Bhad discords? dani pics and vids welcome

bhad discords? dani pics and vids welcome

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I hte it that Dani makes me eat my own.

Nobody makes you do that but yourself.


She's a disusting sack of shit? Why would you want this?

She's a disusting sack of shit with a nice body i would like to bone, any more questions?

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acutally im dutch and the idea of american girls bein stupid teenage thots who fuck anything makes me hard.

To each our own, that's not a nice body to me, she looks like a puffer fish to me.

implying pufferfish aint hot. hey dont discriminate

idk how much of this is edited, but i like her body tbh

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she cute

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The vast majority of chicks these days are dumber than a box of rocks, dumber than a puffer fish that go around shaking keys and staring at their so called smart phones.
They deserve what they get.

Fuck it, no mercy.

Yeah right, cute for some monkey in a zoo and some bitch that wants welfare.

exactly, my dude!!

i'd fuck a monkey if it looked like her

You have low standards.
Raise them up and not be a savage.

what a few years can do to a person, cant wait till shes 18

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I want to fuck her because she’s a train wreck. Her attitude made me want to dominate her, tame her then throw her away. . . .Wtf is wrong with me

thats called a hatefuck dude, and i agree

Make sure to have a lot of condoms.
A thing like that will surely want to get herself knocked up then make you pay for her for the rest of her life.

Why do these things remind me of Johnny Cash songs and stories?


Your sperm is your personal Jesus
Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus

DP her, Eiffel Tower, multiple creampies then B-Dubs?

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come on fags! anything? no discords??

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Hey join my discord plz xZwhzHy

fuck off nigga

She's an amazing talent that I would cum inside/10

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Fucking losers chasing some ugly ghetto bitch just because she's famous

She is beautiful.

tru tru

gg H24qHe6

She’s like 15 you fucking weirdos

17 this year.

Ther is a Wall coming for her HARD!

And she is probably going to hit it before she reaches 18.

THis, she already looks like an old ho saggy titties, wino face, fat ass, dirty

She's a complete butterface. Great body with big tits that she'll loose at 30+ when she becomes a digusting fat pig.

how is she not 18 she was 16 like 9 years ago


>bitch that wants welfare.
she makes over $25000 a month

Lmao yall realize shes famous and has mad money right.

Sooooo? Even if she was 13 you gotta admit them are some nice titties, if you fuck her that’s weird but damn!

"famous" in potentially the least impressive way possible. It's like being the smartest kid with downsyndrome

tru tru

I want to see her anally raped so bad her blown out rosebud hangs down to her knees.

Her face is horrid and you can tell she's going to look like a baggy eyed Long Island hag by the time she's 30, and she'll get 2 dozen more ghetto tats before that. In the end it's just big boobs, I don't see why you pedos are all into her. sick fucks

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>if you fuck her that’s weird
yea, fucking a fully developed female is gross. I'd rather put my peenus in an old man's ass and have our balls rub together

>look like a baggy eyed Long Island hag by the time she's 30
she looks like that now and I bet her pussy smells bad. I heard she left a tampon in for A MONTH

You guys pronounce it bee-had bee-haybie, right?

Bhad bhabi are under age

i mean you cant possibly verify that but if you wanna drag someone go ahead and just ask her ya know shit

How is this trash still relevant?
Doesn't matter how the body looks when the rest of that package is a complete dumpster fire.