Dick rate thread I guess. Contact fag edition.

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show ur dick

Make me.

self bump.

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fags must be at work

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Nice dick homo

10/10 would beg to have it dragged over my face and get to suck your balls.

Thanks fag.

Thanks user! We both know you'd beg for more than just that though.

Hng.. yessir. You know fags very well. I'd beg for so much more.

got balls?

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10/10 balls would love to suck them.


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I'd suck it

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Man I wish I was right where that camera is!

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7.5/10 would happily suck.

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Thanks anons

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What is the appeal of sucking dicks. I've never done it but holy hell I get the horniest fags that just foam at the mouth for that kinda stuff.

Looks mutilated

Descent shape, would suck on it

Cant tell from angle

Not that long but looks kinda yummy/wud swallow

Kik- ryanczz20

M,20,bi. Bottom. Let’s talk, trade pics, no limits

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Thanks user

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6/10 but still very nice looking, would suck.

9/10 would beg to feel it smack me in the face

Think its the best looking so far

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my man

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cadaver... 1/10

nice how big is that


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Would suck them slowly and take my time to build up a huge load/10

I would consider it ;*

nice legs more

Bit of public nudity, was high af

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7/10 would suck

God I want to service you!

OMG wow 9! Do you have kik?

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be my guest

yh i have, but beware, im a crossdresser


Um ok sure why not

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I see a dick rate thread, I post

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>imagine having to pull back your fat rolls to reveal your dick
How can you even call yourself a man?

one pizza at a time!



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Thanks user
Thanks for the 7.5

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