Hi Cred Forums I need help...

Hi Cred Forums I need help. My girlfriend and I haven’t had sex in like a month and she says she needs to go see a sex therapist because she feels weird about her sexuality. I am craving some pussy and have been wondering wether to cheat on her or not. I am a text away to two exes that would respond in a flash. What do you think ?

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Hey man, sometimes you gotta get laid to stay safe, but fucking your exes is just begging to get caught

dont do it...if you wanna cheat...break up with her...
i was in a similar situation up until last year..sex maybe once3 a month and even then it was a quickie with no foreplay..ran through my head all the time to just cheat..even just a bj..but you dont wanna be that guy man..either suck it up and just fap more..or break up..

or...heres a crazy thought..
be honest with your gf and tell her you need a release!

second this
dont go to your exes, its a far larger risk than you may think

Just see a hooker. Much less messy than having an affair with an ex. Go to an Asian massage parlor in your town. You can use rubmaps advanced search to see if they do full service.

So what should I do?

1) If you ask us and yourself the question wheter to cheat or not then you have remorse or at least feelings for her and don't want to bretray her

2) can you tell how it started and what was the trigger

3)feeling weird about her sexuality may be meaning that she's a closeted dyke and you'll maybe have a threesome soon to "help" her discover this part of her life so stick around and dont mess up

4) you tried massage and eating her out ?

prostitute/hooker/call girl
whatever happens leaves no trail. Its just client and service. Just dont be dumb and take care not to show whats happening. Dont keep messages/texts/calls and delete everything.

Yeah I don’t want to be that guy because I love her. But it’s been getting to me and I have been distant because of it.

do it pussy

that is the most jewish cinematography ive seen in a while

yeah i know..i was the samne....just talk to her...i did with my ex..say that once a month just isnt enough...its not just the sex..its the closeness and intimacy you get from having sex as well
i talked about it and things got better for a while...then they started going back again and we have the talk again..
after the 3rd having the talk i gave up and i was basically counting dowen the days till we broke up...but i was too piussy to do it..wasted alot of money and time when i should've gotten out

be warned

the last year ive been single has been the best year of my life!

We are moved in together and are soon going on a trip together. I don’t want to leave her I’ll tough it out

got a kik bro ?

Yes. She's probably gay or something. Just cheat and leave.

you gotta know if you can live with yourself after or not. If youll be guilty and feel like shit, then you probably shouldn't. But if you can find some random girl, never get caught, and maintain a clean state of mind after, then go for it.

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thats no excuse man...thats what i kept saying...it was easier to just live like that...it can be daunting but in the long run..youre better off just talking about it or breaking up...the trip is the perfect time...girls normally get a bit hornier on holiday..
one night just start asking her about her fantasies..she might wanna live one of them out while youre away...where nobody knows her..

I was banging escorts for years until I messed up with a misplaced text. I convinced her it was only me being curious/stupid. That was 5 years ago and she still gives me the gears about it when she's losing a fight.
>I miss my escorts

Try recreating intimacy to show her you're not here just for sex. Talk with her about her thinking and stuff.
Shot one in the sink and be patient

>haven't had sex in like a month
>craving some pussy
>willing to cheat
Boo fucking hoo. Just break up with her if it bothers you that badly. Higher chance for other forever alone anons to finally get a relationship.

Do it bro. Monogamy is a device of pseudo Christian Right-wing evangelical hypocrites. You’re not married so you don’t owe the confused-about-her sexuality cunt anything.


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Leave her and start fresh, she fallow soil now.