What does getting fucked in the ass feel like?

What does getting fucked in the ass feel like?

Asking both girls and guys who have experienced it. Tell me about your first time.

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There is neither girl, nor fag here

Haven't been fucked by a real dick but when I rub inside my butt I start orgasming in seconds, it feels way different than touching my penis, it's like edging during the whole time and then at climax my body starts shaking and i cum like a girl

feels like taking a shit

Its the ultimate act of sexual submission, literally causing yourself pain and discomfort merely for the pleasure of shame and servitude, its only really good imo if you get off on both those things

It doesn't hurt for me unless it's too big, anal makes my orgasms strong enough where I can barely move during it


Like regular orgasms or prostate ones? Because one is cum and one is mostly urine lol, I can do the second, the trick is not to touch ur dick at all and drink a lot of water but it needs to be big enough or it doesn't create enough pressure on ur prostate and bladder. It feels really good but uncomfortable af sometimes, especially since the prostate gets so sensitive that it hurts at a certain point, but at the same time it feels really good because it's so sensitive, it's hard to describe, have you ever had an orgasm like that? That wasn't just a regular semen orgasm?

feels good, gotta get used to it, lube up nice n good, but yeah, the right cock can make you cum freehands.
if it hurts, then ur not doing it right.

I should probably mention the main advantage is that they have no refractory period and you can do as many as you can before you either empty your bladder or collapse from exhaustion

Before attempting penetration of the anus, make sure the recipient vacates and thoroughly cleans their bowels.
The experience will be much less painful and less stinky.

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It's nice.

Yea I only orgasm with my butt, I haven't had any by just touching my dick for like an entire year now. Rubbing my prostate makes me actually cum like I was rubbing my dick without even touching it. It feels almost like what I assume girls have with their clits or g spot, any pressure or movement around it feels similar yet so different to the touching sensation around the penis head. It's like instant pleasure in comparison though

What is the best non lube to use as lube?
Is baby oil any good?

You should try what I was talking about and see if u can have a prostate orgasm with no refractory period, cause then u can do it as many times as u want

Coconut oil works really well

If they warm up they ass first and are hitting the prostate just right it feels awesome. Otherwise its just ok.

I had two back to back orgasms when I was rubbing my butt once before. I orgasmed and cum squirted all over my legs and I didn't stop rubbing, it was like the orgasm didn't stop for 20 seconds and then I had another orgasm on top of the one I was coming off of. It made me squirt more cum out and I couldn't control muscle spasms near my butt during it. I could have probably had another orgasm if I kept going but I could barely move after it happened. If someone was actually pounding my butt I would probably have like 3 orgasms in maybe 5 minutes. It takes me usually 30 seconds to: maybe 2 minutes to reach climax with my butt

Imo if ur actually cooming then ur doing it wrong imo, make sure nothing is touching ur dick at all, not even ur thighs or the bed so it has nothing to rub on, and try something a bit bigger than ur used to, don't even worry about hittting the prostate, if it's big enough it will hit it no matter what, that's the key to this, getting something big enough.


Anything rubbing my prostate makes me cum like a girl, I think there's methods of something like muscle contraction which can give something similar but where know cum comes out. If it was something bigger it would probably just make me orgasm sooner

if male, expect to feel good, prostate is there, a hot warm throbbing dick will spread you, it'll throb inside you, it'll slide in and out of you and it'll feel very submissive, like someone is doing something to you against your will, even if you wanted it. It will feel like you're being used in a nice way, and you might cum from it because it's insanely hot.

If you're a girl, expect to feel somewhat kinky, not as much fun as vaginal, but if he's girthy enough you might tingles from the mild pain, you'll feel definitely like a whore, and you'll most likely unconsciously go with it and start whoring around by moaning extra loud and such to please him, because let's face it he's nowhere near what your fantasy is, but it's cute that he enjoys fucking your ass. and eventually you'll get tired or your knees will get carpet burns from the bed if he takes way too long.

If you're a trap, you're finally in heaven

Feels like taking a huge shit, but It's getting pushed back inside.

10/10, you should try it

Jeez bro that sounds pretty great, I can do that too but I prefer to do it this way because I can go for hours lol

except OP, hes certainly a faggot

It's like having a dick in your ass,

imagine the smellz

Quality poast

Hurts like burning at first but feels good once you relax and go with it.
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Story inbound if anyone's interested.

Just stick your thumb up your ass. Its like that but more of it.