Age, cunts fucked

age, cunts fucked

>31, 5

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also fingered one bitch but penis never wentin vagina do i count ?

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36, 50+ (I've lost count)

I got very lucky when I was younger and moved to a Greek island that in summerturns in to an international party zone as a tall good looking Brit.

Pussy was not hard to come by.


nine of them were in 2019 (was in a 4 year relationship prior)

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does anal count as double?
what if its just the tip?
what if i never came inside her/inside her in a dom?

>About 9 call girls

If you're having to wonder these things it doesn't count

28, 19

36, 24

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im not but im wondering about others opinions

PIV is balanced count

else ur counting biologically desirable children/descendents total u have

beyond this ur counting One.

a love of ur life, soul mate etc.

>> 29... and somewhere around 35? Maybe more? Once I hit over 25 I stopped counting. Besides, I get a lot of girls coming back for more so what's the point in keeping track? I've had sex thousands of times


25, 2

32, 8

hello females urs is total unique dick count ur cunts taken


70 ... 18...
had 2 wives 8yr...35 yr

I posted here yesterday, but here i go again:

>36 years old
>98 cunts fucked

I use dating apps and bars to get laid lots. I use the dark web to cure my STIs.


29, 0

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U had one job

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does it count if all of my 69 cunts fucked were from ur mom?

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Ty e

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26, 39 bodies

light of his life xx

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26, 0


>28, 11

Btw, sauce?

29, 40+. When I moved to NYC at 23, it was 6.

31, 110ish

32, 10 (but I might have forgot one or two)

26 years old, 21 fucked
Slightly inflated with one offs during a stint swinging with my ex, she was hot and I'm hung so it was easy to find couples.

Tips for getting laid at a bar? What's apps do you use? I aspire to be you

34, lost count around 40.

10-20 I don't remember exactly


The guy murdered a girl in Toowong in 2015/16. USA NSA employed. Cannot fucking leave me alone. No reason other then reinforced genetic mental illness. Google Texas executes 61iq man. Go lock up Alex on mental health and go to town so U got an idea. John Jr walking pasty uni within 3m of me as recent as 2019 Nov too


38 and 15
Then again I have for the last 20 years been in 2 monogamous relationships. First 13years and now 7

Well, added note. A lot of the women I've fucked are like 6/10 or below. many 7s, a few 8,s and 9s, and only very few 10s.

I use POF, tinder, and bumble. Not much luck with Badoo and OKCupid, but I might try in the future.

Using those dating apps is time consuming though...

At bars... I used to go dancing and grind at women. But it has to have a bar with a dance floor and bassy music. I love hip thrusting into girls and letting my dick get hard and them enjoying it... but I rarely got numbers that way, it just was an excuse for me to grind at women. I also loved feeling up drunk women on the dance floor. They don't even care! I love it.

anyway, I don't even go into bars anymore, I literally go to bars at 1 am and wait til they kick everyone out. All i do is wait til 1:30 (golden hour), when they kick everyone out, then offer women rides home. When i get to their house, I ask to use their bathroom as an excuse to come inside. They usually never refuse. Then I go and give them compliments. most of the time I do this to drunk girls (they usually can't drive themselves home, so it's a no-brainer to offer rides and since I don't drink). I've gotten ballsy over the years, if I know the girl is drunk enough to not remember, I'll just tell her how she's beautiful and gives me a boner and just whip it out before or after I went to the bathroom. then go from there. If she's down, start taking her clothes off and just make out, if not, just leave and head back to the bar in hopes to pick up another 1 or 2 women.

Huh, you're a fucking genius. Have you ever gotten into a sticky situation because of that? Are you just striking up conversations with whatever single girls you see outside the bar and see if they need a ride?


>well over 40 , lost count tbh def have herps

49 lost count after hitting 597th cunt

23, 3

Just saved my sweet girl as gf after one month of dating this morning. Talked me into teabagging and anal already.

First two were gfs for 4 years each.

Just wanted to share, bc im happy as fuck

43, 0

not only that, i made it a point to actually hit on girls who have guys there... it's amazing the kind of shit you'll hear and run into. like, if a girl is wearing a wedding ring, i'm up for the challenge.

I've fucked probably about 6 or 7 married women. and countless women with boyfriends. one who was engaged.

i do have a midsized to large dick. about 7-8 inches. I remember this one time (i'm in utah, btw; full of mormons) this guy brought his impossibly hot young blonde gf or friend... she must have been no older than 21 or 22... to the bar.

anyway, we were dancing and really hitting the beat. and i have kinda trained myself to get hard whenever i need to. So i was able to get hard and basically hip thrust NEAR her.

The whole dance floor is covered in this UV light and is totally dark with disco lights going everywhere, so it's pretty hard to tell what's going on below the belt lines especially when the dance floor is crowded.

anyway, long story short. i'm hip thrusting with a semi-boner and this girl is dancing by her boyfriend, and she briefly brushed into my dock with her arm... and after that, she changed her way of dancing so that her arm would move up and down against my cock just so she could feel it, it was awesome. absolutely awesome....


5 cunts and one butthole
All relationships >= 2 years

Sticky situations:
i remember one time i there was this totally drunk chick who pulled me into the women's restroom and made out with me, i whipped out my dick and she sucked on me for a few seconds, then she wised up and we left the restroom, but a waitress saw us and the girl i was with suddenly remembered she had a boyfriend and started crying... the waitress then talked to her, but i went on the next girl.

but fast forward to the next week, one of the bouncers pulled me aside and claims the waitress saw me put something in that girl's drink. i was just honest and told him i wouldn't even know what TO put in her drink. They checked the video footage for outside the restroom and saw i was telling the truth.

As for staying OUT of sticky situations... I ALWAYS ALWAYS record my encounters. like, i'll secretly stat recording them on video as soon as the action starts. I sneak it in when i'm fucking them from behind. most of the time, they're so turned on or drunk, they don't even care.

but lately i've also started recording my conversations... it originally started because i was going to start like a pornhub/youtube series about how easy it is to pick up chicks, but eventually it turned into basic evidence gathering in case they ever try to claim foul play. I can show the video at every step of the way.

i actually got a girl to stfu after she called me a rapist (she was kind of a bitch) and i showed her her own video of her getting fucked by me and asking for more. that shut her right the fuck up and made her friends laugh at her.

oh yeah, from when i very first started fucking bitches, i literally secretly take out my phone, start recording video, and right as i'm about to fuck them, i ask them, "do you want my cock?" and they have always said "yes" i keep that as evidence in case any girl EVER claims rape, but in the years of fucking bitches, not one of the 98 women i've fucked has ever said no... obviously i don't try to get to that point with them if they were to say no anyway.

oh, and not one of the bitches i've fucked has ever claimed rape afterwards, but i still record it anyway for fap material.


>turning 27 yo
>fucked 33 cunts
I’m fine with the number but if I only ever fuck one more cunt in my life, I want it to be a midget

Thanks for all the great info man, I'll try to put some of this into practice.
Any chance you'd be willing to share some of the vids? Sounds super hot. Email me at [email protected] if you wanna chat more too, love this shit

24, 3

To all the sluts with double digits, are you fucking modest women of reproductive value? Or are you using a method that yields only the most promiscuous of sluts?

N count of partners was, 0, 7 and 3. I regrer fucking the slut. Degen

I'm super fucking paranoid about sharing videos still...

i seem to be super confident around women and all that, but i have this notion that i'll be famous one day and can't have sex tapes out there, ironic and stupid, i know.

my secret plan is to make a giant torrent of all the bitches i've fucked right before i die an old man.

32, 0. FML

I think you are overestimating the amount of false rape accusations and underestimating the amount of actual rape victims because you are only concerned with the type of crimes you can be a victim of

Aw, well I'll be looking out for that torrent. Good luck bro and thanks again

sorry, don't know if this will make a difference, but i'm tired, and realized i lost my train of thought when i typed that.

the ending was supposed to say

>oh yeah, from when i very first started fucking bitches, i literally secretly take out my phone, start recording video, and right as i'm about to fuck them, i ask them, "do you want my cock?" and they have always said "yes" i keep that as evidence in case any girl EVER claims rape, but in the years of fucking bitches, not one of the 98 women i've fucked has ever CLAIMED RAPE later on...

20, 1 and only 1.

001 2007-2007, 1989-1989 00 0001
002 2009-2012, 1989-1993 04 1000
003 2013-2013, 1989-1991 02 0100
004 2014-2014, 1989-1992 03 0002
005 2015-2019, 1989-1993 04 1000

avg 2011-2013, 1989-1992 03 0421

idk maybe a dozen

not american

40, 0

001 2007-2007, 1989-1989 00 0001
002 2009-2012, 1989-1993 04 1000
003 2013-2013, 1989-1991 02 0100
004 2014-2014, 1989-1992 03 0002
005 2015-2019, 1989-1993 04 1000

003 2012-2013, 1989-1992 03 0421

Lmao must suck

A solid number for your age for a non man-slut.
>2 women
>a woman(male)

30, 7 pussy, 3 female anal, 16 female mouths, 2 Male anal, 3 Male mouths.

It does

cis piv only count

>cunts fucked
>cunts eaten
>shemales I fucked
>shemales who fucked me
>cocks suck

Do I win?

piv count

30 yo
100+ pussies

a few 6, many 7-8, a few 10-11.

The best sex ever though is in a monogamous loving reciprocal relationship with the aim of creating a family. Not even trolling..


I am ready to die.

23, lost count at 250