Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread
To play post a picture and a name for it

First 24

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Grant MacDonald

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BBC rental mommy

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Bebe Fishsticks

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Vex (WIP)

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The Entire KISS Band

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Dlanor A. Knox

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Courtyard Droll

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Is Cred Forums really this fucking dead? These threads usually fill up quick. Fuck coomers, when can we ban them?

Ya boy K-Wullums

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Bro it's 10 on a thursday normal people are working rn
Also we havent reached out to the yuro posters that much

Sup Dee, were you the one that posted on /u/ on yesterday's tour?


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There was a thread on /u/?
I'm afraid I didn't get to that one.

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I figured it wasn't you. Don't worry then


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Bismarck's slutty sister.

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Paul Menard

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Divine Cat

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Baby Q

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Good luck everyone!

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܂Goodluck Megumi!
District 10 got this

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Let's roll.

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Candlejacks got this if he can manage to outsmart the entire KISS ba


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Caveman code

Yeah, roll right into a gave maybe

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Good luck

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Well... shit.

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Under flood watch again.
I really need to go check beaverdam. When it floods the driveway it leads to a very bad day.

Billie Ellish gets on the floor
Who was tossing who there?
Rental mommies are a thing of the future, they don't belong in this time!
The german lads have a bit of a fight

I'm not too sure what beaverdam means to you but go do that. Stay safe user

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Viktoria reminds me of the girl
You could at least see who it was Orin
Is that where the Illuminati come from?
Grant got yiffed
Forget abour grazing, take the hit like a badass and get maximum points!

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Wtf is snu-snu? Is Grant RIP?

Now it's my turn! Mao, can you stand still for a moment?

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Stone fortress? Let's make it an iron fortress.

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Death by snu snu

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And I didn't have time to post A Giant with a Rock...

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It would've been perfect lol

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A cult dedicated to waifus.
Paul is just an intern...

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Hey Mao, do you smell that? It smells like... roasted dog?
On stone *Wheels*?
I didn't know it was an apocalypse cult too
K-Wullums hugs trees a bit too hard
Care to explain, Bismarck?

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I... don't have an explanation

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Hey guys, have you heard of fruit mountain? It's great!

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RIP Orinrin

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Oh hey a feast

You can come up with an excuse while you fall down, then


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Damn goat...

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>Divine Cat

You know what to do

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RIP Democrats

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Let's go divine cat.

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Betting on Thiccachu

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Divine Cat

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Also the winner i guess

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Grats Thiccachu and thanks for the game Rigs

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CD is actually a carapacian
also thanks for hosting

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RIP cat, so close
Thanks for hosting

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Thanks for the game!

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A what

Thanks for playing

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I think I've said enough for now.

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4th ain't bad

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