"I'm ovulating white boi~"

>"I'm ovulating white boi~"
What would you do?

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Honestly I'd try to get into bed but I've heard black women are crazy so I might just run away

Racist runs strong with you doesn't it?

Never been with a black woman. I tried once but she didn't feel right about sleeping behind her man's back.

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Why does it have to be with a married woman? Why can't you find yourself a good single woman

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Because I'm married myself and in the area I'm at single women want money in return of sleeping with them. I'm not paying for pussy twice now.

Let's see those titties!

Do what I always do, fuck her black asshole.

She's gonna have a white baby

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Get some head

Does having sex with other women while married bother you at all? Does your wife know? I hear about this a lot but I can't see myself doing it.

This is actually one of the great qualities of black women, they're alot more committed to a relationship than an average white girl.
White girls expect to be pampered and have an attentive partner. Where as most black women will work toward a mutually beneficial relationship.
Probably why they get along with white guys. As black men often act like white women, high maintenance, whiny, always thinking of themselves.

Just look at marriage stats.

Put a jeans .. and fart on m'y face

>"It's yours white boy~ Don't worry, my husband don't suspect anything!"
How would you respond?

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"Oh fuck yeah! I get to go meet the judge of paternity court!"
>I may have a thing for the judge on paternity court.

Racism runs strong in these threads, period. If you haven't noticed, most of the posts in this thread involve objectifying and fetishizing black women, rather than merely appreciating their beauty and beating off like a good samaritan should.

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You're as much a coomer as the rest of us buddy, get off your moral high ground

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I might vacate that area.

I would love to see her in more traditional dress.

The future for white boys

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Oh no, don't get me wrong, I'm a coomer. Just not a racist one.

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And what constitutes racism in your eyes?

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"You're not a white boy. Besides, boys can't ovulate!"

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Kill it before it has a chance to spawn.

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Would spray the insides of her womb with my thick white cock. No lie.


Bwc slut is asking for it

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In the rare chance she sees, she has permission to ride it.

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That's a nice black bitch breeder user

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Sure I’ll pass the word

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Slut would beg for that bwc

punch her stupid fucking nigga face

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I would nut in a black girl in a heartbeat

Wouldn't be the first one I bred.

Best thread on Cred Forums

More 1800's style dressed!

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No joke? Care to share a few details?

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find the biggest buck on the plantation and Breed em, sell the niglets at market.

She needs a wombful of potent hot white seed

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I love skinny nerdy, well educated black girls.
I never use a condom. And enjoy filling their wombs with my seed.
So yeah. They look cute carry my baby.

What happens when a fertile nigger hooks up with a white boy

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Based, you confirmed you bred them?

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Yup, my wife also approves of it, she was the first.
All my kids look great. Nothing against, other interracial couples, but it seems like the offspring of white male and black female are the best looking.
I'm not biased I swear!

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Damn your wife too? That's hot as fuck. Did you take responsibility for all your kids? How do the other girls feel about what you did/are doing?

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Would give my seed

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Give it to her

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Thick white cocks made for conquering black wombs

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Would you breed a black MILF?

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I have no issue with black women.
I would fuck them just like a white woman. Maybe a little harder.

Wouldnt cum in though.
Everyone loses in that scenario (except the niggess.)

It's a bit weird and non-traditional. But I'll only breed a girl if she has an income or career. Kinda the reason I like going after educated women.
I discuss with women the ability to share and pay their share. Some are into racial / power exchange, and turn over parts of their income.
I have a fair bit coming in, and make sure all of my offspring have a good home and secure account for college.
I've never knocked up a girl that didn't know I was married. Honesty is the best policy for avoiding bullshit.

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run. why the fuck would I want kids you sick fuck

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Ugggh I did a yoga class with this nice African milf and her hair was only half an inch longer than this girls. I should've tried and smashed, her butt was amazing.

"How did you get in my house nigger?"

BLAM. bury her in backyard. feed excess to dogs. now what kikes?

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do black girls suck the precum out?

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Sterilize you.
Stop spreading the crime genes.

LolitaBrown btw

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Depends which ones, but usually yeah.
Black girls are really good at pleasing.

She'd coming for your seed white boys

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No black woman knows what the word ovulating means dumbass

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I wanna tonguefuck her bellybutton while rubbing her baby bump.

Fuck yes

Never heard a black woman say the word "ovulating". I'd prolly congratulate her on an above average vocab, grab a towel and smash.

Where do you live?
I mean, maybe my experience is skewed, but I tend to pick up Black girls in book stores, college libraries, and coffee shops connected to one of them. Every single one knows EXACTLY what that word means.

Don't call me 'boy'

Here's a candid I snapped of the last girl I knocked up.

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Degenerate scum.

Euthanize it as humanly as possible.

Stuff like this and porn captions are so gay.
Really, how do people get aroused by such crass, stilted, poorly written garbage such as this? What are you, twelve? I can't get behind 90% of hentai manga or anime for the same reason, shitty writing and acting just kills it for me.

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You have a good point, I'm not into the fake aspects and cheesy b.s.
I think Im okay with it, because I'm actually living it. And I nor they- talk anything like that. But sharing my stories is of interest to some.


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I like these girls' faces. They're very cute.

Nothing... I dont fuck animals!

>teh virgin


What's that samefag, you want more black honies?

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Black girls are my baby making machines.

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what her name

disregard that I was a fag, yes post more haha

Tell myself that I'm having a nightmare and try to wake up.
IRL I have enough self respect not to be associating with half naked apes.


Chocolate momm


If I ever find a darkskinned queen she will get bred.

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against my better judgement probably cum inside her cause im desperate to spread my seed and I know my nog son will have 10 bastard children for me

I fucked a pregnant nigger once because I wanted to fuck a pregnant woman, checked that off my list. Wasn't that great or different, just got to put my hands on her pregnant tummy while I used her

would it be game over if niggers could grow their own hair?

there's some hot niggers but they're always bald, and I mean real niggers, dark skinned. Don't link me some mixed abomination saying "this one has hair"

What would I do? I would politely decline. I do find black women attractive, but I would not wish to raise a black child as a white man.


>scored a perfect 100 on my IQ test
>perfect male height (5'10")
>perfect penis length (6")
>works as an accountant at one of the big 4 firms
I deserve a dark skin black gf with natural hair and a juicy butt!

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Okay, but what are you actually doing to acquire one?
Are you flirting with the cute mail-woman?
Are you trawlng bars?
Are you taking trips to Kenya?
Are you doing it the good old fashioned way and paying Schlomo to import them for your cotton fields?
You wanna get that prey you gotta go on safsri.

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That is a just nasty disgusting looking ass

I guess this pic is going on her facebook page

Call a veterinarian, we can't afford anymore niglets.

Hard pass. I've never been one to ride the big rig.

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Do you know why we all know you are lying?


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niggers are so nasty with their baboon asses and yet my cock wants them

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Patrician tier taste

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Built for babymaking

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Needs to get slammed raw

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Three black fillies colonized

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Leave the zoo

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I found the source to this: her name is Delotta Brown

you're welcome

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Damn this thread tho

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You know you want your children feeding from tits like that

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Would love to do it to plenty of girls in Africa.

Fucking/knocking up african girls is ridiculously easy if you're white

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Deep penetration with no protection contraceptives. Get that woman knocked up.

>if you're white
if you're any fucking body really tbh
niggers fuck everyone

Give her the old lickaroo then proceed with my need to breed

I'm a 27 year old white guy, currently with a black woman. She's 23 and we fuck constantly. She sucks every last drop of cum put of my balls like it's a fucking delicacy. She never spits either. Swallows it all. She's cock crazy too. Drives her wild when I pin her arm behind her back and really just fuck her into the bed. She'll be pushing her hips back in time with my thrusts too.

She's the only dark skinned girl I have ever been with and I honestly think she's a succubus. I know it could just be circumstantial that she's a freak and black, but man do I love my chocolate girls now.

nothing because mating with animals is yucky

True but they have a need for white seed above all
Welcome brother, think you might put a baby in her eventually?
Impeccably BASED posts

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>think you might put a baby in her eventually
That's my final hurdle. I'm all good for dating and fucking, but having a mixed kid gives me pause. Feels like is be "betraying" my family who is all white up to this generation (me). Even though my parents said they be fine with whoever I brought home as long as I'm happy and the go has a good head on her shoulders.

I think Cred Forums and it's rampant hatred for blacks tainted me.

one guy did

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Does the thread prefer black breasts or black ass? Asking for a friend

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enjoy the AIDS, faggot

>"Uhh, you mean your period is over?"
>"And my name is John, Meriel. Why are you talking weird??"

The darkest, blackest tits you got with chocolate milk dud nipples to suck on. If they're covered in oil, even better.

That's a shame, you shouldn't regard Cred Forums memes so highly. If you have a perfectly fine ebony cutie that loves you, fucks the shit out of you and wants your baby then just do it. Just raise your kid right and everything will be fine.
Damn that's tough...I guess I'd have to go with ass at the moment

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Get yourself a Dominican girl.

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Cum in the bitch and leave her to raise the half breed alone.

What’s the most nasty black slut you would still knock up? Post pics, will rate.

Anyone slept with a black girl before?

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Like these?

Attached: 6akgqomlrwe41.jpg (900x1200, 144K)

No, but I've fucked a couple.

imagine how many STD's he has
This used to be my dream but, then there's the factor that niggers are dangerous, and on top of that you can catch diseases from multiple things especially mosquitos, you have to get special vaccination shots to even enter some african countries

They are waaaay hotter than the other lesser races of wahmen

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dominican girls are trash, good for sexual use though

I used to wonder why these threads were so popular all of a sudden. I took a business trip to NYC recently and made a point to have lunch in Harlem that week. I now understand.

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I'm going back in April and I plan on staying a few days longer to try and see if I can fuck a few of them

Attached: 19c040u3xsr31.1.jpg (1152x1536, 216K)

Was banging this lovely little ethiopian girl. Kept nutting in her. Then she mentioned shes on bc i was furious

Bring in a hefty Jamaal and hope you pop out a few strong backed niglets.

I have one that isn’t like the others but still a good fuck.

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Fucking UDDERS

Attached: 1571760105843.jpg (750x562, 91K)

>scored a perfect 100 on my IQ test
Why am I lol'ing at this so hard...

hide yet another cancerous bait thread, ivan.

Big enough?

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My God imagine the smell. Probably sweet, hint of cocoa butter thrown in.

What are you retarded?

Attached: 1400286450766.jpg (308x308, 25K)

Yes.. Inhale her innnn

Attached: 230x0cyxjud41.jpg (354x415, 18K)

Impregnate the bitch.
Treat her right
Raise the kid

Would gladly suffocate between

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Attached: 1575771533202.jpg (1080x1240, 124K)

Attached: 1575197048236.jpg (1080x1361, 290K)

Attached: 1548256600302.webm (600x340, 2M)

Attached: 159469932.jpg (570x599, 43K)

Just take your PrEp faggot, don't be a little bitch.

Had a vasectomy last year, raw dog her then leave

Haha, wow. I thought that was Michelle Obongo, but couldn't be sure so I did a google image search on it. The possible related search suggested was "michelle obama looking ugly".

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Dropkick her ovaries

Attached: 1541613418793.webm (640x800, 1.56M)

Nope, sorry, the child will be black. have you ever seen a white baby come from a black parent....

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Attached: 1435303076025.jpg (500x667, 82K)

Attached: 1435303727059.jpg (615x973, 440K)

Attached: 1435306706367.jpg (605x800, 76K)

Attached: 1448583039816.jpg (800x1067, 920K)

Attached: 1451907576627.jpg (500x696, 96K)

Attached: 1501002473078.jpg (640x640, 65K)

Attached: 1572370813115.jpg (591x864, 71K)

lets put a baby in ya

Attached: 1454349561004.gif (340x255, 1.86M)

To think a nigger would say ovulating

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Attached: 1570562133022.png (440x526, 510K)

Attached: 1571269378681.jpg (1280x681, 159K)

Attached: 1573093189647.jpg (750x588, 61K)

Attached: 1566766335862.jpg (1080x1350, 147K)

Attached: 1547694213490.png (750x832, 444K)

Attached: 1570739480895.jpg (952x982, 263K)

Attached: 1575691188082.png (852x1000, 929K)

Attached: 1571634426313.webm (1440x1080, 631K)

I know I'm an outlier in this matter, but fat ebony hogs are my favorite. Cotton Candi, Ms Diva, and Norma Stitz are to blame.

For me its Ms Yummy and Maserati

Blessed thread lads

Prefer? I'm a greedy son of a bitch user, I want it all. I want a black bbw stacked like a mountain of flapjacks. Big fucking tits, a huge monstrous ass, a big gut, and plump cocksucking lips.

I wish you could see my wife I want to know if you approve. She's got all of that

>those milky fucking tits
This is heaven

this a million times

>never heard of yummy before
>look her up
Sweet merciful christ, it's like pinky and masterati did the fusion dance

Show now, I demand it

She's great...unfortunately hasn't done that much.

She's thinking about having a white man's babies

Crying shame there, she's utter perfection
I demand more milky black mammaries

Hahaha none of those things are perfect boy lol

I'd post more but the image limit has been reached

Img limit