Let's play loser bingo, Cred Forums. Be honest

Let's play loser bingo, Cred Forums. Be honest.

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Later nerds, Not a loser here

nice trips tho

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absoulutely everything.

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Some odd criteria for loserhood in this meme.
Oh well, Im bored.

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Didn’t realize how much of a loser I am

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uh, bingo

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Some questions are pretty damn retarded.

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Im so close to getting a bongo

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i'm a pretty big loser

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No bingo, but I know I've failed big time and my end is coming soon

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Semi normie.
> Ausfag, pretty much everyones athiest here
> Do a couple anime DVDs I bought 10+ years ago count as merch?

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Yes. Now answer me this. I have a battleaxe, but not a katana. Should that count?

very specific

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Awww shit.

But honestly my GF might be close too.

I'm counting a Transformers collection and Jinx statue as anime merch though so I might not count.

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it counts

What the fuck does "openly atheiest" have to with it? And every single male under 30 ows a games console. You should've put "owns a gaming pc

Some are like 50/50 as well

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Damn... posting update now.

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Walk instead of drive

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Feels like its worse than the bingo would make you think

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blk bot lurker over here

Cool. Gf is not a loser.

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Anime bullshit thrown everywhere a possible bingo could be. Stop doing that shit, faggot.

I'm such a loser I can't even win this game of bingo

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not too bad

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Needs a point system. Owning a console is normie af these days, but never having dated is worth the same here

Some of this is really vague, i "maturbate" once a day on average, but just yesterday i didnt fap at all, does that count?
I dont remember all doomer memes i have ever seen.
do people really shower daily? thats not good for your skin.
unironically racist? wtf is that about?
hasnt been hugged by non family, ever? or is there a timescale?
I've watched some anime at my friends house, does that count?
how is a "really close friend" defined?
Its 2AM here right now, but my sleep cycle changes slightly each day, if you asked me a month a go i would have gone to sleep at 9 pm.
Who decides if im awkward af? what about weird stuff?

Plus, masturbating daily is normal, even for people in relationships.

nice trips

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Define strange stuff

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huh...really puts things into perspective.


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I love you guise.

So close to a bingo I need to try harder :(

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wow what a useless faggot I am right guys

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How can one not be "openly atheist" if he's here in the first place and not larping


this thread

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Also, what's wrong with owning a console? I'd go strictly PC, but I'd really just use PC for RuneScape and Minecraft.

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Looks like I'm not a faggot

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I like coming in these threads and evaluate every single personality by the paint tool they use to check more than according to what they actually checked.

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forgot to say
>openly athiest
>openly absurdist

This post is all the evidence you need

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>being racist makes you a loser
And the award for the gayest OP of the day goes to...!

>unironically racist? wtf is that about?
You actually don't like a group of people, would be willing to eradicate them, and you aren't 'just joking' or 'merely being ironic'

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Join now before it's too late

>unironically racist? wtf is that about?
Contrary to the belief most of the smooth brains have here, being racist is a sign of low intelligence.

Also this post means you can just get blackout for the board, holy shit dude.

Hating a group of people based on race and wanting to actively eradicate them is two different things


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What the fuck I didn't realize how much of a loser I was. Should I actually decide to end it all?

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None, except for uses Cred Forums, but I get banned constantly so, no... none applies to me...
For example, I got banned today, the mod forget some people has lot's of ip's to waste...

You hate them enough that you want them gone,
you're willing to accelerate the process by legal or illegal means.

I'm already dead...

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Nice Trips OP

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around 140 but still under 150 so yes(1), I would masturbate daily but nah at the same time so yes and no (1/2), no anime, fuck that, am awkward(1), no to the video games, don't have close friends (1), don't go to sleep after 1, have and haven't related but could relate to a doomer meme (1/2), don't own any of that shit, have fapped to incest/shemale (1/2), have been rejected/friendzoned(1), don't do sports (1), mandatory (1), don't shower daily (1), un-ironically yeah (1), don't drive (1), am not openly atheist, have spent a week (1), would be a virgin if it weren't for hookers (5), don't believe am intelligent, have never dated (1), haven't been hugged (1), don't own a console, sure (1), haven't watched anime if it wasn't against my own will but besides that, don't watch it
Yeah, certified loser considering I had time to do this shit and had to do it in this layout 'cause I'm using a public computer so yeah, big time

well the unironically racist thing was the only one the could have given me a bingo, didnt get one.

oh and im fully aware how autistic my post looks, but frankly i wanted answers more than i wanted to look cool among some anonymous Cred Forums posters.

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