Got cucked by this girl on purpose, she set it up specifically so i would be get cucked. Did it to mess with me...

Got cucked by this girl on purpose, she set it up specifically so i would be get cucked. Did it to mess with me, wound up ruining our relationship after 3 years of it and we split because of it.
My kik is auron133
for bulls

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a) you ARE a cuck
b) nice tits

Yeah she wanted to hang out with a "friend from hs" then they got drunk and they started fooling around, all while he was being an asshole to me and she was totally okay with it.

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She looks hot. Moar!

Very curious how many guys would fuck her if they had the chance and not care she had a serious bf. Id hoped to marry her but woke up with their clothes all over the house in every room

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Cred Forumsro, any guy would. "bros before hoes" is a fucking myth. The woman is the gatekeeper. Guys go out and hit on everyone, pay for sex. Women go out for fun and do the sex if the price is right.

Any nude standing?

Thanks dude

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The question is what was the price of her sex? Did she never care? Was she that bored of you? Did she not value herself? Did she some kind of potential in dude but not you? Or was she really just that fucking drunk? Because that matters.

keep going!

Dammit OP, dump them!

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9/10 tits

Where's you go?

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Come on OP, you gotta learn that bitches do whatever they want. My ex was a fervent preacher on how she would never cheat, but when they do its pretty obvious. They treat you like the shit they see you as. Just break up and move on. Life is too short to waste crying over bitches

OP please don't do this. I need these.

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C'mon OP...

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op homosexual

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So what's the story here? She all weepy about it or does she not give a fuck? What she get pissed about?

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Got any with those hammies/calves?

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Semi weepy, still claiming they didnt actually fuck just let him eat her out and finger her and sucked him off. But also semi aplogetic. Kind of deer in the headlights...I think she planned it but shit got real and she wasnt sure how to handle it. Im sure she was getting off on the idea though, talking to this guy about it and they decided to put it into action. It was definitely awkward after she was very guilty not acting innocent

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after this happened it was weird with us and kept finding random cocks on her laptop and phone

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Hmmm, lemme think on this.
How old are you? You live together, share banks accounts, what? How serious is this?

bro she is leeching off your ass. Does she live with you? If she does thats all she really cares about now, not your cuck ass. She'll keep getting all the cock she wants and you'll keep putting a roof over her head

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Nice manface

Dont live with her her rich parents put her up if anything im leeching off them

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Well, imo, either stay together knowing you're using her and she may or may not be using you. Looks like some really nice pussy and tits you got there. Or break it off and find someone else.

You also haven't disclosed is she's generally crazy or whatever hangups, or how much of a fuckup you are, so...

Side note: I knew a girl that seemed kinda like yours, but not as hot. one time she did fuck up and cheat (she was like 17). She hated the guilt so much that she wouldn't even put herself in that situation again. Then she married a mexican and I have seen her since. Are you mexican?


Or was she that fucking drunk. That does not matter it is not an excuse for shitty behavior

I had that happen to me once OP

It really fucked with me

My advice is to try to not let it fuck with you

Looking back that little 19yo thot wasn't even worth my time

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It does if she really just fucked up or if she /wanted/ to fuck up. But yes, she definitely shouldn't have been in that position. It would be hard for anyone to ever trust her again. But hey, if you're in HS and just there for the sex, fuck it. OP hasn't clarified much.

You're at fault here for not remedying the situation with a gun or a baseball bat, cuck.

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No it's not. I won't fuck a chick if I know she has a bf. I fucking hate cheaters.

she sends u this and says my bf doesnt appreciate them

you not gonna stick your face between em?

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Who cares? She’s fat

Friends gf let us tag team but won’t do DP. Tips for next time? Kik me mnlit1

Is she fat?

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Bruh you should’ve chainsawed the guys limbs off and tied her up and force fed them to her while playing smash mouth all star in the background. Also I would’ve beaten both their asses near death if I’m being honest.

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