Whats a drug that will make me fully numb

whats a drug that will make me fully numb

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Alcohol, valium or xanax


any chance of legally getting them with no prescription?


A .22 would do the trick. Although I suspect you're too much of a faggot for that, so maybe try a stimulant such as adderall.

Opiates. Numb, warm, and fuzzy. But it can be a slippery slope. Ask middle America.

will do ty

Alcohol of course valium and xanax from the doctor is hard


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Fuck is this guy talking about adderall makes u more aware of shit thats what a stimulant does what u think we gave ww2 soldiers amphetamine salts to make them numb to shit no its to make them more aware and motivation to kill

Level up faggot. Sniffing heroin is low tier. I love shooting heroin. I wish I could shoot heroin every day but then it stops working.

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Nice i like that 1 bag of your brother i have shot hydromorphone and did like it. But im to much of a pussy to shoot H FOR NOW.

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BASED, fuck these junkies

Shoot it up pussy. Be a man.

considering any over the counter drugs that'll get me high

(won't do any illegal shit ion wanna go back to that shithole)

Praise be to the poppy brother!

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Eventually dude trust me ima be honest that money i posted is gonna be spent on oxys


Alchohol.... you'll feel it in your teeth first.

wow 500 dollars time to retire

?? I just said under that im buying oxy with it. Btw that moneys from scrapping cat5 and copper....so its not even part of check i get every week

Cocaine, but you'll have to get a lot of it and dissolve it in a bathtub before submerging yourself.

Fox News

Is this meth lads?

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Theres litterally no way to tell by the way it looks. It looks like table salt tho

salt from a pretzel bag xD