How do I disappear? I have about 70k that I can take

How do I disappear? I have about 70k that I can take.
My thoughts are just buying an rv and driving off. I am married.

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>RV registered to your name
>tracked once you're put out as a missing person
>any financial transactions being linked back to your card
>99% of jobs worth having require ID and reporting back to govt databases

better get a bicyle and a bag full of cash, get used to sucking dick, and hope facial recognition laws get passed before you get found

Join now before it's too late

buy kneepads is the way to go bro.

Bags of cash gets robbed. I'm ok with a license plate linked to me. She won't come looking.

you taking the wife with or not? Ill let you know how to be gone for good.

>She won't come looking.


Pretend being drunk on the weekend and go into a bar fight. Them disappear. They will end up thinking you either got lost or injured or killed.

Go to tarapoto. Is a place in the middle of the forest in Peru. Police is stupid there, and easy to bribe if necessary.

You'll be able to buy a house there with that amount. Not your dream place but you can spend some months or even years there waiting while you spend almost nothing to buy food. Local girls are going to be really easy to fuck meanwhile.

Once you have planned your new life and waited a prudential time (also buying a fake id, etc, all that work) go to a developed country and start over again.

Tell me about your life user

You have 70k that you can take or 70k that is yours?
Either way I think you owe it to your wife to let her know your intention, no matter how much of a bitch she is. You got yourself into marrying her anyway.

If you want to disappear I would pull out all your money in cash, buy an unregistered car with plates that’s not yet in your name (don’t get pulled over) drive to another state, find a dingy little town, get an apartment in a less respectable area, paying cash for it, make a new name (for a job) get a job under this new name, see about getting a new social security card and give them some BS about how you were born outside of a hospital and have been an undocumented American this whole time.
Once you establish your new identity, and get a job, with proof of residence, your pretty much homefree

I am 34, I have been working 12 hours a day 7 days a week for the last ten years, making 100k+ a year and saving. My wife finally got a job paying the same and dosent need me anymore to sustain the lifestyle and the love is gone. I spent my entire childhood on the road and have a carnal desire to live that life.

The 70k is half of the bank account that I built but by taking that amount, she won't come after me

OPTION 1=eTell the fam you going away on a "business" trip for a few days. Or find away to get out of the house.

buy a fake passport on the darkweb.
buy a plane ticket to a different country that is heavy public transit (never need to get a car)

OPTION 2=buy a cabin off the grid and live the good life.

I want off the grid

>12hrs a day 7days a week
what do you really work?
if even close to true why. whats the point of making any money if you can spend a dime cause you work all day everyday

Why do you think that I am having a midlife crisis, asshole?

buy some land in a different country and build a ez pop up house (10k shack house)

>pic related

that cabin cost 15k btw to build

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She can track you down, you can't just "drive off" what you definitely need is to change country, prefferably somewhere in europe, for example Vienna, Austria, or Prague, Czech Republic.

You'll need to establish new identity there, for example pay 5k to get a new ID and then use THAT to get into germany or some other place nearby.

You basically need to become a new person.
But, if you have kids then fuck you and I hope you die if you runaway.

Alternatively, you can be a man and divorce her.

can find someone easy on the internet to take care of that extra baggage at home for a small fee. ;)

Sounds like you should find a new job and try that before just up and leaving your life. At least give that try first

Good call out user. Are kids involved OP?


I am a maritime worker. My only craft is 7 days a week. I cant go from cheating my own death every day to serving coffee.