Cred Forums decides,should i get drunk the rest of the week

Cred Forums decides,should i get drunk the rest of the week

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Like you even have to ask.

i dont know,sometimes i feel bad for binge drinking the entire week.but eh,seems like ive been on edge lately and feel like alcohol will mellow me out

>american made

lol,i thought libtards shopped at trader joes.dont tell me they've followed the trumptard trend of fake patriotism

either way,im done responding with politics.lets get back the op's point

Current alcoholic here. Any opportunity to avoid alcohol is best. Take the week off and suffer thru it, you may learn some shit about yourself

We're all destined to die, that is the ultimate end of our existence - if you need booze to get you active/normal then do it

fuck you pussy,go back to your drinking alcohol

Only if you switch to Smirnoff 100 proof like a man instead of a fucking ponce

Mezcal if you can get your hands on it 10/10 best alcohol out there also not mixed just shots/ on the rocks fag

if your measuring your masculinity by the alcohol you drink,pour your vodka down the sink and buy some gin

either way(op here)if your smirnoff comment was because i posted a bottle of vodka it was just a random pic of alcohol i found on google image

dont drink for a month

>best alcohol out there

i can find tequila easier and it doesnt have a nasty worm in it and tastes pretty much the same

Mezcal tastes nothing like tequila

peloton de la muerte,maybe there is just different kinds of mezcal(like gold tequila,silver tequila,etc)and the stuff i bought was different?

because to me,it just tasted like if you took a bottle of cheap tequila and aged it in oak barrels.didnt really feel like it was worth it,and i dont really like how 95 percent of mezcals have some nasty ass worm in them

Yea mezcal tastes like unwashed ass and regret still hope op chooses to drink it for a week

yeah,i cant say i regret buying the mezcal i did.but it just seems like i can find something like jose cuervo or 1800 a hell of alot easier then i can find a mezcal

also,op probably gonna do it.because fuck it.might as buyin more alcohol before the end of the week anyway

My life kinda fell apart so I've been riding the self pity train too op. Drinking far more beer than I should. Gonna start picking shit up again next week. At least I've been productive in my hobbies.