My uni used to have a glory hole now everyone uses grindr ugh

my uni used to have a glory hole now everyone uses grindr ugh.

what happened to good old fashioned semi public sex? pic related

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cathedral of learning, good one...

it used to be prime hookup spot, there was a "men's lounge" guys would pretend to study then follow you in. once offered a hipster from bloomfield a tour, got sucked off in the bathroom, then fucked her in a disused classroom later on.

at another point a prof sucked me off then didn't wait long enough (saw his face washign hands) never spoke of it again but he'd be there same time each week like a greedy cocksucker

sounds like a great time...

post pics

the best is i always pretended to be a borderline incel because women would be surprised im nice and then feel comfortable i wouldn't ghost them after we fucked... XD

>my uni

dafuq outta here with your fruity euro talk nigel.

settle down carl

cathedral of learning is Pitt. Dumb fuck...

That's an impressive structure. Also op is a fag.


if getting sucked off by a bro before fucking a hipster chick on the 36th floor couch is gay i don't wanna be straight

precisely, yinz stupid fuckers...

come to pirmanti bros and ill suck you good

anywhere in oakland is good.

mr rogers used to suck me off at the sears at south hills village

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real pitt students get sucked off at the O

montifiore parking garage level 4

i want sucked off not murdered and dumped in the river, and that's not a real cruising spot

i'd post my # if one of you faggots could prove you actually cruise

sure thing, narc.

is the O still there?

jesus christ, yes.

gay sex isn't illegal you dumb faggot

The last time I was there was about 30 years ago.

lmao oldfag shouldnt you be on usenet

never said it was, douchebag...

What's your problem, spanky? Didn't get your daily dose of dad's protein this morning?

get your dumbass to irc right quick...

you kiss your father with that mouth bitch

more than you know, sweetie...

I saw the thread on /r9k/.

How ugly are you really? Most people aren't ugly at all provided they're in decent shape. They may need a haircut, or to lose the glasses, or to get glasses as a fashion accessory. But there are actually quite few genuinely ugly people just as there are few beautiful people. Most people fall on a scale of average and their score can easily be bumped up a couple of points from 1-10 with just a bit of effort.

but i poop from there

what r9k thread?

and im fine looking i just am kind of fucked up and dont have the energy to pretend to give a shit and too cheap to buy hookers.