Share & rate girls you’ve fucked, I’ll start

Share & rate girls you’ve fucked, I’ll start

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id fuck her 7/10

Post more of her asshole plz

>Share & rate girls you’ve fucked, I’ll start
Sexy tits

Attached: E0F47777-8008-4B85-9093-4E86027E7518.jpg (711x835, 103K) of your cock inside her butt hole? Willing to DP her?

Not on me but here’s her fucking her asshole for me

She loves getting gangbanged

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I’ll start with the wife’s tits...
What do you think?

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I'd love to fill her ass with warm cum...

Are they fake?

Are they real? If so, 9/10, if not 6/10


What do you think of my 40 yo mistress?

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nice tits

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I think she would be attractive if you didn’t tel me she was 40

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I beg to differ. I find it hot that a woman her age has such a body!

Let's see her ass spread

Hot! Nice outfit on this MILF. Suits her!

They are definitely real..check em for scars lol
Hopefully this pic helps

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What you think of my wife ?

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A bit dark, I know...

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Not a fan of her pussy... nice tits though.... if she hit the gym a little more could have one hell of a body

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Maybe you prefer that point of view ?

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Fucked her hard sooooo many times. Tightest pussy ever

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Yeah, nice!

Got more?

10/10 would suck until milky comes out

Definitely a nice bod...I just think she could be a 10 with just a tiny bit more gym time

Milky? lol glad you like

My petite blonde slut

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Been fucking her for over 2 years

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Thanks m8
I'll put her in the gym !
Enjoy the view

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Chubby little slut

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Mmm thank you...I wouldn’t mind having a turn with that

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I understand a lot

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Then you must have some good footage for us

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mmm nice belly
more please

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Love her pussy
So tiny breasts... Would fuck her...

Want others ?

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Been fucking this girl on the side for more than a year now. Incredible in bed, and turns head on the street.

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Danish slut

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Pen røv!

Ja ikk?

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Duckbill Platypussy


Would definitely fuck her raw and deep

Heldig dræng!

Norge her :-)

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Yes !! Awesome
Nudes ??

Very sexy! How old?

Ville gjerne besøkt deg og hjulpet deg med henne!

volafile Dot org/r/15q420zfg

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Last one

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Also check these:

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Be honest. Fucked around with herbs few times. Butterface?

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Nah, looks slender and sexy. I'd fuck her raw!

oh shit that timestamped ass

Yeah from a few nights ago. Was a fun time

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Even with this face? She's a loud screamer

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I think she's super cute! Blonde, slender and with a nice smile.
Yeah, I'd deffo hit her!

You've got any pics with less clothes...? Just to be sure I mean ;-)

fucking nice

Glad you like man

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She was really dirty in bed. Into being tied and shared around a group ;) sure want bikini first before more?

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yeah shes hella cute and apparently dirty as fuck

Oh yeah... bring it on! Nice looking and dirty in bed. What a find!

Bikini and then some more skin.The sluttier, the better!

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For sure

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Hot that you like her. Like that she was into getting gang fucked? I'll grab the pics

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Alexis i think her name was?

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tight bod

her youtube channel so hot

Sexy. Fin alder!
Jeg er dobbelt så gammel.

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Gamle gris

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Hell yeah!

I'd get in line to gang fuck that thight little body any time!

>her youtube
Nice try faggot

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She took it quite a lot. Teacher now and has a son. Think he'll jack it over her?

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Haha, ja!
Fordelen med å bli eldre er at begrepet "søte, unge piker" bare blir større.

(og så er damene på min alder vildere og mer erfaren):

9/10 reveal face her lips are sexy her tits are 10/10


Well, who wouldn't?

I'd love to see her getting some! I'm nearly jacking off to her myself...

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Der er sgu for meget hud på de gamle damer desværre

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Nei, ikke alle. Du lærer deg heldigvis å like det, fra 20 og fremover går tiden fort!

Min ælskerinde her er 40:


whats her snapchat

ITT: Sad and delusional degenerates share pics they've saved from shouldn't share threads and claim to have banged these women. sad tbh

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wow, never heard that before. revolutionary comment there.


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You wish

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Got more? Ass or bikini?

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can't you get anything new if you aren't larping? she's posted here all of the time. this is not even close to oc.

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Because I'm the one who posts her

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noice nice

Danish 2

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i think shed like to see my cock

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Like her?

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you're an idiot.

Nah prolly got a micropeen

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what to like u dont see shit

k bro she's legit sitting right here

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Best sucker ever

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best fuck ever

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0/10. I can't see what her phone looks like. Why would you even start a thread with this trash?


what i'm currently fucking

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show tits?


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lets see those big tits

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good on you

Damn more


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whats her twitch? lol

Gf, any takers for her hole?

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So no nudes then?


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are you blind?

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How bout this

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then fucking post them

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you can only get bitch slapped asking like that

she's very cute. more tits and face, less dicks?

Damn moar

hell yeah

Would u fuck her

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nice, keep going

yes daddy

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Face rate?

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Great tits more for sure

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perfect girl


Fucking kek

U fucked up

Nobody is danish in here??

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6 7.5 7

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4/10 L
7.5/10 M
7/10 R


any bj or fucking?

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Friend's ex I fucked

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thecuckater10 on kik for more of my whore

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i'd agree with you, but she cheated on me and got pregnant because she's a whore. she was smoking hot tho. dumb as a red brick, but hot and sweet. oh well, that's life. if it has tits or tires it will cost you money and cause you problems.

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Teacher I used

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If shes that dumb id just fuck her on the side. But hey at least u got to fuck her and have her nudes. Dump more

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got any nudes?

Rate/wwyd to her pussy?

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more tits?

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fuck shes hot

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fucking hell shes a hottie

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Cute and hot

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thats for sure

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Continue please.

more please

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nice pair on her

girl on left

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both in a threesome

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Attached: 1110140509635.jpg (280x388, 47K)

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ex gf

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Rate wife

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she fine AF

id her fuck 8/10

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nice, more?

nice looking tits on her how she in bed?


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Rate b

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10/10 rate b

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pretty cute

pretty good

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damn nice looking tits for sure


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please tell me you have more

Here they are

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would love to fuck those tits and cum all over her face

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kik? catking_123

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6/10 would fuck again

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I've not kik

don't stop

What's her name??

strip her she's really beautiful.... ex?


No way you have nudes of that goddess

Pussy good? Any pics ?

Absolutely user

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lol amouranth's husband hi :)

those tanlines are disgusting

pussy hairy tbh. she's not a fan of shaving.

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plebian taste

Rate her

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Wins by state discord !!

19 yo fwb

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Any pussy pics ??

One is smaller then the other!

Show me

take that shit to a doctor

gg/H9uMXey-sexy girls!

she looks like she will suck a dick like its her last meal before prison

That's normal, idiot




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Any more of those sunburned boobies?

only subhumans and betas take beefy outties

Right on. That’s why you see blacks fuck smooth pussy. Pure alpha males

Great position, 8/10


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yeh but blacks be fuckin black innies. thats like bragging about having fucked ur hot cousin

You good?

Nah not really. Blacks fuck white innies everyday. They even prefer the white race over their own

Fuck off with that cringy feminist bitch


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Mmm yeah. I like sniffing my wounds

Would fuck her belly button. 10/10

Pussy pic ?

Attached: pwYY4DL.jpg (2316x3088, 1.21M)

yeh but once Daytron cant put together 20$ to fuck that peace of shit u call mother, he has to keep fuckin his couch

only if you coom


Dinkin flicka

Feel free to share her in the new thread when it comes up for more since we almost hit image limit

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When you got a bitch but the waifu game is too strong.