Something happened to my wife and I don't know what to do

Something happened to my wife and I don't know what to do.

Backstory: We've been married 5 yrs now, together for 8 yrs. My wife is a type-A personality, always has been. She is hot even after 2 kids, she has her own business making more money than I ever will (I work in insurance and it's a dead-end job), she cooks, cleans, gives great head and is actually funny as hell. She's the kind of mom that really plays with our two boys, she gets involved in their lives and hand-sows their Halloween costumes. When we met we had nothing and built everything from scratch, she has been there for the hard times and I will forever respect her for that.

But as of late, something has happened to her. I saw a change in her behaviour last November, it started by her saying she was sick and asked me to sleep in our guest bedroom so as to not make me sick (mind you, in all 8 years of being together we have never ever slept apart, even when I had the flu). Then, she went on an overseas business trip (this is not unusual, she travels at least twice each month for work) but didn't give me the details (the hotel she's staying at, the time for her flights etc.) and I didn't hear from her for the entire week she was away, even though she usually facetimes me and the kids before bedtime.

She came home 2 days ago, supposedly landed after midnight, arrived and slept in the guest bedroom "so as not to wake me", and has been off working overtime since, so she is clearly avoiding me.

Give me some perspective here. Is she cheating on me? Or just wanting to leave me? How can I stop this from happening?

pic related is her on a skiing trip we took before all this shit started,

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Probably at least talking to and going out to dinner with a work buddy.
Who knows if they've had sex yet or not though.
You best be talking to your wife and expressing your concerns.

Why would she not sleep in the same bed with me just because she's going out to dinner with a work buddy? I thought about confronting her but she is avoiding me and if I try to reach her she just later responds that she is very busy.

She's probably texting said work buddy whilst in other bed.
Do you have her phone pin/lock code?

you cuck she's obviously fucking someone behind your back. She sounds like she's too good for you, since you are here asking us for advice.

Yeah, I plan on checking her phone the first chance I get. What do I do if she's texting someone else though?

She's cucking you user. Post her milky tits as revenge.

Lol it's pretty fucking obvious what's going on here. Don't lie to yourself 2/10 made me reply

Find out why.
Talk to her, dude.
You'll never know unless you talk to your /wife/.

Tell her you've noticed her acting weird, and question why she is doing it. Explain what you've said here, and especially that the kids were so sad they couldnt talk to her for that week. Have an audio recording app open on your phone. Get her to admit a ton of shit and play back the recording, then tell her youre going to a divorce lawyer.

Because she's texting whoever she is fucking behind your back idiot. Instead of wasting your time her just tell her your concerns.

Advice is something you ask for when you know the answer, but wish you didn’t

Avoiding a partner late into a relationship can be associated with guilt and shame. From what? Well cheating of course. That can also go hand in hand with less interest in you and more in something/someone else.

These are the early stages. It’s your move and if you don’t do something about it, there will be more damage dealt

Yup shes gonna die im sorry man looks like she has the corona virus RIP PERFECT 7/10 MILF.

If she finds out you were looking through her phone, she'll call you paranoid or overly concerned. If you do this and find any evidence try to coax it out of her before admitting you checked her phone, that way it'll seem like it was her who admitted to whatever she was doing.

The thing is, if I divorce her, she gets to keep the house, most of our real estate investments and as I've said she makes way more than I do so I am not sure I want to even deal with that, I would rather just work it out. Not sure how I can divorce her without all of the above happening

communicate, as soon as it seems like you care maybe she'll open up to you. this can occur if someone else is giving her attention. she's a human just like you, sometimes humans like attention from other humans its natural we're not made to be monogamous, it's up to you to keep the marriage alive, change things up. tell her you're willing to do different/new things.


I'm sorry for you, man. This sucks. I would tell her everything you wrote. Be strong, man. Good Luck.

I know, you're right, but I don't know what to do without her leaving/divorcing me.

How old are the kids? Divorce can be quite a detriment to their mental health

Nah, you get a good lawyer who will rake her through the coals for being an unfit parent: lying to husband and kids and giving her children no contact for a week while she flys off to have an affair? Lawyers would have a field day making sure you get half her assets, and full custody of the kids, and an alimony check. If shes slutting around you run her life into dust. One thing if you are unmarried with no kids. Because i dont give a fuck about you, but no one fucks with their kids like that. Bitch should rot in a rape dungeon.

She probably stopped existing once you got too stupid to believe in her and your fake family and imaginary perfect life.

That sounds like a good strategy. She wouldn't find out though, I've been checking her phone for years just out of precaution, she always told me her passcode and always leaves her phone when she leaves the room & stuff like that. I never found anything suspicious. I'm also sort of thinking about giving her the benefit of the doubt, idk, this is just so out of character for her.

Call a lawyer you pathetic sack of shit

look, you made a mistake. you made a mistake millions of men make every year.

you got married.

now your life sucks, or maybe you just started to realize it sucks, maybe you started noticing things. well, sorry, mate, too late.

you can either fuck her with heavy artillery and live with the fact you're a bastard, or get fucked by her, and live with the fact you're a looser. no other way to go.

source: I got divorced, 7 years ago. best decision in my life. I was a looser, now I'm a bastard, it doesn't matter to me anymore.

Not everyone is as weak as you, user.

jesus fucking christ, why are all you incels jumping to these crazy conclusions. if OP can't talk to his wife of 8 years about her acting shady then he doesn't deserve to be married in the first place, just talk to the goddamn woman and ask what is going on and what can you do to fix it. there are children that are involved, divorce is ugly and gets messy. think with your fucking head

Im thinking very clearly with my head. Shes being a fucking slut and and a bad parent. She deserves to be hated for life by her kids for putting a trip for dick above contact with her children. I would say the same about any guy.

100% agree, divorce is really tricky situation. The best solution is to try to avoid divorce.

I'm not sure that's how it works user. Just because she didn't facetime for a week while she was away doesn't make her an unfit parent. If she is cheating on me that would probably make it easier, but we have a prenup and she keeps everything she owned prior to our marriage, which are most of our assets. She's also known for being a really good parent, so I'm not sure I can prove otherwise in court. Would kill myself if I lost the children though.

WRONG. you're already wrong for THINKING that she is "being a fucking slut" this is why men are fucking stupid

Shes cheating? How is she not a slut? If a guy cheated on his wife of 8 years, youre telling me you wouldnt say he did anything are wrong?

2 and 4. I realise this. I don't want to divorce.


Is she still leaving her phone around? If you see any signs of her being more cautious with it something could be up

Record the evidence. Record any evidence you have of her being a bad person. If you get divorced you will want to do this for custody of the kids.

Fake and gay.

why isnt she wearing pants? its got to be -6 out

I know I have to eventually confront her. It's just very strange that this is happening since it's majorly out of character for her and she's got to know I will be concerned if she acts like this. We actually have a great relationship and communicate well, at least we used to.

1) assumptions will destroy both of you. you can't tell the future. you cannot possibly know what she's doing until you communicate with her.

2) talk to your wife, not Cred Forums. Cred Forums will convince you that she's cheating because she's not a male or white.

3) talk to your wife.

4) You can choose two routes when talking to her, blame or love. Blame will create fear and anger and you'll probably do or say something really dumb and hurt things even more.

I recommend choosing love. express your feelings. tell her what concerns you and why.

Thank you user for your kind words.

Ask for her phone and social media. You're not gonna stand there and take it, fucking cuck. Take Control. Take Control.

Yeah she’s probably cheating. That sucks man. But you should shore up your life with her. Sounds like you have a lot to lose financially if she pulls the plug. Or start hiding assets for your eventual dissolution.

Please don’t be this much of a fag OP

Best response in this entire damn thread

user, I was actually happy in my marriage, well up until now, at least. I never felt like a loser. I don't think that your way of thinking is correct, things are not that black and white and people can be happy in relationships.

All you retards immediately jump to cheating. It could be
>A mood disorder that's surfaced late in life
>Seasonal depression
>Existential crisis
Etc. Talk to her OP, ask her what is wrong, what she's feeling and why things are suddenly different.

She is not a bad parent. In 8 years, she has never once missed bedtime, she has always been there for our kids, even more so than me. That is not what this is about.

So you're name is nico and you're wife is Christina??

ah, the duality of man.

You’re probably clueless. Most guys miss all the initial indications of female dissatisfaction which opens the door to infidelity. It’s pretty much over by this time, doubt you can put this genie back in the bottle

She is avoiding me. Haven't seen her since she came home from her trip, she left for work before I woke up and came home after I was asleep.

based and thoughtful pilled

There is no evidence of her being a bad person though.

If she doesnt wanna talk about this, and you tried to reach out to her several times....

And I know how retarded this is...:
How about just showing her this thread?
It covers everything, from your perspective and thoughts, to the easiest shallow conclusions.

As a 17 year old boy, i cant give you any advice but seeing shit like this every day is making me scared shitless for the future. I feel like id just lose it if i had a perfect wife for 5 yrs with kids and shit and then she cheats on me. But idk maybe you werent enough for her (not justifying her bullshit) in wich case id like to learn from your mistakes

lol she's wearing yoga pants user.

wow, you really caught me off guard, didn't know guys like you exist on here. Thanks for the clarity bro. I will take your advice.

I can't just straight up ask her, but I'm gonna check her messages. She also doesn't have social media.

Dude, DONT DO IT, yet. First, talk to her, confront her about it. Just tell her that you noticed something is wrong lately and ask her what it is about.

Checking her phone behind her back is a dick move in case she isnt cheating on you.

DO NOT do this. This man is legally, certifiably retarded.


Just found out her ig page fagot

absolute cuck mentality

Hire a PI, gps track her car, find the truth. Talking won't do shit.

Underage dubs checked. Bitches be like that. Oh well

Yeah, I'm honestly hoping it's not cheating. Moslty because if she were cheating she would obviously want to hide it, so I don't think she's be acting this much out of character, she'd know I'd see that something's not right. There;s just hasn't been anything in her or our life, that I know of, that could have triggered this.

give sauce

Yeah, the ability of a human being to self-deceive is matched by nothing. The fact you never felt it doesn't mean you weren't. Happiness, the way you look at it, is a state of mind, so it's bound by emotions, not by rationale.

From what you've written, you're a weak male attached to a strong female. As such, IMVHO, you got what you deserved. Been there, did that.

This. Storm comes even before the first thunder.

bigsta . net/account/christinakreidl/

OP is a faggot, as usual.

user, I'm not showing her this thread, mostly because I don't want her to know I'm on b, obviously.

OP did you fall for the marrying a British woman meme? She could be cheating, cant say for sure. Best would be to get evidence without her knowing, is there a way for you to check phone without her knowing?

yet another sad roleplay ;(


I actually found it just before u sent it but thanks anyways. op youre a fucking retard for using an image already on the internet delete the thread before people message her

In Australia we have a thing called a broken heart law, essentially you can sue your partner and the other guy/girl for damages they have caused it’s not widely known but if you speak to a good lawyer they will help you out, I’m pretty sure America has the same kinda law, just can’t remember the name of it

user, these are things we deal with as adults, they are a normal part of life, relationships are not easy, but that doesn't mean you have to be scared. Please don't end of being an incel that hates women because they're all whore who cheat and ruin your life.

you can get banned for saying you're 17.

There's only like 3 of us on all of Cred Forums so we are definitely like unicorns or somethin'. I grew up here and escaped most of my pain through self reflection and study. I like to help where I can and give back to the community. I lost my partner of 5 years in a similar fashion, OP. just try to be understanding. try to be accepting of change, even if that change hurts a lot. your resistance to her trying to live her best life will say much to her, but if you let it happen, if you allow life to move as it will - you will both see much more peace.

Don't do what I did and blame and hurt and bathe in fear. You may lose her forever if you show those colors. I've been trying to apologize to her for 3 years but she will no allow me to speak to her and I must respect that

Don't be me

he did that just so that we'd do the Private Army thing, or just to rustle the jimmies.

well, at least it's not Andy Sixxx

That's really good advice user, like actually well-considered advice and yo call it "cuck mentality"?? I feel so bad for you lmao, your day to day life has got to be challenging thinking so negatively

>That's really good advice user, like actually well-considered advice and yo call it "cuck mentality"?? I feel so bad for you lmao, your day to day life has got to be challenging thinking so negatively

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thanks man. I'm sorry that you lost her. But keep on trying, eh? Maybe you'll get through to her and she'll see you've changed.

Looking for a cuck fantasy?

Bro I'm writing this as I'm in your shoes and I want to save this relationship with all my heart.

Talk to her and tell her how you feel. Be super honest with her with all your feelings and ask her the same. I'm sure you know her well enough to tell if she's lying or not, but obviously not talking to you for a week is a huge red flag.

Talk to her and don't do anything stupid unless she lies to you and you are still unsure about what's going on.

Thanks for the advice elder user, im not gonna become an incel, i just have little trust issues cause i was stupid enough to fall in love and enter a relationship with a slut...

Whoops did i type 17 my finger must have slipped i meant to say 18

But they are all whorse who try to ruin your life. That just part of being a woman. Just learn to deal with it.

Ah yes, Cred Forums buzzword #5 "Reddit"

firstly we decide if nigger is going to work, but it won't.
then, we decide if using schlomo or kike will work... no, doesn't seem so..
we must move on to dilate and tranny, but these will also not work for this situation...

... there's only one word left that the Cred Forumstard knows....

I'm gonna give her space for another year or so yet. I sexually assaulted her, she deserves the space she requested. I was not in a good place in those years, and I didn't not understand the seeds I was planting. I know she'll forgive me in time, and that's all I could ever hope for. it's hard to have hurt someone who changed your life more than any other. It's hard to have that pain sitting on our shoulders and not being able to express to her that I finally understand

ah, there will come soft rain
Honest mistake :)

OP is role playing, don't be sad

Sooooooo are you gonna check her phone right now or not?? im kinda waiting

How to Develop Manipulative Behaviors: Step 1

My god, what a bunch of fucking pussy ass faggots here. You know who goes through phones?
You know who is too chicken shit to confront people about shit?
You know who makes less money and has a lower social status than men?
You want to know why your wife is more than likely fucking someone behind your back? Cause youre a fucking woman.
How the fuck do you expect that dumb bitch to respect you when she's obviously higher up on the totem pole than you are? I bet you also tell her she's beautiful and that you love her on a fucking daily basis which just ends up in her looking at you like youre some weak punk ass housewife who isnt man enough to tell her to shut the fuck up when she yaps too much about nothing.
And I know for a goddamn fact that she aint hot shit because you had to give a whole disclosure out before getting to the fucking problem.
Holy christ, OP. i never met you and I already want to cheat on you with a gang of blacks.
You want to know what you do? Dont check her phone. Dont check shit. Dont tell her shit. You treat the whole situation like you dont give a fuck. You act like it doesnt matter, cause it shouldnt, if this dumb bitch ever comes out saying she cheated.
When she is out doing her shit, you take the kids and do your own. When she is home, you tell her that youre going out so she's gonna watch the kids. When she gets in bed you get right the fuck up and say youre going to go do some shit and you come to bed late. When she asks why you tell her because youre a grown fucking man and you dont need goddamn permission to do whatever you want to do.
Pick up a fucking hobby, you dead end loser. Work out. Do something to show that you are bettering yourself.
Shit, go hit up some bitches while youre at it cause when your dumb cunt of a wife smells other fish on you she'll start acting right.
My god, stop being such a fucking bitch.


But what will he find

> Seconded


Worth checking her phone as people above have pointed out.
If she's cheating, save any evidence, if not, you do not lose anything by being cautious.

Especially since she can't blame you for being suspicious considering her actions. You are completely justified in your actions since she is avoiding talking to you. Also since its so unusual.

If she's not cheating, just explain why you had suspicions.

I'm sad for you user.

Dont listen to this guy, he's either an underage faggot or a retard engaged in an abusive or soulless relation, if she finds out u spyed on her she's just gonna feel betrayed

if you assaulted her than you don't deserve to be forgiven. Leave her alone.

Cannot be determined from the information given. Don't be an idiot by asking Cred Forums for advice. Everyone here is a fucking retard. Take her with you to counseling if you have to.

dont listen to the fucking retard

thanks bro, I wish you luck!


you should probably be paying close attention here OP.

She is sleeping in another bed? You are obviously a cuck.

this is absolutely, positively the worse place to come for advice user.

Shes probably putting on a show for some big dicked guy from her phone and needs privacy.

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact

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If you love her you will do what is necessary. You know what I speak of. It's that thought in the back of your head. A itch that you don't want to acknowledge. But you know it to be true and undeniable. As your last show of true love you will kill yourself. God speed the next step is all light and energy. Do not fear the eternity that waits.

not even trying to shit on you here user, but just read your statement out loud. if you're concerned about her leaving you/growing distant, the reason is obvious. I'm married to eastern european chick who seems pretty similar to your wife, the difference in our relationship is that I'm also successful, have multiple interests, and work towards being the best version of myself. if you continue to be a blob of flesh that isn't capable of existing outside of the relationship, she won't feel challenged or inspired by you. best of luck dude, you can change and be the person she fell for once again.

Bro, you got 2 kids and some fun, looks like your turn just ended. Its more than some people will ever get.

As much as I respect my partners I tend to believe that a big part of this is required for a healthy relationship.

you can't respect your partner and tell them to shut the fuck up at the same time, user.

Not sure if this is real but just in case.

To the few people telling him to be "man".
The concept of real "man" was murdered by feminism like 80 years ago.

Now we're all equal and IF she has a problem with him earning less, she should man the fuck up.

I know what you mean, but it's not like I'm some deadbeat. I just settled in a cushy job while she risked everything by starting a business and it happened to be successful. She is a great person, but I have hobbies, friends, a life of my own. I just really don't want our lives to be disrupted, I don't want the kids to suffer, and I don't want to give up our relationship.

Agree, she would find him quite manly if the job market wasn't as saturated with women too.

Any woman -- ANY woman -- will take off if she finds a better deal. She's found one, but isn't ready to pull the trigger yet.
That's probably because shes taking steps to make sure she gets EVERYTHING in the divorce. Once she's got that arranged as best she can, you'll get the papers.

It sucks, but there you are.

user, she doesn't have a problem with me earning less. We both came for nothing and while she was building her business I was the breadwinner and supported her and she was grateful, she never made me feel bad about earning less, we have a joint account and share all expenses. The only thing is that she had some assets before getting married, and I signed a prenup that says she keeps everything she owned before the marriage, which is some real estate that we are also making money off of.

Shut the fuck up

Ok , quit wasting everyone’s time and talk to her you spineless fuck. Just repeat the shit you put in your original post. This is starting to look like

>>black guy trapped in a small town

she's not like that. I know this is what someone who is naive would say, but she is simply not.

>not thinking women are beautiful and telling them about it
>telling someone who you are in a serious relationship and care about to shut the fuck up
Fuck off chad no one believes your virgin bullshit. Either you are full of it, or you genuinely don’t like women and are bound to come out as a flamer sometime in the near future

Yeah and you also thought she wouldnt do all the shit she's doing now.
Stop being fucking stupid.

>I hate women

great post, user! very original!

Why do you care? If she gave birth to two kids she's not useful anymore anyway. Her pussy and body are permanently destroyed.

You''re wrong, but we all have to learn this the hard way.
At least take steps to protect yourself. Talk to a lawyer.

You have no power to grant or remove deserving from my life

Fuck me a sensible person on b

Post her nudes you worthless cuck

Idk she could be depressed, not happy, want a divorce or cheating. Good luck that sucks dude.

Yes, people get married for pussy...

You got a Kik or snapchat dude ?

Thats why i said IF.
You never know, its one of those things that some may keep up to themselfs, besides it could be ONE OF the reasons.

Not trying to give you paranoia tho. Just that a lot a "loving" couples were already ruined.
Stay calm and be open to all possibilities. Good or bad.

And the reason you are wrong is this: that feeling you have called 'love' has NO real analogue in the female of the species.

What she feels, and calls 'love', is far more conditional, far weaker and infinitely more subject to compromise.

DO NOT assume she feels, or has felt, or CAN feel toward you the way you feel toward her. She doesn't, and can't, any more than a dog can read Latin.

Make sure when you check her phone you close any shit you opened/ dont read shit she hasnt/ put the phone back on the screen/ ap it was on before you touched it. Going through her phone is the best option imo. If you express your concerns youre gonna look like a bitch. " i feel likeyoure being distant" bitch talk 100

You started by saying that "we started with nothing", and now you're saying we have a prenup because she brought most everything into the relationship.

I call BS.

>initial indications of female dissatisfaction
You got a List or a Book ?

Are you retarded? I'm trying to say she's probably not cheating cuz no one would go this low to get laid.

so whats in her phone?

This is like the opposite side of the spectrum lol im thinking that going through the phone is a better idea then acting like a total tool.

She is fucking someone Bro.

One of the most beautiful perks of working with women is that eventually you get to fuck them. I have fucked 5 of my coworkers and fingered another 3.

Not a Chad, women are wores.

Brit (an anglo) women are this slutty ?

We ere together for 3 years before getting married. When I met her she was just starting her business. During those 3 years she made a decent amount of money and bought some property, we also bought a flat together, and built a house on land owned by her with her money, before we got married.

Alright, let me explain how this works for the people who are just getting so heated at the thought of anyone possibly telling a loved one to shut the fuck up why it's important to have the attitude and the bone to tell them to shut the fuck up.

Do you know what a husband is to a woman? A second father figure.
Women are fucking absolutely goofy when it comes to anything "important" in life. Dont believe me? Turn on the tv. They are just fucking stupid because they do stupid ass girl shit. All. The. Time.
Women need guidance. Without it they end up running around in circles doing shit that they later cry to their friends saying "Waaaah what is this all about???? Waaaaaaah"
Your bitch, any bitch, wants a man, A MAN, that they can blink slow at. They want someone that they can submit to and relinquish all control to them but they want someone that wont abuse that power. Not just that but they want someone that will take that power and steer them into a secure, stable, and strong direction for their future.
You are supposed to be a captain. Your life is your ship. This bitch you picked up is on your ship. But you know where you went wrong? You let this dumb ho take control of your ship and let her fucking set course for an iceberg.
Whats that? You and the other sissy boys here dont think so? Then tell me why she's currently sabotaging it by going out late, acting shady, keeping you in the dark, and making you feel like ass about the relationship? And on top of that, that smart bitch had you sign a prenup.
Look at you. Sales? Dead end job? Stay at home dad for the most part while she's out gallivanting with whoever? On a fucking image board full of morons asking for advice? Nigga I bet you even have a fucking gut hanging off.
Why, tell me why, would she have ANY respect for you when you dont even have the BALLS to tell her, to her stupid cunt face, what the fuck is going on?

Havent went through all the replies, but I've got a really good idea. Wanna hear it?

Talk to her, dont come on /b and ask for advice. Unless she has a dick, then you're in the right place.

Ive been married for the same amount of time you have and not once have I ever had a problem with the bitch. Why? Cause Ive already gone through the horseshit youre going through in the past with enough bitches for me to learn what the fuck is really going on.
I never, ever, let a woman think or become better than me. Ever. Because we are always better than them. Always. And the moment that youre not is the moment that they lose respect for you.
Dont think so?
You said you guys started from nothing. However, you were the one working hard and helping her achieve the status she's in now thinking that she will return the favor.
Now what? Now fucking what? Look at her. Look at how she's treating you and the relationship that you fucking helped build. Apparently.
You treat the relationship like youre both fucking equals when you never were. And i know already all these fuckboys are gonna go HURRR CHAD RELATIONSHIPS ARE EQUAL IF YOU LOVE THEM.
You cant win a game of tug of war when both sides are pulling at the same strength. SOMEONE needs to pull harder. Right now it's her. Not you.
Why did I say to go find some bitches? Because Im 110% you havent flirted with a single bitch in the 8 years youve been together. Why is that a problem? Well ask yourself why your dumb wife hooked up with you in the first place.
You were smart. You were charming. You were funny. You eere the SHIT. And thats how we are cause men have to audition for pussy every fucking time.
Now youre married for 8 years. You havent been keeping those hard earned skills sharp. How, tell me how, are you going to be someone your wife wants when no other bitch wants you? How can you flirt and spice up her life if you havent had the practice for 8 years?

>she made a decent amount of money
>we bought a flat together

Mmmmnope. She bought a flat for you two to live in. She probably resents having to work so hard while you knowingly languish in a dead end job that you don't like.

user, may I ask you, are you currently in a relationship?

Post an update when you find out

I guarantee that if you see the guy she's fucking with you'll see exactly why.
I tell my wife to shut the fuck up when she acts stupid. But then I immediately tell her why so she understands why she's acting stupid and checks herself for next time. Women are not righteous in the things they do. Clearly which is why she's making the preparations to hop ship with this other guy. This is why you need to be hard but fathering. Guidance. You fucking pussy

This will make you feel better op...

I take you and her to a cheap hotel. I tie your weak ass to a chair. Tape your mouth shut and tape your eyes open. Position the chair so you have a clear view of the bed. Then I seduce and pleasure her. I eat her pussy, lick her clit and slowly make her cum. I suck on her nipples and rub her tits. I’d force her to suck my dick right in front of your pathetic face. She deep throats good. She glares at you to put you in your place. I grab her by her hair and lead her onto the bed, positioning her doggy. Then I rub the head of my strong, hard dick on her pussy lips. Then I push my cock inside of her, stretching out her tight, wet cunt. Why is she so tight? Because your nub is so small and weak. It’s like she is a virgin. As I enter her she gasps. I pump her hard. The head of my cock presses against her cervix and she starts to convulse and cum. Her wet pussy clenches my cock. It feels so fucking good. I pull her head back as I throttle her good. She cums over and over and laughs right in your face. You try to look away but I order you to watch her being pleasured like she never has been. “Watch me fuck her you pathetic cuck!” I thrust into her several more times as I feel my load building up. Seeing you suffer and hearing her cum as my cock stretches out her pussy gives me such an intense rush. Her pussy convulses and grips my cock. Her face expresses orgasmic bliss and she says to you, “Oh this feels so good! You could never make me feel this way you pathetic looser!” I pull out and force her face right in front of yours and open her hungry mouth. I’m so amped up from fucking her and torturing you. I empty a massive load into it. I tell her to show it to you. She obeys and shows you the cum I just shot into her mouth. Then I tell her to swallow. She obeys then opens her empty mouth...

wow, she really won the fucking lottery with you.

Married with a 3 year old son

... After she swallows my load she smiles at you to torture you. You cry out in agony, “Please! No! She’s all I have!” She laughs at you. We clean up and go out to eat. We leave you tied up in the chair sobbing uncontrollably and hysterical. The hotel maid finds you the next morning. Your shirt is soaked from your tears. You’re in shock and catatonic. You are so distraught that you try to take your life. After your suicide attempt she feels sorry for you, so she insists on visiting you in the hospital. I come with her. As she is pitying you at a visiting table, I finger her under the table. You know this and can’t escape my torture of you. You get angry but are so weakened and helpless that you can only just sit there and watch as I rub her clit. She has to stop talking to you to catch her breath, gasp and cum. She pretends to listen to you and care but really doesn’t and just nods patronizing you. You start to cry uncontrollably then a nurse injects you with medication and wheels you back to your room in the wheelchair you are in. “Nooooooooo!” You cry out. The nurse wheels you over to a window that looks over the parking lot of the hospital. You look down and see me fucking her in your car. I made sure that I parked right under the hospital room window so that you can see us. She looks up at you and waves. We finish fucking, laugh and drive off. A couple of weeks later when we are vacationing at a nice resort paid for by draining your bank account and maxing out your credit cards, we get word that you finally were successful in killing yourself in the hospital room. We smoke weed and celebrate with a marathon fucking, relieved that you are no longer a burden to us.

why stopping at the fingers for the 3 ?

She thinks so too.
Dont get mad at me though, my dude. Im on OP's side.

>guys are better than girls always
Why the fuck would anyone take heterosexual advice from a gay faggot like you?

People lose interest.

Throughout any romantic or sexual relationship, both parties (unless they are just super high on the personality spectrum for agreeableness) will constantly be evaluating the sexual/social fitness of both themselves, and their partners.

If both people are closely comparable in terms of attractiveness/desirability as a partner/mate, there is less of a chance that one will "upgrade". But if one partner is more attractive than and more successful/desirable, then there is a very good chance that they will eventually succumb to the "what if I can do better?" tendency that is wired into our DNA.

Talk to her OP. Better yourself mentally and physically. Divorce (if approached amicably and thoughtfully/with respect) can often be a much better alternative to an unhappy marriage.

Oh im sorry, they should take it from the guy who tries to friend his way into pussy.
Tell me, is it just as hot cleaning up as it is watching?

OP, where tf are you? I hope you're talking to your wife!

I'm here user. She's asleep now, I will wait until tomorrow morning, take her to brunch and talk. She took the day off since I asked her to. Decided not to check her phone, although she left it on the kitchen counter.

Kill her.

brunch? cuck.

Spend a nice day user
Try to act normal, the key to save a marriage is to act flirty everyday if you can
Either she thinks you didnt notice her cheating and she'll be sloppy in her hidding and then you can catch her or she's not cheating on you and have a great day with you
It's a long shot dude dont reveal your game now


“Decided not to check her phone.”

This has to be a troll. You really that stupid?

if she were cheating, would you be willing to break it off or is it to cushiony?

definitely, I would never forgive her.

You should still check the phone, nothing bad can come of it, and on the off chance that she cheated AND left evidence in her it, at least you'll know.

If so were to happen, calm down, and post updates here.
"Better two heads then one"- tho some replies are trash, you can choose which to follow if any at all.

You say as you won’t check her phone. Just check her exact placement of phone and check and then put phone in exact place and then you’ll know.

How to spot a sociopath

you don't have to confront her, just say you're concerned and have a fucking conversation with her. you've been together long enough you'd think the 2 of you could be honest with each other.

Finally someone with common sense in this fucking thread.

A little advice OP, Cred Forums is fucking shit if you need real advices, as you can see here are only few people with enough common sense and empathy to not be squizos about their relationships.

Why can't you just ask her what's going on? You're fucking married, communicate

Im hard right now


The only thing that will help you either way is reading The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi. This guy has saved the lives of many guys and teaches you so you could yourself become a man to be desired by women.
Do it!

177 relies to your larp. Good job faggot op.

>she is hot
>she has her own business making more >money than I ever will
>I work in a dead-end job
>she cooks
>she cleans
>she gives great head
>funny as hell
Sounds like you're taking her for granted.
>Or just wanting to leave me?
Sounds that way.

Be a man is the only thing that really works with women.

Tell her that you suspect her of cheating on you and if she can't convince you she's permanently ended it with the other man, you're killing yourself violently in front of your two children.

At the same time, start a paper trail. Call the police and tell them your wife is hysterical, incoherent, rambling and violent, and you're concerned. Smash up some plates or something too, you really want to sell this to them when they come out. Ask them to take her to the hospital. Most states have some sort of rules for involuntary psychiatric holds and they're very easy to abuse if you want to control someone. Really gaslight the fuck out of her too, ask her about things she didn't say or didn't do, do something in front of her and then a few minutes later say something about how _she_ was the one doing it, etc. Really make her doubt her own sanity, she'll go along with the psychiatric treatment because you've sowed enough doubt to ensure she feels she needs the "help". They'll most likely prescribe her antipsychotics, which are a chemical lobotomy, so the woman you married will be gone but you'll have an easily controlled puppet-slave instead. You're now free to do whatever you want. You're welcome.

Random pic.

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You argue like a girl.

Post her nudes you dumb nigger. She doesn't love you anymore. It sucks now, but you will eventually get over it. POST HER NUDES

OP getting cucked by a nigger. 100% guarantee his wife is a coal burner