I’m a legit Oldfag. I was here when the Indonesian tsunami occurred in 2004, when the London subway bombings took place in 2005, when a Cred Forums troll got Oprah to say “over 9000” live on her show in 2007, when a Cred Forums newfag hacked Palins yahoo mail during the 2008 presidential elections, when 12chan got taken down in 2008, when Piratebay got raided in 2010, when the Japanese tsunami occurred in March in 2011, when Obama got Osama in May 2011, when the Boston Marathon bombings happened in 2013 and an innocent college student was mistaken for a missing person named Sunil and subsequently blamed for the bombings due to Cred Forums newfags, and in 2014 when I got in one little fight and my mom got scared,
And said "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.", and countless other shit but this Coronavirus is really freaking me out. This is different, this is not going away.

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Go away

>I see you old fag.

Are you in the US?

Coronavirua goes straight for the soul. That being said, this isnt more complicated than that. Feelings change. I know i woulnt be the same if things were different. Trust me. Time for that drawbridge to come up. Tech advanced beyond that anyways

OK Nigger

Then who is this... (you will never get this right)

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Were you here for lukeywes

Elderfag here, just collect your chosen already and enjoy.

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prove it, triforce

Get him! He's going for the holy grail of goatse, stretching be upon him!

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my issue is the consistent rumors circulating out of China all pointing to the same thing ; the chinese government is lying about the numbers. then add the biotech firm into the mix along with the xx20s plagues

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I first came here in 2003 and I would never call myself an oldfag.

>Activates the divine ElderFag brain cells reading this thread.

Would you prefer the truth that you are a clone of Time and we just fuck with each other constantly.

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It’s literally a bio weapon. I don’t blame you user.

If ur on Cred Forums then you should be at least 20% woke, and if ur woke at all then you know that the coronavirus was found almost 2 decades ago and this is just a media thing. I heard they have a vaccine coming, I guess you fags are gonna be first in line together with your family? I hope you fucking die newfags, how can you never learn...

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Shame. You're wasting good meme magic by not doing so.

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So is a shitpost. What's ya point of origin?

>Come, Cred Forumsrothers! Let us sing of why we despise and reject the outsiders/foreigners! A fiddle-de-fee a big ol' FUCK OF from me and my daughter's tree!

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Were you here for Chris chan

If so were you for or against the id ldiot

Corona virus is being used against Chinese protesters demanding human rights shill fag

Thailand already got an idea of a cure since it apparantly spreads somewhat like HIV but isnt. So they cured someone with a cocktail of a HIV/flu medications. No they're closing the circle on it so we'll be fine fag

jessi (or Damien depending on who you ask) slaughter. post a hard one faggot

That can't be who I think it is

Well then ur just a faggot, enjoy

OK Nigger
She went more to shit somehow than Jessie

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No fucking way


ITT oldfags trying to outfag each other for some old trophy

Man her dad wasn't kidding about the consequences

i miss when traps were traps, you thought the thumbnail was a pretty girl and BAM dick, not this constant tranny nonsense

I cant believe it's been 10 years since we helped her family

Like him

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She said over 9000 did she?
Over 9000 what?

the asian lady boys were way more passable

Dont have alterior motivs

It's just pneumonia.

The trap epidemic is the Corona virus of /b /

>I’m a legit Oldfag
fuck this is cringe

coronavirus is taking out those that are not of working age.
what scares me is that Almost the entire country of north korea has lost it's pig population. This is a country where 90% of it's protein is pig. the swine flu is the unspoken epidemic south korea has snipers shooting wild hogs to stop the spread. this shit is real and kim jung uns refusal to ask for help is going to doom his people, also i'm betting china's not help nor is anyone else with cornavirus being in front of the cameras.

i thought this to but i have not heard any news out of honk kong, if it was that bad something would slip out

mmmhhh, tasty, tasty corona beer(us)

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Why god sir that's our commander and chief

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Give credit though. Only on Cred Forums would a group of individuals be right about a 13 year old being hotter than the 23 year old version of herself

Check'd dubba dubs.
Weird flex but ok

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Over 9000 penises... and theyre all raping children

were doomed!!!

were all going to die!!!

get a shovel and start digging your own grave because the government will be dieing too and the hospitals will be overwhelmed with the sick and dying and the doctors & nurses will be sick and dying too