How much do you tip Cred Forums? And is it mandatory?

How much do you tip Cred Forums? And is it mandatory?
I'm gonna be visiting my uncle in America next week. Will they spit in my food if I don't tip?

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Tip is 10% as a base. Increase up to 20% based on dedication and service. If you've been snubbed or if they are very rude, dont tip. Tip comes after so no spit as long as you are respectful.

Don't be a cuck. Only cucks tip here in America.

I normally tip about 10% more if the service is good. Mandatory? Not like someone's gonna put a gun to ya head. Do you. They probably won't spit in the food if you don't tip but tips are usually given at the end of the meal. Not tipping= Subhuman dick move. Just know that.

Actually neck yourself

bait and copy pasta

What a stupid bitch. Why is she expecting customers to pay for her tuition?
I'm not gonna tip ever again because of this retarded bitch.

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Found the server. Get a real job you fucking leech.

About a decade ago i went out to eat at some asian place and i didnt tip and as i was leaving the owner literslly stopped me by putting his hands on my shoulder and didnt let me leave without tipping. I was 15 and with my gf so i was embarrassed but if that shit ever happened today id either sue the place or beat the shit out of the guy for putting his hands on me. Fucking chinks

If you want to tip. Do it like this.

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At an establishment where tips are the norm, you will pay after you eat, so unless they spit directly into your mouth, the food will be safe. Some over the counter type restaurants like to trick you by putting a tip section at the bottom of the receipt, but if you pay in cash they can't get you. If they bring you food, drink, or clean up your table, you ought to tip. But if they call your name out and you gotta go up to the counter to get it, fuck em.

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who hurt you?

Shut up you stupid cracker. I purposely dont tip to piss off people like you

Stupid white american tips lmao do you thank your bus driver too?

i avoid restaurants because i dont want my food handled by a snot-nosed teenager that dont wash their hands after they scratched their ass and picked their nose and wondered why their fingers smell like shit

you know whats even more of a subhuman dick move than not tipping your servers?

not paying your employees and making it the problem of your customers to pay your employees

you know whats even more of a dick move?

being too fucking retarded to realize that the only person profiting from all of this is the manager sitting in the back laughing at both of you retards, server and customer.

15%. Used to be 20, but my free funds aren't super great at the moment.

This. 10% of the bill if the service was adequate, 15% if it was good, and 20% if it was great. Anything above 20% is excessive and anything below 10% is cheap (unless the service wss terrible - disrespectful, slow when the restaurant is empty, etc). Also remember that if the food is bad, it's not the server's fault, and don't punish them for that with a smaller tip.

What's a "real job"?
You do know these guys make under $3/hour right? Can you live with that kind of money?

Don't tip, feeds their ego. They are servers, full stop.

a "real job" is a job with which you can sustain your lifestyle without having to aggressively beg for handouts from people not concerned or involved in your payment.

Nothing, I'm not your boss, I don't pay you, all you have to do is bring me food, dumbass.

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Lmao, Europoors amaze me. If things were reversed, and europoors were the ones that tipped they'd be like "omg amerifats dont tip wtf! they are broke lol!!"

lol who willingly takes a job for $3/hr

Imagine thinking you're entitled to other peoples' money. Personally, I just use tips if their service is actually good. If it's only mediocre or just bad I won't tip at all.

She's lucky if she gets 8% if this is how she acts.

"europoors" do tip, just that in europe, its actually a TIP to signify that the given service exceeded expectation.

Just because Americans dont understand the word "tip" and use it instead of "paying employees salary" isnt our fault

This has always been the way, then, not long ago, enough people got 20% and it's just expected, like, entitled... sux if you go under, they get all pissy.

Bruh. A shitty job at McDonald's pays more and those places always have a now hiring sign.

Absolutely zero reason to work for $2.50 an hour unless you absolutely value yourself that low.

Tipping is important, we should all tip like this.

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a real job certainly pays more than 3 dollars an hour.

>hotel porter toting your bags should get 20 dollars per bag
lmao this was written by a server

>wait staff 30-55% of the bill

or edgelord

fucking cuck

After working in several restaurants for tips I now never tip and refuse to eat at sit down restaurants that employ waiters.

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I assure you that those establishments are counting on transient drug addled idiots to work for them. I can understand tipping an Uber driver for using their own vehicle to bring you food to your home, but if you give some apathetic female your spare money for walking food to your table, you are a fool.

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of not tipping at all because of stupid posts like this from women. Nothing can describe the childlike giddiness of receiving the bill and acting like I’m jotting down a bunch of number until the waitress becomes distracted and leaves, then skipping off behind a wall or to the bathroom to sneak a furtive glance while giggling as I watch her face contort into anger and disgust when she sees a zero on tip line. It’s really quite a rush, and I know there’s going to be some servers in here telling me about “spit in my food” or some other niggerish behavior, but don’t worry I space out my visits and never get the same person twice.

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I don't tip because I don't live in a 3rd world country where serving staff get paid less than minimum wage.

why wouldn't you thank the bus driver? It costs nothing to be polite and even someone in a menial job wants acknowledgement.

Why do waiters not get paid the minimum wage? Surely it's illegal for a business to pay less?

exactly, it takes one breath

Are you going to make this shitty thread every fucking day? unoriginal faggot

I hurt him.

Based Satan poster

but would you go up to the busdriver and give him 20% of what your ticket cost because he did his job ?

They do here in Minnesota. There are a number of states where service/tip jobs must be paid minimum just like everyone else.

I give the best tip of all: Directions to the nearest college

america living in the future

of course not, but that has nothing to do with whether or not saying thank you is appropriate.

16 bucks for writing down orders and fillings drinks. Overpaid.

but thats the argument here, were talking about tips. Servers wouldnt hate to be thanked either, but they expect a handout aswell. To go even further, servers would probably be more insulted if you thanked them and didnt give a tip while bus drivers would be delighted if you thanked them and bewildered to get a tip probably.

I tip 150% because I believe in fucking with your data mining statistics. How many times you gonna post this turd of a topic? At least change the wording from time to time

oh and I also try to thank my bus driver if the bus is relatively empty in the evening or something. im not saying you shouldnt thank people

Do you live near KC by chance?

You're not entitled to a tip go fuck yourself.

$15 for an hour of service is pretty reasonable if all you're doing is relaying an order and then food.
Some people get too caught up on the %

You won't have time to tip with all that fully automatic fire from the millions of AR15s in the restaurant.

fuck tipping. who the fuck dictates the percentage anyway?


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minimum 5%, maximum 25%. Depends

I usually just leave a few bucks, no matter the price

I don't get it.

The United States of America federal government requires a wage of at least $2.13 per hour be paid to employees who receive at least $30 per month in tips. If wages and tips do not equal the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour during any week, the employer is required to increase cash wages to compensate.

>implying this bitch worked any harder for that 184 tab than she did for the table next to it that was 80$

Dude just wanted a nice even total of 200.00

15% is the standard. I'll do 20% if they're really good tho

I usually don't tip because I live in a country where waiters are paid a living wage and are not dependent on my charity to survive.

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Fuck you all, those people work hard for their money. 50% on your stupid $12 meals is enough for them to feed their kids.

I haven't serve in awhile you fucking cunt, I just know how it is. You indecent cunt.

Just make sure not to eat at the same place twice. Or even better, start making your own food.
Never ever tip.

So many Cred Forumstards are neet, yet entitled.
It bothers them that decent people make money through the voluntary tipping process, while their lazy, anti-social asses aren't getting paid for sitting around all day, fapping and shitposting.
They're trying to recruit anti-American foreigners into their desperate, anti-tipping agenda.

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I don’t tip. I don't believe in tipping. I don't tip because society says I have to. Alright, I mean I’ll tip if somebody really deserves a tip. If they really put forth the effort, I’ll give them something extra. But this tipping automatically,
it’s… for the birds. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just doin' their job.
Tipping it’s the world’s smallest violin, playing just for the waitresses.

I'm mildly flattered you thought I was white

>Incentives to perform better make me uncomfortable. I'm comfortable in my mediocrity

You do. How do you not understand the concept? This thread is full of fucking cheap Jews who are too stingy to tip. If tipping didn’t exist, they would need to cover the cost of servers wages and everything would be expensive. This way, instead of paying for it in the food, you can dictate how much the service was worth and pay according to that. And if you can’t afford to tip, don’t fucking eat out. Same with delivery. Go pick it up. They are trying to provide you with a service, and only Jews take that for granted

What wood make her really deserve it? Taking you out back and sucking your dick?

Enjoy paying more for your food and lacking the freedom and responsibility to decide how much the service was worth


Only a dumb American (pleonasm I know) could get that from my post.

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what service? fucking bringing my food to me from the kitchen? thats like a 10 ft walk. big deal.


Trust me, I enjoy living in #1 Human Development Index country very much.

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>I mean I’ll tip if somebody really deserves a tip. If they really put forth the effort,
I've heard this before.
Not in real life.
IRL, I've never met a poorfag so willing to look down on another poorfag, but on Cred Forums, yeah.
So tell me what this is supposed to mean.
Unless you catch on fire, or there's a terrorist takeover of the restaurant, how is the wait staff ever going to have the chance to go above and beyond doing a normal, competent job?
Almost every waiter/waitress I've ever had does exactly what they should, gets everything right, does everything possible in relation to the job.
What kind of superhuman results could they possibly produce?
It's like if I asked you what 2+2 was. The very best you can do is answer "4". There just isn't a "better" answer that goes "above and beyond".

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If you go out for drinks in a bar or whatever and you have to pay immediatly for each and every drink. Do you tip on every single drink or only on your last one?

Enjoy paying more for your food and lacking the freedom and responsibility to decide how much the service was worth

This is such an American way of thinking.
>muh freedumb

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I had one run after me and tell me i “forgot” to tip- i told him he forgot to put in effort or something
Id fight my way out john wich style damn chinks

I'm generally an insufferable asshole, so that servers and waitresses will return the favor, and then I tip 100% always to confuse them, because I actually love other people, but I love fucking with them way more.

ive also noticed just about every fucking receipt has a tip line on it. why?

I'm a waiter.
Here's what I say as far as everything goes:
1. Be nice to me.
2. Tip something.
Working with the general public blows, some people are assholes and others are strange. Tip something, but don't just not tip. 20% is great, but I'll take what I can get.
Just don't be mean man.
Lastly, if your service is just SO BAD that you don't think you should tip at all, go talk to a manager so the problem can be fixed.

Also, if you need something, or just don't like your food, or feel something was left off, just tell your waiter. 99% of the time most people would totally fix whatever you want, and just want you to be happy. If you don't say shit no one knows why you're upset.

If you have no intention of tipping, don't go out to eat at a restaurant where you are served. Cook at home, or go to a drive thru. It's that simple. The tip you leave is not all for your server. The server tips out the kitchen help, and the bartender if there is a bar. If your too lazy to cook for yourself, and someone else is catering to you, be prepared to tip. If you just go to a bar, and you order 2 or 3 rounds of drinks - you better tip your bartender. If not, next time you sit at that bar, good luck getting a drink. And if you do get a drink, other than beer or wine, the amount of liquor in your drink will depend on your tipping habits. Tip good=good strong drink. No tip=weak ass drink.

See this is the problem. If I go to a restaurant it's because I want convenience. I hate waiters pretending to be nice to me and expecting something for it. I want to eat in peace and leave, not have to deal with giving you a handout and calculating your worth. Get off drugs and go get a real job you panhandler.

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I love how you server cucks use this line like the employer doesnt make the difference if the tips don't I tip but if i ever heard my server say this they would get a penny. The work i do also gets me tips sometimes but I show gratitude for it not expect it

0% because I live in beautiful Australia and waiters are paid a proper wage by the employer

Be mad amerifags

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You're just a lazy fuck who expects other people to wait on you for nothing. you are exactly what is wrong withthe world. Kill yourself. the world doesn't need people who want handouts for free. You want someone to serve you, it is not free.

Then why not just do fast food or take out? That's really the only appeal of sitting down at a restaurant.

>[...] user had to laugh a little, and immediately afterwards, he was mauled to death by a dingo

Tips are fucking stupid yet Americunts will act like they have a good economy

This right here
>i’m a server and try to give the best server
>never expect a tip so i’m never disappointed

That has to be a lie. $3/hr is third world shit.

I don't want someone to wait on me. Why do you think fast casual restaurants are beating out traditional sit down ones? You will be among the first to be replaced by automation.

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Your just too stupid to realize that you are still paying a "tip" in the price of your meal. If your meal cost $10aus. it would only cost $7aus if you tipped instead. So, while you don't think your are "tipping". you actually are paying the server, not the business.

Why do they expect a higher tip when they bring you a steak verses a chef salad??

Are you literally retarded? For example I go to the bar and get myself some beers and snack, I wanna sit in peace, listen to the music and drink my beer, and I don't want some stupid low life whore to disturb me every 5 minutes with her fake interest and smile, and then I don't want to pay her extra money for this. Fuck them all.
If you go to an expensive luxury gay restaurant where you need those whores to refill your fag wine every 5 minutes and clean your ass then maybe you should tip, but in a regular cafe-bar tipping is an absurd.

It is a lie. I waited tables for a couple of years and the employer must make up the difference. Most servers know they get at least $10 an hour. Still shitty which is why I left.
Most servers wont tell you is that they are the laziest and most entitled employees in the entire establishment. Some are great and genuinely work hard, but a majority are bitchy females working for blow money.

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Shut the fuck up you faggot. Not even him and this fucked me off. You are paying for your food. If that isn't paying for the employees wages, how the fuck does that have anything to do with you? He's lazy? Look at the cunt OP posted, expecting shit for nothing. Waiting is nothing. Not being a cunt and earning your tip is nothing, it's just basic decency. >inb4 tipping is basic decency
It's not, it's extended empathy from people who would rather take a cock from the system than question it.

Arent the servers the ones that are literally expecting handouts for free?

Thats not a question btw

You're trying so hard to be edgy that it makes you look kind of sad man

Blame capitalism and employers, not customers.


which is literally how it should be
as user said, I go to a restaurant to eat, not to do maths, I am well willing to pay a previously agreed on price to my server in order to keep them alive and well, but don't blame me for not gifting you money for no reason, shotgun your shithead manager in the balls if you want a higher wage

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Are you saying an honor system where a waiter might or might not get paid is better than direct payment from the employer is better? Surely the great Americans can figure this one out

oh boy, this post again

literally every single person thats not american realizes this.

literally, every. single. one.

Also you're replying to your own messages. I'm OP and I didn't respond by saying that

i don't tip
tipping is not mandatory
if your waiter/waitress doesn't like it, they can pound sand

Literally every decent restaurant's servers do very well here in Toronto because idiots tip like crazy thinking that servers make so little. Literally three server friends that each make over 45k a year working 30hours a week. I'm onto your little game.

based as fuck

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That's not how it works you stupid cunt. Our system isn't objectively broken like murica. Our tax isn't added onto the price after the fact. We will never in any situation be expected to tip. If a meal costs 10, it costs 10. GST isn't a tip, you stupid stupid stupid cunt

What are you talking about

This. You should hear them cry during a slow shift. 'OMG I ONLY MADE $75 DOLLARS DURING A FOUR HOUR SHIFT HOW WILL I BUY DRUGS NOW??!?"
They act so self righteous when a beaner cook in the back doing the actual work is making less than $15 an hour.

>45k a year
>so well
Fucking Canada

imagine tipping, amerifags are seething

lmfao this bitch gotta be joking right? that $16 tip just paid for two hours of her wages and took jack shit for effort.

Had some literal crippled retard and his fat fuck gf come in and rack up a $80 bill. No tip. Followed that retard out and stared him and his beached whale down. Never saw em again. But anyway, start with a base of %10 and add depending on the service. A %20 tip is what we strive for. And don't blame us for how the food tastes, that's all on the mexican cook in the back who doesn't speak English.

if they dont make minimum wage on tips the employer covers the difference.
This was meant to keep cost of food lower and servers usually benefit more from this.
More recently they have been getting cheaper (no free meal on every shift) and raising food prices
So there is major fuckery going on
Source: worked in a well known restaurant in cali and friend still works there

Found the nigger

then what is your tip for if not the food? literally for being an annoyance?

Depends on the state. California is minimum wage PLUS tips. Most waiters here in la make 40k+. Good ones make 60k. My brother was a waiter in Vegas and made 60. So yeah, if you are visiting bumblefuck redneck states, those waiters don't make piss. In actual cities, it is literally the best job you can get with no experience.

he said he's going to visit america you dumb faggot
how is he gonna visit america if he lives near kc?

hes american bro chill

Calls patron crippled and his wife a fat fuck while expecting him to pay for the courtesy of walking food to his table. Clear the bong smoke from your head and realize how stupid you sound.

Fuck your mother you stupid fucking shit. Next time I'll beat the shit out of another motherfucking faggot service boy. I don't tip and fuck you. I pay only for the food, not for you to disturb me every time, you little shit.

I tip a single dollar everywhere I go, nothing more, nothing less

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You're retarded. I'm a server and we have always had a base pay of $2.17/hr. You make your living from your tips.

Would love to see it, faggot. I'm not scared of 300 pound dusty faggot.

And you fail at reading comprehension probably bc you spend all your tips on weed. If you fail to make min wage by law your employer must make up the difference. If you are an exception it is bc your manager knows how retarded you are.

OP unless poor tip 20% to a server at sit down places, nothing for typical register or person to person interaction.

Every state has their own minimum wage. how are you all so fucking dumb.

Tell me where you live faggot, I'll fucking kill you.

I'm in Cali. Where the fuck are you?

Quit living the degenerate life of barley surviving by the means of tips, almost strictly.

If you go broke its only your fault for wasting your time in a shit show work place as a server

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How about using that energy to learn a real trade so you wont have to beg for shekels anymore.

WA 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW fucking faggot im here waiting for u bich

You tip after you eat your meal.

The only appropriate tip is a slap on her ass and saying, 'Thanks, Toots!'. Women love that.

I also want to add that the hot women make almost 150 per shift and normal women and men make about 100 (in California)
They make minimum wage plus tips and are even more douchey while being drug addicts(like i said i worked with them) or just straight up bad people
My friends gf said that someone wanted her to take her shift and she offered to do it if the girl took one of hers. She said no and literally did not understand why my friends gf did not want to take her shift. There is a high turnover rate because of the criminals and people who get into fights during their shift in front of customers. Basically you work a server job for 1-2 years while in school/apprenticeship then leave as soon as you get your diploma/job. Anyone who is a server for longer has no skills or is a lazy piece of shit(of course there are the really poor who have to deal with the job in order to not be homeless)

In cali also, face fucking your moms whore mouth

Am I supposed to feel sorry for the retards who work a shitty job willingly? Get fucked.
t. Security guard

found the server nigger

If you tip 10 to 15% no one will ever complain. For pizza delivery drivers it should be no more then $5 regardless of how much money you spend otherwise the same 10% rule applies if they're really slow and late don't tip them shit except for whatever change left off the bills. and if you are in a restaurant in the service is really shity the best tip that you could possibly leave his to pull out you're in kapan and right here is a tip next time give us better service and you might get money on a napkin and lay it on top of your dirty plate when you leave.

Found the racist cracker

yes, i will complain

nigger confirmation

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Only in America could a business owner sell you something and then guilt trip you into paying part of their staffs wages and get away with it

You know what you piece of sh-

Oh wait...haha...I forgot im white ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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weird how the managers and servers obviously want you to feel sorry for them so the managers can pay less salary and the waiters can make more money, but how they managed to indoctrinate the entire american population to also believe in fucking themselves over being the best solution..

I mean, americans are stupid but cmon bruhs

Back to plebbit newfag

Fuck Erica.
- What she should be saying to herself is "My employer should value me and pay me more because it isn't the customer's fault that I have no degree or a useless one in which I cannot find work, so I'm waitressing and bitching about my poor life decisions."
- She would equally hate an office job, but at least it would pay a lot better (or at all, and consistently).
- In America you ARE expected to tip 20% almost ALWAYS. Even if you ordered 20€ of food for 2 people and the wait staff was not annoyingly clingy and hovering like they typically are 85% of the time. You're a piece of shit if you don't pay for their poor life/career choices. Real classy, Murica.

found the racist nigger
im not white btw im mexican.
How is it my people can enter the us illegally, sell fruit and flowers at interspections and still make enough money to take care of their kids when your whole family cant even support themselves.

Fuck off beaner.

fuck them
carrying food for 10 seconds isnt work deserving of my money outside of what you agreed to not be paid by your boss because youre a gamma cuck

muh slavery hurr whites should pay us money hurr fuck whites nigger lives matter wakanda kangz dindu

holy fk ppl, yes we were 12 at some point too and its a hard time but wtf

#wrongthread but #true

>Damn Homes, I've really been drinking too much and I should really make more time to spend with my son, they grow up way too fast mang. Anyway you want some oranges foo?

I hear Australia is pretty hot this time of year.

Be mad kangaroo fucker.

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>that feeling when auto correct makes you look like an idiot

oh you did a fine job of that yourself dont worry

I mean, we actually tip because we can afford to. Most eurofags and 3rd world spics and niggers are too cheap or broke- or are spics and niggers.
No need to get upset that we're actually willing to give away our vast amounts of money without hesitation, when you're all scrounging for cents like a couple of kikes.

shut up faggot

Also, please never mention your race again. You're making the rest of us look bad, Paco. Go back to selling your manzanas on the street.


I pay for food, tip for service. Of ipm standing up to order, pay, and get a tray, 0 service 0 tip.

15% is average, go above and beyond I tip more, suck and I tip less. Irritate me and I just tip whatever it takes to round out my bill. It's more insulting imo than leaving 0. And one person was so bad I got her fired. And one so good good he got $150 on a $300 meal.


Screw tipping waitstaff. They’re only one aspect of the dining experience.

If anyone should get tipped, it should be the cook/chef who made your meal or the fucking dishwasher. These guys are the hardest working sons of bitches in the service industry.

If waiters wanted to do better they wouldn't be waiters, now bring me my order faggot.

Imagine being the tipless virgin when you can be the fucking Chad who tips well and gets the girls number.

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shut your nigger mouth im surprised that they have wifi in jails

Shut-up chancho I'm not selling apples like your family does. I work with Disney selling you all the bullshit you are too lazy to torrent

Just don't be a pissy customer and nobody will spit in your food.

Tip only when absolutely deserved, no set amount. Certainly didn't tip in America, it was the worst standard of service I've experienced to date.


Where I live waiters make enoight money without any tip, so it's not considered rude not to give tip

Dont know how they do it in Yemen but we pay/tip at the end.

Shut up server, do your your work like your are paid off to fucking do, if you want charity go dance on the street or something. You are not entitled to others' money


Why is it my responsibility to pay a company's wages for their employees?


Anything else is disingenuous and unfair to both the employee as well as the customer. Imagine every employer in the world would just slice off a chunk of their prices, and once you got what you wanted and are about to pay, all the employees come out whining that the employer has removed their salary from your price, and that you should pay that now or you're a bad person.

No other business owner could get away with this shit.

Get a better job then, slave. Bums make more than that by laying on the street.

lol... you can tip based on the service you receive or you can not do that and pay more for the food. Either way, if you want the product (food and service) you are going to need to pay a price that reflects the input costs and a nominal profit.

While we are on the subject... you should try going to a restaurant in Germany where tipping is unusual and see what the service is like.

depends on the country.
e.g. in germany if you don't tip in a restaurant that's very offensive.
in sweden not at all

20% tip if you're female, 5% for men.
I only tip white people.

Go home Mr. Pink.

i only tip to cute girls

>Coping this fucking hard
Only poor people are shit with money to the point where they willingly pay more for a shitty service, what a dumb rat you are.

If I wanted to pay for sex I'd hire a hooker, thinking that you'll get any pussy for tipping a lot is like thinking your favorite camwhore loves you for being his top donor.

And who decided on that wage? That's your employers fault, not the customer's, and that's also your fault for accepting it. You wouldn't accept this shit in any other line of work.
Nor would you, as a customer, accept that you get much lower prices on the outside, even though you're totally going to end up paying a much higher amount, or you get shamed.

Your shit employer is completely fucking you over, as well as all his customers. And now, we are fighting it out against each other, even though we're both victims of a braindead system.

Pay more than $5 for your meal, then, cheap fuck.

>thinking that you'll get any pussy for tipping a lot is like thinking your favorite camwhore loves you for being his top donor

Have done this shit for years. I can see you just have a shit personality, and Ill assume your looks match. Tipping leaves an impression, and if you leave no impression, she form an impression that you are a cheap cuck,

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You don't have to tip.
Don't do it if you don't want to, especially don't do it if you know you've not going back

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They want to give Bernie money because he’ll cancel their college debt, and they can’t do it if you don’t tip them you bigot :/

found the based chad


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>Tipping leaves an impression
Yeah, in my wallet you fuckhead.

Find a better job then, if 15% of $50 is too much for you. Ultimately this thread has two types of people,

The people who tip and enjoy the company of others.

And those who mask themselves being cheap wagecucks, by claiming they aren't going by societal norms

I can guarantee that anyone posting in this thread that "doesn't tip" just means they live with their parents, and mommy and daddy has it cover. If that inst the case, prove me wrong.

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I live in Germany. It's kind of up to every person how much is a normal tip, and whether the waiter has to be especially nice to deserve any tip at all.
But for most people, it's definitely usual to tip unless the service is genuinely bad. Everyone I know does it.

As for the service being worse than in the US, I can't speak for that. Germans are generally less friendly than most other people, and I live in a part of Germany that is well known to be even worse. But the waiters I had were usually ok and some were really good. Tips are still a motivator for them.
It's just that their motivation to work extra hard is getting extra cash, not being able to pay rent. That's what their regular wage is for.

Tipping is fucking retarded, the fucker is already being paid, the greedy bastard does not deserve more money.


>How much do you tip Cred Forums?
A dollar if the service is above and beyond.
>And is it mandatory?
Absolutely not.
>Will they spit in my food if I don't tip?
Only if you visit the same place twice. You tip when you get the bill.

People who tip are the reason servers don't make minimum wage. Not the other way around.

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I always tip unless they're the "plus tip" kind of person. Usually just whatever change I have no matter how much it is, since I don't use cash much. Once gave like 56 cents to a waiter and also like $10 to a fast food employee for a $2 soda.

I've heard stories of waitresses running after people and throwing change in their face. If you're going to tip at all (and you shouldn't unless the service was superb), change probably isn't a good way to do it.

You dont have to tip anything, nothing will happen to you.

The server is being paid dude, so unless the server was super great then no

I don't tip because I know this is exactly how people behave, no matter how much money you give them it's never enough.
Just sell your tits online, whore


Dude you just wipe the ketchup and drag the glass to the edge of the table so it dumps off into the bin, this is literally less of a problem than a legit pile of half eaten food. You gotta be retarded.

>Germans are generally less friendly than most other people, and I live in a part of Germany that is well known to be even worse.
Berlin oder was?

I went to Germany once. Most of the people I met were Muslims.

go to erfurt, a city that is still white!

Schwaben und für eine Weile Augsburg

weiß nicht obs noch schlimmer als augsburg geht.

Tipping is the don't spit in my food tax, if you're just visiting who gives a shit

komm mal nach münchen zum hauptbahnhof oder stachus.. 50% neger und araber :D
frankfurt soll noch schlimmer sein hab ich gehört

Damn, with a 5% muslim population you must be the unluckiest person on the planet


>you must be the unluckiest person on the planet
Checks out.

Yes sure thing I will always give a guy 100 dollars every time I check in a Hotel.
And another 40 dollars a day for the woman that put a new sheet in the bed.


If you aren't happy with your income find a new job... Don't whine about not getting gibs doing a job you agreed to do for a certain wage...

They also forgot to refill your water and took 20 minutes to bring the check. For that they deserve at least 20 percent

It depends entirely on the quality of the service.

>Tip increases 2% when staff write thank you on bill
Also never tip on anything at a funeral they price gouge the living fuck out of everything.

servers do not want tip culture to change. the current system has them making more per hour than a fixed wage would

20 dollars for fast food workers? That's insane!