Ask a black introvert anything

ask a black introvert anything

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when will you stop being a fag?

the same day obama comes back to the white house.

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i'd like to see bailey in the white house

Why can’t you leave your small town? Is it because you’re on probation?

id volunteer to be her first gentleman.
we arent the same people user

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Wish she was sitting on my face I would be so happy

You and the black user that can’t leave his small town because he’s on probation should link up

nah, im cool.

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It seems like you both need a friend

where's her dick?

friends are overrated
her penis was so small, it sucked inside of her, and made a hole.

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I wish Arabelle Raphael had a big ol’ ding-dong.

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my god that would be hot.

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That woman is a dick-suckin’ savant.

When will you finally off yourself?

Introverts here

shed be the perfect dickgirl.

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holy fuck, sauce?

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Why do you post so much trans porn instead of answering questions satisfactorily?

i usually do answer them, but it's quite difficult for me to answer certain things for some reason.

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how do you feel about the idea of blackmailing some white beta femboy into being your sex slave?

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What's her name????

if its kinkplay id be fine with it.

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what about the real deal

i would not be ok with that

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pussy ass nigger

Who is this?

Who is that?

wish I knew

Do you prefer to have whites or blacks as sexual partners?

Some of these trannys don't even look like females at all. Most of them are muscular, have clearly fake breast and manly physique. You might as well jack off to gay porn

i dont have any racial prefrences. i also havent had sex yet.

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Why haven't you had sex yet?

lack of oppertunities, and i havent been trying.

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still here

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big tummies are great

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theyre even better paired with a plush booty

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this is true

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How many lead paint chips did you eat and why are you blaming that on "whitey" and why should we pay "reperations" because you ate lead paint chips?

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Looks like a cheap dart board

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So this is the right way to ask for a PAWG/PANG/PAAG/PALG??

you could always just ask user.

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what do you think, op?
for me, its 3,1,2,4.
2 is top pick if more than a one night thing though.

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ill go with 3,1,4,2.

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