Jew here

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Why are your people trying exterminate white people?

It had to be done.

>dead jew is good jew
why you not a good jew?

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Why do you speak enchanting table

We dress like penguins, therfore all non avians must perish

So we could communicate in secret in abroad

How long and curved is your nose? And do you worry about developing a deviated septum? Thanks.

What/who do you plan on summoning after all the copper-colored coins have been collected?

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What do u think of this dashing lad? I heard that he was a renowned doctor

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Well actually not that big, diseases related to our noses aren't an issue
Tho fun fact, big noses were invented in ww2 to hide our shekels in them

All we be answered in due time my son.

I heard he was dead

Died of natural causes. How does that make u feel jüden?

are you a jew or a kiklett?
if you believe in judaism, you're a kiklett
if you don't believe in god, you're jewish
coming from a jew.
אלוהים לא קיים.

are you a jew?

kys scum

If you are a true kike, do you really believe 6 million died in the so-called "holocaust"

meant for

Idk how u Jews can bear being on Cred Forums
I mean y’all literally have a serial number on each post

I don't believe in God, I find any religion incredibly ridiculous and think it started from people wanting to control other, weak minded people

Do you love Trump as much as other Jews?

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Again I am reminded why Hitler did nothing wrong

I strongly believe the numbers are exaggerated, tho I still believe it happened

oy vey, shekels, kike.

so you're not a sheeple, nice to know there's other logical jews around here, its a scarce resource here in Israel

>I mean y’all literally have a serial number on each post
kek, nice

hating most jews helps

I find their relationship incredibly fabricated

hitler did do something wrong, he didn't finish the job.

Well it didn't happen! They used Zyklon B to stop the spread of Typhus and lice! And those who did die, died from Typhus and lack of food due to the supply lines being cut off!

>I mean ya'll literally have a serial number on each post

I sadly agree user
It's a tough reality

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שמח לדעת שאתה חושב אותו דבר, בקר בפורום אתאיזם
ב fxp
יש שמה מלא אנשים שתומכים בך

לצערי אני איבדתי את התקווה בישראל כבר לפני מלא זמן, המדינה מנוהלת על ידי יהודונים שמנוהלים על ידי דת ובסוף היום הם דופקים את כולם למען הפינגוינים


In my experience, most jews you'll see here are open minded people who geniuenly believe in things other than believing in some God, praying 'n shit
I for one find how people see us extremely funny

תאמת, וואלה אעשה את זה
לא ביקרתי בfxp
מאז שחיפשתי את הקוד לליטל פייטר 2 בגיל 10

חחחחחחחח, אשמח לראות אותך אחי, voice of reason, אתה תראה אותי מדי פעם, חוץ מאתאיזם אני בטוח שיש שמה עוד קטגוריות שתאהב

Can you make good knish?

never made knish, so no