Rekt thread go go go

rekt thread go go go

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Thread of the year OP.. absolutely amazing first contribution..

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I'll dump but that is a poor as fuck start.

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> ISIS making dinner

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Sup g?

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Is he ok?

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Couple of pain killers and he will be golden.

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Wait. What happened to Mr. Clean?

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oh fuck. nothing fucks with me more than exposed leg bones. god, that's so uncomfortable to look at

feel you


> Imagine hers.

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God damn negros go back to africa!

Fake and gay doesn't even look like blood

Old guy lost an eye to the negro.

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anyone have the context?

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He'll have to talk to HR first before he can even think of suing

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How? What?

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the fuck happened


van of peace

France, truck rampage.

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France I think, someone ran over a festival or something

it wouldn't surprise me if that old man was being a cunt

old people think they can be rude and have no repercussions because they're old

oh so that shit happened in my own country... awesome, even more thrilling

And because people are rude we should assault them?

no, take the more civilized route and spit in their food

Anyway, you shouldn't beat old people just because they're assholes

Is this a niggers train of thought?


you absolutely should

fuck old people

it was sarcasm buddy

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How old are you? 15? lol

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wtf kind of comment is that? you on adderall or what?

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you're the one saying beating old people is right, wtf?

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gets me every time

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Fun with G-Mod Episode 1

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pussy wrekt

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It's worst than africa, it's Haiti mah dude.

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congrats you're now prosecuted by the law

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Iirc a muslim terrorist drove a truck through a crowd of people watching a fireworks presentation on the waterfront. Nobody saw it coming because they were all watching the fireworks and not the road.

Got that one wrong, cheers for the info.

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What do you mean

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Niggers gonna nig

This is fake. The cat liquefied way too quickly. I blend cats up all the time. I have a high powered blender and even that takes a long ass time to make them that soupy.

that dude in the middle seated has some damn good reflexes.

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Goddamn, that makes me kinda sad.

Fun fact this dude actually lived and had no serious issues or complications from being hit repeatedly in thd head with a fucking hammer.

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fixing that machine will cost a shit ton

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what a nigger zoo to have all of those animals crammed into the same confinement.

motorcyclists need to be purged, in my country they're trash.

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better with sound

You're either an edgy faggot or a piece of shit

Did he make it?

helmet didnt so shit, it flew off before the girl hit her head on the street

i do enjoy this webm but im curious as to why he was just sitting there braking in the middle of the bike race path

Rekt- with love.

raped someone i believe

What happened to Johnny Sinns?

I was gonna post that

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Nice shot

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but he has a point, cat liquefied too fast

Sorry bro.

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Police car crashed as he was trying his elite tricks and he got ejected james bond style

yes actually

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Fuck that nigger and fuck you, nigger

holy kek, saved for my ylyl folder

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You should fucking die for posting this vile shit. I can't fucking believe it. So brutal. So unspeakable. Fuck you. My day is ruined you miserable fuck.

Nigga just looks at him and keeps on driving lmao I'm goin to help for laughing at this

now he's a potato

reppin that DJ Mustard

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I have a twisted sense of smell

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fuck you i was expecting hella bite and got nothing

Posting gore-tex in rekt thread

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Fuck you
You ruined the clip for anyone who reads your non post

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pretty much, but at least he got to watch that sheboon go to jail for 10 years for doing that to him

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Drowning Pool - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Plenty has been posted.

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You sick fuck

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tfw you fart to stop the police from arresting you.

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imagine aliens looking at this and saying...."4000 years, nothing has change with this fucking monkeys, they are not ready for the hyper-drive "

Man, it must really suck being a nigger.

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ah they grow so fast

you can see this nigger dog is thinking about giving the guy a good nice bite in his face

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Do not fucking Steal... that should be standard punishment...

Also they guy did not even bother to pick up his fingers... lol TOP KEK

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fucking kek

Nigga ded

oof that's a massive infection risk, imagine he coughs pleghm into that area

where is the wall???

damn shame. if only someone taught him how to have manners AND mind his own business, he could still enjoy binoculars to this day.


Is this nigga an xmen?

of course the nigger did it

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Shit was clean though, gotta hand it to him

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Islam, at least they've got kebabs I guess.

Of course he did, what are you, retarded ?. Niggers WUZ KANGZ N' SHIEEET.
Also, nigger reported in the local health clinic and told the nurse : 'tis merely a flesh wound.

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Absolutely brilliant escape maneuver.

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Someone pls explain what the actual fuck is going on here

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What is Cred Forums even

shut. the fuck. up.

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kek, why do the retards get behind the vehicle? thats the only place it can go

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No fucking way I'm I clicking that shit.

What the fuck is that

His only crime was relaxing

rapist? where r the cops

This big is not a ylyl thread


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That’s a pretty vigorous humping he’s giving there.

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bro relax. its a girl with really strong legs

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based nigger

Absolutely fucking based, retards shouldn't have tried to block a car with their bodies.

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>darkness imprisoning me

the video was longer there's clips of the protestors harrsing the car, the courts didn't allow the longer clip

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>antenna installation.webm

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imagine if the girl lied about the rape

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Feet first though?

Lol guy closest to red box does a fucking backflip

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Looks gaked out

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The dumb motherfucker could ve used a tire iron to snash their heads in but he s a retard

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Man: Dig my sick moves.
Dog: Hold my beer.

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Instant orphan machine

Doc Ock... no!

Shut the fuck up you youtube faggot and go back to twitch and fageddit. Eat shit and die, nigger.

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Been looking for this one forever

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>listen to this one guys alright, so a tranny with an axe walks into a 7 Eleven

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i think it was the truck of peace.

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mad max ornament


Hey buddy, how's it hangin?

You monster!!!

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This, ladies and gentlemen is why niggers go to jail.

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Instant karma.

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yea right cuz that was such a genius move of you to just put a boring video, i'm sur everyone is pretty mad at me

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Can you imagine tripping next to that one black? How can they tell each other appart anyways?

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Cyclists never look where they are fucking going.

This one puts a smile on my face, I think its how his head bounces and changes shape after each rock. lol.

Fucking ubereats.

Dude seems happy

Nerve gas


Brokeback N.

Rekt where?

nice Split

It surprises no one that the majority of these videos of people doing fucked up shit are of "people of color." Yet they wonder why the world thinks of them as subhuman scum.

Fyi, being a cunt doesn't justify assualt you fucking stupid nigger.

What's teh story?


need context

u rekt my heart

his brain is swelling with blood innit

fake and gay

he's leaking nigger juice


did he die?

stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself...

fake and gay