Hey /b!

Hey /b!
Cute trap here! AMA with a twist!
Cont. Part 2 from 01/26!

Dubs, i reveal with my face!
Tripps, ill make a dedicated sign for you
Quads, ill let you choose what i wear (if not enough time ill save the outfit info for next time c:)
Quints...surprise (;

Ill only count the rolls that have a question with it!...

Ps. Im in the market for a cute trap gf for valentines day. Post a selfie and discord and ill add you if i think you're cute c:

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post your belly button or fuck off.

>Im in the market for a cute trap gf for valentines day.

I'm not cute nor a trap so I guess you can fuck off.


When did you realize that you’re a fucking worthless faggot ?

based. post your belly button op.

bump for science, i just wanna see new pics


im with this guy here




Have you given thought to the ero.me idea?







Do you like feet stuff? UwU


What kind of outfits? Color me intrigued.



Duuubs let’s see you



Rollin rollin rollin

have you considered taking more acrobatic pictures/angles, be it dangling from a tree held by your legs or pulling yourself up? I mean it'd be a lot of work to set up cam and take pic at the right moment without help
you looking for a trap being a platonic valentine thing or did you break up with your gf?

i dont care about your face just give a photo of your tummy.

Where’s the face?


send a photo of your tummy you faggot.

"OP" 's dad here. Yeah I am FUCKING pissed. My son is OFF THE INTERNET. Sick fucks- GET A JOB.

hate fuck tier

fake ass gay shit

post pic of you dick or your a fake faggot

Sigh boring ass not even delivering on dubs. Why even bother

belly button


This is an AMA with a twist! Not a request! Please read the info first c:
Boohoooo, cry me a river to swim in ^-^
Hmm worthless? Nahh im worth alot hun. Faggot?....mmm maybe 2 years ago?
Heyy its you again...one of the peeps i added on disc??...nooo id rather choose to give videos and pictures to the people i choose (: and only selected vids and pics.
Not really o.o never understood the fetish
LOL something crazy like that?? Maybe if my valentines gf helps me i could arrange that (:....and for now its just a one night stand...if we click personally then ill consider being their dream trap girlfriend (;

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Faggots are mentally ill

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do you need a boyfriend?

If dubs show feet, If trips show feet, if quads show feet, if quints pls show feet

Make b great again

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show off your sex toys

What kind of shithole are you living in? I see a bed right next to a door that leads outside, and a motor cycle.

Also post butthole

Read the info. Question must be attached. Random rolls will get you nothing ^-^

An hero pls

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your favorite pokemon?

do you have a special diet? something to keep you slim and trappish?

If dubs you commit suicide

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holy fuck beyond cute. Rolling again. You never answered my question either. What are our options for your outfits? ;)

"make b great again"

fuck off newfag. you probably weren't even here for linetrap. you also refer to Cred Forums as "b"

make the sign say mythic owns me


i dont actually care just send a photo of your belly.

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rolling for cock


i mean, it's not even that crazy, there's plenty of pictures out there, they just need a bit of fitness mostly, hanging around lazily or elegant in the right places can make for really great pictures, tho it's best not done with too expensive clothes, stuff that's easily cleanable from rust, mud, moss and what not, i mean even if it's just a tree in the garden, there'll be a lot of stuff on it

What bike do you drive?

Stfu faggot

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rolling for pride cock

>Rolling for you to wear toe socks.

kill yourself underage newfag

JEWS bad i agree

fuckk so close for that pride cock

Rolling to see more of that adorable ass and those legs...how tall/weight?


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Well, I got dubs. So can't have the clothing I want, but face reveal I guess!

hey i don't have a question but you're really cute

show off your asshole

WTF, clean your damn room.
Why is a bike in there?

Aids medication making you a but angry user?

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what kinda guys are you into

Because of mental illness

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now take the pants off or your gay

Roll for upskirt with cute panties and tights. Have you ever sucked a cock or acted with a partner before? Or only alone?

why. let me love tranny cocks if i want to

Wow fucking cuuuute. Roll for Slutty schoolgirl outfit. How do you like to be used in bed?

i hate creatures that look so good
like is there even anything inside?

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Rolling for toe socks and pajamas.

Yo the first one kinda bad tho

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im really not that butthurt

Your father must be proud of you user

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cock pic

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He is and yours must be proud of you too




re-reroll again


He is I'm doing gods work

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Hi hi , rate me and if u have time describe what would you do to me, yes...I'm kinda kinky

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no u

You asked us to ask questions but are you only answering dubs? Just ignore the idiot he’ll run out of steam.

nope! only a trap gf (:
that could be arranged with SURPRISE (;
am living in a lounge, i like the access to the outside! pluts i get a nice spot for my motorcycle!
could be arrnaged with surprise as well :o
Never got into pokemon o.o
i do! salmon and rice! no sugar and its HARD to lay off the carbs...but im managing...
ask a question and land quints and MAYBE i will c:
OH! sorry...having to filter through alot of these random rolls. OPTIONS....i have a lolita dress, bdsm playboy bunny outfit (PVC and latex with a whip), General cute (which is now), warm cute (sweater, shorts, and ofcourse thigh highs), and HOTT (leather shorts, thigh boots, corset, and elbow length gloves (:
get trips and i will (:
get quints and ask a question and maybe i will (:
yeahh but alot of my clothes are still tailored since girls clothes generally are either too tight or too loose e.e so i tailor them myself.
2009 Yamaha FZ6R, Extremely fun (:
5'9 @ 115 or 120 pounds (tends to flux around there)
i saw dubs and heres the face reveal xD
its actually pretty clean...beds just kinda a mess since i looked for two of my false nails i lost around the bed. never found em e.e
Not into guys (:
i like my traps cute as me, maybe with a little sass and bite.
only ever girls and alone...i got so BORED with girls i experimented with anal and LOVED it....theres literally no better pleasure...so i want a trap...best of both worlds :o

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Wtf are u rolling for its a female u faggot

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this guy got dubs

Time stamp or gtfo

rerollx5 i wanna see your cock

send a photo of your belly please. dont be a faggot like op.

appreciate the attention.

Faggots have the highest suicide rate, is it because they are so mentally stable?

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Rolling for another holocaust

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Appreciate you following through.

i'm liking the idea of the lolita dress or the playboy bunny outfit, also are you in college, and if so, what is your major?

Cool if a shame. I envy the world you kids are growing up in in some ways.

You're absolutely fucking gorgeous, OP. I'd love to see a video of you cumming.

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It’s probably because of shits like you, but that’s ok. Fat fucking shiftless white incels have pretty high suicide rates too. Guess who else lived suicide? Your boy Adolf. Yo ilsa come get yo mans

How old are you?

rerollx6 still want to see your cock

This is OC :x

Also your really cute, can i see the playboy bunny outfit :o

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rerollx7 still want to see your cock

never understood the rolls, can someone explain?

Yup incels faggots and hitler all deserved to die. We need a hitler 2.0

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rerollx8 still want to see your cock

How the fuck can you say it's clean, I can see stuff on the floor which shouldn't be there.
Make the bed and put everything in order you lazy fuck.

Faggots cant get dubs kek

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Missing my bud Adolf rn

rerollx9 still want to see your cock


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Ah fucken gross dude you should end your life

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R.i.p in peace

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rerollx10 still want to see your cock


show cock plz
also what do you think of current us politics

double trips

Dubs of doom!

I wont give up
Rerollx11 still want to see your cock

Rolling for cock

rerollx12 still want to see your cock

How do you shave your asshole?

take ur shirt and pants off

get your tits out

rerollx13 still want to see your cock

rerollx14 still want to see your cock

Wish you liked guys...

Yep college! and im working...just no classes or work today...im going into computer science x.x the playboy bunny outfit was handmade by me since its damn near impossible to find a pvc playboy bunnysuit (the teddy)...only this fake shiny crap that tears D:
Many people want alot from me x.x i get told many times i could make money by doing it....but i atleast kinda want to maintain some wholesomeness e.e
i am 24!
mmm....was it quints or tripps i allowed the wardrobe command....i dun remember...get quint i think and ill let you choose :o
the last 2-5 digits in your reply number
Im not takeing any requests ^-^ dont like it then too bad :D
i dont think much of it...i say let them play their little politics game...though i am annoyed that tax exemptions got removed this year so i actually had to pay this year...no refund for me :(
i use tweezers actually xD i try to keep everything well kept every week x.x anal toys dont slide very easily if theres hair there e.e

sorry for the late-ish replys...HDR is kinda ruining the image size so i have to scale it less than 2mb's in order to post e.e
as for the post saying winners...i see no question attached (:

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Dont let this thread die. I'm diamonds waiting for something lewd also rolling for cock x2

rerollx15 still want to see your cock

rerollx16 still want to see your cock

rerollx17 still want to see your cock

rerollx18 still want to see your cock

pay the fiend with your peen

rerollx19 still want to see your cock

Have you ever gone out like that?

Also, Quints get!

rerollx20 STILL want to see your cock

trips shabang show the wang

re......rerollx21 still want to see your cock
im so tired you guys ...

rerollx21 still want to see your cock!!

rerollx22 still want to see your cock

>computer science
Why would someone so cute want to join a bloated job market? I hope your parents are providing all expenses and you “trap” a CEO into sexual harassment black mail. Else you will starve...

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rerollx23 still want to see your cock

rerollx24 still want to see your cock

rerollx25 still want to see your cock

Post your weiner but make it cute like shorts unzipped and pulled down but still on, OP. Love that shit

rerollx26 still want to see your cock.
near the end of my limit........

>Not into guys

Why are you posting pics on this board then

rerollx27 still want to see your cock

rerollx28 still want to see your cock

Is that supposed to be Caduceus Clay?

rerollx29 still want to see your cock

rerollx30 still want to see your cock

The reerolling is killing it x.x
Nope! :o im still a secret trap! but i find most really good traps are secret traps...and it makes us REAALLLYY good from having to shave (everything) and doll up in a short time frame...
as weird as it sounds i actually originally didnt want to go into computer science...but i kinda got dragged into it from connections (not my parent) and having a good personality helped alot x.x
Rerolling wont make me reveal any pictures e.e
Maybe Surprise x.x
I know there's been a few cute traps i've met (: and a few people who would like advice from a successful trap...
Anywho i think the thread is done! there doesnt seem to be any more questions! so sad no one was able to get past dubs :( and here i was hopeing for the bdsm playboy bunnyoutfit...I suppose i could post mayybeee one thing before i go...

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rerollx31 what would you reveal then? I just want more of you

Would you have a threesome if both of the other guys where hitler.

rerollx32 at least make a sign saying Hi David? Ive been trying hard here

Show pipi

I want so bad but the roll gods wont help me today. My heart hurts

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How was your day

They say that 10% of the population is homosexual. It seems to me that way more then 10% of Cred Forums is homosexual. The way you all bend over backwards for these dudes that cosplay as chicks. Is it that so many of you are thirsty virgins and will even take boi pucci if giving the chance to smash? Are you truly queers? I don't really understand the whole thing. I do like tomboyish girls, always have had a thing for it. Boys tho? It just doesn't turn me on at all. I would like to understand you people and what makes your gay brains tick. Could some people please explain. I'm far from a bigot, I do despise people that lie to themselves tho. If your a flame be a flame. If your hetero that's great. If you live some kind of dubbel life that is horrible. This all said please can we have some discourse about what is going on here. Pic is just to get attention and have people read this.

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Lololol on the 5 o'clock shadow this shim/herm has. The blur can't hide it. Maby you should get a 5 blade razor bro bro.

show ur benis n butt n tits

Dude please shave closer. I can't stop staring at your budding beard.

Your cute boi . Look like a girl . Post a pic with your regular everyday outfit .

If you decide to not post further, will you at least try again another time? I'm not trying to repostwhore but good lord you're a QT

Show us your jaw Ethan.


Are traps gay?

rerollx33. at least know you are very cute. I hope you have a nice day. Im gonna have to sign off now. Goodnight

How long did it take you to write that, it looks like fucking shit.

mmm no?
roll trips with questions ^-^
no pipi today
pretty boreing e.e but ill have a new set of contacts by the end of the month and will be cosplaying as astolfo
Traps are the best of both worlds....girls just become completely boreing to have sex with e.e anal play is where the true orgasm is....and girls can only go so far with strap ons where its not even remotely as good as a real dick e.e (strap on's are waayyy too hard and rigid, and girls really get no feel out of it as well)
sure thing...except i dont shave my face? o.o
laser hair removal is amazing...but its only every 6 weeks and usually around the 3rd4thish week the buds start to slightly form a shadow e.e cant be helped (:
who tf is ethan? e.e
then why are you here? xD
definitely (;
Good night! o/

Ill be heading out too! ill stay around untill the thread dies for any lingering questions! but no more photos from today..instead ill be posting really cute older photos (:

Oh and here...belly.

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please don't end up doing porn like all the other trap / trans wannabe out there
you are special and unique don't waste that

Show butt hole

its all fucking good

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fuuuck you're sexy.
show us your tits!

Would you kindly kill yourself?

I plan to keep my wholesomeness (:
And there's a good reason why i go to these extremely toxic boards x.x
You get alot of constructive crtitisism, and its a pretty good way to kinda shrug whatever mean comment :o
and once in a while a diamond will pop in and next thing you know you're camming and planning to meet up o.o
mmm...im using a pushup bra...they're smol but getting shaped o.o still not much to look at.
nope. no more new photos (: but if someone does happen to get quints or quads...then ill probably supply something i previously did....oh and quads will be next threads outfit (:

Here's the AMA from 01/26 (yes i just used the same piece of paper and erased...still no sharpie e.e

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hot :P

Show pee pee

roll kek

Attached: bud.png (395x320, 125K)

I have more respect for dudes who dress like girls and make it convincing than dudes who think they can change their gender like the wind and confuse sexual preference and emotional feelings with biological facts. Don't know why I took the time to say this but I hope I'm not the only one who thinks the whole LGBT123XYZ movement is retarded. Cool outfit faggot.

no social media to plug?!!!? what is this

smol tits are best tits. don't let my satanic trips go to waste!

this went from good to shitty real fast. sad day

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What does your underwear drawer look like?


i prefer cute x.x
yeah LGBT is kinda full of mental illness cunts...and they always feel like they need to be self entitled to some dumb shit e.e
only discord! which i planned to reveal along side with a voted picture if someone were to ask a question and roll quints xD
cant make signs :( already "Untrapped" x.x just staying around for any last questions...
booohoooo :(
i dont use an underwear drawer xD

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>then why are you here? xD
to point out the stupidity of your name choice

Gender ≠ sex. Sex is a biological fact, not gender. Gender is subjective.

Milk what the fuck

I know you said you dont need a bf but can I be your new underwear drawer?

Attached: tenor.gif (220x123, 35K)

And this is a fact of psychology. It's consensus. Your lack of education on the subject doesn't trump the scientific truth.

Do you use a Discord?

If i get quints dick reveal

you are super cute

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what he said

Attached: image (12).png (600x538, 302K)

Hey I loved your last thread. Does quints mean you show us your penis?
>quints get

Attached: 1579934099411.jpg (2448x3264, 1.65M)

Name choice?
milk? O.o
no. i store them elsewhere
well yeahh obv i doo x.x
nope (:
thanks c: not as cute as that trap though x.x
hahaaa you saved the last photo i postedi n that thread of my original hair xD
Noo the rolling is done, makeup is off, clothes are put away and im back to being...a normal boyfriend for a typical girl .-.

Attached: 79252204_437852487168206_4655353801329344512_n.jpg (480x640, 57K)

Also if the photo comes out giant and weird...its because i didnt have to downsize the image file when uploading....the ones that appear smaller i had to downsize... e.e

You're so cute. I've been posting your pics on here sometimes. I hope you don't mind. Really enjoyed the new pics from this thread; they're even better than the last thread

Attached: 1579930944057.jpg (480x640, 35K)

no... I think you're a 100 times better than 2D

Attached: love.gif (500x281, 444K)

how big is your cock?


LOL yeahh last thread i took a few pictures and was like "BLAH im not feeling it. and started to post a few of the extremely cute old photos xD
But it was still an AMA so i wasn't really required to post brand new photos for each response x.x....as for the photo shareing...i mean sure...as long as you're not saying it's you o.o just say the sauce is someone named "Atty"...special kinds of "rabbits" will recognise the name and probably have more photos to share o.o
IDK ABOUT THAT xD suree yeaahh in person im fuckable....but 2d is definitely still cuter and i must learn to apply the asthetics for rl x.x
5 inches??? someone last thread asked and i had no idea since i literally dont have a ruler sitting around....but i did use my phone for measurement and yeah...5 inches.

Attached: 42528483_162561318008797_3967306826558472192_n.jpg (960x956, 50K)

Who the fack is this again?

show tummy

whats the biggest cock you've taken?

I gather you can't tell how heavily photoshopped their face is in every picture?

Have you ever seen a human that smooth in person? Really think about this.

Boring, call me when she starts taking her clothes off.

Nah, I just post your pics in trap threads saying this is my favorite trap. Ok thanks for the tip Atty. The more photos I have of you the better!

Attached: 1579926565327.jpg (2448x3264, 1.69M)

real>2D ^^ you are so freaking cute ;D
pic is me, tell me what you think (I'm new to this)

Attached: 20190511_232342 - Copy.jpg (491x927, 158K)

I'm not OP but you look really cute too. Love the outfit

how old are you?

A naked trap is called a twink user. That's gay.

The only way traps can masquerade as "almost kinda straight" is with their clothes on, because then straight males are attracted to the tertiary sexual characteristics indicated by female clothing.

As soon as they're naked, it's just a skinny naked guy. Possibly a skinny naked guy wearing a wig.

Sexy boy!

i dunno, some random picture
havent taken any? O.o
facial wipes and vitamin E hunny
cant take off clothes that have already been taken off xD
LOL i have tons...but i dont rtemember which ones i posted in the last thread...
hmm....you need something to covor the dick x.x cant trap with a dick showing all the time...but looks like you have a good foundation...just learn some makeup tutorials, clean the face and bring out the eyes a little...and then perfect...still a little twinkish though xD

Attached: 41545276_1877253962366937_4885092508230483968_n.jpg (720x960, 179K)

You look like a trap version of a gay friend of mine

>facial wipes and vitamin E hunny
Upload a 5+ second webm showing a camera pan from right to left across your face. Then I'll buy it.

Moar? please

Thanks user ^-^ full set : imgur.com/a/QYWOivi?
hope you like it

Attached: 20190511_233355.jpg (797x1597, 360K)

rolling to stay straight

I'll keep you straight, Brother.

Put your hand around your dick. Pump five times.

Now ask yourself out loud: "Why won't she post a nude pic?"

been asking myself that for 3 hours now

please give me dubs

Attached: 089B7807-2DBF-434C-B597-374644A2D395.jpg (250x201, 6K)

dubs get

i want to fuck that face


gimme onere roll

mmm i dont care if you buy it or not (:
But maybe next thread ill do it.
Thread is donso...plus i wasnt going to accept random rolls o.o
because i dont take nudes o.o
I atleast try to remain wholesome e.e

Anywho i think that's it! Next time ill have an Astolfo cosplay ready (: pink contacts are comming in! Goodnight nerds!

Attached: 84922745_2569178729991539_3583865967576350720_n.jpg (480x640, 67K)

I was rolling for me, trips or quads would be trouble

Something is off with your face. There’s something so manly i can’t describe. You’re not pretty. Sorry.

The answer is: "Because an image of a naked male will fail to fool the pattern recognition centers in a heterosexual brain."

They're called TRAPs for a reason.

The BAIT is the clothing. The TRAP is the biology.

How many dead mice does it take?

Attached: mouse-trap_o_2319197.jpg (720x950, 200K)

It's probably the very-obvious wig.

Astolfo cosplay ? omg pls tell me you have a twitter so I can see all of your content ?

Attached: sneaky-Astolfomaid cosplay(1).jpg (800x1232, 144K)

What's your height atleast?

The clothes are their money, so is the worms

for a trap how do you make it look like that you have nice tits

I'm pretty persuaded by the theory that crossdressing is a conspiracy pushed by the clothing industry, honestly.

thread's dead
me, ask if you want more (oc)

Attached: 20190427_235239.jpg (800x1066, 198K)

How long have browsed 4chin?

Attached: 79867FC6-5D7C-4C24-8EE6-E4B810F80B81.jpg (355x236, 82K)

it probably is, there's just too many cute clothes created nowadays that would never be worn outside because they're not commonly seen outside of porn or niches


Pluck the eyebrows. Sculpt from below.

sorry user I'm a rosé addict ^-^

Attached: 20190428_002314.jpg (800x1258, 274K)

All these faggots that want to talk to another faggot that dresses like a girl.

Please post feet

Pls OP pls send feet, I finally rolled trips. Even though that iwasnt in the rules. Please send feet.

Search term: Breastforms.

checked (666 number of the beast !)
here's some trap feet

Attached: chikubihime(63).jpg (1280x1707, 249K)


I saw a japanese chick at the airport who was dressed lolita-style once. Even had luggage that matched her outfit. That was fun to spot in the wild.

Somewhere out there in the world is a male human masturbating to that image of male feet, assuring himself he is heterosexual.

Is this really you oP?

CS and IT are full of traps.

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Attached: tumblr_ozjo2fwACJ1v2di0jo2_r1_1280.jpg (1252x656, 103K)

Attached: tumblr_ozjo2fwACJ1v2di0jo3_1280.jpg (1252x635, 117K)

Attached: tumblr_ozjo2fwACJ1v2di0jo1_1280.jpg (1251x703, 124K)

no way i get quads.

Do you have a long dress?

I wanted OP not some random tumbler stuff

have you shown your cock?

Man arms. Absolutely disgusting.

what app do you use to take pics?

not me it's from Chikubihime archives

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Take panties off. Spread ass. Sharpie in pooper.

sorry user but tbh I'm really weak and not that muscular (1m70, 57kg)

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Rolling and how many coke you sucked

Size of feet and cock

Roll custom sign that says

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In the home that's fine, in japanese culture strangely it's still seen as a bit weird, but overall fine

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no way this is a trap

Fuck I’m gonna cum because of this faggot

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