Feburary 6, 2020

Feburary 6, 2020

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... and still a lying asshole...

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I see. but what does this have to do with Donald Trump?

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Forever stay mad kid

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MFW you wake up still president and made Pelosi cry

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I'm not mad, just amused.
Not living in his banana republic...

The right can’t think.

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don't care, don't have to live in a country that celebrates stupidity or wilfully ignores blatant corruption of high offices of power.

What shit country did you live in ?...please dont respond with some eurotrash garbage location ..

Back up in your ass with the resurrection
Is the group harder than an erection
That shows more affection
They wanna ban us on Capitol Hill
Cause its die muthafuckas, die muthafuckas still.

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Are you a rapper? Because you have got some dope lyrics ,my "nigga"

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ok... i won't


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>got impeached
It's a stain on his presidency and he will go down in history as a terrible president, just like the others. Even Nixon, who left before he could be tried for infraction, Is immediately associated with corruption and incompetence.
So many republicans ditched Trump after his broken promises in his first two years. I'm hard pressed to find anyone who wants to vote for him other than children that want to post memes on image boards to piss people off.
Give it time. We'll get another, Democrat or Republican.

Clinton was impeached too, was that a great stain on his legacy too? not really.

if the articles of impeachment against Trump had both sides voting for it, instead of it being completely partisan, with the only reason it passed in the house is just that the dems had more seats than the republicans, then it would have been significant.

the Dems wanted to drag this out for as long as possible just to gum up Trump for as long as they could to interfere with the next election.

they didn't have a chance in hell of conviction.

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STILL an asshole.
STILL corrupt
STILL a liar
STILL a traitor
STILL a stupid, fat old man

the nigger king


>when your magic golden slot machine doesnt pay out when you want it to.

Still can't win without cheating.

> Guy supposedly made this to "criticize" trump.
In hindsight it's not at all surprising. Democrat (or whatever the italian equivalent is) incompetence has been a theme since 2014. It was still noteworthy though. And funny.

fight me

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