Back home off the run

back home off the run

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singing songs that make you slit your wrists

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congrats, no one is going to want to date the retard with scars on their arms.

Not true. It is actually inspirational when someone is open and upfront about depression issues they've had and how they overcame them.

Fuck off.

OP, I hope you're doing good man.

lol no im doing terribly, pretty sure i wont make it to the summer without seeing the inside of a psych ward desu

Better to use the razor to arrange lines of coke

Hey, user
Please stop this

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You doing it wrong way lol
You would achieve nothing besides attention

gayest thread on the internet

IKR, at least do it right OP

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Show some real scars

That's one main reason people do this. Attention. There are other reasons. But I'm sure everyone here is aware of them. Yawn. What's this the 15 thousandth cutter thread we've had?

Not entirely true, I do selfharm too, but I don't need to seek for attention. I do it for punishing myself and maybe I'm a bit bipolar too.

And I assure you before the night is out the thread will be deleted and OP will have a ban message telling him to call the suicide hotline, the jannies and mods are that fucking soy now.

kill yourself already

and save us the cringe

I'm sorry you're not doing good bud.

I'm going to University to become a clinician right now. I know it sounds difficult, but seeking an adequate mental professional might be a good idea. There is a high probability they can really help you.

I hope you feel better soon and have a nice rest of your week.

Psych ward is probably the best place for you.

lmao i was in third year of a psych planning to do the same when i got blindsided by bipolar and failed an entire year

Best double-edge razor blade ever. My beard is like an old growth forest and Feather blades cut through it like butter. Would be very effective for self-elimination purposes.

Yeah, I actually use them to shave as well as cutting myself, I can knock down 2 weeks of growth in a single pass with the right shaving soap.

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currently bipolar 1, life is, hahahaha, tough. That 20% suicide completion rate bruh.

But, I'm still more successful than all my other normie ass friends, if by no virtue except that I try more than any of them combined. The way I see it, my pain is guaranteed, my emotions are a joke, and chaos will be eternal. I might as well through myself into work, and do it well, cuz, i'm going to be in pain either way.

I got a couple good ones for you guys..This was maybe 1.5 months ago?

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you should read those books by Dr. Jamison, she was studying mood disorders, treating patients with bipolar, etc etc, as she came down with it herself. Crazy stuff.

cutting yourself is lame. Also, it's addictive and just dumb. I try not to pity myself too much. The world doesn't give a shit if I'm sick, so, why should I? Cutting is too visible. I love that it's invisible. I'm so divergent from society at this point, it's ridiculous. I do whatever the fuck I want. I don't think like other people. This is an advantage, if you hide it.

Illness = Abnormality. Abnormality = unpredictability. Unpredictability is an advantage in the right contexts. Fucking fight me I'll kill both of us. Hahha. You just gotta wreck the world man, do it because you can. Do it because a chaotic world fits you better. It evens out the playing field.

Get rich or die trying. Break free or break me. Change everything, but first, myself. You get that idea. You feel that energy. Ride it.

>48 hour hackathon competitions, bipolar gives me an advantage. Heh, they think I'm normally this smart or confident??? JOKES ON THEM. (hire me plz no I'm not disabled)

This one was pretty bad..Back in June. Never seen so much blood in my life. Took me 8 hours to clean my apartment. Did all the bandaging myself. I was pretty messed up on this one.

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shameless self bump


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