Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

Sorry for not making a thread this week. I've had to fix my sleep schedule for an intrerview and possible job today!

How are you all doing today, my friends?

Come get what's bothering you off your chest

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Are you isabelle user?
I am 'dating' this guy and he is only nice to me if we do lewd stuff, if I refuse because I'm sad or whatever he gets angry and mean. I don't know what to do.

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>I don't know what to do.
Find the respect for yourself to get out of that.

>Find the respect for yourself to get out of that.
I literally don't know how to do that. I'm a very agreeable person and don't wanna upset others, I tend to do whatever neccesariy just to please my family and peers. He is making it very hard for me though because I can't fulfill his desires whitout hurting myself in the process.

>hurting myself
It makes me sad to know that you would do this. You're worth so much and deserve love and respect -- especially from yourself.

Define lewd. Sounds like a very toxic relationship. What made you even get with him in the first place?

I am~ That's not much of a relationship, friend. That is an abusive, gross, relationship and I ask you to please get out of it and distance yourself from him.

"I don't want to upset others" well what if others upset you? Or each other? Why do they deserve to be happy and their feelings intact when they don't care at all about yours? You deserve far beter than that, friend.

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leave ASAP. you dont even have to let him know why

and get the fuck off Cred Forums. leave this place behind. its bad.

THREAD THEME: youtube.com/watch?v=Wf02V8AtMag

Is it a physical or online relationship if you don't mind me asking?

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thank you.
Sexual things. I don't know, I just liked him I guess?
hello, we used to talk. you're nice, I didn't know you're still doing this.
Yea I should leave, I know that. I am not on Cred Forums usually but I feel especially bad today.

> I just liked him I guess?

Do you even like HIM? Or did some conversation you had give you some romantic fantasy of the person you WANT him to be, rather than what he ACTUALLY is?

That is an extremely comfortable, warm song. I just wish the piano wasn't limited to my right ear haha

Ah well I'm glad to have you back! Sorry if I don't remember you. Could you recall what we last spoke about? Do you have feelings for him? Is this someone you'd want to father your potential children? Someone you'd want them to look up to? Someone you'd spend life with?

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I like him when he is nice to me, his normal self is very sweet and I like it when we hang out and do stuff. When I don't give him what he likes though (which means sexual things) he makes me feel nauseous and actually scared. He gets angry, accuses me of cheating and tries to coerce me into doing sexual things with him, it's like as soon as he's in that mode, all his thoughts revolve around sex.
I will have to break up with him, right?

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>Sorry if I don't remember you
It's okay, I don't remember what we talked about the last time we spoke, sorry.
Are you making these threads a lot? I might look for them if you do because I usually don't go to Cred Forums that, that would give me a reason though.

Thank you everyone, I think I realised I have to break up with him. It's already bad enough I'm looking or help so it's time for me to act.
It sounds stupid but I had not even considered breaking up. It helps to talk about these things, thanks anons.

Have you ever told him how doing things like this makes you feel? If so, whats was his response? Did he just get angry again?

Yoiu shouldn't settle for anything less than your idea of perfect, friend. You can have someone who's always nice to you and sweet and love you even more than he does and doesn't have such silly demands with such dumb consequences if you don't follow them. The kind of person who respects your decision to not want to do anything like that and would move on from there without it affecting your relationship like that.

I make them every now and then. I try to make them daily but I recently started fixing my sleep schedule so I can't quite stay up as late as I used to~

I'm so glad everyone was able to help! Sometimes you're blinded by the love and affection someone gives you and can't quite think straight. Please do give us an update when you do, and if you can't, let us know why not. I really want you away from him, friend.

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>That is an extremely comfortable, warm song. I just wish the piano wasn't limited to my right ear haha

Glad you like it.

I tried a few times, he got cold and angry and tried to initiate it a few more times. I gave in a few times but when I didn't he usually just left after a while.
I realise that's abusive behaviour but I have no self esteem and feel like I can't find a partner.
Okay, I will. Thanks Isabelle user.
I will try to find your thread again soon.

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Yeah you should for sure leave that nonsense, and please STAY away. Don't get back with him if he starts being all nice again because that viscous cycle is just going to go on.

> but I have no self esteem and feel like I can't find a partner.

Im not going to give you some BS statement about how you can better yourself to overcome that sort of mindset because its really something not really anyone can get over. I myself rate about a 4.5 out of 10 and I found a gf pretty much way out of my league basically due to how I am around her and others. I seen people being treated like you, and it hardly ever ends well. I know you feel like its difficult you can find someone you like to show you that sort of affection back, but this is not the road you ever want to take, people just aren't going to change so easily.

Best of luck to you.

I love jazz. Especially slow, comfy jazz. It reminds me of this


Best of luck, friend~

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Hey Isabelle. We talked forever ago in one of your threads about that "Living with Anxiety" game, I think it was called. Cool to see you again, and I'm glad you're doing well.

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Hi, friend! Do you mean the "Adventures with Anxiety" game on Newgrounds? I've had it bookmarked for so long but never brought myself to play it, I'm so sorry.

Thank you for stopping by! How have you been?

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I have to deal with a lot of shit in my life right now.

Everything went to shit when my mom died in 2016, since then i'v been fighting with my depression.

Depression fucked me up pretty bad, I'v became very overweight, dropped out of highschool, i lost interest in a lot of thing i liked before, basicallyi was doing nothing but sleep, eat & and watch youtube for almost 3 years.

But i realized that it cant go on like this, so in the past half year, i was focusing on fixing the broken mess, that i call my life, trying to land a job & lose weight, then go back to finish highschool.

Hopefully everything goes right, and i can get back on track. i dont want to wast my life like this.

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Good morning Belle, hope your day is well

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Shut the fuck up simp

You’re a simp too bitch

u remind me of my ex. Ho Ho Ho needless to say they never found her body :)

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Ah sorry for the late reply, friend!

I'm so glad to hear, friend! As I was reading the first part I was going to suggest maybe moving on because your life stopping over anything will only create more problems. All the best with going back to highschool and if you can't, for whatever reason, there are alternatives into everything! :)

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Ah good morning, friend~ My day went alright. A little stressed because I don't think I did the best in the interview :(

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At the rate I’m snowballing, I’m fucked. I used to be a studious and hardworking student, top of the class. Now I’m mediocre and on the brink of failure because I was so obsessed with my social life and being popular. Worse thing is that this is my final year in college...

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What about your social life drew you away from your studies so bad? The friends around you? The fun you had? You're "on the brink of failure" but you still have time to turn things around, friend. Quit your social life for the time being and focus completely on your studies. If anyone gets upset with you, it'd just be weeding out the bad people in your life. Those who care would be completely understanding of your decision.

I'm sorry friends but I really need to head to bed! Goodnight, everyone! Thank you all so much for being wonderful, supportive people

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Sorry to hear that. I hope everything goes well anyway~