10/10's thread

10/10's thread

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very nice

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Holy shit

She is jewish


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None of these bitches are 10s.....

Very cute

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ok then post your own

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This thread is ass.

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more so hot


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I feel like you might be a terrible person.

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Pointless posting supposed 10/10s without face

her twitter is @niikkinationn

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cry harder or gtfo, faggot

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do u really think isnt 10/10? you must be blind

Someone here needs 10/10's men version

theres been 1 pic itt with no face () but the body alone is 10/10

Hebrew writing in the background unfortunately

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what about

not mine lol

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God damn

redhead dump

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whole gallery of her here:

erome . com / a / bJtz24ta

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dear god pic related is so sexy

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What a rack

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Wow what a useless waste of photos.

No single proper face+body shot.

I hate it when whores do that. 0/10

picky bitch
you get the ass, you get the tits, and you get the face. you want all three? go fuck off and suck your thumb on reddit then

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>and you get the face.

Hardly.. it's always only half, from the side or hidden by her fucking phone/some gay ass smiley.

Reddit is for fags and so are body shots without face. I can't fap to just a body you sick fuck. Have some respect for the whore.

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erm, awkward dude. kind of friggin awkward how youre handling yourself rn guy

he sucked his daughters toes in this video


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THIS girl. who is she? such a 10/10

It seems the tiniest sprinkle of sarcasm is lost on newfags.

Look, I just don't like pure body shots. Sure I can appreciate them as in 'wow look what a hot body' but in order for it to be fappable I need to be able to see a face.

I could fap to a face shot of just a face, I cannot fap to a body shot of just the body without a face.

That's just who I am.

You call that awkward? when Cred Forums is full of traps, furries and otherwise more degenerate fetishes/preferences?

How peculiar.

Got it from here, only pic I have, no sauce sorry.

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a 10 is just a famous 9. No celebrities posted here.

she used to post on reddit, i guess.. her user name was your little lolita 666

i was the one being sarcastic you fuck

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fucking kek

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you gave a different rating on the first 2 and its the same chick....

First on Cred Forums?

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>sophia diamond

you are a certifiable virgin

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seated next to her on a long bus ride. how many pics would you sneakily take? Personally I would run out of space on my phone...but I'm a disgusting perv so whatever


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All women are at most 9s and are only 10s depending on personal preferences

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fuck! now i'm horny!

whats this 2 doing in this thread?

i need to facefuck this one

Is that even English?

I mean.. I'd probably just talk to her and make a connection but whatever.

hey man, i hate trump as much as the next guy but his daughter is definitely fuckable

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anything is fuckable. she's only desirable because shes a celeb. bang average girl

I mean if all you need is big tits and a plain face by all means

you can't fap to friendzoned connections later bro...


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hey man, I'm a simple guy
big tits = happy me

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hey man everyone has different tastes

Either one....

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right is a 10 but left is only a 7 imo

The fuck is happening with her face?

holy shit! so hot!

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Always wanted to see more of her

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Kailey Lemanek

wut? nothing is "happening". she is beautiful.
yes she is. I have a bunch of her tik told as webms. I can't post them atm though otherwise I would. she is a real 10/10.

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That is a nice pussy.

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absolutely yep

holy shizzZ

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outstanding vulva


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Not at her peak but still a 9 at least.

May just be the pose though. Frustrating how often you can see a particular pic that is perfection but another even in the same shoot can be mediocre.

fuck, more

i agree! I often look for sets from one particular awesome pic - always disappointed....

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fuckk. that ass


Who is she?

nice pic

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Taylor Hill

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She's just my type, lanky and seems pretty cool. She's my 10, wtf.

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EmRata is a goddess.

Funny how I never post pics of girls I think are ultimate 10/10 because it would bring them unwanted attention :/

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Oh yeah, you wouldn't want that because they're really looking for you!
Do you bury them in bogs or something?

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He came across as a psycho killer that captures chicks and burys them in bogs or swamps to make sure that they appreciate them.
Maybe I've been watching too many goofy movies on TV?

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Bah, she doesn't have green eyes.

hardly a 5/10

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hahaha gtfo

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I'll bet she's a troll without makeup

elegant dress but she looks drunk as all fuck, but wth, let her have some fun as long as she's not driving.

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Why does her hand look like a weird flipper? Is she some kind of mutant?

10px by 10px more like it



erm, actually, its 245x206 dumbass. awkward.

Oh, you're gonna get burned too for consorted wyth wyches.
How many cats do you own?

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Evil beings, I'll have to inspect all of you!

Best thread ive ever seen.

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Fucking wych lvor you're getting the stke too! prepare for the brnnn

sorry i cant find her anywhere else. that pic is used a LOT all over the internet.

demonis, succubus you're next

this is a trans girl if you dont know lmao

you are new obviously.


some of these are weak ass 10'd

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For whoever was looking I found tons. Just save the file and use that for the image search. The embedded search just uses the mini thumbnail, if you use the downloaded file it gives a lot more for images searching to hit or maybe not on. It'll give you at least a chance.

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Noice except she's probaby a sister of one of those guys in the background and they'd go hunting me. I don't need that in my life.


Anyone agree?

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No, it looks too much like a stupid eurotwat to be useful.

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this girl gave me the worst blowjob of my life, and its on fucking video, also fucked and recorded it for her reddit/patreon following


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Those are definitely the definition of udders


Thought she was a doll at first, too bad she has degenerate tattoes that ruin that porcelain skin.

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She's gonna feel that sunburn later. I know that from experience. It doesn't hurt at the time, it hurts later.

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Big boobs=no ass.

I can't find her

Who can deny trips for SHE-RA MISTRESS OF THE UNIVERSE!

She’ll make it

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Is that fucking Harley Quinn?

Pregnancy made them much bigger

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Just a hunch here but with a name like that it'll be blocked.

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perfect. any more?

I've had nasty sunburns too, it does hurt but after time it's just nothing. It really hurts the most after about 6 or so hours and expected to dress for dinner. Yeah, that hurts, but I've done it because it's the right thing to do.
If I didn't my grandfather who faught in WW II would have laughed at me and rightly so for something so stupid as a sunburn.

Weird flat nose/10


Who on earth is this chick?

Fetal alcohol syndrome

More? Name?

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Made for BBC.

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Post a 10 then, faggot.

gg/H9uMXey-they belong here!

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Please more I love her tits

More please

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Please more she’s definitely a 10

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6/10. Wrong thread bro

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Faget detected


Do you have discord?

Do you have discord?


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More? Name?

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More please I love her

Nonya B. Want full name?

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Please keep going

Nothing terrible about being honest/biased

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Please more

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All I have.

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Bro I swear I used to jerk off to her when I was like 15. More

jfc she's hot as fuck

This mf spittin

I also think blondes are master race.

This man shadded every brunette in this bitch

.... me too tho.

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she's brought a lot of boys through puberty

Attached: DASEEW.jpg (647x792, 133K)

I would freeze my nuts for the chance to fuck either of these two, but they're not 10/10 by any means.

She certainly helped me out a ton during mine haha. More please

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>I feel like
Nu-male detected

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She is cute

she makes dicks hard

Attached: NGHTT.jpg (575x864, 46K)

I’m stroking mine for her. If I make a new thread after this can you keep going?

absolutely 10/10. I'm so biased for these kinda gingers...

Attached: VAM13.jpg (767x960, 215K)

That’s Sophia Diamond

Thread about 10/10...... not a single butthole.....

Cool story bro

yes plz.


God damn more please

Attached: BFBESS.png (779x936, 883K)

Please more

she makes stroking feel so good

Attached: Screenshot_20160505-145017.png (658x1170, 836K)

damn near close.

Attached: B3352FF4-1B7B-4484-BB02-91E8F4A6B33D.jpg (1080x1350, 79K)

It’s amazing edging for her

all the girls you've fucked don't even add up to 2

Attached: Screenshot_20161124-085159.png (763x1200, 959K)

Mmmm more