G/fur gif edition

g/fur gif edition

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any moar?

No fucking jpegs
Only gifs, you fucking retards

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the future is now, old man

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And that is why furry gif threads always fail: nobody has that many gifs and webms, and nobody wants to make another thread just to post images

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Get some, moron

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Hey bois, how are y'all?

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I'm great! I just got back from my friend's place. She did a makeup tutorial/guide with me and when she was done.. Fuck, I loved it. She did a great job, and I'm hoping that I can get close to that when I try it for myself.

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Do it nigger

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That's awesome! I bet you look cute in makeup, I'd love to have a female friend to do makeup for me :3

no faggot

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Borderlands 3

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Oh, it was awesome. I actually really felt cute as fuck when it was all done. She said she's more then willing to do this again for different cosplays/costumes which is awesome.
Here's hoping that someday you'll find one Dash!!

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Now, you lazy pizzaface

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I have over 118 gifs and webms

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Oh nice, Borderlands is fun, I have the second one for Xbox 360

I'm sure you did! The first (and only) time anyone did makeup for me was when I was like 3 years old and my sister and her friend did it. Maybe one day I'll get a gf to help me trap it up :/

My skin is pretty clear actually. And I ain't *that* lazy, I'm about to lift weights.

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Was my first time as well. I'd like either a bf or gf that can do the same for me. It's nice just having a female friend to do it, but ideally whoever would do it would be together with me.

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Yeah, either would be nice. I think a cute trans gf who knows about makeup would be great too :3

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Agreed. Just somebody who wants to help me be cute would be great.

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Just playing 3 to say all 4 have been played
Zane is best

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Hi Snarf, how are you?

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Alright, I should be heading to bed. Have to be at work in about 5 and a half hours. Have a good night everyone.

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I hunger for butts.

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Nighty night :3


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Nice feet.

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Might be banned, accidentally posted in a blue board I was lurking because im too drunk. Oopse, lmao!!

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Guess I deleted it fast enough, or im about to be banned. Who cares.

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keep posting animations?

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Papa Zane is best daddy

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This is great, god I wish someone would do this for me

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Gross person in pic

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no u

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Ugly person

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If you say so, virgin

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Oh I certainly will be, forever. Ill never know the touch of another. Haha how funny

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Sucks to be you because I can still get laid even being ugly

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Was it nice?

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It will be when I choose to

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People say I look good, Id trade all of that for whatever people have to have another.
But im fine in this life, this is what the universe chose for me. im obligated to go through with it. I have to and I will.

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Booty shakes are always good.

Your body and face are 8/10, but your personality is 2/10

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Stop being a fucking furfag scum and get a job instead of being the same as a pedophile

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I wish I could change it. Too bad I cant

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I have a job, I worked 7 hours today

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You can if you try. Your personality is like 4 now, but it was 2 before. If you tried to be nice and smile more, you might get a bf.

WoW I ?LOVE being a wageslave!!!!

I dont want a bf or a gf. I want out

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You have that option too, but it's best to just wait and try to enjoy your time while you're here. You still have plenty of life left.

How about that "You should of killed yourself like your brother"
You have no advice worth anything to me

The fact that you take everything so seriously is why you'll never get laid, but I do apologize for saying that. I'm an asshole and I'm trying to get better at that.

You and everyone else has to learn that on my autism or leave me alone to be a hermit. unless your plan is to harass me as long as you can. But harassing me, does it bring you happiness, foes it being you anything??

But you replied to some faggot's image of me first, so who's harassing who?

YOU fuck off first asshole

Okay, I'm lifting weights right now and trying to get in better shape so I can actually be attractive and a bit happier with myself anyway. You should try it.

Ive done that back in 2013
What did that get me? It got me hollowness

your anus is hollow

Your soul is hollow

Imagine having sex with everyone you see but never forming a connection.

Thats youi just want one person, just one. just anyone god please just please just anyone just be connected with me

These posts are hollow

You are hollow

Try to NUMERIOUS times to reach to be burned back. Am, I stupid to try?