Exposed thread. Show them to the world

Exposed thread. Show them to the world.

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Wish someone can do. One of her.

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Is this Casey?

This thread legal?

OC of my wife.


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"Cred Forums - Random
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

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She hairy


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do it right, share her @

come on, give her name

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Anybody have the same image but without any girl in???, want to make the same with my girl


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Do you guys like Stephanie?

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I like how she's 6 different women.

Saved, will share name?

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Who is she? She's stunning

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Can someone do Kayla from SK?

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Ill give you all you want of her

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Her name, adress nudes anything

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more like this?

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Can someone do Kayla?? If so I'm willing to drop more pics of her

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sure give me enough to fill these spaces:

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no, volafile?

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Ahh just stuff similar to whats on the xhamster, nothing with tits or pussy unfortunately

Can you swing it?

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>nothing with tits or pussy unfortunately
if you have that just drop it here
No registration and works on mobile too


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Probably should've logged out of her Gmail

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Weak lol

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not buyin it

Wow. I hope that was on purpose.

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Anyone has anything of her?

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That's pretty clever!! A+

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Get this guys cock slut up here!

damn she drank cum from a glass?




more pls

Anymore? Who is she?

More? Whos she

Expose your girl in private. Will degrade. Kik beckn354

Im in if you want to do some

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Kik beckn354. If you need any collages done.


>Kik beckn354. If you need any collages done.
>Expose your girl in private. Will degrade. Kik beckn354
Which one is it Mister blackmailer?

>Which one is it Mister blackmailer?
exactly.... be aware.

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what app is that?

Deep Search

Windows app?


Where's it at? What's the exact name?

how to get it?

it is not public

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how did u get it

Oh hey you're the guy who wrote his own program to run through the archives

Ah used to search google with advanced params?

sorry you cant


there is just a little googleing involved

What language did you make it in?

Did you find it and just don't wanna share?

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c#, i didn't find it - i wrote it

More of Anna please

Cool, I code in C#. Love it.

What's the function of the app?

yiiiesss more!

I made a similar tool that saves everything from Cred Forums and also does automated correlations, tho without an UI and only stupid replay chain and hash linking
Do you actually fingerprint/compare the image contents?
I am planning on doing actual content matching too later.

also did mine in C#, recently ported to C#8 and netstandard2.1

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her kik is mariella9988

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Have a screenshot?

Do you have Anna's videos?

There is no UI, just some console log messages, but that way it runs without hassle on *nix too

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nice one

why delete?


>Do you actually fingerprint/compare the image contents?
i am working on it. Though i find myself losing interest in projects soon after i make them work. My current interest is machine learning, so i am not using much time on Cred Forums stuff.

>also did mine in C#, recently ported to C#8 and netstandard2.1
most of what i am doing can be done in lower versions

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I do video fingerprinting and identify stuff using ML for work.

will u share ur program for us poor non programmers?

followup question :)

how far back do you have everything of Cred Forums (is it only from Cred Forums)? i wish i could just download the entire archive, things would run so much faster.

i am a little jealous of your work now user, i code too, but just services and webservices.

I want to be able to compare images that people resized or just changed a bit. But for that to work i would need the entire archive to compare to.

sorry, no. I dont want to risk people start exposing these girls, i just like finding them. I am not in to ruining peoples lives.

Hah, I workin adult industry btw..

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SO how exactly does it work?

Post her pic

Could you find images of her?

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>i am working on it.

I have all the moving pieces for it myself, just some stupidly simple algorithms that allow me to generate comparable content hashes for visual contents. Differential hash/dhash works reasonably well and a a rather low overhead, compared to full blown machine learning.

And same with time: the reason I didn't hook it up yet is because I am too lazy or distracted with other stuff. That why it doesn't have a UI either

>most of what i am doing can be done in lower versions
mine too, just wanted to get acquainted with the new stuff as I rarely use C# professionally

how does one tackle video fingerprinting? scene detection then taking the length as metrics and also the scene keyframes?

>how far back do you have everything of Cred Forums (is it only from Cred Forums)? i wish i could just download the entire archive, things would run so much faster.

I got an archive using the current tool only since last late year.
But I had an earlier version that has most interesting bits since early 2015 but far less well auto-organized.

dude who has the deep search thing got a kik?

basically it searches the archives and gives me educated information to verify. Then repeats the process with the new information until it doesnt think there is anything more interesting for me to view. At that time there often is enough information for me to find her.

why? do you want to degrade and expose his program?

just the one nude you have been posting.. perhaps more if i wanted to look in to it. But 1 nude at first glance.

fingerprinting overall videos, most importantly is identifing things like watermarks, animals, children using supervised ML.

thebarchive got mad at me once for doing similar shenanigans

I really hope you don't run that on a Cred Forums archive ever

no i just want a seach done to see what shows thats all & want it done privately

Have a screenshot?

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the fb one?

Attached: flawless.png (762x951, 1.08M)


i didnt use the program for it, just a simple archive search.

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Please tell me you can find her stuff she was posted a month ago and the videos were sooo good man

Attached: FB_IMG_1579688843272(1).jpg (565x927, 117K)

Ah, can you run it? curious

yeah, there is a line to walk, and a way around it i am not going to tell you about.

Attached: Screenshot_20190927_010205.jpg (720x1440, 344K)

Have a screenshot through your app?

please, I figured out how to get around such things myself

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Cool project, have to say thanks for not using it to give out to everyone which they would then in turn use to expose girls. As you say not only would that ruin a lot of ppl for no good reason except to delight a few neckbeards but it would also put an end to a lot of nude sharing as we know it.
Impressive though and makes me wonder how long until something like this will be more readily available to everyone.

>mine too, just wanted to get acquainted with the new stuff as I rarely use C# professionally
ok ive done it all day long for 10+ years.

>I got an archive using the current tool only since last late year.
how often do you scan for new content/update? i was thinking something like every 30 seconds, but i would have thought they would ban your ip for all that traffic tbh.

so dude with the program can you do a private search for me?

do you let people reach out to you to see if you've discovered their girls?

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I am not hitting the archives but the Cred Forums API itself. It provides a last-modified per thread so I can skip unmodified stuff. I'm hitting the API every 20 seconds.

nice one

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you are welcome, but what you really need to worry about is when google turns on facial search. So many people have shared unblurred nudes, they are going to have a problem at some point. The tech is there now, it is just not available. But when it becomes available to everyone, it is going to be a shitshow. The damage is done, and there is no way back.

some of them, not very often.

i did actually look at that at some point, i will have to pick it up again.
But i would need at least a years worth of data collections before it would get interesting, more if possible.

i dont want to use time on it right now

so got a kik or discord?

i am not going to drop either, but you can drop your disc and i might hit you up.
But what do you want to talk about?

>but what you really need to worry about is when google turns on facial search.
It's not like a certain social media company with a CEO who is totally human would suggest people in pictures already...

i wanted a private search done on someone & was hoping you would share the results with me & mine is EmperorIC#5386

i dont think it functions very well, also they are currently limiting their results to people who have actively turned the feature on and are your frined (afaik).
However there is a company that ripped pretty much all of fb's images, and linked it with the data from the profiles, and is selling searches to police worldwide. i read about them the other day, but forgot their name.
if they wanted, they could sell limited searches to private users, for lets say $10 per search. That would end in tears as well for a lot of people.

It worked well enough for tons of porn actresses to get doxed

ok, but i think they limited it (well i hope at least)

Yandex offers some facial recognition as far as I can tell

you cannot do automated mass doxing with it, sure, but if you're just looking for a specific target and that target forgot to toggle the one important setting, you'll have a good chance of being successful

i wrote you

yandex does very well on image searches.

you might be right, i tried a few times though without any success - dont you need to upload the image to an album or something first? how would you go about it, to find someone?
I use that site for name searches, i have code to help me with the process

Anyone got anything on Victoria Ortiz out of Tucson??

Attached: 88888.jpg (960x960, 69K)

do you know

Anastasia B. from Tucson?

Can't say that I do bro

kik smrch271 if you're available curious what is searchable of mine

post your discord instead, ill hit you up at some point



lol which are you more than one person claiming to be you

hey, i added you on disc (im the deepsarchguy, my nick is TheAnon (not posting the digits here, shouldnt be needed).

Can you run your program on her for me. I've been looking for more of her forever

Attached: slut.jpg (2064x2500, 800K)

Can you run a search the nz camgirl nina___ / ella_wilde_ or nymph_next_door?

I used to go to high school with her and have been searching for her forever to no avail

Pic for attention

Attached: 2016-03-18 22.13.12.jpg (694x520, 70K)

no, i link stuff in the archives and gather info from there.
dont you have a yearbook or something to get her name from, and then go from there?


Please run my pic :)

post your disc instead user, we can chat there

Plz more love this

Dont use discord :/

The nude Pic. Thanks

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Attached: n749.jpg (690x920, 200K)

Attached: cnc829.jpg (1920x1090, 354K)

Stuck up milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be so fucking ashamed and embarrassed that you are seeing her like this. I'm sunnymanner on kik for more. Tell me where you are posting uppity Patricia. Here's a screenshot from one of the videos

imig es/c/MuQ9DCk
Add an . after imig and before es

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Kik me for my ex doxed info and nudes. Help me humiliate her. Post them on her page.

Attached: IMG_0837.jpg (576x1024, 88K)

My kik: jessiecali951

Attached: 370704.jpg (1000x750, 99K)

imig es/c/SxHsNp4

i absolutely love this format. pls more

Attached: 1577552485599.jpg (1176x766, 206K)

Any way of contacting you? Also what's this girl's first name?

It's a pathetic, cringe format for spergs. You pathetic loser.

that's why we like it faggot, imagine the girl finding it and being lol wtf?

please post mega to her vids if you have em

How can someone go about hitting you up?

Attached: BA625A38-080F-4E4A-BA1E-B1D83C6E43CE.jpg (2048x2048, 806K)


Attached: 6CD9B65D-D883-4995-A1D7-E61753CE2FF0.jpg (539x960, 46K)

Attached: D50947A8-06AF-4346-A4F1-70D8DFF7BA81.jpg (2500x1589, 449K)

Attached: 772.jpg (1034x1171, 379K)

drop your disc

drop your disc

I know the set is out there I just know it

Attached: Hottiewitheyes.jpg (1079x1060, 483K)


Marie from France

Attached: c6919bcb-1d1b-4142-a2eb-966c157827c9.png (960x829, 569K)

Je suis intéressé :o !!

As-tu un kik ou autre moyen d'avoir plus!!!

Another faggots r us thread

Kik: bornr4

Do you have all the kristin dowell pics?

software used?

Attached: pc7y6gkh1y5y.jpg (1920x1200, 673K)

Yep, exactly why you in it fucking fgt

i am not sure i have them all but i have some


Someone to expose her? Kik: BornR4

Attached: 20190620_153723.jpg (1080x1920, 551K)

anon58 378 9

(No space)

tried, with # after 58, and no spaces, didnt work

Mind deep searching this girl?

Attached: C129C57C-443A-4726-B852-3063C9E74F51.jpg (750x1334, 188K)

Sorry my bad
Try anon583 789 #8842

Any luck? Sorry new to discord

Should I post mega with full name??

Attached: IMG_2020-01-31_04-01-58.jpg (720x720, 302K)

Is there a place with all these bitches collected in one place?

user 583 789 #8842

You definitely should!


She‘s a fully exposed german slut

Attached: 8064F13A-B320-438F-B304-91E8BBD0FA35.jpg (1024x1024, 214K)

Attached: FullInspect.jpg (1826x1080, 321K)

Attached: Sam1.jpg (1812x1072, 292K)

Attached: Bkh.jpg (2560x1440, 1.81M)


that one worked, added you

Attached: 20200130_080145.jpg (2896x2896, 456K)

Attached: 20200113_005439.jpg (2896x2896, 569K)

i am, but there is nothing quick about it.
also that image is not in the archives, so no need.

yes, b ?

Who has seen here

Attached: 375_1000.jpg (563x1000, 67K)

Post collage? Or her exposure

Attached: 1577727034027.jpg (720x608, 286K)


Attached: 8309.jpg (900x1600, 93K)

Attached: inspection2.jpg (1693x1060, 1.04M)

Attached: 20160324_065658.jpg (1600x900, 161K)

Attached: 20170623_010214.jpg (4032x3024, 1.68M)

Attached: Resized_20170729_092000.jpg (1200x1600, 96K)

Post them my dude

Attached: Resized_20170923_083951.jpg (1200x1600, 113K)

Attached: 50970105_434541027350062_1675970621438600235_n.jpg (1080x1080, 106K)

Anyone in phx

Attached: 9754E0CB-382F-452A-B3AF-F1A1FC41D2F8.jpg (750x1333, 86K)

Nice tits, need info

Attached: 6BA01451-25F0-4E11-A75C-4B16A14A64C9.png (750x1334, 245K)

Attached: 01-31-20 Profile.jpg (2182x898, 959K)

I have a bunch of old content I use to post on Cred Forums and have hunted it down for years to no avail. to old for b archive. Any chance your program might be able to recover? I'll make it worth your while.

imig es/c /mqqTQC8

Attached: 1565961758570.jpg (1535x2481, 398K)

this abq cunt must've really hurt some poor slob,she's just a slam pig, just nasty

I'm abq girls are huge sluts. nothing to do but fuck and do drugs

post your disc and we can talk about it, i dont have time rn though.
also my program uses the archive to track stuff down, so might not find anything

Well come on now

Shut up

Teacher milf from Texas. I have more

Attached: B9994BB7-BC96-48A7-97D2-9B935311ECBA.png (1024x1024, 1.15M)

Attached: 1455460580925.jpg (768x917, 164K)

Reverse this

Attached: 52432D9F-FD50-45C3-B16B-3AB9B7A3AFD7.jpg (743x743, 72K)

That bitch is fine, with face?


Attached: 1549904094597.jpg (1024x1024, 113K)

Fuuuuck fb? Insta?

Attached: 1579354374486.jpg (2048x2048, 462K)

Yea id fuck



Attached: Screenshot_20200207-002241.png (1080x1920, 1.08M)

That a bitch you wanna get prego

Anybody into fag exposure too? Im that fag right here, wanna see more? If u like, kik me: WI1991

Attached: D21D49C1-FB78-4C79-B31E-BD0754BF6A18.png (1334x750, 1.86M)

Attached: 1572881824567.gif (192x320, 1.61M)

Suzanne Williams

6407 Brentford Dr
West Springfield, VA 22152

Loves cock and threesomes

Attached: 84661097_187500179010262_1834134262991814656_n.jpg (269x480, 33K)

Mega? Know her?

why ?

That is fucking amazing, I didn't have that one.


Attached: kristen (1).gif (192x320, 1.58M)

Are you her dentist?

More clothed?

Attached: 84439267_628402774587610_8703277228458246144_n.jpg (270x480, 34K)

Made a vola would yall be wiling to dump her there? 15x2wzqn8

Attached: Bw4YMy7CMAAh0qy.jpg (600x800, 44K)

15x2wzqn8 vola to dump


WA girl. Nice

thanks for room.
to user posting, thanks!

Upload complete

Marielle de Jésus from Laval?
I'm showing that the judge !

exposed milf, reverse search for more

Attached: UK Milf Slut Donna.jpg (1000x619, 120K)

Attached: IMG_20190617_031057_227.jpg (640x1137, 61K)

Wonder if anyone can find more of her since idk how to do it

Attached: received_485292865513876.jpg (2464x3296, 379K)

great stuff user. are all pics of the girl, or are some of her sister as well?

A guy to help me to expose my gf? Kik: bornr4

Attached: 20190628_010615.jpg (1080x1913, 692K)

she's hot, what other pictures do you have of her in lingerie?

She reminds me of Mia Sara in her prime.

more of her?

More please! Super cute!

whats the password?

probably been mod disabled

What is your kik?

imig dot es/c/VgGBPnv

Attached: IMG-20160.jpg (768x792, 295K)

Not able to find you. Kik me alsmith89

Thats awesome


Attached: 4A69BD6E-8D7E-484E-B4AC-6FE9AC20C320.png (734x1000, 880K)

Attached: 9C2FBAF4-42F7-4278-9E42-7D53A2C74398.png (750x1000, 703K)

Attached: C7C3F3A1-C380-403D-BE27-00409E65E390.png (750x1000, 1.01M)

Attached: Alisa.jpg (3032x1948, 1.37M)

post fullsize images, also the drivers license ;)

Attached: AC4E2F3F-BE48-4993-86D6-8F2B853FD224.png (750x1000, 1M)

Damn u are posting pics she took with a flip phone. Was it taken in like 2004?

Kik manu9321 if you like

Attached: 1F4A710F-E8BC-4A2C-A989-344B3427FA4B.png (1000x747, 690K)

looks like AK ?

Attached: 3FD273D4-407C-4965-BCA3-62CD61EC10E6.png (750x1000, 1.08M)


please post the fullsize nudes!

Attached: F62A1CFF-1BCA-4D62-8113-7ACDB1249D17.png (1000x750, 882K)

Attached: Alisa.jpg (960x507, 74K)


Attached: Alisa2.jpg (1376x491, 115K)


Attached: Alisa3.jpg (1221x1064, 130K)


Attached: Alisa4.jpg (1577x660, 106K)

thanks user!

the underwear ones too? also more if you have it, thanks!!

Hit me up on kik. I don't want to spam this thread too much with her

ok, ill do it later, im not home atm - thanks for sharing!