Are there any mathbros here? I really need help with 2 things really quick

Are there any mathbros here? I really need help with 2 things really quick.

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Not Your Personal Abacus

But l thought all the Jews here would be great at counting


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How old are you?

Add them up and divide by however many numbers there are

I’m in college statistics class

Well then look in your fucking textbook. I'm going to take a wild guess and say chapter 1.

Chapter 6, actually

Copy and paste to quizlet or chegg you dumb nigger

Jesus, did they have to teach you to add first? What the fuck?

Just google how to calculate each of the answers the test wants.
Just google: "How to calculate the mean", ect.

I’m just fucking awful at math. I have straight A’s in every other class.

You can read though, right? Just read the fucking example in the book and do what it says to this data set.

Ty for help user

I assume it just wants the arithmetic mean and not the harmonic or geometric mean. Add the numbers up and then divide that total by the number of numbers you added up.

[n1 + n2 + n3] / 3
for example. That's 3 numbers added, the sum then divided by 3. Now go to bed, kid, and come back when you're 18.

Yes, but l have major dyslexia. I fuck up the process every time. Not the instructions, but adding etc.

OP is a troll or a NIGGER

You're allowed a calculator. Use it. If you aren't, go to your college and ask for more time on your exams due to a learning disability.