First sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:

First sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:
>first times / young love
>truth or dare / experiments with young friends
>that weird guy down the street that deflowered you
>secret FWB
>online hookups, sketchy or otherwise
>Summer camp, boy scouts, or other institutionalized pederasty
>etc etc anything goes, the more taboo the more interesting, usually
Whatever it was for you, when did you start having sex, user?

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this picture is sooooo classic lol

Who Is she?

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Had this older neighbour girl that I always played with as a kid.
She was the first one who showed me her ass when I was like 12 and she 14. From that point on we were just pretending to go jogging or going out with my dog but we always went to the nearby forest to fool around. I remember my dick did really hurt for the first week or so after we started getting to the hardcore stuff. My first orgasm also scared the shit out of me but we immideately went for round two lol


>sister tells me to come into the bathroom with her
>shuts the door
>pulls down her pants and sits on the toilet
>grabs my hand and pulls it down, making me feel her pussy
>I freak out a little because I'm like 8 and this is my older sister
I'm fairly certain this singular moment is what gave me an incest fetish. Happened 20 years ago and neither of us have ever mentioned it. Kinda sucks, I 100% would fuck her if given the chance. Love you, sis, and though I'm sure you don't use Cred Forums, I just want you to know that I appreciate you texting me "I love you" every single day.

Had a handjob when I was 16. 18 yr old girl from hs liked me and we dated for about 2 months. We'd hump with clothes on and kiss and lightly bite and cuddle while watching Salem on Netflix at the time (there's like a sex scene every 10 minutes and made us hot)

Her hand went so fast I couldn't even cum for a while.

I was laying on the bed and looked up and all I see is a blur on my dick.

You know that feeling when you're fully erect? Like it's HARD, well she was going so fast that feeling didn't stay so I did get a tad limp which made it hard to cum. But after a good 10 or 15 minutes I coomed hard it shot in the air and got all over her blankets. She wasn't expecting it and I didn't say anything. Oops lol.

Her mom was wondering why her sheets were dirty and I ended up telling her later hehe.

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First blowjob I've ever got was at The beach, totally risking getting caught

> 18yo
> Me and gf both virgins
> Both horny af
> She always knew how to tease me
> Used to gently bite my neck, sit on my lap and move in a way she could feel my dick getting hard. Also loved when I got dominant
> One day we're at the balconny of a closed restaurant in front of the beach
> Place is empty, but we are not hidden in any way
> I say "fuck It, can't hold it anymore
> Got up, pushed her down to her knees
> Just seeing her like that for the first time felt awesome
> I just pull my dick out and thurst in her mouth
> She had never seen my dick before... The surprise she had followed by this same dick going straight to her mouth gave her a hot shocked/excited expression
> Realising I was outside, with the sea on my back, with this girl sucking my dick while on her knees was priceless
> Don't know until this day If somebody saw us
> It was a good day

I had sex


Re-posting this in every one of these threads...

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...until vol 3 magically gets posted one day, I hope.

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Anyone have the Emily one

I hate this photo set. You can tell she doesn't want to be photographed at all but she's going along with what her limp dicked coomer boy wants because she doesn't have the confidence to cut him loose. She deserved better.

I guess I can do my best to green text my first blowjob with my ex? Maybe if there is some interest the first time we had sex.

>Be me, 23. In my first real relationship. I had just spent 4.5 years physically disabled in bed due to severe chronic nerve damage.
>My body was trash back then. I was out of shape, had almost no libido, and I had zero social skills. Honestly, I was trash back then.
>My ex, beautiful Filipino girl, was also a Virgin. She had just turned 21.
>She is 5'2 on a good day and weighed 105lbs at the time.
>I am 6'2, and I weighed (probably) 195? A bit tubby from antidepressants
>I was on a ton of medications still at this point in time. My antidepressant made it hard for me to feel anything. Both physically, emotionally, sexually.
>My ex was sexually curious and very horny. Her life had always been sheltered (crazy as fuck mom who controlled everything she did).
>So one day she just kind of asks me if she can try giving me a blowjob and tasting my cum.
>Fugging damn right you can do that! I've never had one before.
>So we go in my room and we get on my bed. She's such a minx. Amazing ass. I didn't even know Asian girls could have nice asses.
>She's in these really tight fitting short-shorts that accentuate her ass. The kind that show a lot of cheek.
>I pull her on top of me and we start kissing, making out, feeling each other.
>She breaks the kiss at some point and sits up, spinning around and putting her leg over me so she is facing my toward my feet. I am face-first with that amazing brown ass.
(cont below)

>16yo on a summer group bus tour of Europe for a month with 120 other kids
>only play I got from anyone on the same tour was a kiss from a stellar redhead during spin the bottle on the ferry from Holland to UK
>London was the last 4 days of the trip, then back to DC
>We stayed at a hotel just off Picadilly Circus
>another similar tour of kids was just starting their trip doing everything we did, but in reverse, and they were in the same hotel
>3rd to last day, me and a few friends were handing out in the hotel hall with a few kids from the other tour
>we stay up late just chatting
>kids peel off from the group to go to bed
>just me and a girl from the other tour left
>skinny, great-looking blonde
>we keep chatting
>getting really late, so one of us (not sure who) suggests we continue hanging out in her room
>we go in, her roommate is asleep
>keep chatting quietly, that leads to flirting, tickling... as kids do
>making out in her bed, trying to stay quiet
>she has no problem with any move I make, so it just keeps progressing
>we get under the sheets in case roomie wakes up
>feeling her up, fingering, removing clothes, necking, body worship, handjob (no BJ tho)
>then finally I'm inside doing mish
>we go for 3-4min tops before I finish
>I roll off and lay beside her
>as my heart rate is slowing, I start thinking about what to say
>I realize I don't even know her name
>takes me a minute to figure out if I should ask, how I should ask
>finally I just ask, she tells me
>not too long after, she and I agree to meet for breakfast
>I get up to go to my own hotel room and go to bed
>didn't see her at breakfast. never saw her again

>funny thing is, if the name thing hadn't happened the way it did, I probably wouldn't remember her name. but I do.

>also, none of my friends back home believed the story.
>I think they figured it sounded too much like the Niagara Falls story from The Breakfast Club.
>Frustrated me at first, but I got over it. I know the truth.

when I was 8/9 I just moved to a new town and both parents worked. in the summer I got a pass to the local community center with a pool that I went to most days. I caught the attention of some 16(ish?) girl that was also there frequently.
she did a lot of degenerate things to me like make me lick her pussy, masturbating me to multiple orgasms and fingering my butt.

all in all, 8/10 would get molested again

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>So here I am, petite Asian sex goddess ass in my face, with her leaning her face closer and closer to my dick.
>Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought I would get a girlfriend. Let alone one so beautiful. Let alone one with zero sexual experience.
>So she tries to unbutton my jeans all sexy-like, but having no experience, it's clumsy. I have to raise my ass to help her bring it, and my boxers, down.
>It turns out my dick was the first dick she's seen in person. It is also a lot larger than she anticipated. She kind of turns around and looks at me in bewilderment and says 'I thought dicks were smaller than this? My friend said her boyfriends is only like 4 inches.'
>'I guess mines just bigger than his?' I replied, I didn't really know what to say to her. I was completely focused on her ass in front of my face.
>I tell her to take off her shorts and sit on my face. That would be the first of hundreds of times that I watched her take off her shorts/panties to plant her perfect pussy on my mouth.
>I immediately dig in. I was god awful at eating pussy back then to now, but we were both so turned on it didn't matter.
>She sat up and kind of just pressed her tight little ass into my mouth, moaning, and threw off her top and bra. Raising her hips, she looked down at me as I ate her pussy for the first time and just smiled. I fell in love with her in that moment.
(cont again below.)

When I was 5 the my neighbor who was 4 came over a lot and convinced me to let him suck my dick.

Lies, artistic works of falsehood and fiction

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Not all girls know/have the confidence to be sexy.

I'd say this is a prime example of what was meant to be a "sexy photo shoot" where the camera guy and girl have no idea what they're doing

Ex? Why didn’t it work out?

Bumping for anons who were lucky enough to have gay group sex with their buddies growing up. If any of you had a group sleepover, camping/school trip or whatever that led to group fun please share

>She returned her attention to my cock and firmly ground her pussy into my face such that I couldn't see what was happening.
>My entire view was of her pussy, amazing ass, and beautiful asshole, and then the dimples above her ass.
>What I felt, though, was otherworldly. First of all, I felt her grab a hold of my dick and just kiss the tip. She began to stroke up and down with a death grip. I quickly told her to loosen up.
>The next thing I felt was her tongue slowly start snaking its way all over my cock. I mean from the base on the right side of it, up the right side of my shaft, trace over the entirety of my head, and then back down the left side of my shaft, where she started kissing the base of my cock.
>As she started her climb back up the left side of my shaft, she kissed the entire length, and when she got to the head she engulfed it. With teeth. She honestly bit the crap out of me.
>I jolted in surprise at her teeth, and she apologized, and returned back to sucking my cock. Now, we were both terrible at oral sex. But for us, in that moment, it didn't matter. We were both experimenting. For the first time. Both of us had no sexual experience for our own reasons.
>I didn't last long. It wasn't so much the blowjob that was out of the world, but her body. My ex was, and frankly still is, a beautiful woman. At least, on the outside.
>I felt myself getting close to cumming and I warned her. Her response was to start sucking me harder. Faster. The sound of getting your dick sucked that hard is magical. The feeling? Even better.
>I reached up and grabbed the back of her head and fucked into her mouth as I came as hard as I had until that point of my life. Spurt after spurt after spurt of my cum went into her tiny little slutty mouth and down her throat.
>She clamped her legs on my face and started spasming between her orgasm and an inability to breathe. When I was done, I released her head, and she flopped over, her feet beside my head.

Well, we recently broke up actually. People change in relationships.

Long story short, she stopped trying in our relationship. When we first started dating I had just finished recovering from being sick for 4.5 years. The past 3+ years I spent growing and improving myself. She stagnated.

The killer was when my grandma, who I am closer to than my own mother, was terminally diagnosed with cancer this past December. My ex told me to go find someone else for emotional support.

Beautiful as she is on the outside, she turned into an asshole this past year on the inside. I deserve better.

My family would visit a relative. The house had two bathrooms. I would be taking a shower in the full bathroom and my sister had to pee. The downstairs bathroom was occupied. She would just let herself in while I showered, usually in a long T. “I need to pee”, she would blurt out, then nonchalantly pull down her panties and sit on the toilet. Holding her shirt up around her small waist, her back slightly arched, her knees together and her panties pulled down to her thighs showing her nice hips. She would be casually looking around and out of the bathroom window as she tinkled. So innocent, feminine and vulnerable. Her developing perky nipples showing through the T. I would pull the shower curtain back a little and take a peek. I would see her dark little bush below her belly and between her thighs. She caught me looking and would give me a frustrated glare. I would close the shower curtain, she would finish and leave the bathroom. I was hard as diamonds and would start to stroke and pump out a load of cum thinking about my sister. Pic related.

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Jesus man that sucks. Sorry to hear that. :(

I guess that is a more charitable interpretation. To me she doesn't just look awkward, she looks pained. If you've seen the rest of the set you will know what I mean.

Yeah, it was rough for the first two weeks of January. But I am doing a lot better now. I'm actually a lot happier these days than I was the past ~5-6 months living with her and her family.

I appreciate your support.

I learned a lot from this relationship, though. I grew a lot as a man. I feel that I did a lot of catching up. Perhaps, in some ways, I even surpassed my friends. I certainly am a lot more self-sufficient and mature than most of them. And all of that is due to meeting her.

Regardless of our relationship not working out and me not wanting to be her partner, I wish her a bright and happy future. I hope she returns to being the woman I would've bent at the knee for someday.

When I was 15 my friend since second grade, his dad died.
It was bad and really rough for him so I started hanging around trying to help him out.
Then his mom started banging me. It just kind of happened. it was kind of emotional support sex I guess.
I don't think he ever knew or even wanted to know.
We graduated, I went off to college and lost track of him and his hot mom.

I used to give my little brother blowjobs as kids. Nothing special, i remember liking how he twitched in my mouth and the moans he made.

greentext, now.

I know the feeling my ex was also Filipina. Can only hope they improve themselves someday and wish them the best.

dont have a pic of her but my first time sucked
>be me 20
>shes 19 we'll call her Ashley
>Ashleys my moms friend daughter
>we met at a party start smoking weed
>she gives me her number
>she text me a few days later asking to hang out
>we hang out a smoke talk whatever 3 times
>4th time she calls me to hang out I told myself im going for it
>go over same as usually just chilling we start watchung tv in her room
>she starts sliding back closer to me
>already had my arm around her
>she looks at me and just go in for the kiss
>we start making out in like 5 seconds
>muhh dick gets insta hard
>she gets on top of me continue to make out
>she pulls her shirt off i follow her lead
>start kissing again grab her tits
>start trying to take bra off but cant its a front latch 1
>didnt tell her i was a virgin but sure that gave it away
>she takes it off herself think it turnes her on
>after thar she was all over me
>starts pulling her and my pants off
>grabs my dick and garbs my hand and puts my figure in her pussy
>start figuring her while making out
>then she says i want you to fuck me
>it's finally happening
>i used to jack off at least 2 times a day
>she says nothing about a condom only says dont cum inside me
>she lays down i get on top
>spit on her pussy and my dick on her pussy
>she pushes back tip goes in
>im in heaven
>we fuck in a few differnt positions
>missionary,cowgirl,pron bone
>its summer in cali so its still like 85 at 3am
>were both swearing like crazy
>she starts calling me daddy as we fuck saying i feel good
>were fucking for like 3 hours and i just cant cum
>shes really hot and it fells amazing
>start getting mad i cant cum
>thunk it was because it was hot and i was in my head the whole time wondering if she liked what i was doing rather then enjoying it
>4 hours later im so tired and say fuck it
>just pull out and say i came
>she throws me her shirt to clean up and goes to bathroom
>comes back we cuddle and sleep
>she told me she had a good time next day

>foot worship at school aged 15
>first cock touching with a footjob aged 15 after school at home
>she was 16
>mrw i realised i peaked in high school

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Yeah, it was weird at the end. She kept acting weird because I'm white. And she started blaming my behavior on the fact that I am an American 'privileged' white guy.

Meanwhile I pay for everything I have myself..and she had an unlimited credit card from her mom. Which is how she was controlled at 24 years of age.

I heard from a lot of people Filipina's try to control men. and I didn't end up experiencing that until ~2.5 years into my relationship. It was like a switch got flipped when I moved in and she (and her mom) suddenly felt entitled to treat me like crap.

They're both not born and raised here, though, so maybe that's why they act so bizarre?

My younger sister and I watched American Pie when we were younger. It gave us all kinds of ideas we'd later regret doing.

>Be me, 28
>Little sis 21
>Been away at college and work for about 10 years
>Come home to help celebrate her 21st birthday
>As kids we were close
>Kept in touch while I was away
>She had been through the usual boyfriends, nothing currently
>I had a few brief things, but mostly concentrated on study and work
>Wow she’s grown up a lot
>Not that big, 5 foot nothing, maybe 100 pounds
>But disturbingly pretty
>and affectionate
>Like a puppy, all over me
>Really glad to see me
>OK I’m happy too, but a little weirded out
>I’m supposed to take her out drinking
>She’s had booze before, but not in a bar
>Go to a karaoke place where a buddy of mine is DJ
>Place is packed and noisy, kind of a meat market
>She immediately starts downing beers
>Since I’m driving, I only order non-alcoholic
>Sis and my buddy conspire to talk me into singing
>I utterly suck at singing, but I cave and try “Cry Me a River” by Joe Cocker
>Figure I can’t sound any worse than him
>Ok got that out of the way
>Sis has been sticking close to me all night, now gets really clingy
>Says guys have been hitting on her since we got there
>I say “Well, damn girl, you are really eye-catching, you should expect that,
>do you want to leave?”
>“No, having a good time, just pretend to be my boyfriend”
>Uh, okay
>She drinks a lot of beer because she’s nervous and excited
>Gets pretty good at the girlfriend act
>Really sells it
>Starts kissing me and running her hands all over me under my shirt
>OK they believe you Sis
>Starting to believe it myself
>Finally decide she’s had enough for a tiny person with little drinking experience
>Drag her to the car, where she passes out

>be me
>going through all the vhs tapes my parents recorded when me, younger sister and younger brother were kids
>re-encoding them in digital format so parents can re-watch and be happy
>in one video, my dumbass dad recording me (6yo) massaging sister's (5yo) thicc thighs while she's lying face down
>for some reason, i smelled her ass (still wearing underpants thankfully) cue to my dad scolding me
>mfw upon seeing that
I removed the fuck out of that for the re-encode. Will probably destroy the tape sometime soon.

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>Be me
>17, playing Halo at my friend's house
>His little sister, 11, wants to play
>"user, play with her, I gotta go pick up so and so"
>Start playing, let her win a bit, funtimes.jpg
>"This is boring user, let's watch a movie"
>Start watching The Ringer
>Do my best retard impression, "user you're so funny!"
>Sitting on couch. She scoots closer.
>Movie continues to play. She lays down, feet in my lap.
>Weird feelings but ok. Going with it
>"Hey user, rub my feet!"
>Sure why not. Keep her white socks on.
>Her feet keep grazing my crotch. Her t-shirt rides up
>Can see her cute run and bellybutton. She sees me look
>"Stop looking at my belly!" she laughs
>But she doesn't pull down her shirt.
>Still rubbing her feet.
>"Take my socks off!"
>For some reason that makes me start to get hard
>I glance up and see her nips poking against her 4H t-shirt

>Take off her socks. Her feet are cute and tiny
>"That feels good user"
>She closes her eyes as I rub her feet. Her breathing slows
>This is getting... different. Never thought about her as anythingnither than my buddy's lil sis.
>She starts making slow circles around her bellybutton with her finger. Her shirt inches higher.
>I can practically see the underside of her pokies
>Can't help but look. Jesus, what do they feel like?
>Full boner now. As I switch feet her left foot drops to my lap
>right next to my hard on
>"Rub my legs user, I ran today"
>I feel like this is a dangerous idea
>but we're in the basement and no one is home

i have an interest

>have hot twin sister
>Jerked it to her as long as I can remember
>When she is gone I rub my dick on her stuff
>be 16
>sister is out with friends
>In her room ass naked, laying in her bed, Panties on face
>A thong around my dick
>beating my dick like it owes me money
> end of bed faces the door
>open my eys, sister is in the doorway right between me and my thong wrapped dick
>immediately cum buckets
>" im sorry" i mumble as I get up
>Try to hand her my cum covered thong in panic
>her shock turns to anger
>she starts slapping me
>push past her and lock my door
>she berates me for like 30 minutes through the door
>later that night go and apologize
>tell her I will wash the panties.
>She tells me to keep them smiles and calls me a perv

Mines is a different situation, she has such bad anxiety and depression she legit is like a hermit and doesn’t talk to anyone unless she has to.

Only socialization she gets us sometimes she runs the register at her moms store but then she just shuts herself off from talking to anyone. Sad existence really.

Dang. That sucks. I watched the woman I love whither away. She wasn't always an asshole. She was my best friend for nearly 3 years. I just don't get how someone can change that much in the course of a year.. Life :/

I'm really sorry your ex had depression. That shit isn't easy. Mine felt obligated to be her crazy mom's (and I mean crazy as in diagnosed with a mental illness crazy) servant her entire life. And they were trying to pull me into that mess and I didn't want to join.

>expecting me to believe the overweight guy on anti depressants suddenly turns into all out, hair grabbing, mouth fucking machine due to a blow job

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Me 29 her 25, met her here actually. We became friends after chatting on a fluffy thread. Drove 9 hours to see her for a week.

Yeah their culture really believes in supporting family no wonder how toxic they are. It takes a lot to remove oneself from that mindset. I know as Hispanics have a similar culture and I removed myself from that toxic mess.

Can someone post the link to the column story please?

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>13 at the time
>friend's brother starts making out with his girlfriend in front of us on the floor in their basement
>they were really into it and high out of their minds so I take advantage and lay down right behind his girlfriend
>slowly put my hand under her shorts, doesn't do anything so I go a little deeper
>eventually I back off before it gets too much of her attention
>couple weeks pass and she takes the chance to confront me about it while her and her boyfriend were arguing
I also got the chance to lick her armpit during a game of truth or day around the same time the first incident occurred. She was about 17 at the time.

Similar happened my first time.

Yeah. Like, I wouldn't mind taking care of her mom if her mom was a polite, wholesome lady. Her mom was obnoxious, crazy, and overtly offensive. I'm not dealing with that my entire life.

I wasn't even going to leave her relationship-wise until she started being an asshole. She kind of forced me to make a tough decision.

I feel that within 3-5 months she's going to be reaching out to be asking to get back together. I don't know what I'll say. Honestly, I hope she doesn't. It's too difficult when you love someone this much to be treated like shit by them.

You’ll have to refuse and tell them upfront why. It is not easy to convince someone that the way they were raised isn’t normal, or healthy. Yeah it’ll suck but it is for your own health.

I did tell her. The day I broke up with her. I told her that I love her, and I love her family, but I can't pander to her mom's delusions. I can't sit there and not get offended when she is offensive. I even tried to explain to her that how she treats people just isn't right. And from her culture's view, her mom is probably (to some extent) behaving correctly, but she isn't in the Philippines anymore. I'm not Filipino. And she can't treat me like that.

I told her I was literally doing my best, and that my best clearly wasn't enough. And that I needed time and space. And that's how I broke up with her.

I'm going to get off and go for a run. I appreciated out conversation, friend. Have a nice night.

See you Man. Take care.


When I was 14, I met and had sex with a guy I met off craigslist because he told me he'd let me fuck his daughter if I did. 10 years later I made her my wife.

... you don't get the hint do you?

Greentext it

Did wife ever find out?

First sexual experience

>be me age 6 or 7
>live in Ohio
>moms best friends daughter around my age
Don't remember a lot of details as this story is true
>playing alone in room laying down
>she spreads her legs in a dress with no panties and straddle walks over me
>full view
>does this back and forth repeatedly
>each time I howl "woooooooo"
>parents wtf and check on us
>catch her mid straddle
>not allowed to see each other anymore
>ff X small amount of time
>she gets kidnapped
>if X small amount of time
>she is found raped and murdered in the woods
>stabbed 40+ times in the chest and neck
>next sexual experience wasn't til age 19
Name was Amber G

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Well yeah, we did it in front of her.
I don't know why I post right before I go to bed, I know people will want details and I'm too tired to greentext. What do you want to know?

>if X small amount of time

What the fuck is this? An algebra problem?

I lost my virginity to a girl called Jessica while we were in 7th grade.

Did you bang the daughter afterward? Or I guess I mean did you bang your wife afterward. Do you hook up with her dad still?

>gay sex

No one wants to hear about your mentally ill degenerate faggotry. Kys

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Describe what you did with her later on

I don't still hook up with her dad, I was already at his upper age limit for guys when we met. I did fuck her afterwards. It clearly wasn't her first time.

I generally disagree, but this is probably the same user that's always begging for stories about young gay boys farting out each others cum.

Give me a rundown of what happened

Does buddy's dad count? We were out camping when I was 12 and I'd snuck away for a bit in the middle of the night to rub one out. He followed me cause he was worried I'd get lost and caught me with my dick in my hands. He showed me some nudes of his wife, I showed him some nudes of a girl from my school, one thing led to another, and I had his dick up my ass.

What I’m curious about is the journey of her becoming your wife. Did he bang her too? What happened after you had sex with daughter? You decided to date her?

It most definitely is. I even have a good greentext about my best friend and I from when we were 11-13 but now that I know this raging pedo fag is here I'm not going to.

Not him, but it's a movie that glorifies the fuck out of losing your virginity and other sexual shit like blowjobs and eating pussy. What do you think?

We met up at the mall because I wasn't convinced he was real and wanted to see his daughter. We went back to his car where he fingered her for me, then he drove us to his place. I had to blow him, let him fuck me raw til he came, then rim him til he was ready for round two. He wanted to go for round 3, but he couldn't get it up, so my first time kissing my wife was straight from her dad's ass. I was worried that she'd resist or give me trouble, but she had it down like a routine. A decent hand job, lots of licking and kissing, then my first time with a girl. Pounded her for a little while, I'm sure it was shorter than it felt, and came in her.
He'd been banging her, and I wasn't the only person he brought in from craigslist, though most of them were much older. I was pretty much her only guy friend anywhere near her age, and she was still 4 years younger than me. I was her "boyfriend" in secret for a few years, then when she was in high school I asked her if she'd want to marry me once she graduated and I'd finished college.

did you end up doing stuff with buddies your age after that? not into age gaps like that sorry

>Be me, 15, 10 years ago
>Have a super hot sister 2 years older than me
>Fucking spank bank material constantly
>We share a bathroom, always leaving thongs on floor when she showers, etc.
>I have smelled her panties more time than I can count.
>One day, was super hot, I was mowing lawn, she was laying out
>She would get in pool, then get out and lay out more
>So damn hot in bikini. Wasn't a thong, but high cut.
>I finish up, and jump in pool too (was mowing lawn in board shorts)
>I am in pool and realize that from that vantage point, can see outline of pussy as bikini is tight and wet.
>Totally spring boner.
>I can't get out of water quite yet, she gets up and goes inside.
>Finally realize I am good to get up.
>I go in, and go to our bathroom to change
>As i'm doing so, she is headed out, now wearing cutoffs and a t-shirt
>When I get in bathroom, her still damp bikini is hanging on shower door, dripping water
>Grab bottoms, smell them, mostly smell like chlorine from pool, but if I imagine hard enough, I can smell her pussy
>Take a quick lick. I've licked her panties before.
>Don't really taste anything, mostly pool
>Still image of them tight against her, I'm hard and decide to rub one out.
>Getting close to cumming, decide to cum into crotch of bikini
>Dumb, but I'm horny
>Cum all over the crotch. A lot.
>Immediately filled with regret.
>Cum is clumped in crotch. Try to rub it in so not as noticeable.
>Since they were damp, the water is not letting the cum soak in. Fuck.
>All of a sudden, hear her back in house with two friends.
>She tries to open bathroom door, locked.
>Knocks and says, "I need to get in there."
>I hang her suit back up - freaking out
>I walk out, she pushes past me.
>Her two friends are in bikinis in our living room.
>She comes out of bathroom, back in the bikini
>They all head out to our pool.


Still some age gap, but my freshman year of high school, I played the role of sex toy to a few of the senior captains in a club I'd joined. Started with one of them, and I guess he'd experimented with the others before so he told them about me

Does he still have sex with her? Sounds like a fucks up family...

>She keeps messing with her bikini bottoms
>Says to her friends something to the effect of "don't you hate putting a wet bathing suit back on? Feels so weird when it is cold against you."
>Realization that my cum is against her pussy gets me immediately diamonds again
>Go back into bathroom
>Look for her panties to smell while I jack it again
>Grab her cutoffs, no panties there. Fuck, crotch of jeans smells like her though
>Decide not to spank it quite yet
>Go into living room, look in the bags of her two friends, just cutoffs and t shirts for them too. One of the has a huge rack, has a bra
>Watch them swim and lay out from my room.
>After a couple hours, they get up, go inside, all change
>They are on couch watching something on E or whatever
>I go into our bathroom, three bikinis now hanging
>Smell all of them. Was more laying out than swimming, so the crotches smell like their pussies (other than my sister's, smelled like cum).
>Went out to room where they were watching
>They are sprawled across couch and chaise, realize all three of them are commando under cutoffs
>Spend next two hours trying to get peeks of pussies
>Saw my sisters and the busty friend, didn't get peek at other one
>Have spank material for next 10 years

My cousin gave me my first blowjob and I came in her mouth

Are you a peeping Tom deviant now?

nice, go ahead and describe what you did with them? did they all get real nasty with you?

He does, probably around once a week he comes over, sometimes more, sometimes less. And it's definitely not a healthy family, I've only ever seen her mother twice, and she's only seen her a handful of times more since she was 5. They pretty much only got married on the deal that she'll give him a kid to groom, and she'll get to live off his money traveling all the time.

You’re ok with that arrangement? You only have sex with wife? Or with others too?


Mostly bare back, some water sports and rimming. Most interesting thing that comes to mind is sometimes they'd text me during class to meet them in the bathroom, or we'd do it in semi-public places.

Damn thats kinda sad

Mostly only with my wife, sometimes I like to mix it up and get fuck by a guy now and again. And I'm okay with it, they'd been doing it long before I was in the picture, so I wasn't going to stop them.

Was 11f and had a doctors appointment. Doctor said he wanted to talk to me in private and asked my mom to wait in the lounge. Her friend worked next door at a dentist office so see said she’d be back. So he goes through the normal doctor stuff, then he tells me to put this gown on and sit on this weird bench that had swing out foot pegs. So im sitting leaning back with my legs open . He said, “ now we just have to check a few or your internal reflexes”. He then strapped my feet into the footpegs saying “this is to prevent your legs from kicking during the procedure ” and I couldn’t move. He grabs a tube of something and said “this might be a little cold at first” and before I know it he slides fingers inside me and it was pretty uncomfortable. But he kept slowly pushing them in and out. I asked him for my mom but he told me she wasn’t allowed to be present during this. Then he said “don’t worry this will be over before you know it, you might feel a little pressure now” and he was feeling my cervix with his middle finger. Then he said “your cervix feels normal, and your body is making more than enough lubrication for this next test” he curled his fingers up towards my belly button and was feeling around. All the sudden I felt like i had to pee and I asked to stop to pee but he just kept going and sped up. It got this intense urge to pee tried telling him again but he put his hand over my mouth and started rubbing my gspot like crazy. I couldn’t take it and tried getting away but couldn’t and he said “ just be a good girl and let this happen” but I didn’t pee, my vagina started throbbing and feeling really good. And all this white goo was coming out he said. I couldn’t take it anymore but he just kept going

Yeah I also find it kind of sad. Created for the sole purpose of being a sex toy for your father. It’s fucked up.

nice, can you go into detail about particularly messy sessions involving all three of those? the nastier the better

My brother and I use to watch porn with my cousin and jerk off together. We started when our cousin was 14 my brother was 13 and I was 12. We never touched each other but we all would cum in front of each.

Since my brother and I didn't see our cousin often we started doing it just the two of us. We both loved watching blowjob videos together and since we would be alone we gave each other blowjobs three times. He swallowed my cum all three times and I swallowed his once

Join now before it's too late

It's definitely not a happy story, but it's not all awful. He'd absolutely spoil her, not just with toys and jewelry and trips but also just genuinely wholesome family time. There was love there, just horribly corrupted love.

I'm a guy, and this was the very early 90's era.
From the ages of 12 I had sitter that was one of the former "at risk" youth's my mother fostered.
She didn't give much of a shit what I did as long as I didn't leave the apartment complex. It was a low rent ratchet place with two large L shaped buildings and a courtyard with fuck all in it to do. So being bored I started spying on the ground floor apartments. Usually only the patio doors weren't covered with drapes at all time's (in fact one there was this one guy that played Nintendo every day and I would watch him more often than not.) But one day I was on the back side of the second building and I caught a glimpse of a girl changing, it didn't last long but it immediately became the only thing I looked for. Eventually a woman caught me. If I had to guess, maybe late 20's early 30's. I tried running away but she was quick enough to catch my dumb ass. I refused to tell her what unit I was from, so she brought me back to her apartment to call the superintendent. Nobody was picking up the phone, so she started grilling me herself. "Why were you peeping? Do you know how bad that is?" I stammered something along the lines of "I wanted to see what a real woman looks like.." ..and her mood softened "..and did you get a good look then?" I shrugged a bit and said "a little." I figured I was in huge trouble and she seemed to know I felt like crap because I was starting to cry.
Then she suggested we keep it our secret so long as I stop peeking through windows. I agreed immediately. We had a few awkward moments (at least on my end) before she started asking me what I was most curious about. So I hesitantly said the private parts. I'd seen boobs, but privates were still a mystery. Than she blew my mind by offering to show me only if I kept that a secret too.
I agreed wholeheartedly.
I started to really REALLY look forward to the day's when my mother worked late and I found out I was going to the sitter.


Messiest would probably the time one of their parents was out of town and we all skinny dipped in their pool. Just a lot of skin on skin, dick on ass, it got the guys in a mood I hadn't seen them in before. Usually they'd wait around and take turns on my ass, and there'd be some down time between rounds, but I was either getting fucked, blowing, getting pissed on, or rimming for nearly an hour. My jaw got sore, so instead of giving blowjobs, they laid me in one of those pool recliners and throat fucked me so I didn't have to put in the work. That was the closest I've come to feeling like an inanimate sex toy.

this is a lovely fantasy user

Was she happy at least?

It’s not corrupted love, it’s manipulation. That’s how groomers work by spoiling them.

I mean if you’re all happy with it all ok... just messed up. Since it wasn’t her first time how many guys was she with before you?

You know how it is with kids, just multiply it by abandonment issues with her mom and you've got the picture. Some really good days, some really bad days. She's way better these days.
Enough that he didn't bother keeping count. Over 15 and less that 30 was his best estimate.

Do you know if he made similar arrangement with other guys your age (or not your age for that matter)?

There were two other boys, brothers, one 11 and one 13, that were over semi-frequently.

Did this effect you in anyway?

jerked off in front of my sister

What she do?

I mean, I tried the younger one out a few times. A nice variety, but I preferred my future wife.

she touched it but mostly just watched until i came

she was completely naked the whole time tho

What did she say?

made fun of it for being small

Fucked an obese lady in our apartment's pool.


Just a tip user:
Affect is a verb, while effect is, for most purposes, a noun.
So, if something influences something else, if affects it. If something is influenced by something else, that thing has an effect on it.
Now, there are certain exceptions here, specifically when "effect" is used as a verb. That specifically means to bring out. So, something can effect change, for example.
Lastly, there is the noun form a affect, which specifically means feeling or emotion. If someone has a flat affect, it means they have are in a very dull mood.

More pls

> be me, 18yr old virgin straight out of hs
> pretty good looking but why and nerdy and never had the courage to talk to girls
> obsessed with Omegle
> one day meet a cute girl, we talk for hours
> exchange Skypes, she is from my city!
> make plans to meet up

No. Just women on toilets fetish.

Was her name sarabeth?

Thanks bro

Raped at 7

Was 9 when I fingered a girl for the first time.

Lost my virginity at 13 with an ugly fat moron who believed me when I told her I'd marry her. Fucked her whenever I wanted a for a few years and then forced her to get an abortion if she wanted to stay together. Broke up with her immediately after.


She wasn't always there, but when she was we'd hang out watch movie's or t.v.
In retrospect I think she was lonely, and I was very much enjoying the little bit further we'd go every time I visited.
By the time Fall arrived my mom was regularly working late three day's a week.
I told the sitter I had a friend in the complex that I was watching movies with, and she didn't ask any questions as long as I was back for 8:30 to get picked up.
With that regular schedule (which I told my new lady friend) things escalated from touching her boobs on the couch and having a look at her pussy.. to teaching me in a more "hands on" approach. We never had sex, but she was the first woman I went down on, and fingered. I still remember how surprisingly slippery she felt. Because of her I learned what a clit was, and where the gspot was (although I didn't know what a gspot was, just how to move my two middle fingers like Spiderman when he shoots web until she told me to stop.)
She wasn't really reciprocal, never blew me or anything.. I guess she used me.
But fuck it.. Later on my first highschool girlfriend at 14 couldn't believe she was my first during foreplay because of how well I did it. In the spring when I turned 13 my mom figured I was old enough to stay home as a teenager, and I stopped going to the sitter after school. Totally lost contact with the woman after that.
It's a pity the memories are getting fuzzier as I get older, but I don't regret a thing. It gave me a head start in the sex department and I had zero doubt in myself with girls because they weren't a mystery to me in highschool (not entirely true.. How the fuck their minds worked was still unknown.) To this day I occasionally think that if I recognised her today, even though she'd be much older.. I'd try to fuck her on principle. She owes me that and idgaf how she looks.. It's psychological at this point. But it's probably never gonna happen.

>she is cool with sex
>get naked
>get about 2 pumps in and forget I was in such a rush I'm not wearing a condom
>pull out
>shes upset
>she cheats on me

so yeah that was my first time

20 years later im good at sex now though

> She’s a virgin too, and my age
> first date, took her to a coffee shop
> end up kissing at the end, her first kiss
> her parents are out of town, she invited me over, says I can sleep on the couch
> some kissing. Convince her to give me head. Get a braces blowjob before she hears her sister moving and goes back to her room
> blue balls.
> I go off to college, we agree to date.
> rent Airbnb and she takes a bus 10 hours to visit me
> Try to fuck her in my dorm room, pussy too tight, face fuck her till I cum instead
> next day at Airbnb. can’t take it anymore, finger her a bit till I force her pussy open with my cock
> she is crying and bleeding. I don’t feel any pleasure from this
> turn her around and do her doggy, she begs me to stop, it hurts too much, I pump for 3 more minutes till I cum
> laying in bed after, she tells me she loves me
> I say I love her too much to do long distance(lie) and break up with her
> she cries to sleep
> virginity lost. Mission accomplished

>Be 16 in St Louis ( the white part ) Sr. in High school.
>Made friends with 14yr old freshman that I met on the bus.
>Blonde, Blue eyes, nice tits & ass, about 110 lbs.
>Spent about 2 weeks talking with her.
>1st time she comes over to my place after school.
>We start making out, and since she's wearing a cheerleader skirt I've got my fingers deep inside in a few min. She's real wet, Dripping I mean.
>Pussy lips all pouted out. Panties completly soaked. I figure this is it !
>She's on the bed next to me both still fully clothed.
>I slide up on top of her and get my dick in past her panties.
>I only get a few full strokes in before she breaks down, real full sob type crying.
>Looks like its all over. I pull out and put everything back in order.
>She finally calms down enough to tell me she's crying because it feels so good.
>Turns out her step father has been fucking her since she was 12.
>She really likes it with someone she chose to have sex with.
>Fucked her non-stop for about 6 months.
>Got tired of her ( she was pretty loose ).
>Turned her over to one of my buds.
>True shit.

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high five for the sex

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Is that her? any more pics? Did she give you details when you two were together?

Triforce Girl

you wreck her asshole first?

tinyurl /

>It got even stranger than it sounds.
>She told her mom about "us".
>About a week later her mom is waiting at the bus stop for us.
>Drives us to my house but won't let her daughter out there.
>She gave me a long talk about why I should keep quiet about any "family problems" that are none of my concern.
>As far as I know the step dad never did stop fucking her.
>If I had played my cards right I might have been able to fuck the mom too.
>To a 16 yr old she was more than doable.
>A 6/10 at least.
>But I was happy just to keep fuckin the daughter.
>She tells me her mom says I should stop doing anal with her, as her ass is getting slack . . .
>She knew how to do everything.
>Her dad always finished in her ass even though she was on the pill " to control her periods".
>Her Dr. had to know she was getting totally fucked in every hole.

BTW that pic is from 1970, she does NOT look like than now.

I was 17 and raped by a 30 year old latina

this is a rather long story, ill try to post it all before i fall asleep

>be me, age 11 and discover internet porn
>spend the next 4 hours engrossed in all the different kinds there are
>dial up era, so only images unfortunately
>tell friend of my discovery next day in school
>he says he also recently discovered his dad's vhs tapes but that that was the only kind there was
>we spend entire lunch and free period discussing in great detail everything weve seen so far
>a few months go by and we continue to feed our new addiction and share what weve found with each other
>eventually get bored with straight and lesbian stuff and venture into dangerous waters of gay and shemale porn
>so lost in my horned up state I subconsciously begin to jerk my throbbing cock
>cant ejaculate yet but have best drygasm to date
>feel kinda weird and guilty after I come to my senses, did I really just masturbate to gay porn?
>start mindlessly clicking around the sites and begin to get curious again after paying more attention the guys cocks than the girls
>stray back into dangerous waters again, this time focusing on shemales because my mental gymnastics somehow convinced me that it wasnt gay because it looked like a girl
>its still definitely gay but w/e
>fap to them fucking each other, other guys, being gangbanged, and being creampied
>drygasm again but not as hard as before
>get tired and go to bed
>drift off to sleep wondering if I should tell friend about this

>next day at lunch, friend and I discussing our new nightly habit
>hes talking about watching some girls getting banged by 3+ guys at a time, says it was one of the hottest things hes seen so far
>I agree with him
>after a few more minutes of mindlessly listening to him go into vivid detail about imagining doing something similar to the class slut, I work up the courage to ask him if hes seen any shemale porn yet
>hes taken aback a little but then looks around him to make sure no one is coming or listening in too intently to our conversation
>he leans in close to me for added secrecy and tells me that he has quite a few times
>instantly relieved by this knowing im not the only one interested in it
>ask him what he thought about them since hes watched a few times
>says their weird but somehow sexier than normal women
>agree with him and then we continue discussing what we thought was the best kind
>mutually come to decision that shemales fucking girls was the best
>probably both of trying to hide the fact that we liked watching girls with hard cocks fuck the shit out of guys
>makes plans to have him stay at my house for the weekend and play copious amounts of vidya

>friday comes, friend rides home with me after school
>we do the usual shit, go outside for a bit before dinner, eat, then spend rest of night playing smash and goldeneye until everyone else goes to bed
>while we're playing I glance over at him every so often for unknown reasons
>eventually look at his crotch, notice that he is very hard, practically popping out of his shorts
>he's like this for the better part of an hour, cant stop sneaking peaks at his raging 11 year old hard on
>he doesn't seem to notice me looking at his dick, but every so often i see him adjust it, never looking away from the screen
>I get bored of vidya after a while and then an a brilliant idea comes to me
>at this point I decided I really need to see his cock, just for comparison's sake of course
>put plan into action, suggest to him that we should go on computer and look at porn, show each other what we've found and liked so far instead of just talking about it
>without hesitation he gets up, turns off n64 and goes to turn on our computer
>"i guess that's a yes then?" i say to him
>he laughs and says "duh, I was gonna suggest the same thing to you."
>I stand up and pull a chair up next to him at computer
>we connect to internet praying that the dial up modem noises dont wake my parents
>we wait a few minutes after connecting to make sure everyone is still asleep
>we're good
>he goes to his favorite site
>pink(.)com for anyone that cares
>site looks familiar, pretty sure ive been on it too
>he starts showing me the gangbang stuff he likes, tons of pictures of girls getting dp'd and so on
>look down at his cock, hes starting to rub it
>I do the same to myself
>he again doesn't notice me longing to see his shaft
>he asks for me to take over
>nows my time
>go directly to shemale stuff
>he's unsure but accepting at the same time, still has a raging hard on

>browse through pics of trannies fucking girls, creampieing them, sharing double headed dildos, and trading oral and rimming
>decide to go for it
>go to pics of them with guys
>hes still rubbing away with eyes locked on the screen
>browse though for a few more minutes then ask him what he thinks of this
>says its pretty hot actually and says for me to keep going
>I comply and keep clicking random links
>eventually pop up page for gay porn comes up
>takes forever to close out of it, just keeps redirecting to more gay stuff
>after the third or 4th try friend asks me to scroll through one of the gay pages, just to see whats its like
>I can't believe what's happening, my plan might actually be working
>I begin to go through, pics of guys doing everything with each other
>I casually glance down at his cock again, looks harder than ever and hes still rubbing it pretty intensely
>I look up at his face and see that hes staring at my throbbing shaft as well, we lock eyes and quickly look away, presumably both a little embarrassed
>After a what seems like hours of browsing through the gay porn we decided to call it a night and turn in
>I instinctively clear my browser history, friend asks what that was for
>tell him that I'd be in trouble if anyone found out I had been looking at porn
>his face goes white, ask him whats wrong
>he tells me he never knew about browser history, thinks he might get caught (he does but not by his parents)
>tell him if anyone knew he would've been in trouble already so he can just do it when he gets home
>he accepts this and calms down
>we go to my room, me in my bed, him in sleeping bag on floor

>I try to go to sleep but can't, my plan hasn't been completely successful yet
>can't get the thought of his hard dick out of my head, get boner thinking about
>quietly pull out dick and begin to fap, hear friends sleeping bag unzip
>says hes going to bathroom to get some water, will be right back
>use this time to strip completely naked
>friend comes back and lays down in sleeping bag again
>dont hear it zip back up or even pulling it over him
>praying that maybe he's thinking the same as me since I did catch him looking at my hard on earlier
>continue to quietly jerk myself while letting my mind wander about doing things with him
>completely knew territory for me, never really fantasized about another guy before, not even while watching gay porn
>eventually work up the courage
>"fuck it, im gonna go for it" i think to myself before getting out of bed and walking over to him
>he's laying on the floor so I have to kneel down to be at the right level
>I begin to poke his upper arm/shoulder with the tip of my cock
>I do this a few times and to my complete surprise he turns his head and puts my cock in his mouth
>Im so shocked by this I dont know how to react, I just froze there while he begins to give me a blowjob
>I eventually come to my senses and get a hold of the situation
>start to really enjoy it, he seems to be as well because he begins to take longer strokes into his mouth
>I reach down for his dick, unsurprisingly he's diamonds, and begin to jerk him off
>we do this for a little while and then I remember the initial premise of my plan
>all I originally wanted was just to see his dick
>I tell him to hold on for a minute, he takes his dick out of my mouth and asks me if something was wrong
>tell him absolutely not, just want to turn a small light on so I can see better
>he says he would like to see better as well despite admitting that the last few minutes just felt so natural

>chuckle a bit at that comment and agree that he did seem to know what he was doing
>he laughs as well, I get up and turn on small light on nightstand next to bed
>not bright enough to be seen by anyone outside my room but lets me see him in all his naked boyish glory
>stare right as his cock, hes staring at my now spit soaked cock as well
>tells me to come back he wants to suck some more
>says I should try it as well and its actually not as bad as I would think
>tell him I'm still not sure, just want to keep jerking him off for now
>says its cool and then reaches for my cock and puts it back in his mouth
>ecstasy fills me again, his mouth feels incredible sliding up and down my shaft
>i continue jerking off his noticably much smaller and thinner cock than mine
>still hard as a rock tho, and I cant stop staring at it while steadily pumping away with my hand
>a few minutes pass, he needs to come up for air a couple times and each time he takes me back in his mouth I feel his warm wet lips tease the head ever so slightly
>I shudder with enjoyment and decide that he must be right about sucking on it since he really seems to be enjoying himself
>tell him to stop again for just a second, want to switch positions
>pretty sure he knew why, he grins from ear to ear and suggests 69
>tell him thats exactly what i thought and then he lays down flat on his back
>i climb on top and position myself so we both have a good access point
>his cock is now inches away from my face
>I stare at it for a little while continue to jerk it
>decided it's now or never and put my lips around the head
>friend was right, this is much better than I could have imagined
>i begin to try and mimic what he had been doing to me, sliding my lips up and down while trying to use some pit to keep it nice and wet
>this continues for a few more minutes until he takes my cock out of his mouth
>tells me hes about to cum

fuckin hot user, keep going

>I acknowledge him, albeit a bit muffled since I just continued to suck on him
>he warns be that I should stop unless he wants sperm in his mouth
>I take his cock out of my mouth a little shocked but still continue to jerk him off
>seconds later a huge wad of warm cum erupts out of his cock
>most of it goes on his chest but the initial rope hit me on the chin. I didnt realize this until later tho
>ive never seen cum in person since I wasnt able to ejaculate myself yet
>I study it intently, its consistency, color, texture
>friend comes too, says that was one of the best orgasms hes had and says I suck cock really well
>i didn't answer, he realizes im engrossed by his cum
>asks me what was wrong
>tell him nothing, just that I'm not able to yet and had never seen it before
>i turn to face him and he notices that there is some of it on my face
>tells me, offers to wipe it off
>I decline and do it myself, itll give me an excuse to know what it feels like between my fingers
>I wipe it off and play with it for a few seconds
>Friend suggests that I should taste it, he has before and says its pretty good most of the time
>Stare at the cum on my fingers, decide to do it and lick it off
>really enjoy the taste, play with it on my tongue before swallowing it
>liked it so much that I ask friend if he would be ok with me licking the rest off his chest and cock
>graciously accepts my offer, tells me about how messy it can be and that he thinks it would be pretty hot to watch as well
>I waste no time in lapping up my new favorite snack
>dont leave any trace that he came anywhere, loved every last drop
>he lays back down but the jolts back up after a few seconds
>"I just realized you didnt get to finish yet. Want me to continue where I left off?"
>Im still rock hard since eating his cum was such a turn on, I lay down beside him and he moves down to between my legs
>he takes my cock in his mouth and stares at me the entire time
>tell him im getting close

anyone here?


someone is always here. we lurk quietly. go on...

yes user, loving this

>he keeps on sucking away, hoping that this will be my first real orgasm
>I reach the point of no return
>I cum hard in his mouth
>doesnt feel any different from the other drygasms ive had but cant see the tip of my dick so im not sure 100%
>he takes my cock out of my mouth and looks a little disappointed
>I realize then I hadn't ejaculated
>I feel a little bad since I couldnt give him some cum like he did for me
>he sees me expressions and tells its perfectly fine
>tells me its just something we'll have to keep working for, gives me a really kinky look while he said this
>instantly feel better
>say to him "So i guess this will be happening again?"
>"Definitely" he says
>"When do you want to again? And are we gonna try anything else or just blowjobs?"
>says we can whenever I want to but he's not sure about trying new things.
>jokingly says that we should "do more research" into the different ways two guys can have sex
>laugh and tell him itll be my number one priority
>we laugh some more, trade a few more longing glances at both of our now hard again cocks, and call it a night
>morning comes, wake up to smell of breakfast and mom yelling to come downstairs
>dick rock hard again or maybe still?
>still completely naked, same for friend
>we both stand and look for our clothes while again trading looks and a couple dick grabs and ass slaps
>get dressed, go eat breakfast, play outside a little until mom says she is leaving to run some errands and we need to stay in the house while she is gone
>ok cool, vidya it is then
>tells me I smell and that I should shower
>I sniff my pits and agree, will do it in a little bit
>she goes to leave, says she'll be back in about 5 hours
>reminds me again that she expects me to be clean before she gets back, suggests my friend gets one after me as well
>we tell her we will, then she leaves
>friend goes to front window to peak out curtains, watches my mom drive away
>ask him why he did that

>says he just wanted to make sure she was gone
>turns around and has devilish grin on his face
>not sure what he's planning but its probably bound to be interesting
>he tells me that since we both need to shower that why dont we do it together
>says we've already seen each other naked and sucked each other off that it wouldn't be weird at all
>makes perfect sense to me, and run up the stairs behind him
>it was then that I noticed he had a really nice ass
>I reached up to grab it, got a real nice handful
>nice and firm and yet soft and inviting
>he didn't even flinch, just let me do what I wanted
>we get in the bathroom and strip down, both already rock hard before even seeing each other naked again
>I guess we both knew this wouldnt be just a shower to get clean and were excited from the anticipation
>I turn the water on, get it nice and warm then turn the shower head on
>he climbs in first, giving me that same devilish grin from earlier
>he bends at the waist as he enters, making sure to stick his ass out directly at me
>asks me if I like what I see
>tell him yes and that it feels even better in my hands
>he suggests that I get to know it better after we clean up a bit
>not sure what he was getting at but didn't really care, it was bound to be hot
>i get in behind him, the warm water crashing over both our sweaty, naked bodies
>we started to wash ourselves, playfully grabbing at each other every so often
>once we were both completely washed he told me to get on my knees
>without thinking twice i complied but was a little bewildered when he turned around and moved his ass closer to my face
>I asked him what he wanted me to do
>He told me that I cold do whatever I wanted to with his ass
>I started grabbing his cheeks with my hands, fondling the best I knew how to
>I parted them every so often, each time revealing more and more of his hairless pre teen hole.
>He eventually suggested that I should rub it and lick it
>I pulled back a little in shock/disgust

>he asked me what was wrong and if that was too much for me to do
>I told him that i had no problem using my fingers on him but wasn't sure about my tongue, I said it seemed a little gross
>he calmly explained to me that were in the shower and had just cleaned everything up.
>He went on with that I didn't have to put my tongue inside it, I could just like the outside where it was completely clean
>What he said made a lot of sense to me and after some brief consideration I agreed with him
>He turned back around, pushed his closer to my face, and then spread his cheeks for me
>I stared into his hairless, inviting, boyhole.
>he slowly begins moving closer to my face
>I reach up begin to run my finger over his hole while taking a cheek in my other hand
>hear him start to moan there more I play with his wet hole
>eventually decide to stick my finger in, ask him if its cool
>"fuck yea, stick it in me"
>press through the entrance, feel him pull away slightly but then leans slowly back towards me making me go in a little deeper
>ask him how it feels
>"pretty damn good actually"
>surprised at his answer I continue to move my finger in deeper, it goes in up to the knuckle and then i slowly pull it back out.
>decide that his is the best tome to do it so I start to lick around the outside of his hole while slowly pumping away with my finger
>his moans become more and more primal, hes really enjoying it
>notice he is furiously jerking off while im doing this
>offer to jerk him off myself
>he grabs his cheeks with both hands to keep them spread and give him the reach around
>it doesnt take much more of this for him to get close to coming
>he asks me if I want his load
>eagerly tell him yea and to turn around
>he does and I take his cock right in my mouth
>he shoots a huge load down the back of my throat
>unfortunately some of it is swallowed instantly out of reflex but I manage to keep about half of his cum in my mouth to enjoy the taste

>he sat down to catch his breath for a minute
>meanwhile I had began to start jerking off to what had just been done
>he then says its my turn and to stand up and turn around
>im so horned up that I dont even consider the possibility of having something in my ass might be uncomfortable
>point my ass at his face and spread my cheeks just enough for him to be able to see my hole
>he comments on how nice it looks and that he cant wait to play around with it
>ask him what he's waiting for
>says he's just admiring it, says its a nicer hole even than hes seen on any of the girls on the porn sites
>feel myself blush a little then tell him to hurry up and get to work
>he complies and begins to rub my hole with his finger
>I feel a rush of excite fall over my entire ass and crotch region
>im confused about how it feels this good but at the same time dont really care, I just want more
>begin to moan, getting louder with each caress against my eager hole
>friend notices and begins to start circling arounf the entrance, then i feel his tongue on it
>an entirely new sensation, chills run over my body and I begin to jerk myself even harder
>then I feel what I thought was his finger starting to break through inside
>but it was too soft to be a finger?
>realized it must be his tongue
>my initial disgust was almost instantly alleviated by how amazing it felt
>he plunged his tongue a little deeper inside me and as he did I let out what could be described as a yelp
>he was a bit startled by this and pulled his tongue out, this too made cry out just like when he entered
>he made sure I was ok and I told him it was great and to keep going
>he got right back at it, this time inserting a finger while licking around the outside
>he eventually did for me as I had for him, he jerked me off and told me that when Im close to turn around and stick it in his mouth, incase today was the day
>i nodded as best I could in agreeance then shortly after begin to feel it coming on

She's hot

>turn around and he takes my cock all the way in his mouth
>feel his mouth up against my balls
>he sucks me like his life depends on it desperately hoping he gets to taste my seed
>I begin to orgasm
>by the look on his face I know I still hadn't given him my load
>he sucks on it a little more after im done twitching and looks up at me with a smile, well smiling as best he could with my cock still in his mouth
>I feel reassured that he intends to keep his promise he made to me the night before
>we both sit down next to each other, both ur cocks still hard as rocks, and just let the water run over us for a few minutes
>we eventually get out of the shower, dry off, and go to my room
>we had spent almost an hour in there
>he suggests that we just stay naked the rest of the afternoon until my mother returns
>sounds good to me, we'll probably end up fooling around some more anyway
>we go to the computer again and start looking up more porn
>strictly just gay porn this time to get some more ideas on what we should try
>he starts looking up anal sex and we both talk about wanting to try it since we both already enjoyed being rimmed and fingered
>after a couple hours of research and constantly lightly jerking each other off we decide to have a go at it
>we figure that one of use being on top would probably work the best
>just have to decide who gets to receive first
>we play rock paper scissors, loser gets fucked first
>admittedly I tried to lose on purpose, I had a burning desire now to feel his raging preteen shaft filling my boyish fuckhole
>it didn't happen, in a best of thee I ended up "winning" and he eagerly got out of his chair and motioned for me to join him on the floor
>he said he heard the older kids in our school talking one time about fucking their girlfriends in the ass and that they needed lots of lube,
>some of them didnt have access to lube and had said spit worked well too

>"We should make sure our cocks and holes are real wet before we try to fuck. I've heard it can be a little painful otherwise" he said while lowering his spread ass to my face
>I agreed with him and began to gently poke my tongue at his delicious looking butthole
>hes moaning like crazy with every pass of my tongue over his pulsing ass
>asks me to stick my tongue inside like he did for me
>reassures me that it was pretty good and he didnt get any undesirable tastes and what not in this mouth
>I trusted him fully at this point so I slid my tongue right in
>it was harder to get in that I thought it would be, his hole was incredibly tight
>Nevertheless I persisted and was then rewarded with a surprisingly pleasant taste on my tongue
>it was like nothing id ever tasted before, succulent, moist, a bit tart, and somewhat sweet
>i fell in love with the act instantly and began to slobber over and in him as best i could
>I could tell by his motions and his neglecting of sucking my cock that he was in heaven as well
>I motioned for him to start sucking me off again and saw him shake his head like he had been in another world
>my cock returned to his mouth and he got it as wet as he could to get ready to take his cherry
>a few more minutes of this and I couldnt take the anticipation anymore
>I needed to feel his hole stretched around my cock
>i pulled my face away from his beautiful ass and told him it was time
>he turned around with that same seductive devilish grin and then took my cock in his hand while feeling around his ass with the other
>"you sure did a good job, my entire ass is soaked"
>I grinned back at him and said I wanted to make sure it was as enjoyable as possible
>he laughed at my cheesy remark, and then began his descent onto my throbbing cock
>I felt the tip his his asshole, it was clenched tight
>I told him he should probably try to relax and not to resist
>He agreed and said that it would probably make it more difficult

>I felt his ass begin to loosen up and he slowly pushed me firmly against his hole
>after a few seconds of adjusting the angle of my cock and re-positioning himself it happened
>i felt the tip just pop into him, he gasped at the initial penetration and froze for a few seconds
>I asked him if he was ok and said we can stop whenever he want
>said he was fine and that it feels amazing, just wants to get used to it for a second
>eventually he began to go lower, his face contorting and his cock twitching with every centimeter more that he took inside him
>I was in heaven, he ass felt amazing clenched around my cock and the sight of his hard cock bouncing up and down right in front of me was almost hypnotizing
>after a few minutes and lots of heavy breathing he made it all the way down my shaft
>he just sat there once he made it looking like he was pondering something
>I inquired, needing to know what he was thinking about and if it had something to do with possibly making this experience even better
>He told me he wasnt sure what to do now that its all the way in and this cant be all there is to sex
>I told him that he's supposed to move up and down on it until we either want to try a new position or I finish
>he looked embarrassed at the obvious answer and then began to slowly move back up
>I saw the pleasure flooding his body as he got more use to me inside him, soon enough he was moving up and down at a steady enough pace that I began start feeling pleasure he was as well
>he was in another world again. I could tell just by the look on his face
>His motions became rythmic and faster. He was soon able to bounce with enough force that the sound of his balls slapping against my groin area could probably be heard throughout the house
>a little more of this and I was reaching another orgasm
>I was lost in the moment and didnt think to tell him, it just washed over me out of the blue

>he came back to reality when he felt the all too familiar feeling of my cock twitch when I had an orgasm
>he looked down at me with a smile and said that it must have been too good to stop and have him put it in his mouth
>"something like that" I said while laughing
>he then told me that it didn't feel like there was any cum inside him but that I should look at it to be sure
>I wasnt sure what he meant and he could tell by the look on my face
>he lifted himself off me and then turned around with his pointing towards me
>I was shocked at how differently his hole looked now
>It was still gaping and much redder than before, it was also kind of pulsing
>Almost like his cock does when he cums
>I snap out of my astonishment and begin to do what he asked, at first just by looking inside as best I could
>It was too dark to really see in too far so I decided to go in with a finger and feel around
>no trace of any cum was found, but for good measure I stuck my tongue back in his freshly used hole because I was curious if it tasted any different now
>not really, but it wasnt that big of a deal
>he turned around to face me, face draped with exhausted pleasure
>he began to tell me that it hurt so much but felt so good at the same time that he couldn't stop
>he said he was really close to cumming as well and probably would have if I hadnt first
>"but nothing was touching your dick?" I said dumbfounded
>he didn't know how it was happening either but he knows the feeling when he gets it and there was no mistaking that building of pleasure
>we sat and talked about what it was like to get fucked for a few minutes
>I then asked him if wanted to fuck me now
>he agreed and said to put my ass to his face so we could get me ready like I did him
>I quickly got over him and pressed my hole to his face
>I felt the warm sensation of his tongue on my hole right away and it wasnt long after that it had made its way inside me

>he came back to reality when he felt the all too familiar feeling of my cock twitch when I had an orgasm
>he looked down at me with a smile and said that it must have been too good to stop and have him put it in his mouth
>"something like that" I said while laughing
>he then told me that it didn't feel like there was any cum inside him but that I should look at it to be sure
>I wasnt sure what he meant and he could tell by the look on my face
>he lifted himself off me and then turned around with his pointing towards me
>I was shocked at how differently his hole looked now
>It was still gaping and much redder than before, it was also kind of pulsing
>Almost like his cock does when he cums
>I snap out of my astonishment and begin to do what he asked, at first just by looking inside as best I could
>It was too dark to really see in too far so I decided to go in with a finger and feel around
>no trace of any cum was found, but for good measure I stuck my tongue back in his freshly used hole because I was curious if it tasted any different now
>not really, but it wasnt that big of a deal
>he turned around to face me, face draped with exhausted pleasure
>he began to tell me that it hurt so much but felt so good at the same time that he couldn't stop
>he said he was really close to cumming as well and probably would have if I hadnt first
>"but nothing was touching your dick?" I said dumbfounded
>he didn't know how it was happening either but he knows the feeling when he gets it and there was no mistaking that building of pleasure
>we sat and talked about what it was like to get fucked for a few minutes
>I then asked him if wanted to fuck me now
>he agreed and said to put my ass to his face so we could get me ready like I did him
>I quickly got over him and pressed my hole to his face
>I felt the warm sensation of his tongue on my hole right away and it wasnt long after that it had made its way inside me

my bad, sorry for the report

>with each passing second I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter from his spit
>he was also working my hole now with a finger, and soon after 2
>it was amazing, feeling myself stretched out was the best thing i'd ever felt aside from having an orgasm
>I made sure I did my part as well
>I sucked him as best I could and made sure to get every inch covered in spit
>He decided I was ready and told me to get ready
>I was still a bit nervous, his cock wasn't very long or thick(at the time) but it was still much bigger than his fingers or tongue
>he saw my hesitation and reassured me that it would be fine and that all I had to do was relax myself, keep breathing, and just let the pleasure take over
>I nodded, took a deep breath, and brought my trembling hole to his throbbing cock
>I pressed the tip against, the anticipation mounting
>it took a few tries but I was able to slip it in rather easily
>once the entire tip was the wave of pleasure he told me about started to take over my body
>it was so great my dick immediately began to get hard again, and it had gotten harder than it ever had been before
>he told me that was a good sign I was enjoying it, I managed to let out an agreeing chuckle
>I got used to the feeling and then began working my was down him slowly but steadily
>It was one slow motion to get to the base, not stopping to readjust
>Once I had gotten used to the tip being in and stretching out of my virgin hole, the rest was fairly easy, just needed to take it slow
>When i was down he said "Feels fucking amazing right?"
>I answered with a loud moan while raising myself up his shaft
>I got all the up but made sure it didnt slip out
>I slid back down again, then back up
>Like he had done, the more I got used to the feeling the quicker I could go and the more pleasure I was able to give both of us.
>before I knew it I was riding him like pro (at least it seemed like it)
>he fucked me for a good 15 minutes before came

mines a secret FWB

>knew a girl since highschool.
>barely talked but then during that time we hit it off.
>Had a gf. She knew, didnt care. flirted with me.
>We had a connection and I visited her house and we just chilled and had fun hanging out.
>It finally started to get dirty one night.
>She comes over my house while parents arent home. I had MDMA and was able to get a 24 pack of beer and brandy.
>We took the ecstasy and started trip outside kissing and talking.
>as we laid down in the grass in the woods in the middle of night high and drunk as fuck we got hot and heavy.
>Was a while back but i remember us talking about condoms i think. But she said she had 2 abortions already, and thought even the risk of me impregnating her was in her words "primal"


>I had already came twice, just like he said he was about to when he was riding me
>I didnt bother to tell him in the moment because I knew I wasnt going to ejaculate anyway
>He told me when he was about to cum and I slowed a bit
>he asked where he should do it, and I just kept riding and picked the pace back up
>he didnt have a choice now, he was going to fill me up
>I felt him begin to twitch and sure enough felt the warm gooey jizz filling my asshole
>When he was finished spilling into me I sat there on top of him for a moment
>I could feel his cock beginning to go limp and then lifted off him
>He stared at me, almost longingly
>after a minute or so of just sitting on his lap I began to feel his cum starting to ooze out of me
>he must have felt it to because he asked me to turn around so he could watch it come out
>not giving it a second thought I did what he asked and put my ass right up to his face
>"this a good enough view for you?" i asked him mockingly
>He laughed and said it was the perfect view of my still gaping hole and that he was going to lick all the cum off me
>I loved the idea and inched a little closer to his face and felt his tongue starting to explore inside me
>About halfway through his feast, I asked what made him want to do that
>He said he'd seen it in porn and thought it was really hot
>"arent you worried about what might come out tho?" i asked him
>"Not really, Ive already had numerous things of mine in there including my tongue so its nothing new now" he replied
>I shrugged and let him get back to his afternoon snack
>My cock was still rock hard and he began jerking me off again while eating but to no avail, I was worn out for the day
>as was he, we remained naked until my mother was home and neither of us were able to get hard again despite looking at porn the rest of the afternoon
>the rest of the day was uneventful, we tried to have sex again before bed but were still too worn out
>we went to sleep feeling accomplished

> we didnt get any opportunities to fool around at all the next day and he had to return home that night
>we made arrangements to sleep at his house the following weekend for the same routine: play outside, vidya, family dinners, and as much sex as we could have
>this trend continued for months
>shortly after my 12th birthday I was finally able to ejaculate
>It happened one night while we were having sex in my bed.
>I was riding him and jerking my self off at the same time
>I got that familiar sensation again and didnt try to stop it
>I let it happen
>This orgasm was much different, much better
>I looked down, my friend was clearly shocked by suddenly having his chest covered in cum
>I didnt know what to do. I just sat on him, dick completely in my ass. Too shocked/amazed to think
>Next thing I know my friend is wiping my cum off his chest and licking it off his fingers
>Asks me if I want to try before he takes it all, says its delicious
>I decline, say he can have it all, he's earned it
>I go go back to riding him and waiting for him to fill me up with his cum again
>That's when we heard it, the feint moaning that we thought would ruin our lives

I guess I never finished writing it all out. This is the end for now. I'll answer questions for a bit yet

She gave me a blowjob, I ate out her pussy, just like how Kevin did to Vicky in the movie.

did you and him end up geting other boys you were friends with to do this stuff on group sleepovers?

no, only gay stuff was me and him. his younger sister and her friend got involved after we found out she had been watching us

Do tell

Fucked a fat chick in my parents house on the front room sofa. Nothing magical but can still jack off to the memory for some reason. The girl was a 3-4 as well. I dont know what I was thinking. I'm not even bad looking and just took the first thing that would fuck me.

we realized it was her that the feint moaning sound we heard was coming from her outside the slightly cracked bedroom door. we freaked out at first after we heard her scurry back to her room when she realized we knew she was there. after calming down a bit and talking it over we figured she had been doing it for a while and was into it and she would be easy to keep quiet since she obviously was getting enjoyment out of watching us

I had a very active sex life as soon as I entered middle school, or as you americans call it, junior high. Being good looking was definitely a blessing.

I had a 18 year old boyfriend when I was 12. He had a van. I used to sneak out and he’d try to fuck me but I was too tight. So wet, but too tight. I wish he got it in me.

When I was 13 I got fucked in the ass by an aggressive 10 year old neighbor blond boy I babysat one time (him and his younger sister). I was kind of passive in general and knew basically zero about sex and I'm guessing he had already been molested or something because he managed to "trick" me into it and even knew about lube. For a long time I thought that's what made me gay, because I got aroused by it despite being really uncomfortable and kind of scared (he was REALLY aggressive and was on a wrestling team and probably physically stronger than me since I was skinny). Also I almost had an orgasm from the physical stimulation I guess. I felt really ashamed and guilty about that for years.

any stories (screencaps or OC) from the girl's perspective?

Post tits

lost virginity at 13 to a 16 year old hot spanish girl

>Always had a thing for some reason. Talked about us having babies. But remember shes a teenager and im still coming of age so it was weird to me.
>Suspect nowadays she was probably abused.
>one day friends are hanging out by her house with her.
>Dont remember why but she told me she wanted only me to come inside the house.
>She tells me to wait in the living room and she goes shower for 2 minutes.
>Comes out hair all wet and flirts with me to come upstairs.
>Im nervous as fuck.
>Brings me to her room and im standing there scared.
>Shes smiling and takes my arm and pulls me on the bed.
>Both sitting there and she suddenly reaches in to kiss my lips.
>I stand up to go to leave. But she takes my arm again and slowly starts kissing my neck.
>I liked girls but im a virgin rookie still so this is all extremely new territory.
>As it progresses I let her take control of the situation.
>Her tits are huge and nice body. Im getting a diamond boner.
>I put my mouth on her pussy on my own. Never done it before and can feel the prickles from her pubic hair. Smells nice, not amazing but something new and exciting.
>Im really horny now and she already pulled my pants down.

Younger brother and I fooled around in our early-late teens. Mostly just kissing and blowjobs where we’d get each other close then for whatever reason go in separate rooms and finish ourselves off. Probably thought it was “too gay” to cum in front of each other or some shit. By the last year or so of it we were filling each other’s asses at least 3 times a week.
Anyway, first time we came in front of each other was after a 69 sesh. We were down to business that day, like 20 minutes after our mom left for work we started had already been talking about sucking each other’s cocks, clothes were off immediately, hard cocks in our mouths in no time.
I almost always laid on my back and had him get on all fours on top of me. I told him I was getting close, asked if he was and he said not quite, he always had more stamina than I. Told him to just slowly stroke me while I kept working him with my mouth. When he got close he told me and I pushed him off and told him to stand up. He did, I knelt down in front of him and said I wanted him to cum on my face this time. He laughed a little and said “what? That’s a new one.” Explained that I’d seen it in a porno and wanted to try. (13 and 15 at this time, just discovered things besides moms Victoria’s Secret mags thanks to finally getting some alone time with the internet.)
Soooo, he came on my face after jerking it a bit and my begging for it. I smiled, stood up and said “ok, now I want to do you.” He knelt down, grabbed my ass and started deep throating me for a bit. I got close, told him so, and started stroking myself.
Aim was on point, dropped my first bit of the load right on his forehead, rest on his left cheek.
We both went to the bathroom laughing afterwards, cleaned up, and went to go watch TV.

gay or straight sex life (or both?) during your middle school years?

that sounds fun user, did you and your bro ever get other male buddies of yours to join the fun? did your little bro do similar things with his group of friends on sleepovers?

>Shes wet and i put it in easily.
>I fuck her for a bit but stop almost every minutes cause i have the urge to cum.
>She doesnt say anything during this time, but moans and lays there taking it.
>I knew about pregnancy but at this point im just really horny.
>friends keep ringing the doorbell to fuck with us, have no clue what is happening. her parents arent home.
>At this point im so horny and so is she i doubt either of us were thinking about anything other than fucking and cumming.
>Without even telling her and lay firmly on her to hold her down and stop pounding her hard til i cum deep inside her.
>We laid there for a bit and being young and horny im sucking on her big tits. My flaccid dicks still inside her and shes oozing cum. Neither of us say anything and even though i just nutted in her soaked pussy im still throbbing, slowly thrusting back and forth slowly.
>Til i begin to get hard as diamonds again after 2 minutes.
>Start fucking her again, at this point i dont even know if shes enjoying it or not cause im so horny i just want to keep fucking til i release every last amount of my seed inside her.
>Cum really hard again. Her legs are shaking.
>I pulled out of her without saying anything.
>She gets out of bed smiling and holding her pussy and belly. She doesnt go to the bathroom.
>I leave at this point but neither of us tell the others outside what just happened.

all true story. At that point i was nervous about the future but in the moment as horny as i was if she tried to stop i probably would have held her down and came in her anyway. Theres a reason condoms exist lmao.The risk is scary after the fact but in the heat of the moment when your both in that state of mind where your both so horny your state of mind is to impregnate the shit out of her. I had a fetish of taking and knocking up women ever since. Stories to this day.

at that age you werent about being knocked up? Or were you so horny you wanted him to do it to you?

At 12 it's unlikely she knew what horny was. She was probably just trying to please her boyfriend for the positive attention.

Lots of fun, yeah.
I’ve shared some of our exploits before, I can share again if you want, might take me a bit to type it up though.
We did indeed involve some friends/cousins a couple times. They were rare moments though, 4 occasions total. 3 of the 4 were with a male cousin and 2-3 of his friends and the two of us, the fourth time was a New Years party with our make and female cousin and two neighbor girls and us.
Still to this day I find all other cocks unappealing, except his when I think back to these days. I dunno something about being familiar with each other I guess. We were and are super close.
I’m not sure about him and his buddies, whenever he did have friends over they did their own thing, I did mine.

Join now before it's too late

can you describe the occasion with the male cousins and his friend? how old were you all then and how crazy/nasty did things get?

you don't have to greentext it, feel free to type out paragraphs

How old were you both at the time?

Checked. Also, I was here the night Column posted the first part of his story, and it was glorious

first experience with a girl was when i was 15. girl i knew from high school, became good friends and did nerdy stuff together online all the time. she came over once when my grandparents were gone for the day and gave me a blowjob. was nice, she swallowed too.
first experience with a guy was when i was 17, also a blowjob but me giving. had major cocklust for a while at that point, ended up meeting a person from craigslist. he was in his 40s, and i told him i was 19. he got a cheap motel that i spent 2 hours at. he came twice, first time on my face after 20 minutes of sucking him. took a 5 minute break for water then went at it again. took him over an hour that time to cum and my jaw was starting to get very sore. he jerked off into my mouth

100% straight. Sorry to disappoint you, homo.

*male cousin and his friends, I mean. not so interested in the one involving girls

When i was 10, my older sister who was 14 pinned me down when i was napping, sat on my face for a good 10 seconds, and then let out a massive, thick fuckin fart. I now have a femdom fart fetish. I want to die

When I was 14, I let my younger sister (12) and her two friends experiment on me.

what did you guys do?

For sure, it’s a favorite as it’s one of the few group sessions we had, got kinda wild, and I got to watch a bit, enjoyable all around.
We were 14 and 16, our cousin and his 2 friends were 15. All three of those group deals with this cousin were over the summer. The first time the 5 of us were upstairs in our aunts room playing video games, she was nice enough to sleep downstairs and let us have her room since it was so big, plenty of room for “activities.”
Nights going on, it’s late, aunts asleep, etc., brother and I were sitting out of the games for a bit along with one of the friends. We were up on the waterbed, the other two are Mario carting it up, somewhere along the way bro and I start wrestling. It turns into some name calling and cracking jokes on each other, eventually the games are off and we’re all just talking shit. One of us starts turning things in a “ur gay” direction. Settles down, friends and cuz are laying on the floor, watching Dragon Ball Z now, bro and I are on the bed. He starts wrestling again but is not shy about grabbing my butt and crotch. I’m whiskers like dude wtf, he doesn’t care. (He was always more adventurous, even though I’m older I tended to follow his lead.) basically he wants to fool around, doesn’t care who’s around, and actually wants to see if the other guys are down. He ropes everyone into fighting/wrestling, and the shirts and shorts start coming off since it’s hot.
We start talking about girls at some point, I ask who’s done what and everyone’s done a whole lot of nothing, a kiss here or there is about it.....

I just thought the same.... Haven't seen her for such a looooong time

thanks for writing this out user! please continue, and don't be afraid to get real nasty in your descriptions of everything

I was 12 years old girl and a 40 year old man fondled me to orgasm in his truck after taking me to the store

28 now and I still remember it like yesterday

...bro and I fin a bit and say we’ve done way more. “Really, cool, no way, tell us, etc. etc.” so he says, why don’t we show you. They’re kinda weirded out but curious too, they eventually go for it.
Bro and I start making out, then taking each other’s boxers off. We’re both hard by now, our plan all along.
We kiss, we stroke, we suck each other off, and by the time we get really into it we’ve gotten the other guys to strip down too. We say we’ll suck them off if they do us too. Win win for everyone. Starts slow and awkward, but we all get into it. By the end of it we’ve discussed cumming, we’ve all done it but they’ve only ever jerked themselves off. Bro’s idea, “let me help all of you cum.” He orchestrated his own blowbang, had all of us line up, gave us instructions, and had us cum in his mouth or on his face. Cleaned up, some more TV, called it a night. Didn’t speak of it again until a few weeks later even though we’d all been over 1-2 more times since.

>be me, 12 years old
>i have a twin brother
>we've always been extremely close
>living in a cold ass fucking country
>our family is typically pretty affectionate, we all like to cuddle up for movie nights together and stuff like that
>share bedroom with my brother, two separate beds but on cold nights we would snuggle up together in either of our beds. sometimes we would just hang out under the covers together and play gameboy or read manga
>one night i'm little spoon cuddling my brother, and it's extremely cold. we had like 6 extra blankets on his bed and it was still freezing.
>i'm shivering, and trying to pull his arm tighter around me and steal his body heat. i wiggle into him and start trying to tuck my leg between his thighs.
>suddenly I feel a hard lump pushing against my leg

fuck that's so hot, how did the boys react to seeing your bro's face drenched in cum?

did you all ever get together again and do even more as an all-boy group, like buttfucking? would love to hear about that if so, especially if things got really wild and nasty


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Kissed a lot, let them play with my dick, let them blow me.With sister I only kissed her though.

I ended up dating one of the friends a year later.

typical story for me. lost my virginity to a 17 yr old Catholic half mexican white girl with a psycho mom. i was her first too. we did long distance in college so we broke it off. i still miss her but am glad she is with a better man. man young love is the best ive felt on this earth. i miss it

He was a very sweet man, to be honest. Incredibly nice, cute, used to buy me things and take me to exciting and fun places. the kind many of my friends used to crush on

We had a few more fun times but it got a little weird because my mom knew something was up, he backed off after I told him I think she knows about us. I miss those days

>he starts holding onto me tighter, and I feel him slowly start to shift in position and rub against me. his hand starts rubbing up against my side and it sends shivers down my spine. at this point I was feeling a lot of heat radiating from between my legs, and really just wanted to embrace him more
>i start rubbing up against his crotch, and i can feel it pulsing against me. his breath starting shaking a bit, and his hand started squeezing me where it had been resting on my waist.

That's pretty awesome. Further evidence that sexual attention from an adult isn't always a horrible traumatizing thing.

t. pedophile


Yeah. I understand some men take advantage of younger girls, but that wasn't the case with us. I was really the one who initiated it and I covered for him when things got messy

I was young but I understood full well what was going on and I didn't want to hurt him in any way, he was not a child predator, we just had a unique experience and that's how I see it to this day

I got to visit with him recently and he is still a nice man and still quite sexy, just with that older matured experienced look like "The Doctor" if that makes any sense

Yes, and...?

You let him in dry and enjoyed it?

I used to pay my sister for handjobs, blowjobs and eventually sex.

Consider suicide you disgusting freak. No amount of delusion will change the fact that being attracted to pre-teen girls is highly abnormal and psychotic.

how old were both of you? howd that start?

I have my own reasons for totally believing you, and I'm glad it was a good experience for you. Thank you for sharing your story.

Yeah, that first time was kinda awkward for sure. Glad we all got to bust a nut but that was “different”, ya know?
The next time a few weeks later the setup and outcome was pretty similar. Games, wrestle, talk, fool around, be slightly less awkward.
The 3rd and final time was great, the best, though. Virgins, aside from the aforementioned of course, so I brought up fucking each other. The guys weren’t cool with that, it’s gay, it’ll hurt, etc., but still, they did want to fuck. Little brother and I volunteered to fuck each other, show em how it’s done and give em a show at least. We did the sucking/jerking as a group for a little, then when we were ready we had them get up on the edge of the bed and watch us at the foot of it while we did our thing. I took it first, despite my brother being a bigger freak than I he never wanted to take it first, I think he needed to really get into it in his mind.
Anyway, I got on all fours facing the wall so they could see things from the side. Bro was all business, spit on his hand, spit on my asshole, and started rubbing his head on my hole. I had some pillows underneath, was resting on those off and on, when he and I were ready he was in and started slowly pumping. He did me for a bit, then we switched. When I got close I stopped, sat a couple feet behind him and started slowly stroking, asking the guys if they wanted to try. No no no all around, but after some convincing from my brother, one of the friends decided he was ready. I coached him, spit, take it slow, don’t just shove it in, etc. and he did my brother for a little. No cumming just yet was my brother’s request....

....Watching him get fucked was a first and so hot. Eventually as friend number two is making his way up I sat in front of my bro to watch from that end. My cousin joined me, we helped each other jerk off a little, then my brother asked if we wanted to cum. Fuck yeah we do, the other friend wanted no part of the butt stuff but did want to nut. Again, we line up, bro blows us a bit, we cum on his face and chest one at a time. We clean up, tv, off to bed.
We made sure we all showered beforehand, separately though, and I’m sure my bro is glad we did. He’s a freak but he’s not into shitty dick.

>I was really the one who initiated it and I covered for him when things got messy
How did you initiate and how did you cover for him? I'm surprised at 12 you were sexually forward.

>I got to visit with him recently and he is still a nice man and still quite sexy
Did you talk about what had happened, or alude to it at all?

>I have my own reasons for totally believing you
A young girl tried to initiate towards you too?

aw, it's too bad you all didn't cum in each other's butts

You're welcome. It feels good to share, and I still have some sort of guilt about it, but I know it likely stems from societal expectations and how I was raised

We only got real nasty with the butt stuff if it was just the two of us. We have fingered each other, eaten ass, ass to mouth multiple times in one session, and once broke out a neck massager mom had one time and used that on each other’s holes and body. She almost never used it, but every time I saw it in the closet I’d think back to that particular session and get a chub.

>i shift on my back a bit so i can reach him with my hand, and start rubbing down from his shoulder to the lump in the crotch of his pj's. meanwhile he's grasping my starting-to form boobs, and i'm just super into it.
>we were both horny fucking teenagers, and I'm not sure about him but I'd been masturbating furiously in a rage of hormones for weeks.
>i'm feeling confident and grab his buldge, it starts pulsing in my hand as i'm squeezing it
>"it's so warm, is it always like that?"
>"yeah, but especially when it gets hard"
>i rub my hand from the bottom of his lump to the top, and i start feeling the waistband of his pj's
>"can i see?"
>he says yeah and pulls the waist open, and guides my hand in

Yeah, we only ever let each other cum in us, that was an “us” thing. Would’ve certainly been a crazier experience, but I’m definitely not complaining.

Well it doesn't sound like any harm was done to anybody, so you shouldn't feel guilty. I think that there's something wrong with our society that people have to get so crazy over what is basically just feeling good.

Me 16, sister 14.
Sister always buying stuff, and when she ran out of allowance, she would sometimes ask me, and I'd refuse. One day I half-jokingly suggested I'd give her $40 if she rubbed me off. She thought about it, then ended up actually doing it in the bathroom, and it became a routine.

what was your hottest/nasties time eating butt together?

Yeah go tell that to all the girls who sustained permanent damage to their vagina because of vile pedos like you.

Pretty hot! How long did it go on? And how did it progress to BJs and sex?

Greentext maybe? One of the hottest parts for me is exactly how it starts, from the initial suggestion to the other deciding to go along with it.

>18yo, kinda good looking, about a 6-7/10 and 6'6 210lbs with an adequate manhood, mostly straight but am open to anything and frankly was pretty desperate to lose my virginity
>get tired of girls at school and decide to try something new
>download and sign up to grindr, have pics already taken but dont show my face initially cause most dudes are fat and gross (as expected)
>start chatting with a dude who seems nice and semi intelligent considering the the average guy on there was probably on the spectrum
>i show him the pics and he compliments me, and so on, just a usual back and forth
>naturally i am unsure of him, but continue talking, he is 37 btw so waaay older than me
>one night, I'm horny and back on grindr, when he starts calling me a waste of time, i say I'm not and he says prove it and meet with me now
>in my horny desperate haze i stupidly agree to it and say to pick me up in his car a bit away from my house (so he didnt know where i lived)
>figured i could beat this guy up if he tried something anyway
>he pulls up, im shaking nervous, but get in the car, hes uglier than in his photos (somehow)
>we had agreed to public sex since i wasn't going anywhere near this guys place and my parents were home
>we pull up to the park, theres one car in the lot with a random dude in it, he eats me out in the car before we find a new spot
>so nervous my dick wont get hard so he just sucks it limp (lol) and plays with it
>fingers my ass and i taste it, kinda horny but he is just not doing it for me
>find new spot, both get out, now standing up I'm at least a foot bigger than him, towering him
>bend over the car (looking away from him) he sticks it in me
>dick is probably 5inches but bigger than average girth, hes fucking me for about 10mins before he cums in me
>i feel it drip from me, diamonds
>during this my dick actually got hard because i wasn't looking at him, he notices and offers to use a dildo on me to help me cum, i agree


I had a brief sexual experience with him a few days before the fondling event. We went to a friend's birthday party, was in the pool hanging out in the corner by the entry stairs. All other kids had left the pool and went to play in the yard but we both just stayed and were chatting, only ones left at the pool. It was evening time, just starting to getting dark, I was leaning in toward him as much as I could. A silent pause and the moment just felt right. I got brave and touched his genitals under the water where no one could see. He got hard immediately and we gave each other a sort of knowing look and I could tell he wanted me as much as I wanted him, but there were too many people around, so I knew it was way too risky to do anything else and I think he felt that way as well, so I giggled and he chuckled nervously in a vain attempt to relieve the tension and we left the pool to join the others.

That's what led up to us looking for a way to get out on our own just the two of us. I begged him to take me with him to the store when he said he needed to run an errand to get some things. For what ever reason, my parents were ok with it at the time. I sat far away when we pulled out in fear that we were being watched, but soon after we were out of sight, I moved right up next ti him and put my head on his shoulder. I got brave again and reached over and held his hand. He obviously really liked it because he squeezed mine and rubbed his thumb over top of my index finger. I loved it too and the whole experience felt exotic and amazing.

No words were spoken about it at all when I saw him. There was definitely that feeling of guilt in the air and he was a bit awkward and shy toward me at first, but I tried my best with body language and a big hug to put him at ease and let him know everything is alright and that I am not in any way mad at him. I still cherish all of our good times and all he taught me in life aside from what we shared in those few days

Whenever we were in school we wouldn’t fool around during the day, obviously in school, so we’d wait til later on at night if we were feeling frisky. We’d go down to the basement and watch tv, wait for the tv to cut off upstairs and the parents to go to bed, then we’d fool around on the couches down there before we called it a night.
One night in particular we decided to be “real nasty” I think was my words. I was super horny and begged and begged him to fuck. I promised to do anything he asked if he would just let me fuck him. So we got started as usual, lose the clothes, kill the lights, turn the tv up, and get to work. I started sucking his dick and asked him to spit in my mouth, never did that before. He did, I went back to sucking, and then had him suck me. I said if he’d let me do him first, again, I’d do anything, no question.
He laid down on his back, I did him missionary for a short while. I put him up on all fours and came pretty quick. He laid forward on his chest/face, covered his asshole to catch my cum, then said it was his turn, turn around. Didn’t think about it, just did it. What I didn’t know until a minute or two later when he told me is that he used my cum to lube up his cock along with his spit. He got inside me, is going for a bit, then takes that hand and rubs it on my face, working his fingers in my mouth. “How’s that taste faggot?” I just said good, then realized what I was tasting. About the same time he told me it was my cum.
Pretty normal fucking til he came, he almost never had me any way other than doggy. Anyway, he cums, I’m dripping onto the couch and he reminds me of that “anything” bit. “Clean up my mess, I’m going to bed.” He got up and left me like that, stopped at the door to the stairs just staring at me. Clean up the mess, got it. I licked up his cum from the couch, as I started in on it he left. When I was done I got dressed, cleaned up upstairs and went to bed.

for fucks sake, how do all these people last so long their first time? ive had sex twice and could not get past 5 minutes both times. i can handle when shes on top but the first time i got on top i almost busted as soon as i got past the tip. now we stopped hanging out and i cant even get another chance

did either of you ever eat cum straight out of each other's holes? would love a full description of that if so

Interesting. Was that your first sexual experience? Most people assume that if a girl comes on to an older man, she had to have been molested or something earlier.

It was after allll this, that he snuck in my room that night and asked if I was still up for anything. “Thought we were done, but yeah, I guess.” “Good, I didn’t clean up, I still have some of your cum in my ass, dried up by now. Clean me up.” He had me spoon him for a bit, then told me to get to work. He pulled his boxers off, got up on all fours and spread his ass. I started kissing his cheeks, nibbling here and there, eventually I just went for it and started eating his ass and my cum. 5 minutes tops, he says that’s good, he’s clean, gets dressed and leaves. On his way out of the bed he leaned over, kissed my neck and called me a faggot again.

Why were you so sexually forward at that age? And what was it about him that made him so attractive, as someone so much younger? Like, what were you even chatting about at the pool?

>but I tried my best with body language and a big hug to put him at ease and let him know everything is alright and that I am not in any way mad at him.
Do you think you managed to reassure and comfort him? It must have been a pretty weird situation, for both of you. How did you meet him again? And why the feeling of guilt? Guilt to him, or yourself, or your parents?

You tried getting fat?

>How long did it go on?
Until I moved out, which I did at 19 years old.
>And how did it progress to BJs and sex?
I wanted more, and paid her accordingly. She initially didn't want to have sex, until her consumerist desires became too strong.
>Greentext maybe?
Not really worth it. There wasn't any kind of intense build up or anything. For her it was like getting it over and done with.

Ever cum in her?/she swallow?

>Ever cum in her?
Yes, but with a condom.
>she swallow?
Yes. Many swallows and facials.

One of my fantasies is a situation like this, where a sister begins doing sexual favors for money or some other favor from her brother. Sometimes I imagine younger sister/older brother and sometimes older sister/younger brother. The dynamic works for both.

One time “straight from the tap” aside from the other part later that night I described. We’d play with our cum if we blew each other but not really if we fucked.
Anyways, we’re fooling around, I want to do him first but again, he’s not 100% there. Out comes the begging from me, pretty sure he liked that part of it. But yeah, he agrees as long as I act the part of his slut afterwards. I’m more than happy to oblige. I do him doggy the whole time, he asks me to cum inside him which was rare. We’d usually cum on each other’s ass cheeks/back or have whoever’s bottom spread their hole and shoot that way. Of course I’m down, so I do, drop my load and stay inside him for awhile, slowly getting soft. When I pull out he tells me to just lie straight back, I better be ready for the anything part of our deal. I do, I say I am. I’m laying back all spread out, load spent, and he stands up, faces me, then crouches down straddling me over my chest. WTF, this is new, but I did ask for it. He works his way crouched up to my face, and doesn’t force it or anything, just slowly let’s my own cum drop onto my face. My mouth and eyes are closed but I feel every drop. When he’s done he tells me so and says he wants to see me clean it up, with my fingers and tongue only. I do.

My cousin, he made me force his dick was I was 5 and he was 8, not to completion but he forced my head under water (we were taking a bath). Not sure if it fucked with my sexuality but was kinda faggy and scared of women cause I was abused by my female teacher, fatehr wasn't there, sister tried to commit suicide in front of me, so trying to have a normal life with a girl wasn't even in my realm of ideas either that or I'm a fag. cut to the age of 21 high on shrooms, drunk, fuck ugly chick because she's the only one who showed interest and i was too fucked to bother stopping myself, condom rips cause of big dick, says she fucked a random dude couple days ago, panick, keep fucking cause high as fuck, can't cum, either from shrooms, pressure, drunk or 16 years of porn none stop to cope, she leaves, i go in bathroom, put beer on my cock head cause maybe the booze will kill the fucking disease i just got, turns out just retarded got nothing. That's my first time chan, unless you count my cousin.

Dang. Feelsgoodman.jpg

Yes. Have some Famchan

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tl;dr fuck these long ass larp stories. nobody can remember in that much detail

Does anyone knows what this is?

nice, you ever get to do the same back to him?

>>be 14, first time with nekkid girl
>>spent about 2hrs eating out a 12yo girl at church camp
>>didnt know what to do next
>>see she fall asleep during munch teim
>>me try to fuck
>>wont go in too small of hole
>>try butt
>>situation worsens
>>girl awake now she wtf.mpg
>>be me ¬.¬ beej plox?
>>her .....ok
>>nut in mouth almost immediate
>>spits my delicious sponge on foot
>>me wtf.mpg
>>she ^.^

Spent the rest of the week at church camp trying to fuck her tiny hole, with no success until the last day, slid in and out a couple times...she hated it...managed to ass fuck her once...she hated it.
She would blow me a few times a day.
The next year we fucked like rabbits.

Gods I miss being a teenager.

I think the guilt on his part was the same as mine, that feeling of societal pressures and what is considered "normal" with sexual behavior. Obviously 12 and 40 don't mix in the eyes this world, especially if the 40 year old is a man and the 12 year old is a girl. At least that's the best I can think of for where the guilt comes in, because other than worried about what other people think, the feeling was quite mutual between the two of us.

My mom did ask me later on if he ever came on to me and I said no. I don't know if she believed me. We did our best to make our feelings not obvious, but you know how moms can be with that instinct

I believe my sexual forwardness was brought on by my older sister who was very experienced in relationships. Might have been some jealousy because she was always had a hot guy hanging on her arm and usually they were a little older than her. She was 15 when I was 10 and I overheard all of her phone conversations from my room. It made me extremely curious atop being in a small town and not finding any of the younger guys interesting made me lean toward that older friend of ours

He didn't look his age, more like in his late 20's and a lot like the guys my older sis dated, so that's what opened me up to him. We had a really special friendship and at least for the next few years at home that really kind of ruined it since my parents didn't trust him much after the suspicion something was going on. I suppose other than that I never was close to my dad since he worked all the time and I didn't get to spend much time with him so I was reaching out

Not from my ass but from my mouth once or twice I fed him his own cum. After awhile we just enjoyed jerking off on each other’s face or ass so that was the focus most of the time.

Creepvid of hot sister coming out of the shower (cropped edition).

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We recently got to see each other at a family get together. My family is one of those "family reunion" types. We only spoke away from everybody else when I went to my car to get something. I spotted him alone arriving at the event and waved. He approached me and we talked briefly near my car, away from the main event. I'm sure we were seen by some one, but I felt much better talking where no one else could scrutinize us closely. I'm sure he felt the same. We didn't have much at all to do with each other during the reunion with others around.

> be college age me 18
> get rejected by chubby weeb girl in college
> get mentally exhausted by an asshat of a brother
> decides to flip the script and get laid
> go on an online forum
> met this 27/f IT consultant
> we hit it up pretty well
> first date was a good date at a local shopping centre
> a few weeks later, we watched some brandon frasier movie to get in the mood
> ended up in a hotel hours later and had my first time
> i came by pulling out of her after doggy (too dumb to know what endurance is)
> 18 year old me had sex
> whoaaaaaaaaa

We recently got to see each other at a family get together. My family is one of those "family reunion" types. We only spoke away from everybody else when I went to my car to get something. I spotted him alone arriving at the event and waved. He approached me and we talked briefly near my car, away from the main event. I'm sure we were seen by some one, but I felt much better talking where no one else could scrutinize us closely. I'm sure he felt the same. We didn't have much at all to do with each other during the reunion with others around.

I had consensual sex in the missionary position, for the purposes of procreation.

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Not sure if troll...but that's literally the worst creepvid in history.


Not a troll at all. Here is the uncropped version.

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Look up on, it says the perspective

Attached: 24A49074-9E3B-4718-AE7D-006FCECC75AB.jpg (1902x3587, 1.18M) win this round you fag.

Got any more pics?

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Definitely read this one.

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Yeah... I wonder what got her suspicious. Maybe it's hard to hide a secret like that from someone who knows you well. Spotting secretiveness, etc.

What was the friendship with him like, besides the mutual attraction?

Did your experiences with him influence your sexuality later? Whether that be a taste for older men or for the kinds of sex acts/contact you had with him, oranything else?

Since sexuality can be pretty mutable as it develops in puberty.

>I suppose other than that I never was close to my dad since he worked all the time and I didn't get to spend much time with him so I was reaching out
Do you consider yourself to have daddy issues?

Welcome to the thread

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>be 11
>older sister is having sleep over with her friends
>they tell me to come into my sister's room to show me something
>pic related
>they all hold me down and giggle
>one girl pulls my bottoms off and they all laugh and look at my wiener
>sister's fat red-head friend isn't wearing panties and squats over me with her pussy in my face
>everyone tells me to kiss it and they'll let me go
>I do
>I get up and pull my pants back on while running back to my room
>don't tell my mom cause for some reason I keep thinking I'd be the one to get in trouble
>now I'm 24 with a HUGE femdom fetish
>thanks sis

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I am going to love this site

>>don't tell my mom cause for some reason I keep thinking I'd be the one to get in trouble
Such is being a boy

hopefully you two faggots found a room

why is that girl stretching her panties?

Yeah my mom has always been nosy. I never had any motes or evidence otherwise of my bond with that man. We did everything together, usually along with the rest of the family. He used to take me to the park with my sister when we were kids. Went out for ice cream and he even joined us on some of our longer road trips. We had long talks about many things. In a way, he was like the father I never had. I never felt that he was "grooming" me or anything like that. Not til I was sexually awakened by puberty did I feel any sincere sexual attraction for him or want more to do with him in that way. I feel like he only reciprocated that sort of attraction to me because of me pursuing him.

I do recall one thing he said during our car ride to the store. "I guess you invaded in my heart more than most" Don't know if those were the exact words, but it was while we were holding hands. Little things like that you just don't forget. People might interject about his morals and boundaries, but I believe some times that sort of special closeness just goes beyond all of that. Some will get it, most won't but that's the world we live in!

The daddy issues thing? Well sort of i suppose, but it wasn't damaging to my entire life thereafter. I understood what my dad had to do what he had to do. Just wish I could have got to know him better than the occasional event, usually during the obligatory like reunion type things. I usually do date older guys, but not extremely older. When I was in my early 20's I did have a fling with a 43 year old, but it was nothing at all like this. That was a bit of a wild and spontaneous fling. Perhaps it was something inside of me trying to relive my first ever sexual experience, but I just wasn't feeling it. We were not compatible and he thought he was way more badass than he really was

I'd really like to talk to our family friend again and reconnect with him, but I just feel like we are north and north on the magnet poles any more.

just unadvised bad policy

>"I guess you invaded in my heart more than most"

I fantasize about being the younger partner in a situation like this, possibly because of my lack of sexual experiences in my youth. It feels like a time I should have had something and I'm attracted to situations where somebody is older and can take care of me. So I'm always curious about things like that fantasy that happen for real life.

Not gonna lie, when he said that it REALLY turned me on..I still think about that day quite a lot.

Can you share other cute, intimate/romantic or arousing moments?

Will get buried but whatever.

I was raised LDS, and my cousins lived a few hours away and were far more devout than us. Every Thanksgiving, they would come stay with us, and when I was 15 I noticed how incredibly hot my 18 year old cousin Laura was. I wasn't particularly into girls yet (late bloomer) but Laura was being extremely nice to me, asking about girls and if I ever had a gf.

Long story short, she confessed to me that she and her "boyfriend" (she wasnt allowed to have a bf so she just called him her friend) practiced soaking to get around the no-sex thing.

For those of you who dont know what soaking is, its common in LDS to not have sex unless its for procreation, but if you get hard and enter your wife and do not thrust, it's ok in Gods eyes.

Long stort short, we were up at like 2am talking about soaking and she asked me if I wanted to try it, because it wasnt sex, it would be ok.

Suddenly I found myself pantsless, laying on my bedroom floor with my hot blonde cousin squating over me. She guided my ROCK hard dick inside of her, (I was a virgin) and sat all the way down on it. She sighed like she just climbed into a hot tub, and I was trying not to thrust bc it felt so fucking amazing.

She put her face extremely close to mine and said "Don't move a muscle."

I guess the submissiveness of the whole thing put me over the edge, because I felt myself starting to cum.

I grabbed onto her ass and held her in place while I started pumping my cum inside her. She shrieked and tried to get up but crashed back down on my dick which forced it extremely deep inside her. She arched her head back and her knees started to shake. I am completely certain she had an orgasm on me while I lay breathless. She hopped off and used my bed sheet to clean herself off. She was furious and I'm pretty certain she had to tell someone to get plan B or something bc that next summer she went to MSU and I have only seen her twice since - and she wasnt very talkative.

Walked in on my sister blowing a bunch of dudes at a college party. Nobody knew she was my sister.
Took her upstairs to talk to her about it, ended up fucking her good and rough like a cheap whore.
Still do it from time to time.

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>be 15
>visit what I thought to be friends of family
>They have daughter age 14
>She is 8/10 with a 9/10 body
>she likes me alot
>I just wana get laid off
>our parents leave with their parents.
>just the 2 of us, my smaller cousin and younger brother.
>tell them to watch tv while we "talk"
>we go into different room
>she immediately starts kissing me like a mad woman
>finger bang her
>she moans with the sound that would make a man turn his peen to a diamond cutter.
>we undress
>notice white stuff on my finger. Will sniff later.
>Lay her down own a baby changing thing.
>lick her coochy but got bored after it. But hey it's what they do in porn so I did it too.
>finally stick it in and start smashing away.
>my knee kept bumping against the wall. Wonder what the kiddos watching TV thought at that moment kek.
>remember it feeling pretty mediocre and was pretty dissapointed
>in porn it looked like the man was cuming the whole time
>finish on her with a really nice blast over her body, still impressed till this day.
>touch her boobs and kiss one more time before we dress
>I go to bathroom to clean myself with baby wipes.
>cleans dick and hands.
>oh wait, smell your finger! Like in the movies!
>smells finger but ofcourse it smells like baby wipe
>to retarded to realize, I now think pussy smells this great. I never stop sniffing my finger for 2 days thinking this is heaven.
>also imretarded.jpg
>go home, tell mom at night I lost my virginity to that girl.
>"she's your cousin, user."
>my mom told the whole family anyway and they make jokes.
>the end

18 was my first time having sex and was with my prom date, pic related. I kept jacking off all day the day before and the day of because I wanted to make sure that I would be able to last as long as possible. We we were drinking with a group and I got drunk too as I was nervous and when I tried to fuck her I could only get a half boner. She gave me head and kept trying to get me hard and eventually we put a condom on and she got on top and started riding for a minute. I felt the condom making me soft again and she said she couldn’t feel anything and got off. She said let’s take a break and go back with the group and try again later. We went back in the hotels party room and I passed out, and found out I’m the morning that she ended up fucking her ex that night in our room who didn’t bring a date

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What a bitch

>Will get buried
It’s not Redd*t here friendo

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>Took her upstairs to talk to her about it, ended up fucking her good and rough like a cheap whore.
You gotta tell us more than that!

What ages were the two of you?

I was 23, she was 15.
I greentexted the whole thing in a thread a few days ago, but suffice it to say she begged me not to tell our parents, commented that I have a huge dick(which I do) and said she'd do anything.
So I did pretty much everything I could think of to her and by the time we were done she was bruised on her inner thighs and asscheeks, and we did it again a few days later.
We found out she's a submissive painslut and gets off on being degraded and slapped around.

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This is an obviously fake story.

>I was 23, she was 15.
Oh boy

This story was awsome, got a good coom from it, thanks again, think i screened all the posts for future faps=3

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Post it dude

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Given your positive experience with him, would you trust your own 12yo daughter’s judgement if she were in the same situation? Would you be ok with her telling you she was doing sexual things with a 40yo man? Would you report him if it was voluntary on her part? Give him permission?

Join now before it's too late

my dog had an 8 inch cock and i let it go knot deep in my ass when i was 12, hurt like hell never did it again.

I want to find the original images attached to these two.

my cousin and me messed around when were in our teens, she would come visit over summer break and was always down for fun

How old were you both? Was she experienced already?

How did things start with her?

started when were 13, she definitely was already experienced by how good she gave blow jobs to me and friends

she wanted to watch porn with me and commented on my dick getting hard and wanted to see it, she was stroking me before I knew it

Sister and I practiced french kissing together in late grade school/early secondary school.

You ever get a full on look at her bare titties?

my aunt had me shower with her since I was a little kid, as I got older she got more touchy feely with my dick and would blow me

Any idea when she got started and with who? Did she ask you to find her guys to blow or did you just bring them to her?


When I had my wisdom teeth out as a 14 year old, the dentist put me under. When I woke up, for some reason my dick felt sore. I asked him why, and he said it's just a side effect from the injections. I also noticed the female assistant grinning while checking papers on the bench.

So the nurse sucked you off while the dentist fucked her doggy style?

Nice. How old was she and how old were you the first time she sucked you off? You get some good looks at her butthole in the shower?

probably got started with older guys from her school, she was always partying and drinking. She didn't ask, I just told my friends and they were there, who turns down a blow job at that age

How did that begin and what was it like?

How would I know? I was completely out. For all I know it could've been a wet dream, but I didn't have any stains on my clothes.

she was 45, I was 15 the first time she sucked me, I got a good look too, she had me wash her everywhere

Was she hot? When you cleaned her everywhere, did you ever get to use your tongue? I hope you ate that pussy and bunghole.

This shit freaks me out. Any time you're medically induced to sleep, there's nothing to stop a doctor or a dentist messing around with your knocked out body.


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Triforce girl... Im sure im not the only one who knows her, but I feel im a dying breed.

Go ahead a coom to her I suppose.

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>be me, sick 3yo fuck
>obsessed by asses, dunno why
>invite your 3yo girlfriend over
>go in your room with her
>lay her impatiently, take her pants off and start licking her butt cheeks
>mom enters as i'm devotedly licking her ass

No sex? And how old was the oldest guy she sucked when you were with her?

avg looking, and she did teach me to eat her pussy

I don't remember exactly how the conversation went, but we wanted to practice and satiate our curiosity. It started out as simple lip kisses, but as we got more comfortable doing it, we gradually escalated to french kisses. Never went further than that, besides occasionally groping her growing breast.

So she blew you and you ate her pussy. Did you ever get to fuck?

Also, one last question - did you ever cum on her face, and did she ever swallow your load?

oh no, we fucked her too, she was probably our first for my friends and me, oldest guy she sucked and was with was the older brother and his friend of one my friends , they were in their late 20's and would get us alcohol

New thread

Giant fucking LARP

How did she take the groping? Were you both happy with the practice? Were either of you undressed at all?


yeah got to fuck, she swallowed but did like for me to cum on her too, mostly her tits

Did she do gangbangs or was it more one on one?

Worth looking up their names in your dental records and making a complaint IMO. You have the dentist's comments about your dick to go on.

kinda sad to realize that while you guys thought she was just a slut to take advantage of, she was desperately trying to protect you from Pennywise...

Jesus. So you did everything possible with your aunt? Nice one.

When you fucked, was it with a condom or not? Did you cum insider her? Please tell me no condom and you blasted her full of jizz.

>How did she take the groping?
Embarrassed, but consented.
>Were either of you undressed at all?
No, fully clothed. We only wanted to practice kissing, and figured going further is probably a bad idea.
If she had her clothes off, I 100% would have gone further through pure primal instinct.

yes everything , was a good couple of years when I visited her, when we fucked, never used a condom and she loved for me to cum in her

Holy shit, reverse image search of this leads to CP on Google.

>Embarrassed, but consented.
The hottest resopnse.

>You have the dentist's comments about your dick to go on.
What comments? He said it was a side effect and I didn't think much of it at the time. Apparently it's not that uncommon for patients to get an erection when they're high on gas.

It is impossible to prove anything at this point.

both, sometimes it was one on one, take your turn with her in the bedroom, other times it was her being the center of attention and us having fun with her

not as hot as
>Unconscious, but consented

>Sister and I practiced french kissing together in late grade school/early secondary school.
which of you was older? or twins?

Did she have any limits about who was fucking her or what they did?

>tween gangbangs

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not really any limits,as to who or what, even a couple of my fat friends got with her, she didn't like cum on her face or hair and preferred guys came on her not in her

Sry /bro, already moved em from phone :'(

I was a 21-year-old incel in college. Final semester this nerd chick became interested in my dumb nerd self. Ended up fucking her dozens of times, and blowing jizz in her mouth.

Did the older guys especially get off on her young age, like say shit about it while fucking her or anything. Did she seem to get off or was it more about the attention?

yeah they liked that she was young, she got off on them being older and tiring them out

What did she look like naked back then?

she was little chubby, decent tits