Wake up

>wake up
>see this
wat do?

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Eat breakfast pussy


Go straight for the butthole.

save the pic

call the fucking cops

Tell her I don't fuck post op tranners.

Watch Toriko and you'll get it


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i check em

and have breakfast in bed

What the fuck is that?

Got any feet pics?

Just ignore him. He's a retarded weeb.

I'd pull that pussy down onto my face so quick it'd make her head spin!

>Wake up
>See some psycho bitch has broken into my house
>Waving her thotty pussy in front of my face
>Oh not today bitch
>Grab my M1 Garand and affix bayonet
>Put three bullets into her chest before charging and impaling the bitch on ten inches of pure American steel
>Scream with the blood of my forefathers in protection of my purity in the grace of God
>She's still fighting me
>The blood of the vixen is strong
>Either that or the methamphetamine
>Engage in CQC while chanting Psalm 23:4
>Impale her with a bladed cross
>The bitch lays slain
>Purify her corpse via flame
>Place my fifth mark on the bed side and return to slumber

I fear that one day they will take me, but not on this day.

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A true warrior


wake up again before I even manage to open my mouth in this dream

lyra fae

I think you'll find not only is she a real female, but she has the most perfect pussy ever

have a fish taco for breakfast!

Wheres her penis

disinfect it


Deus Vult

Same thing I did when my cousin did this to me. Eat her out.

Die from a heart attack.

Wonder where the dik went.