When you really think about it, he is Still Impeached

When you really think about it, he is Still Impeached.

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Which means... nothing really

If republicans win the house they have vowed to expunge it soooo....

wont even be impeached soon.

holy christ faggot, so was bill clinton...

Since you're going to melt down Nov 3rd. You can't keep having hissy fits about orange man bad for another 5 years.


Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

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He faced the charges and is exonerated. Not guilty fucking snowflake! He will be your President for four more years soon. Fuck you and top kek!

Thank you for your free contribution to the trump campaign.

And when you really think about it, he is Still Acquitted. Your point being...… ?

Only dim witted fagets supports pussy grab in chump

Nah, when I think about it I think, still the goddamn president of this United States. Hahahaha hahahaha!!!!!

he is not impeached because the house never voted to hold an impeachment inquiry

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Two articles of impeachment were passed.

Donald Trump has been impeached and he probably will get impeached again, given his track record of refusing to learn from his mistakes.

Grow up, user.

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God you all the sudden sound like the dumbest person in the thread.

oh my bad, I forgot all you faggots can do is spout conjecture and demand that everyone treat it like fact.

Fuck off.

How about some facts then, while it's true Trump did get impeached by the House, they stalled for time to try and get SOME kind of ACTUAL evidence of any wrong doing besides what one guy Thought Trump did. When it finally made it to the Senate, it was a miracle they didn't just throw it out completely. Democrats had absolutely no hard evidence of any wrong doing and they fucking knew it. Yet they did it anyways because they "felt" it was right he becomes impeached because they don't like him.

so the argument you initially start with is

"Trump didn't get impeached"

and now it's

"okay he got impeached but none of the evidence is real because I say so"

Democrats had witness testimony, documentary evidence, and Trump's OWN PEOPLE fucking admitting it. That's AFTER Trumples issued a fairy-tale blanket claim of executive privilege, and forced people to defy legal subpoenas. That's obstruction of justice, plain as fucking day.

Dude you're wrong and you know you're wrong. Fuck off.

And he'll ALWAYS be a worthless piece of shit

I never said he wasn't impeached, also I didn't say none of the evidence was real, for fucks sakes user even a libtard like you should understand that the people running the country have to have some sort of brains. And obviously the Senate agrees with me that all the "evidence" that the Democrats presented was all bullshit heresy. Honestly dude like if the story was different and this entire thing was over a man's life (He'd have to be black cause I know the SJWs wouldn't care otherwise) and they had the same crappy evidence on this guy for something horrible he's accused for. I would hope just as much that the judge and jury were able to see through all the bullshit. If you really wanna die on that hill take another good look at what they actually have on him. Then come back to me.

Why can't we just all let this go? Smoke a blunt and stop fighting about it. Jesus Christ.

Whoever made this edit was so fuckin' mad lol

>the Senate agrees with me

Oh yes, you're on the side of such wonderful patriots as Moscow Mitch and Lindsey "I'll talk shit about Trump until my seat gets a little warm then I'll puss out" Graham.

Fuck off, mate. You know you're wrong.

What are you fucking stupid, like a euro or someone with an axe to grind. It's done.
Yes impeached not conviceted which makes the house like pelosi and schumcy shumer and those cunts standing around in white robes look like the fucking morons that they are.


That's right! You can fuck my daughter, Buddy!

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dood man lol 420

that's my boy!!! 4 more years!! fuck u all

You know I've noticed a lot of leftists really can't seem to hold an argument they always revert to name-calling and discrediting whatever sources is thrown at them to prove their moronic point. I have yet to meet a liberal that can go any longer than 30 seconds of a conversation without going back to the spineless "fuck off. You're wrong! Cause.. cause well I say so! You don't know what you're talking about!" It's just sad. Like really dude pick up a fucking history book or something. Stop listening to your biased ass college teachers or what CNN tells you.

Sucking on your grandma's clit will solve everything too, asshat.

If I fuck her in the ass will she at least give me a reacaround?

She might let you huff the dust caught on her taint, but you might have to ask grandpa first.

yeah, but they said if the republicans retake the house, they're gonna have that expunged or whatever.
im also canadian i dont care either way, thats just what i heard



Which means OP should be wearing the moron hat.

If you are prosecuted for a crime and found innocent, what sort of fuckwit goes around saying 'well at least he was charged'

You sir are dumber than dog shit

>> If you are prosecuted for a crime and found innocent
Good lord, how do you remember you have to breath?
None of what just happened is like what you watch on PD Cam. You're confused as to how government works. Like you are about almost everything else.

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So somebody found not guilty at a trial, should still be considered guilty and face the consequences? That's how you liberal fascists want to run our government?

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But he's not, only delusional niggers think like you.

why does any of this even matter, why are we talking about this? hes president right now, was NOT removed from office and apparently was found not guilty of all of the offences/crimes/whatever. it really boils down to next election. if he doesnt get in, this impeachment went as planned. it drug his ass through the mud enough to make him lose (would he have won anyways? dont know dont care im canadian). if he wins, he (once again) was not removed so what does any of this have to do with anything? do you think he gives a fuck if hes "still considered impeached". no not in the slightest bit what so fucking ever.

Im out

>impeach Trump
>Trump's approval rating soars to highest ever
>going to lose next election
You canucks should worry about your faggot leader instead of obsessing about American politics.

Dear liberals,

Stay mad

good, if he has high approval i hope he gets in. yeah tell me about it, dont gotta tell me about my faggot leader, id trade with you

so is bill clinton so whats your point

Are you the "stay mad kid"?

Yes yes, and you are still a fag.
Quit the bait
Focus on something productive

He is at his highest approval rating.
Which is still lower than every other sitting president ever.


Trumps only chance at winning is by virtue of gerrymandering and gaming the electoral college , just like last time.
And he only won last time by the thinnest of margins .

Republitards simply assume lighting will definitely strike the same place twice ...you can really see how desperate they are


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Remember when Mitch McConnell said he was going to work with the white house to defend Trump. The prosecutor defended the prosecuted. Seems like a rigged system to me. But sure you guys keep celebrating the fact that our elected officials are taking us for a ride and can do whatever the fuck they want


>Trump's approval rating: 49
>Obama's approval rating (2014): 38


>not understanding difference between prosecution and defense
Keep shining, liberals.

that's also all the respondents who lied about it so they can stealth vote for him. and not get in shit with the libtard scum they have to work with who would try to cancel them.

Epstein, Seth Rich, Emails
Potential withholding military aide for political gain


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Possibly eight more years

you came to the wrong safe place for support, not your personal army

Hillary Clinton
Most exonerated politician of all time

Forever stay mad kid

Today's poll showing Democrats down over 15 points really has you last remaining far left extremist Dem loyalists on suicide watch, huh OP.

yeah, everyone loves her

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Yeah, been noticing the sudden uptick in /leftpol/ asshurt threads crying the last 2 days after CNN, Gallup & NY Times polls now have majority of Americans preferring Republicans over Dems in November. Pelosi was warned impeachment would backfire. She was too shitfaced drunk to listen. Too late for the leftists to cry about it now.

CTR, Shareblue, that MIT group and others , all being paid to shill on a korean paperfolding website.

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Pretty much. Trump's currently at the highest approval of his Presidency in both the current Gallup and current CNN polls, his handling of the economy is currently 12 points higher than Obama's was at the same period of Obama's first term. The Demcorats have become especially agitated in the last few days and with Pelosi being mercilessly laughed at by every late night comedian for her paper-tearing temper tantrum....yeesh, the Dems really f'd themselves.

The senates only job in the case of impeachment is to try the president. The moment the senate worked with the executive branch it was a desperation of power. You cucks are celebrating the the dismantling of the constitution because you dont fucking know any better.

what the fuck did she do to her face? it looks like she's got prosthetic dog balls in her cheeks

decent legs on front right. Can someone get her pics and plaster them on the board so we can send tributes they can view?

None of this is true btw

if you plug your ears and humm really loud, maybe it will be lol

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Just in case y'all haven't noticed the revolution to rid America of the left has started. Congratulations to the Senators who stood together for us

True. Watching the far left nutjobs on Twitter howl in frustration cause Trump hit his highest approval of his Presidency in Gallup & CNN polls has been hysterical.

He also has the highest republican black approval since they freed the slaves.

Dude, you're way wrong about Trump's handling of the economy being 12 points highest than Obama's for the same period of his first term - it's actually 18 points as of today per Gallup.

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No, not possible at all

enjoy your pedo president

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Yeah, saw where Trevor Noah & Samntha Bee, Stephen Colbert were mocking Pelosi's childish tantrum while tearing up the papers. Pretty sad that even far left comedy late night shows are dunking on Pelosi's drunken ass.

Same as Clinton

Hey trumptards hows that whole ‘lock her up’ thing going?

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>same as Clinton

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Kinda funny watching the trann leftists type shit like this right after several links proving it true were posted. No wonder the dems have dropped behind repubs in so many current polls.

Fucken deviant pedo president

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is that all you have left-

> Kinda funny watching the trann leftists type shit like this right after several links proving it true were posted. No wonder the dems have dropped behind repubs in so many current polls.

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KEK! True. Then again, the links are published at around a 5th grade reading comprehension level - Much higher than most left wingers are capable of comprehending.

And the OP is still a broke-assed moron. LOL!

lulz. fair point.

When you think of think faggots are still seething in their closets in fetal positions because their anointed one shillary LOST! Get over it, but I know you can't.


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You're assuming the morbidly obese incel middle age tranny left wingers are actually capable of understanding multi-syllable terms, user. They struggle with mono-syllable terms on their best days.

>>buh Clinton! Or obummaaa!!!

heh, no denying that.

ok you're right

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Prob explains why Nancy was so drunk this morning at her weekly House press briefing. She was slurring her words quite a bit more than usual. Being a global laughing stock hit poor ole gal pretty hard.

This is pretty edgy

That and the way she was talking to herself, mumbling and shaking continually while sitting behind Trump at the SOTU address. Her decades of alcoholism have severly degraded her mental faculties and motor control. Hence why she had to pre-tear all those pages. She can't even rip a hand full of papers.

when you really think about it, you are still a fucking idiot.

lulz! Damn, no wonder OP's having such a massive mental breakdown. Trump's approval for handling of the economy is higher than at any time of Obama's Presidency according to that Gallup poll. Trump's gonna win by a landslide in November.

just sayin...

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Hell yeah hes got my vote now


makes sense, pedos vote for pedos.

The moment the democrats tried to impeach without any evidence was the attempt at dismantling the constitution. that would give them the power to remove any president that they did not agree with.
Now lets look at some facts.
The democrats shouted they were going to impeach him soon as they lost and before he was even sworn into office. They called for violence against his supporters. They sent people into his rally's to start fights. They did nothing but try and block everything he was trying to do for the country. their party has become the communist party and they have actual professed socialist in their party. I could go on but if you got a half a brain cell you can see.

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Well, that about wraps it all up nicely. Dems have been throwing a 3 year tantrum because their beloved corporate whore Hillary lost even after the Dems rigged the primaries to guarantee she won the nomination, screwed Bernie & spent $1.35 billion on her campaign. They won't stop til they lose control of the House in November and have no power on the national level.

>impeachment and removal from office were synonymous in the minds of the average voter
>now they're not

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Kek caught out again


Stop being retarded, OP. I know that's all but impossible for mouth foaming knuckle dragger leftists like you to achieve, but at least put some effort into it.

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>not believing this was all staged. Beliving dems and repubs are not working together. Both using Trump as the perfect distraction to do whatever the fuck they want.

>DNC tries to burn Bernie again, keep trying to push Biden as best candidate.

Its all bullshit user.

Hahahaha. Cope

Join now before it's too late

Kek. You lost. Again. Cope.

he is 73. one thing this right wing subhuman is not going to beat is time.


Try harder nazi.

>Kek. You lost. Again. Cope.

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OP, you were told to stop being retarded.

How awesome would it be if this fat fuck of a president dropped dead of diabetus or some shit.
Kekkkek imagine all the trumptards sperging their tiny dicks off lmfao
Literally diamonds just thinking about it

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Leftists really can't meme, can they. I mean, it's not just a stereotype.

This guys gets it

Only when we get a non-retarded president

He's still impeached whether you think about it or not.

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>The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment. Article 1 section 2 of the constitution.
Whether the dems did it with or without actual evidence. They did it within the confines of the constitution. Trumpers were no where to be seen leading up to the trial, now that that drumpf won they squelch out of the woodwork.
>Believing an elected offical will make good on their promise takes a leap of faith, believing a career business man will not abuse his position to get what he wants is pure gullibility.

Best president ever. Lib faggots can all die.

Oh fuck. I don't know if I'll ever recover from that. Go and dilate.

he was acquitted by the largest majority in history. The left will down as the lamest impeachment ever.

Just sayin....

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Thanks for proving my point.

When you think about it, you're still a faggot.

You know what they say,
"The family that lays together stays together."

Also, he's keeping the money--and the pussy--in the family.

Still a nigger

Hes the only president aquited from impeachment. So ya i guess user.

Yeah till November at least

>g-g-go and d-d-dilate

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>wall of sperg

Yea, you're a well-balanced person...

Not so. Clinton was impeached but also acquitted in the Senate.

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not even close. OMG, you fucks are stupid.

he’s not wrong though

Remind me what a statutory crime is again and which one Trump committed?

All 3 were-zero.

Well, you are a faggot. Aren't you, user? I wasn't that far from the mark was I? You're some kind of retarded little faggot. Because that's the only kind of person that is crying so heavily about this shit.

the witnesses were bogus, you have no evidence because you have no actual crime, and the whole impeachment thing was just a cover for Biden that Trump called Pelosi's bluff on. that's why she stalled. everyone knew it was bullshit. you're done. see you in November.

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Russia was so blatantly fake you are an actual retard for still using that talking point. I’m not sure I can take anything you’ve said at this point as fact. You’ve lost you’re credibility

I always start involuntarily grinning and getting a chubby when I see these threads pop up.
>a-at least he's i-impeached
The demoralization of the left is at an all time high, especially with the botched Iowa Caucus and they couldn't even get the steak salesman fired. Absolutely RENT FREE for 5 more years, imagine if they lose the House too while Repubs keep the Senate. JUST.

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He'd be a matyre if that happened. We'd have decades of people saying that "oh this wouldn't have happened if Trump was still here".
>im calling this now, eithier
If Trump is relected he will not give a fuck about anything during his last term, and let shit fall apart
Trump will begin to talk about the end of term limits and his worshippers will lap it the fuck up.

>Russia was soooooo fake
Easy there comrade you sound suspicious

this isn't really perverted he's just rich and making funnies.

>thinnest of margins

He raped her with the electoral college. Google can literally help you understand how and why this system works. The United States are a constitutional republic. Take your mob majority and fuck off retard.

>thinnest of margins

He raped her with the electoral college. Google can literally help you understand how and why this system works. The United States are a constitutional republic. Take your mob majority and fuck off retard.

Join now before it's too late

You know you are a righteous bastard when your opposition has to invent
'crimes' you have committed.
-abuse of power
obstruction of CONGRESS, my favorite

>the thinnest of margins

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>bottom left
She is literally grinding on his lap
He’s groomed her from birth to do that.
Your commander in grief is a pedo.

like someone will believe you. You are ate up.

Your daughter's face will never be marketed to millions either just for posing with you, assuming you're not an incel.

And why don't you list the number of people who voted for each candidate? Counties and states don't vote. People vote.

because it does not matter. Never has mattered. Your candidate was too stupid to understand, huh? 250 years of history and too stupid to get it.

Hate to inform you but we don't live in a democracy, we live in a republic. The only vote that matters is the electoral vote. Get used to it.

They're too stupid-