Fuck yeah Romney, we won't forget

fuck yeah Romney, we won't forget.

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Who the fuck is Romney?

Litterly who?

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He's that aloof dad who made a lot of money and think that gives him the right toe tell everyone what to do in a condescending tone

Trump always wins

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Yep won't forget he finally grew a spine. Unlike the rest of his invertebrate party


Yes so brave. Interesting his "moral fortitude" wasn't enough to last through 2 rounds of voting.

Fuck this mormon fuck

He's a Mormon. That makes everything he says invalid. But, that's true about any religious piece of shit.

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It's truly appalling that the RNC dug their feet in with such a lousy businessman. That even the Junior Senators were afraid to seize the opportunity, and distinquish themselves with that old-school (albeit fake) RNC classiness and morality is a dark omen for the times ahead. Whereas new DNC members are wrenching control from the Old Guard, the RNC looks to be progressively and morally stagnant.

>That makes everything he says invalid.
I wouldn't quite put that so resolutely... I mean, the guy ran a VC firm, amirite?

Would have been a better President than either Trump or Obama. Actually got a higher percentage of the popular vote than Trump did.

>Whereas new DNC members are wrenching control from the Old Guard,


he might be a mormon, but you're a moron.

The butthurt.

Stay mad, Christfag. The only true religion is Jenova's Witness.

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agnostic atheist, actually.

But unlike yourself, not an imbecile child to disregard someone's opinions just because they have a religious belief.

I don't really care. Once religious idiocy is removed from politics, I might give their warped opinions more respect. You and I both know that will never happen.

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He's the retard who ran a few years ago and claimed that the female body could automatically prevent pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape" when challenged on his pro life stance.

Replacing religious idiocy with just .... idiocy? Religion has caused a lot of problems, granted, but it also provided a moral scaffolding. They've managed to undercut religion in a population still too morally immature to go it alone and without giving anything to take its place.

>He's the retard who ran a few years ago and claimed that the female body could automatically prevent pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape" when challenged on his pro life stance.

That was some dumb fuck US Senate candidate in Missouri named Todd Akin. It wasn't Romney.

that’s fucked up

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The dems hand so far up his ass they call him mitt

Their moral scaffolding is twisted. Who gives a fuck who uses a bathroom? They also have no right to dictate if a woman wants an abortion or not, granted I'm not for fun time abortion parties, like they try to make it out be. Though I am a strong advocate for gun rights. Can't have enough of 'em.

He's a corrupt hack with ties to Burisma Holdings

He's a competent businessman. He's just an entitled douchebag, as well.

5%. When you line up every man in the world by physical strength, that's how the average woman compares. It's the reason where there are rape whistles, women are less likely to walk down a bad street at night, and for separate bathrooms.

And abortion. There are two rights at play, not one. The right of a woman to decide what to do with her own body, and the right of the baby to not be killed. You could make an argument that an unborn baby is really a fetus and a not person, but there's nothing magical about the birth canal. Any argument you could make in favor of late term abortion, you can also rationally make for a baby who was just born, or born up to a few months ago. So we have to draw a line, and it's going to be arbitrary. But we should probably favor the baby, whose life is at stake, not the mother, who who took a conscious risk and had plenty of time to react.

Now I'm all for abortion well into the 40th trimester and think we need to get over the hangups and go to unisex bathrooms, but at least I've tried to rationally think through the different arguments. You're just another type of religiousfag, who believes shit because it was what you were taught.

Yeah, that's nonsense about the right of an unthinking fetus. It's not even aware enough of it's own existence to register what pain even is. No one is advocating for post birth abortions. Late term abortions should only be carried out if the mother is in danger. Those happen rarely.

As for the bathrooms, once again not every bathroom has a fucking rapist waiting inside it. Not every trans person is a pedophile just waiting to grab a kid. Absolute nonsense. That shit is going to happen regardless if they are allowed in a bathroom or not. Just like a mass shooter is going to get a gun and murder people even though it's illegal.

Also, what the fuck are you smoking? ME religious? Lel. I was taught gays and bisexuals are going to hell. I reject that filth, and think anyone that agrees with it should be sterilized and have their right to vote removed.

Rmoney 2020?

Only republican with any backbone.

binders full of women..

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Yeah, good old 'Pierre Delecto' on twitter, slamming Trump and other Republicans. Not really that brave or thoughtful after all.

The only Republican left with any honor, now that McCain is dead.