Redpill me on climate change

redpill me on climate change.

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it's happening, the real red pill is that it doesn't actually matter if it's anthropogenic or cyclical or other, the fact is that global weather is becoming volatile, much much more volatile. That is bad for everyone - that's bad for markets, that's bad for farmers, that's even bad for productivity - it means things like power grids now need to be designed to take huge surges in usage with less than 24 hours notice (air conditioners or heaters etc.).
Natural diasters like the Australian and Californian bushfires will become more common - especially if denialism of climate change means changes aren't made to manage and minimize future bushfires by pretending everything is the same.
Climate denialism is economic suicide. Let the politicans argue over who did it like it's a Poirot novel, the real question is, who will do something about it, not who did it.

this graph is lifted from a spurious text written by an individual with the understanding of a high school student. The methodology of the paper it is lifted from and the style of writing are not that of a scientific author. The paper even if it was written in support of modern climate change theory should be disregarded as it is not up to scratch. A good attempt but it would not be better than a C as a first year university paper. Don't ask /b for advice on climate change do your own research based on credible sources or listen to climate scientists and geologists, not politicians.

Climate change is happening, but it's not the end of the world. Anyone who says the world will end in... 10 years is pants on head retarded. No legitimate scientist will say that. There will be some bigger storms, but generally fewer of them. And they will be localized and temporary. The earth will not freeze over, the earth will not be swallowed whole. Some places will get hot, some places will get cold. A little more than before in recent history. It's natural with more energy in the system.

Sea levels will rise by a few inches, but it's nothing civil engineering can't solve, which is like lefties are still buying beachfront property.

On top of all of that, CO2 is fucking PLANT FOOD! Higher CO2 levels mean plants can grow more. If you want to help lower CO2 levels then plant a few trees.

If you really want to do something about this situation then you need to invade Africa, India, and China to force them to stop polluting. But the truth is the situation is still nowhere serious enough for that to actually be necessary.

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Both of those fires were caused by lack of responsible controlled burns / arsonists intentionally lighting shit on fire. Shit gets dry in summer and it always has. When dry shit is allowed to build up it will want to burn eventually. Use your braincells.

those fires started cause this shit happens in nature, maybe man was in on a corner but big picture it would have happened no matter what

>When dry shit is allowed to build up it will want to burn eventually.
Geez, and I wonder why it dried up? Could it be because there has been a reduction in rain year on year?
Hmmm... it's almost as if poor policy compounded a problem that was already happening

hear, hear! Pragmatism is the way to go, look at the US military for example. They have plans in place for future conflicts and flash points generated by climate change, they have a sizable budget aimed at RnD to increase their fighting effectiveness in these future conflicts. They are doing all this while US politicians decry climate change as a myth! The military accepts the body of evidence and is planning for it because they don't need to point fingers they just need to pull the correct triggers.

Eco fascists started the fires to "prove a point" about the problem they want people to care about it's like Jews drawing swastikas or blacks putting nooses around their necks.

Your home is probably made of dry wood. Is it going to spontaneously combust? No, it needs a trigger, an ignition. It could be due to nature, or due to your own fault, or your neighbors.

California and Australia both have been managed poorly with fire prevention. Previously in history natural fires from lighting strikes mostly would burn the small brush and prevent it from growing so much so that it could spread and cause more damage, it would die out before it would spread. This is a natural process and good for nature. But humans (thanks to propaganda like Smokey the Bear) thought it was their job to put all fires out. So then you get the huge out of control fires that happen in summer when there is a very large fuel source ready for a lick of flame or a spark of energy.

all it takes is literally one lightning strike to start something like that when its that hot and dry, and there was/are a lot of those going around

I hate to break it to you but the sun is hot and dries things up the more direct the sunlight. Next question?

>Could it be because there has been a reduction in rain year on year?

Why do people think the Earth getting warmer causes less rain? Higher temps means more evaporation, which means more rain... but mother nature doesn't guarantee where that rain will go. Maybe you need to stop being gay and pissing off God.

talking shite largely

obvs the world will not end in 10 years that is retarded yes, but you are down playing the potential threats. Large scale droughts, famines, resource wars, mass migration the list goes on and the situation will keep getting worst.

Sea level change is not going to be globally consistent. Sea level could rise by metres in some places in under 50 years, it is very hard to model sea level change locally though which is why we talk about global averages which is cm scale. There is for example a very high certainty that one of the places that will experience the highest sea level change is the eastern seaboard of the US some high estimates predict 2-3m which is insane. The US can foot the bill for sea defenses round NY for example but the costs will be economically significant. Other places could sea level fall or no change at all.

Trees absorb CO2 yes so planting them is good but when they decay or burn the captured CO2 is then released again. Reversing CO2 trends with trees needs to be paired with rewilding schemes, protection of global rainforests and industrial CO2 reduction to be effective. Ultimately trees act as a carbon cache not a carbon sink in a decade scale.

Following on droughts and dry weather make these old and new forests more likely to burn. Global wildfire occurences are rising and neatly correlate with rising CO2 and global temp. People set fires but large scale wildfires are caused by lack of moisture and compunded by bad land management as states.

The redpill is that we're literally fucked.

The small minority of humans holds all the power to extract, burn and consume fossil fuels. They're making enormous fortunes out of it. And they're all elderly people who couldn't give a fuck what happens 200 years from now because all they've got left are two more decades to live.

Meanwhile, everyone else is busy working their ass off to make a living and watching Netflix or shitposting on Cred Forums in their spare time. So if you're poor, you either get to die in poverty or have to be the accomplice of the rich people's scheme. Or, sometimes, both.

Trees are batteries
We used all the batteries
Earth is a closed system for carbon
Carbons in the air now
Carbon bad for everything, Jack's it all up
Plant more batteries
Consume less carbon.

I mean it's pretty simple. A small child can understand what's going on.
We can go into the muck and talk about profit incentive to not change the current "burn it to the ground" use of resources.
I don't really want to.

the earth getting warmer creates faster/energetic atmospheric cycling, the creates more rain in some places and less in others it's not as simple as you seem to believe.

Side-point: even in a greenhouse/closed system your argument is flawed the water would evaporate quicker and then if the temp stayed the same it wouldn't condense again

Me again, just so we are clear, I'm not a doomsday climate guy. I don't know what will happen. But what's been happening kinda sucks and companies kinda suck and fixing one kinda bandages the other but I think the solution is on both fronts.
Rebuild the batteries and slap the niggers abusing them.

nice summary

Fuck Bolsonaro

I appreciate that.

Knowing nothing other than a single headline after googling. I agree. Fuck that guy.