Would you fuck my brother’s middle school teacher?

Would you fuck my brother’s middle school teacher?

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Without fail

holy shit yes I would! looks like my ex

This faggot boomer again. You post the worst most stupid shit.

moar of this goddess!


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I want to bang her over a desk

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You’re a lucky man, orrr were

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I just want to suck on her beautiful toes

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so nice! lick around those toes and then up those gorgeous legs

I bet shes hot when she gets mad at misbehaving students

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I would ask for help so much

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man, i'd love to misbehave with her at home!

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She could hurt mee and then use lotion to jerk off my big white cock

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only a faggot would pass up the ass

Wow did you post thatt?

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full body pics

Any more of those sexy feet?

Hell yeah. She is sexy as fuck!

damn she is fucking fine! your brother is lucky!

Those feet are sexy


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Mmmm yess

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It’s honestly driving me crazy how hot she is

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Every school should have a sexiest teacher award (she would win)

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nice, any more full body pics in the classroom?

fuck i'm definitely going to cum to her soon!
Thanks for the pics!

Some of the most pathetic iPhone samefagging you will ever see.

Sadly none in the classroom

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She looks like some goofy ass british bitch, no fucking thanks.

Oh yeah she makes me cum often

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Im not samefagging lol

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set your standards higher then some fucking school teacher, you fucking spastic looking british sack of shit

Hot, those two should take it to a room.

And they should film it for us

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A sexy schoolteacher is enough for me

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