Can someone explain what pic related means? Why does the gun have a jew star?

Can someone explain what pic related means? Why does the gun have a jew star?

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it means cringe

Imagine having to explain this image. Are you a non white male? If you are then it’s not worth explaining



very cringy

Ok so why was the guy gonna kill himself?

Its cringe

you posted cringe bro

because of cringe

so cringy

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Lol Jews aren’t even human

>be white cis male
>be vilified wherever you go
>get fucked in custody courts
>get fucked by affirmative action
>get fucked by women / minority quotas
>feel like shit, wanna kys

>eventually learn that the patriarchy isn't real
>eventually learn that rape culture isn't real
>eventually learn that activists reeeee for no reason whatsoever
>eventually learn that they themselves don't even know why they reeeee
>eventually learn that activists get produced by ideology-infected NGO's, and ideology infected professors on college campuses
>eventually follow the trail of money
>eventually end up at Rockefeller, Soros & co
>eventually realize that all of them are jews
>eventually learn that hitler was right

>start to hate jews
>start to get fit
>start to laugh in the faces of your oppressors
>meet other people who see through the bullshit, too
>don't feel like shit anymore
>live a happy life

Oh hi Rabbi.
How's it going?
Still doing whatever possible to subvert the goys?

>Why does the gun have a jew star?
I never saw it. Now the comic make sense.

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I am not that old but back then, the school wasn't revolving about telling white males to be ashamed.
I have seen what happen in the classrooms since.

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yes, it is beyond a certain point.
even tho most philantropists invested in social justice issues, are indeed jews, it's the same collectivist bullshit that just groups them up under the smallest common denominator, that is also responsible for dienfranchising so many people just because they fall into the "white cis male" bracket.

radical collectivists breed more radical collectivists.
The meme just shows you how nazis are made. And it takes collectivist ideologues on the left, who fuck society over with bullshit policies, to breed more collectivist ideologues on the right.

SJW's breed hate.
Deal with it.

I don't get it, everybody from South America to Africa and India wants to be white. Why destroy what they want to become?

Lol letting others get in your head and effect your emotions. Unbased.

they don't want to destroy anything.
all they want is the free money they're promised to be gound here.
if they eventually make it to us, and realize that there isn't any free money laying around (or that wellfare really isn't just the bare minimum compared to our living costs, they get pissed, too.

can't blame them for wanting a better life.
can't blame us for wanting to protect what we have.

it's just the old game of collectivists pitching two groups against each other to secure the support from one of them (or even both).
Stop immigration, as well as stopping the economical exploitation of the 3rd world.
Stop outsourcing jobs, stop financing local warlords for mining / forresting / foraging rights.
Stop buying excotic fruits and vegetables, and send more economical aid and professionals to build up local industries and economies.

That is the best way forward, to prevent further conflicts between incompatible cultures.
forcing us to occupy the same space, and pitching us against each other, will just give way for the rise of the 4th reich, regardless what leftist ideologues promise themselves from going down that route.

I just explained the meme.
I don't stand behind it.

So what does it mean? Why is everyone saying cringe, samefags?

I think it means jews are driving people to kill themselves, then Hitler rescues him? His ideology.?

>Why is everyone saying cringe
snowflake spam

checked & kek'd