Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs

Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs

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full house ayylmao check

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Well, if I were her boyfriend, I would first look at the script, what role she will play.
If something obscene, then I would not allow, of course, except if I participated there: D

Dirty girl checked

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and the cold scraps for the starving masses

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Dua would probably just perform at a club where the main roles meet each other. Nothing special

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I'd give them boobs a squeeze while she sucked my balls

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I’d give my left nut to see her nipples

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>Dua would probably just perform at a club where the main roles meet each other. Nothing special
oh, burn

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Well then, let him act in film, I think she would be glad, and would you invite Laura to act in your film? What role would she play?

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Where are all the sissy anons with warm wet moufs?

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It wasnt meant as a burn. I just wanted to say that user didnt had to worry about any weird roles.

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I just want JJ lewd mouf.

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I bet her poo is delicious.

I cannot oblige you on this, I do not save JJs.

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you the sissy user


Cease this libel.

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on your knees slut

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I'm gonna pass on that one buddy.

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imagine sucking that log

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Imagine being a faggot

ill pass, there is enough brie already

I'd rather suck that beautiful log.

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Goodnight bozos

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if it's new people i'll be interested but brie is spammed 24/7

gnite beautiful

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Goodnight! :)

Sleep tight

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Goodnight love

Gn bozo

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Fuck you, chump

seethe harder briefag

See the what?

Eminem killed Arianas' father

The difference of flinching and not

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Nicky Minaj was also a bought child slave.
It's a cheap money-bought cover up

The elite has always given themselves fresh virgin wives.
Money is power, boys ;)

gn weirdo

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Eminem is addicted to GHB because of the crimes he has done in the past.

He killed pac, he killed everyone you love and he brags about it too.

lewd mouf

He is trying to erase his memory of all devils. Still.


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Ariana Grande was a whore on the streets

yes daddy

Lil Uzi very fucked a baby to death

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Nicky Minaj has breast and ass implants.
She has regular surgery

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Taylor Swift has face surgery

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i mean can you blame him?

daww, Trump kids adoring their dad says so much

How bad could he really be

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hello bridenon

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>I mean can you blame him?
what are things that do not hold up in a court of law?

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He put a spiral inside her and sold her as a whore

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He sold her to all his friends

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Explains why jews love him so much.

What if you owned Maisie Williams

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I'd ask for my money back.

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I would'nt fuck her that's what

>living rent-free in your head
>literally only guy who banned pedoep$tein

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Chloroform, Opium and GHB
The child kidnapping brainwashing combination!
Do you have zero memories of your childhood? Discuss

No I was trying to be NICE

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She would be my perfect little fucktoy soon enough!

If you have a hard time from not doing opiates, you have to breathe manually!
That's all you need

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That's more like it.

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Try again.

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I want to kiss her whispering eye so bad.

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admit it, you want her logs bad

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Go on.

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Damn she has a tight little ass


Very rude.

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I want to tickle her nipples while I do it.

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whats good brother
i see u

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Smells dick cheese and blackened white cunt

Aww :)

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Where do they sell nuggets in boxes of 10? Is that an American thing?

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Uh... it says McNuggets on the box.

How about this,
You are a massive dick cheese eating saget, bob

how are u?

only 6 or 9 wtf
we're getting robbed of an additional nug

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You can buy a 12-piece mcnuggets, and shove 2 of them up your ass.

Or 20, if you're feeling greedy. Hey, you know what actually are nice, tho? The nuggets in France. They feel quite a bit less processed, and more chicken-y.

Where do they sell nuggets in boxes of 12? Is that an American thing?

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Nicky Minaj has AIDS

You are not nice to me.

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I was trying to be the nicest!

Maisie is a cutie pie

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Maisie Williams is Ugly as fuck, I don't understand the hype with this girl ...

decent little body on her. would fuck

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delete this

Why the FUCK did you dump Ollie


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Oh my fucking god... MOAR Elle. When's she gonna get naked?

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I try to stick to a strict diet whenever I'm there
wine, cheese, bread

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He cheated.

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Everyday with this bullshit

Do I get a blowie now?

Very sexy indeed.

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Now I’m really hard.

How did you catch that bitch?


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Wine, cheese, bread and women. Am I right, or am I right?

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Does liking Katy Perry's music make you gay?

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Tell me where your flat in Bath is and I'll come over and fuck you behind Ruben's back

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I like her music and her body, and I'm pretty damn straight

Nah but letting me fuck your mouth to her music does.

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Good :)

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lily specifically pls

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no ur gay

I feel like she does attract a lot of gay fans though.

That's hot.

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Hehe. You wish, mister :p

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She has a lot of straight fans too. I mean she has a great body on her.

Yeah I bet you think so you little faggot. I know you'd make sure to swallow every drop.

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It's a serious offer Mais, I'll bang your brains out

Now, now. Being picky never got anyone anywhere.

It's 2020 now, the definition of "women" is looser than it used to be. You can trust me on this, I promise.

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Nah shes pretty hot.

God, she does have a nice fucking body. So pretty too.

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Sit on me pls

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Those tits man, they are why I first noticed her. She is very pretty.

Yeah, I first got into Katy because of her tits and how hot she is...started liking her music somewhere along the way.

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Celeb here

Jesus. I need a full view of both nipples.

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that is a majestic choice for the 100th lily
I'm not *that* picky tho, most models will do

stealing this too

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Has Ollie been in that ass?

She looks like a guy I went to basic training with.

understandable user. her songs are very catchy. Especially when you are watching them for her...

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No. She's got some jams and she's top jerk off material

user here who got carried away with her last night, just seeing her is making me want to have another go tonight

Is this warm bread gluten free?

What happened last night user?

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got too worked up chatting about Katy and had to go get off to her music videos

Not exactly proud of it, but hey, it was fun

It is, but its not nigger free.


I bet it felt REALLY good though...

Don't worry, I'll find you some models. I've already started making plans. For summer, obviously. Can't be doing any adventuring in this cold.

In what?

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felt great, honestly

Not him but it always feels really good with Katy. When I see the Elmo scene I also get worked up

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Probably came harder than you expected to..

I wish I had her like this.

i clicked

send help

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Definitely, it built up quick and was intense


I bet it was a fluke. It wouldn't feel THAT good to do it again, would it?

was just saying to our pure friend earlier this winter is DRAGGING. january felt like 3 months and I was grinding the whole thing, barely time to see friends nevermind a hoe smh

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I specifically said don't.

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i know and now im just getting worked up again

probably not, but at the time, fuck it was good

God damn

now this bitch here is fine

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His music should have been used in a lot of the movies these "celebs" make.

Go to bed anons you‘re drunk

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I mean, you could try it again, I suppose. Whats the harm?

Show dem lil bottoms

I don't believe so. In fact, I might go so far as to suggest that *you're* the drunk in this scenario.

It's fine, winter's almost over. I feel like January passed by almost too quickly, tho, if I'm being honest. I didn't get a chance to do half of the things I wanted to do.

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Well, you better work that cock then. Fuck your palm for Katy, let your hand take you to new places. Start nice and slow, work yourself up. When you are close, go as fast as possible. Make sure to work out every drop.

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Why haven't her nudes leaked yet?

no u

I wish, felt like 60 days minimum
lily tiddy looks nice there tho so I'll forgive you

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Look at em bounce.

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Left for me

Well, if nothing else, I would hope we can both agree on it mostly being a good thing that it's over. January, I mean. Especially since it signifies the official end of winter, in my eyes.

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hmmm, I fear the worst is yet to come, big stormy boi this weekend
I should try get some sleep now tho, stay cute

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Hot af

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Attached: BPpeachpussy.jpg (3040x4052, 895K)

I guess thats true

Fuck that sounds tempting. I really do want to...

I mean, if you need help with that, We could arrange something.

Full frontal nudes when?

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What were you thinking?

Fucking goddess

I mean if you have disc or kik or anything like that, I'm sure we could figure something out.

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I could give it a shot, whats your disc name


Attached: original (2).jpg (500x332, 65K)


God i hope so

Attached: EBA096D3-DE93-4DA9-8EFE-A29D10521D31.jpg (2133x1169, 1.23M)

Sent an invite


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Welp, it dun'nt make ya straight

Attached: AA5E8EBB-76D2-4635-87BD-F5C8C0BD8DDB.jpg (1953x1174, 880K)

herpes anyone?

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damn are you ever not here

do you make these?

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I am not into blacked but the design is quite nice

Attached: 11E9D44C-6BA0-46BF-8156-B89348CA195A.jpg (2298x2000, 507K)

Attached: C668982F-9FEC-4C4F-9CA0-2B9F6BDBC036.jpg (3400x2563, 1.16M)

>De Kok

Attached: KathrynNewtonFeet4247087.jpg (2400x3600, 1.44M)

I can't tell if I can see her areola or not. I must be going blind.

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Do you make them on InDesign?

It’s Dutch you pleb

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This one's a lot clearer. Thanks for your help.

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its a meme you dip

Attached: Thorne Tiddies.jpg (2133x3200, 624K)

Just Photoshop.

Attached: 7561E069-BD4A-4F66-A915-79ABD9892297.jpg (1024x647, 64K)

Attached: Malin-Akerman_-The-Final-Girls-Press-Junket--11-662x881.jpg (662x881, 126K)

In these trying times, your continued assistance is most welcome.

Attached: lily (102).jpg (813x1220, 45K)

Made that from this

Attached: 7F83247C-E382-4F62-BD81-354829ABE8F0.jpg (699x900, 75K)

Kiernan Shipka

Attached: qzj2qdc9x5d41.jpg (1736x1371, 165K)

Attached: D71AA0E5-396F-408F-98D0-596CA5D2C98E.jpg (1071x1406, 684K)

>De Kok

Attached: 49688771_128639301521000_6935366276558287660_n.jpg (1080x1350, 145K)

Want to see some webms that aren't necessarily lewd? I like them.

Attached: Thorne Blurry Bob.png (750x1334, 1.35M)

Attached: 1579968355223m.jpg (719x1024, 85K)

Attached: qsoitwfogyc41.jpg (1440x1080, 162K)

Join now before it's too late

Full translated name is Rosemary the Cook

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Attached: 87211BBF-56AF-42F0-A94C-C3CBA6AAB955.jpg (1080x1350, 351K)

I don't see why not.

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Attached: Behind the Scenes with Bella Thorne SHAPE.webm (1920x1080, 1.72M)

Attached: 1579968037675m.jpg (712x1024, 89K)

Attached: 1579972171007m.jpg (680x1024, 75K)

what did you check?

Honestly, I know the common opinion is that she's well past her prime, but there's something about her current look that just rubs me the right way.

Attached: lily (30).jpg (1200x1434, 249K)

You and are of one mind on that.

Attached: Behind the Scenes with Bella Thorne SHAPE 2.webm (1920x1080, 1.68M)