Traps / sissies / femboys

Traps / sissies / femboys

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Kik: LunarStart I'm looking for a cute little sissy who is willing to be obedient for me. I am really looking to unload after days of edging. Don't be shy, message me cuties

Very hot

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Can you cum from just playing with ur butt?

It's time to switch that out with a real cock

Most anyone can with practice, patience, and the right toy

I've tried to but never have succeeded

I would love that. I haven't had a good dicking for a while

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Thats actually a chick OP.
@Bogworm on IG. If you have nudes. Do post

That juicy booty was made to take some hard cock action

Holy piss you fucking perfect


If any of you want my kik its blueduck42

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This thread is terrible.

Cute belly !!!!