say that there is something interesting

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Do you think about straddling that ass?

she's fucking cute
you need to fuck her

there's been a few times where they stormed in my room as a joke while i was jacking it, they didn't know i was jerking off when they did because i always had a blanket over me.

one time though, they walked in as i was mid cum and i had to play it cool, they jumped on my bed and pestered me as i felt cum dripping down me, crazy as fuck

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Swiping right by mistake is easy to do. Should be able to get a laugh out of it if she says anything

Yeah I figured. Of course. Every little slut/faggot these days plays the whole mental health card and uses it as an excuse. That way not only are they “innocent”, you look like a dick for calling them out when they act slutty.

All that aside, I’d love to fuck her brains out. More?

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i think shes cute af but i know most of the guys i know dont find her attractive. which i guess i understand she isnt conventionally attractive but i think shes a cutie. Didn't really start taking an interest in her until about last year

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That would be pretty intense. Not only scary in a way, but holy fuck the feeling I bet you had while you were cumming and had them both in person right in front of you at the same time.

Have you ever seen either? Any other pics showing more? They look damn fine in this pic too.

How long ago was that? You should send her one in reply maybe

I got it

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want to see my gf little sister?

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Older sister or younger sister?

go for it

Anyone got the link to the last thread?

How about in real life? Have you gotten to see her in her panties? If so when was the last time ?

love her tits

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She’s nice. Are you close to her? Does she still live with you?

me too. how did you get them?

What made you take an interest in her?

Pretty bold man. Don’t you think she would notice?

Do you think she ever caught on? Did you ever act creeped out?

Fap to my sis on regular basis, would love to find her nudes but no luck

she have a boyfriend?

she sent it to me

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I don’t guess you can send her any can you? She may recognize it’s not his dick

ask if she wants a threeway with you and her sister


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Nah she never knew i was really careful always


thats the dream

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i wish i did but sadly no, it was one of the the best/craziest nuts i've had to this day

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when did she start sending them to you? is there a story?

I don’t blame you. This pic alone can make you come. No telling how much of her beauty you’ve been able to see while living with her

love my cute sis

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No, I think you send them to friends, maybe I'll check her whatsapp

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even before date my gf, she had a crush with me, after a month she sent me the nudes

Attached: 10836601_381299062039882_1347131322_n.jpg (960x539, 75K)

oh so you knew her before. Why'd you date her sister then?

I (31M) fucked my first cousin (23F) about a month ago. It was dope

Good brother. It’s for your older or younger sister?

caught her masturbating one time and it was hot as hell. she didn't know i was at her house at the time

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Attached: 468_11410242_1611635912455539_1363256356_n.jpg (596x596, 61K)

without face is good enough?

like her more

Attached: 10884948_375867989249656_1573060580_n.jpg (960x539, 69K)

whats her name/age?
Yea I guess

got nudes of her? let's compare


What do you use? Her panties? Do you get to see her walk around the house not wearing much?

mary 20

Attached: 457_11274456_497459867085210_565347025_n.jpg (640x640, 53K)

Yes sir.

Attached: IMG_20200202_2109.jpg (1080x1075, 153K)

Then you must’ve got a pic or two. Did you ever try to push the envelope physically? Or for Backrubs? Start play wrestling with her?

Damn. Well these pics are nice anyway. Both total cuties. All you have to do is try to get a few minutes alone with either of their phones. It’ll be a guaranteed win.

Attached: 37.jpg (1280x960, 567K)

She is super cute

Was it hard persuading her? Are you close to her growing up?

Do you have kik?

Panties, pics.
She sleeps like that sometimes so yeah

Attached: 2225745.jpg (2904x3047, 1.36M)

you got kik? I can trrade my ex's nudes if you want to not show pics on the board

You know we never had that close relationship so never tried anything, nowadays i regret about it

No, we grew up in different cities. Got a vibe she was flirting with me when I saw her over last couple years. Just moved to her city and she crashed at my place after a cousin drinking night. We just got into bed to "watch the office" and started making out, etc

My family would visit a relative. The house had two bathrooms. I would be taking a shower in the full bathroom and my sister had to pee. The downstairs bathroom was occupied. She would just let herself in while I showered, usually in a long T. “I need to pee”, she would blurt out, then nonchalantly pull down her panties and sit on the toilet. Holding her shirt up around her small waist, her back slightly arched, her knees together and her panties pulled down to her thighs showing her nice hips. She would be casually looking around and out of the bathroom window as she tinkled. So innocent, feminine and vulnerable. Her developing perky nipples showing through the T. I would pull the shower curtain back a little and take a peek. I would see her dark little bush below her belly and between her thighs. She caught me looking and would give me a frustrated glare. I would close the shower curtain, she would finish and leave the bathroom. I was hard as diamonds and would start to stroke and pump out a load of cum thinking about my sister. Pic related.

Attached: 6179148B-7F05-4710-AD8E-A5378BC23779.jpg (640x640, 140K)

We're on pins amd needles!

Lucky guy. . How about nudeEver see her nude?

Damn, that bitch is fugly

Nice, got disc?

i know

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Attached: 10866648_369345329901922_1152394293_n.jpg (960x539, 66K)

Thank god somebody said it. These incels will fuck any troll with a pussy.

Luckily i do, set a cam in the shower once trying to record a cousin staying with us, sis did not suppose to be at home that day but she actually passed by to shower and leave so i didnt get the cousin but her
sorry no disc

yes and yes

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Do you ever get to see her walk around in her panties? Is she your little sister?

Post more

Younger Cuz

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Since you’re close have you ever tried to give her a back rub?

Shes got both ass and tits? Damnnnn

she’s given me a handjob

even saw her nude a couple of times and yes

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Fuck her

my thicc sis

Attached: 67.jpg (1080x1080, 108K)

Found her sleeping like that once, got me diamonds

Attached: 5645464.jpg (842x1327, 75K)

I bet she'd sleep with me if I said I listen to nbhd

Dump everything dude. Should I make a volafile?

i fuckin wish she always has me hard as hell. full webm btw

Attached: rp3.webm (640x1136, 1.89M)

haha yes

Attached: 496_11268054_354216774788746_1105718718_n.jpg (640x640, 68K)

Never had a chance to have her work that on you? Or anything? Mmmm m

Older sis....hid in her closet and saw her fuck a few bf’s back in the day

Attached: DEC50EC8-126F-45C5-84E2-A3219E4D6262.jpg (1080x1164, 202K)

Got vids of my sister in the shower. I've jerked off to her naked body so many times by now

Attached: 1573752063553.webm (400x575, 1.62M)

Keep going

She loojs like she knows how to work her ass

she a little indie slut?

I dont have that much to make sth like that, still hot thinking that anons fap to her

how would you tie up and abuse them? do you prefer one to the other like me? or will you rape both just as hard

Attached: image.jpg (960x720, 79K)

Dude post more

she is

Attached: 541990_3810289936308_1351486163_n.jpg (640x960, 85K)

multiple times whenever shes drunk but ive never been able to fuck her ive tried but not gonna force her to do anything she doesnt want to do

Attached: 84561561_5444554.jpg (720x1280, 56K)

Found on my sisters phone

Attached: 0325814C-D4C9-42B2-865C-DC0DF525C506.jpg (1122x2208, 931K)


don't stop, belieeeeevin

She does really could throw it back

Attached: 3AF6AAF7-1BCD-4590-A309-22C7A85E326C.jpg (1080x1164, 158K)

shower pic

Attached: 1564011821800.jpg (921x961, 171K)

Don't stop

How did you manage that? Was she nervous? was it just once?

Attached: 39995808_10156597708029911_617961698434744320_n.jpg (960x960, 144K)

Must be a beautiful site. Did she act all modest when you saw her nude?

ive fapped to her before user keep posting please

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Attached: 419668_1927531404686_377508524_n.jpg (720x960, 91K)

>Recently had girlfriend move in she has a kid
>Eleven year old daughter thinks she is 18
>Parades around in thongs and panties
>Lately she has been in bathing suit all day
>Yesterday she had some friends over
>Told my girlfriend I would watch them she had to work
>Often I had dreamed about this
>Two girls about her same age
>Having them over was kind of my idea
>I noticed her one friend had a great body before
>So I told her she could have two friends over
>Prayed it would be the one with the body
>Of course she did not invite that girl
>Summer is almost over so we broke out the slip and slide
>The girls acted like they were too cool for it
>Only thing they wanted to do was "lay out"
>Right when I thought my plan for lolis was totally ruined
>You would think someone died the way i felt
>Outside i heard the girls talking
>Under the patio I saw them all in little bikinis
>Right then i was diamonds
>Moments later they are wetting each other with the garden hose
>Once they got nice and wet they laid down on a blanket
>My dumbass thought "lay out" ment to lay on couch all day
>When girls are young they let their bottoms ride up
>It looked like they all had thongs on
>Laying face down their little asses in the air
>Lucky for me the sliding glass door is tinted
>During the day you can see out of it but not in
>I stood right in front of the door just looking
>Every now and then they would flip over
>I could almost see up their bottoms
>Now and then they would lay on back with legs spread
>Hours went by and I just stood at the door
>Every now and then they would go play in the hose
>Right when I thought It could not get better
>Suddenly one girl says she has to pee
>Like it was no big deal she started to pull her bottoms to the side
>Excitedly I leaned closer to the door to see better
>Exactly when she squated all the way down my gf daughter jumped up
>Pushing the door open she said "Read the first letter of every line"

Attached: 5f4ddee54c2e6fb84f1f840877267891.jpg (564x845, 69K)

More, any nudes?

If only you knew how soundly she was sleeping that day

she looks so freaking sexy

wwyd to her

Attached: 20245668_10213582062526624_8069676365345689595_n.jpg (720x960, 53K)

more revealing?

I respect that, she's fiiiiine as fuck tho, how far have you gotten?

she was, I wasnt new on that rodeo

I say most any guy would fap a time or 2 if they could see their sis in the shower.

place her on her knees and lick her asshole as i jerk off, noting her moans as a tongue rubs then penetrates her hole

I bet that sight drove you wild! How old were you?

she caught me trying to video her naked after a shower and she agreed to give me a handjob if i stopped spying on her

she was also making fun of my small dick the whole time, it created a sph fetish for me

i need to fuck my sister , fap to her daily

Attached: jania (12).jpg (685x1080, 117K)

I found pics of my cousin in bondage (nothing serious, just taped up in her bra and panties) that her ex BF took when she was like 15-16 and posted them online way back when. They circulated a little and are still up a lot of places and I fap so hard knowing I'm the reason they got out and all of her friends know she was a kinky little subslut for her high school BF (I sent them to her friends first obviously).

she barely react
i know a pretty whore look

Attached: EL-FDtIWsAAQypL.jpg (506x900, 46K)

older or younger? name?

damn sexyy any more

absolutely agree, one of my fav fap material

Attached: 1.jpg (346x545, 38K)

farthest weve ever gotten almost went sexual real fast but she backed out of it. we were smoking and she started twerking and ended up grinding on me but she stopped whenever i started touching her pussy. shes scared i think but ima get her eventually

Attached: 68963913134_n.jpg (617x940, 156K)

Better do that before the diabetes takes her.

whats you fav pic?

forgot the pic of her ass

Attached: 1566634722218.png (924x1057, 399K)

Dude stop posting without pics

I can tell Mmmm shes so hot

I came multiple times. First time I did I was 12

Oh from what that I can tell you are! Going to struggle to pull out for sure

any more pics?

how small is your dick?

you'd definitely be the first person to go there. I want to shove the panties of hers I've been fapping into for months into her mouth and hold them in and watch her struggle and scream (muffled of course) as I just rubbed my hard cock against her

Attached: 20140066_10213582067886758_6112590392978308405_n.jpg (720x960, 68K)

loads. don't you just wanna pin her down and cum on her face?

Attached: 12219335_10208001228129252_9076653353997770698_n.jpg (540x960, 84K)

younger her name is jania she's 19

Attached: jania (15).jpg (1080x1350, 80K)

yea no way id be able to pull out to be honest id probably end up nutting in her

Attached: 933139704978_n.jpg (631x1125, 308K)

a little under 4 inches

Attached: 45AA642B-8AD3-4858-B41F-8EEF4E9F2369.jpg (605x453, 38K)

keep posting her, ive begun the folder and am rock hard.

her spit would eventually soak her panties and she would taste your cum and she has to swallow the spit building in her mouth. you can rub your cock against her pussy, i just want to tongue her asshole for as long as possible


I don't blame you, once you get her, just make it a habit for her to take birth control. Thats a girl you creampie

That's cool that she was relaxed around you. Maybe it could happen more. How often do you get the panty view?

I'm guessing you didn't have to think long about that deal. How old were you? Were you nervous? Could it happen again?

Thanks man I think so too

Attached: 7940CAC7-FD5E-42F8-A960-9E4AA6687481.jpg (1080x1164, 183K)

fuck shes hot i will fap to her, have kik so we can share experiences of our sisters?

how you gonna post a fat ass like this without any info

i was 15 she still makes fun of my dick

she once had me show her friend too they both laughed but her friend sucked it so i didn’t care

Any chance of making it happen?

this i found
hope so, very often once at week

Attached: received_293655578093160.jpg (960x720, 41K)

I wouldn't rape either. I'd do 3-some with both which they'd love. Then I'd teach them to suck my cum out of the other's cunt, and swap it back and forth before swallowing. I'll send you the video.

First fucked around with a 1st cousin almost 30 years ago. Blonde, chubby, big tits, big mouth fun type. We've fucked around off and on over the years. When either of us have some shit bringing us down we seem to connect and hook up for a couple weeks. Flirted with a total relationship but we always scrap the idea and drift apart. A year ago she told me she wished we'd had a kid. She's got two and they're fucked up because their dad is a real work.
I'll be fucking her when I'm 80.

Thats a dood

no i only post in here

Attached: jania (16).jpg (1080x1350, 177K)

I would love to tie her down to her bed and make that a reality. just watch the anger in her baby blues building as she tears up as they're sealed in with tape, only to be removed when the cum supply in her mouth needs replenishing (or I feel like hearing her begging and sobbing)

Attached: 1507280310506.jpg (540x960, 49K)

you ever flirt with her?

Attached: 788.webm (480x600, 1.17M)

a shame, i would love to see everything you have, she makes me diamonds

I love this pic.

you're not getting them unless you keep them tied up and hating every minute of it so I guess I'll hold on to my slaves

Attached: 65227164_2350509811673740_3981672147838828544_n.jpg (959x960, 72K)

I turn with her Mmmm

Well I dont want my mom to die I guess

That's great. Panties once a week. you are a lucky brother.

Duuuuude I'm sorry but I wanna fuck her too now

we us to fool around when we were younger saw her naked and dryhumped her a couple of times but as we grow older she just lost the interest and started going out a lot with her friends

Attached: jania (11).jpg (634x641, 123K)

me too
i know its great!

Attached: 11846699_10206956982783590_4654460049190590907_n.jpg (640x960, 49K)

If she still makes fun of it, could you use that as an opening? Like "You should see it now" or "It's how you use it. You should let me show you how I can use it" You may get another hand job and perhaps more. Have you tried to fuck her?

every man in the room should fill up her mouth before her panties are placed back in

got discord? I can share more. or kik

love my little girl

Attached: 171.jpg (1080x1080, 227K)

Nice!! Do you have a creepshot or casual shot from around the house? Panty pic? Upshorts?