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Should I spank my kid?

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the fear of getting hit by my dad was so much worse than him actually hitting me, which he completely understood and never hit me even though i was a shit sometimes.

Absolutely. My parents spanked me all the time, and I turned out okay.

Yes you should.

>"I turned out okay"
>Cred Forums

If you have to ask, no.

Sometimes I was forced to pull my pants down to get spanked. Hurt more than the spankings. There might be something my kid would do that I would spank but idk for sure.

Yes, just don't take it too far

Spank, possibly. Just don't beat him. A light slap is enough. Unless they eventually joke about it haha. But I was spanked and it wasn't a big deal for me. I'm fine.

Depends on what they do.

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No. Because the times where you're angry enough to really think your kid deserves it are the times when you really shouldn't be hitting a kid. My mother didn't ever really hit me until she was worked up, and at that point it was bad.
If you can't discipline a child without physical violence then you shouldn't have a child at all.

yea but it also depends what they do

as a last resort.

Yes and no. Did they steal from a store or provoke a fight unnecessarily? If it doesn't fit those things, don't do it. I got beat from my dad so I may be biased, but the kid could end up fearing you and that's a horrible thing as a father and as a kid.

Only if you want them to turn on you at the worst possible moment.

Cred Forums scared me because people have stuff like this just laying around

Your kid deserves harsher treatment

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Honestly there are so many better alternatives. I have to taken courses in child psych and am a father myself, spanking and other physical punishments are less likely to be successful in keeping the child from doing bad again. Time based punishment or restrictions on things that they enjoy are more effective in getting the point across. Secondly you can’t spank forever, there will come a point where physical punishments won’t be feasible due to age or size so rather then having to figure out that point in time it’s better to start earlier with other punishments that are time and restrictions related as it will set a baseline for the future.
Lastly, physical punishments only work for very short periods of time, they might stop doing what they’re doing for a few minutes but will be back at it soon, the time they have on restriction will allow them to reflect this lowering the chances of them misbehaving in the future and will actually make them better people who understand concepts like cause and effect, reason, and consequences.
Remember to be loving yet firm.
Not every transgression deserves punishment, rather reminding them that certain things are not acceptable to do.
Good luck OP

I have worse. It just shows how humanity is.

I wasn't really spanked, but when I showed disrespect to a high degree I was met with a hand to the back of the head.

I think that the most important thing about something like this is that it can't be just a threat. If you say that you will spank them if they take a piece of candy. You have to follow through.

Idk though, I have no kids.

To be fair it does look like the guy warned the kid before he kicked his ass

Sell that shit to the savage japs as a crab craw. You can make mint.

To that level is extreme. Restrain the child and give them a scolding. But meh asians.

Well I guarantee that kid never kicked a stranger again.

If he lived, that is.

I have been on both ends of this. Spank your kids when they need it. Not when you are mad. The goal, for me was to have control, not cause more pain than necessary.
Start young and keep control is the best advise. A very light pop on the diaper will break the heart of a 18 mo old. No need for more.

Dont switch them so much that they miss out on a sneak attack from the japs... oops that happened. So much for your hickory switching old fart. Try that to one of my kids and I'll just plain shoot you.

Yes but never in public. Noone wants to hear a crying child.

I bet that little shit will think twice before acting in that nature again.

Spanking's for pussies.

Dropkick them into a crick.

How do we know it wasn't his kid.

I would stomp this childs head in and when the parent came to the defense I would beat the motherfucker with their childs lifeless limp body.

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It was "corporal punishment" in the south for some time. I was only there through third grade, but I did crack up a class a few times with jokes and got sent to the VPs office. Right behind him was this bid 'old Georgia paddle.
I really almost cracked up it was that stupid. Even in just 3rd grade I would have taken that thing and cracked it over his skull if he tried using that on me.
No, it more ceremonial, nobody ever got hitten.

real fun starts when you beat him enough that he dies, then you can do all sorts of things


Went to a catholic school. They would crack you with a yard stick. If you were disruptive.

Yeah, that's whole 'nother deal. That's maybe why those religious chicks from catholic schools are so kinky.
When I was a kid my mom wanted to get me into one, one of the best ones around and I lied on the enterence exams to avoid it. I avoided that shit.

Id your child says they are gay beat the gay out of them.

You basement dwelling autist, you can't even manage to speak to strangers in public, you wouldn't do shit. That's why you post on Cred Forums.

I mean, that's exactly it. My kid is getting me worked up and I want to spank him. If he was behaving and not driving me nuts why would I want to spank him?

Sorry you are so worried about anyone learning that you secretly want to suck dick. Must be hard. Hard thinking about another man's asshole.

Id agree with you on paper but spanking got the point across when I was a kid, taking my stuff that I enjoy away just made me feel like my parents didn't support my hobbies and interests and really demotivated me over years.

>talking out of turn
>looking out the window
>staring at my sandals
>paddling the school canoe

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There's a fine line between punishing spanks and abuse. I was abused while my younger brother only got spanks. I'm mentally fucked from all the hair pulling, the fists, and kicks. My younger brother is doing very well. My father realized he has emotionally scarred me and changed up his physical punishment. By the 3rd kid they never hit him. He's kind of cunt but well off so far.

Man i've had so many belts broken on me as a kid lol. You think it was the thick belts that would hurt but the ones i feel hurt more was those thin belts. You would think i would of became a football player or boxer with all the dodging and weaving i did back then. If you grew up with the time out chair that's pussy status.

>Should I kid
No user, never.
Just abort it now.

Guys there's a spider in my toilet, what should I do?

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A good ol hickory switch and a jug of corn does that for the fucking lame ass faggots.

You typed that, but deep down you wish you were sniffing my balls right now. Speak honestly with your heart.

Looks like Japanese Haute Cuiseine.

Don't spank your kid. People hit their kids because they're impatient and uncreative. Talk to them like a human being. Don't raise a fucking neanderthal.

Just put cigarette butts out on the kids arm.

What's that like 10000 USD on the so called Ginza for cultered Japanese crap?
Fucking bug ass scum that have no souls.

The world needs ditch diggers too.

Depends. If you're a modern-day neckbeard, probably. If you're a tough guy and your words and actions can achieve the same results, maybe.

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use the spider as lube

pretty sure its illegal now unless you live in a third world shithole

shit on it before it excaped!

Put it in soup and make a new virus.

There are better ways.

put spider in dick hole

what? is this some britbong thing?

try talking to your kid and feed it less fucking sugar faggot

Spanking and hitting are different things. Sometimes a good thrashing is required, but it should be used sparingly.
The idea that kids never need physical punishment is a bunch of fucking bullshit which results in entitled, spoiled brats who never learn how to live in the real world.

Nope. If you can't beat any Sense into them, then settle for beating the Shit out of them.
Also true for women.

Belittling and humiliating a child achieves a better result than spanking.

An important question is how old are you kids? Spanking is good for young kids who dont understand that they will die if they put a fork in the electrical outlet.

spare the rod, and he turns into a libtard. ive been spanking my kid when he does wrong since he could crawl. hes 4 now and is a good son.

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Did you ever get the grabbed-by-the-mouth treatment? It's been two decades and I still remember my father pinning me to a wall and squeezing my face, screaming from maybe three inches away.
If you haven't been abused you can't understand how bullshit it is when people say that there's a healthy moderate amount of hitting a kid.

Oh no I've been found out. Have a question however. Do you masterbate? If so that makes you gay because you are playing with a dick. So logically you would be gay because you are being pleased by a man. And you are playing with a dick. Faggot.

I’m sorry to hear that it had that effect on you user. I think it’s all about using parental discernment as to choose the severity of punishments. It also goes hand in hand with offering more freedoms based on receptiveness to punishment and for track record if that makes sense

This is exactly the problem though. If the reason to hit your kid is that they have you worked up, then it's not about discipline, but about alleviating your own anger. And then hitting the kid doesn't alleviate the anger. So you try it again. And still. Rinse and repeat.
If you're waiting until you're mad to do it, it's already too late. Try showing restraint when you're seeing red.

No, you turned out to be the kind of adult who thinks it’s ok to beat small children .
You didn’t turn out ok at all, probably due to the abuse you suffered.

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This. They'll get it eventually, and they'll love you more for it.

So when your child believes that they can do whatever they please. And all that will happen to them is a talking to guess what that child will end up being a rapist, their or murderer.

You ever seen how mammals get corrected in the wild, or even domesticated? You either listen or you die. We are mammals.

No. Hitting is traumatizing, so is spanking. It also shows you can't even reason with your own child
>B-but what if they're too young to understand reason?
Then they won't understand the reason why you're hitting them. They'll only understand that you are bigger than them, stronger than them, and will hurt them when you want to. Love is not possible in such a relationship.

Nope it is not. But has to be an open hand swat on the bottom. And not in anger and can leave no mark. But is legal.

Yes, we should bring back physical punishments. I am not the best person but holy shit modern parents make me cringe. Even my uncle smacked me across the face a few times when I was young and being a retard, if I did that to my nephew today I think I would be exiled from the entire family.

Oh Josh.
You’re such a card.

Mom would be absolutely furious if she knew you had just posted this.
You’d be grounded into next week.

But fuck mom. She’s a total bitch, right ?

Take that mom

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Blaming yourself for your abusers actions. Classic Stockholm syndrome.

>mammals get corrected in the wild
What is “society”
We are not wild animals.

Funny you say that, given that we also know how unhelpful beating pets is

Mammals also eat their babies, rape their offspring, and worse. Appeal to nature is not an argument.

>if I did that to my nephew today I think I would be exiled from the entire family
And you'd deserve it

It's up to you. Just remember that kids will remember.

>What is “society”
Mammals also have society. Retard.
>We are not wild animals
What's the difference? We look pretty and fight to fuck versus looking pretty and fighting to fuck.

If you raise a child in such a way that you think you need to hit him or her, don’t have kids. Children can be taught respect and boundaries without hitting them.


Everyone I know of my generation who had kids went down the “never smack” rearing method .
The kids have turned out better, more well behaved, doing better at school, than we ever were , constantly being beaten for any minor wrong doing.

If you have to resort to beating your child, then you have already failed them as a parent, and no amount of beatings will change that

>how unhelpful beating pets is
Physical corrections are the only way to train a dog. If you think otherwise, you are #2 or worse in the pack and your dog doesn't listen to you. It's life.

You spank your crack you beat your children with your fist into their assholes fagettii

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Your point?

Nope not animals at all.

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>Mammals also have society. Retard
Citation needed.

Name an animal other than homosapiens that live in a society?

Not a familial structure. Not a troupe.
An actual society .

Surprise surprise , retard who advocates beating children is legitimately retarded.


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lol, poor faggot doesn't realize at least 50% of children misbehave on purpose because it's fun to them. Nothing brings them back to reality faster than a show of physical force. Doesn't have to be beating. I prefer immobilizing.

A physical correction is sometimes necessary.
Sometimes children just won't listen to reason, or even raised voices. To redirect them towards a proper course and ensure they aren't struck by a stranger with no thought for their safety, an example must sometimes be made.

That “animal” is wearing clothes.
Human capacity for violence is greater than wild animals.

You’re a moron if you think you proved a point there

You're objectively wrong though. This is some Facebook mom-tier pseudoscience.

t. guy who never had kids or dogs

why do you need to spank him
why can't you just relate to him
slow down and identify with kid things, your kid's things
what patterns have you set up to make this process difficult

>50% of children misbehave on purpose because it's fun to them
Citation for “50%” figure.
Because it sounds like you’re talking unfiltered bullshit.

I don’t believe you have a degree in child psychology at all

That age, with a belt? Yes, you should spank your kids - a big reason our country is so fucked up now is because we stopped spanking kids in the 70’s & 80’s. Any so-called expert who says you shouldn’t is an absolute faggot who has never had any children of their own. The belt for a kid that young might be a little excessive, though.

>A physical correction is sometimes necessary.
Then you won’t mind if I “physically correct” you on your wrong opinions, huh?

You’ll be fine with that, clearly

nigger have you ever talked to an upset child

Join now before it's too late

Tell me how it doesn't prove the animal instincts in the human primate? Fight or flight. Let me see you talk your way out of a beating as an adult when you trigger someone to the point of violence.

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Of course. That is life. If you feel you've been wrongly sufficiently enough, you will react with force. To prevent my child from willfully and arrogantly crossing such lines, I deliver a measured punishment, where you clearly would not.

Child psychology is a form of quackery. Psychology in general is not a real science.

>a big reason our country is so fucked up now
The past is a shithole and you currently have it better than at any time in human history.

We should ignore your advice

t. guy who needs to pretend that hitting things that can't fight back is altruistic

I'm talking from experience. I've been around children a lot. Do you consider it a good proof? It's almost scientific.
Your urge for citation and lack of imagination on the other hand shows that you haven't been around children at all.

>you currently have it better
we're the first generation in history to have parents rich enough to make us better than them and actively choose not to
shut up boomer

>if experts don't agree with me then their field must be bunk
Hoo boy

Yes, some parents just don't know to beat their fucking kids

>Of course. That is life.
100% shit talking nonsense

Though I do believe you are such a cuck that you would thank me for breaking your nose

i spanked my son when he was 2.

now that hes 3, i ask him if he wants his butt smacked and thats enough to get him to listen.

its fine to spank your kids. but after you do it you explain calmly what they did wrong. broke my heart when he would say he was sorry, but 30 seconds later hes back to playing like nothing happened. would never ever hit him hard enough to leave a mark.

never ever do it out of anger, you shouldnt get "angry" at kids anyway. doesnt mean you shouldnt be able to discipline them. just have to be objective.

And your qualifications to make such an assessment are....

>in the pack
lol this motherfucker thinks his golden retriever has the spirit of the wolf, gotta be the alpha and shit. absolutely disgraceful, read a book and quit watching so much caesar milan you overcompensating dipshit

Unable to provide citation for made up statistic .

You are duly ignored

Do we now? So you must believe a grown adult male should be allowed in a womans restroom with a child because he identifies as female. 41%

i have. do you think throwing a tantrum right back in their face is a good response? when he frustrates you, grab him (gently you bastard) and look him in the eyes and let him see how sad you are too, underneath your mutual frustration. and show him you can both sit through the pain.
i know this shit isn't always practical but you have to teach them to deal with emotions or they'll just have more tantrums

If that is what you believe, I certainly welcome you to walk through your life assuring yourself that others would welcome you punching them.

Do you believe that what you're saying would cause nonviolent reactions from 100% of adults?

No the books are wrong. user is such a tough guy he has to prove it to his fuckin dog lol.

dude go do more drugs and treat your own kid that way
adults are talking

Got to agree with this. I was never hit bit my mom scared the fuck out of me.

>we're the first generation in history to have parents rich enough to make us better than them and actively choose not to
And what is the causal link between that situation and a decline in corporal punishment ?

Citations required - as your opinion is worthless

It is a parents responsibility to get you to be self sufficient. Not to take care of your lazy ass for life. Move out of their house and see what they are really going through.

I don’t know... you are posting in Cred Forums

Ok, it's not 50%, it's "most children". Do you fucking get it now, dullhead?

And that’s why you’re a stuck up little cunt with poor self control and a drain on those around you.

What are you, a fucking jedi master or some shit? Emotions are natural, what the fuck are you doing to your kids

As long as you establish consent and safe words.

There there.
Retreat to your safe space, in your case, the 70’s

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wow a picture you sure changed his worldview


your kid will always remember u have beat they, Don't

my mom used to twist my dick till i cried. Made me the responsible man I am today.

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no, turns them into BDSM types. I'd say things like shoving your kid, slapping them, or physically forcing them into a corner or to their room is better.

The "authoritarian" "bend over and take your whacks" just turns kids in BDSM freaks.

pic related, what happens to your girls & boys when you teach them to associate pain and beatings with love

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Objection, the Prosecution speculating.

Not beating him

Join now before it's too late

Question. Have even lived in the world yet? Or seen the sun out of your parents basement?

I did the same once. Dunno if he told his father but he never said anything to me.

This triggered by a picture

Yet call me sheltered.
Max Kek fag

Not sure what you define as spanking. I do a quick pop when they’re hurting me/someone else or if they’re not listening and their actions are going to harm them. Strictly over the clothes. Never had it be a ritual with them taking off their pants and getting a belt. Closest thing would be “better stop are your gonna get popped”. Usually the “dad eye” is good enough


Can confirm grew up in physical discipline household and very into bdsm in adulthood

Instead try this

Remember, if it doesn't give you a boner, you're not doing it hard enough.

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So, no one can disprove this.

The only time it is appropriate to lay a hand on your own child is when you know their actions would cause an unrestrained response from strangers. And it is certainly never appropriate for another person to discipline your child. m

i was spanked and im here

also lost some braincells but okay

my hero


What if, after verbal warnings, their continued actions would bring harm to themselves?


...That's my entire point. Obviously starting with physical punishment is foolish. It's necessary to gauge where they are emotionally.

If they'll listen to reason, then just like adults, there's no reason for violence. If not, a corrective action is necessary.

I started out wanting to get "disciplined" my self, then later found out as a man its much better to be the one giving the discipline to subs.

The girls into this are completely insane and can't function without consistently being hurt by their lovers.

I was spanked and the only thing it did was give me a bdsm fetish

That’s what I’m saying. I never start with a pop on the ass. To me it’s like the nuclear deterrent. I don’t want to do it, but damnit, I will

No, he'll grow up hating you and his mother and will repeat your mistakes.

If your kids acts out, it's because you're not raising him right.

I grew up with the “you were bad, so come here so I can beat you”. I will never do that. Anytime I hit my kid it’s a quick tap on the ass to get their attention when they repeatedly do not listen. I never do it with the intent to inflict harm as a punishment. Only as a way to get them to fucking stop whatever it is they’re doin


Just beat the shit of the faggot, you know why there are so many misbehaved dicks around lately?
because these shits afraid of nothing, they are free to do shit because at most they only get lectures, cut allowance or grounded.
moreover the rise of groups against little shit getting physically punished makes these faggot feels much safer to be shit.

When I said beat the shit out I don't mean beat them to death or until they shit themselves, beat them to correct the shitty attitude, pain is necessary but also tell them why they get beaten, not beat them for no reason given.

would you rather others to take matter into their own hands?

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Can you say “anecdotal”?

No ?

Oh well, guess it’s the belt for you

That’s a perfect example. That kid needs a quick smack on his ass. Not to hurt him but to deflect his attention from hitting that lady with a fucking shopping cart.

you know, sometimes people, not even children who are still learning their boundaries, just test people to see what they can get away with
adults do that. children do it ten times worse. i can tell people like you don't interact with children

Houses don’t have basements in my country.
We outlawed corporal punishment decades ago.
Youth crime has dropped significantly since doing so.

Now, counter question - other than your own unverified, unproven, emotionally based opinion, do you have any actual proof that corporal punishment is good for children ?

Doesn’t require any qualifications and most parents are very bad at it.

Your opinion is worthless

This. It's not because you raised them poorly or they're bad people or anything of the sort.

They are inexperienced humans who need to understand their role in the world, and how it reacts to their actions. Either you can give them a corrective smack to the rear, or a stranger can crush their windpipe.

It's fucking insane to me how people in this thread act like kids are rational 100% of the time. Fucking adults aren't rational.

You're not perfect so your children aren't perfect.

I'm perfect so my children are perfect.

You don’t have to be a strict parent. But you do have to be firm. Make a line in the sand that they can not cross and you will not budge

And even perfect things need to understand actions and reactions. So that's fine, your kids are perfect and mine aren't. It didn't invalidate my statement.

Who said the guy was a stranger? I think it's more likely to be a big brother or something

There there.
Go back to your safe space / the past

>many misbehaved dicks around lately?
Implying humans were of perfect behaviour during periods of harsh punishment .
This is objectively untrue , your hypothesis is disproven

>perfect example
I can think of a multitude of other ways to deal with that child that don’t include physical harm, such as restraining them.

Your willingness to resort to violence to solve the issue will only teach a child that resorting to violence is a way to solve problems...and therefore exasperate the problem.

Typical victim of abuse ...take it you were beaten around the head as a small child, impeding your development

>Either you can give them a corrective smack
Or use a non violent corrective method

You choose the brainlet option because it’s quick and easy is not, however, a better of more effective strategy.

lmao my mom did that wih me she would slap my hands as hard as she could with either a slipper or a belt eventually i stopped caring so she stopped doing it around the time i was 12
asian muthers i guess



Used to get beaten by my dad...if given the choice of a smack that lasted not even a second, or a punishment like confiscation which could last indefinitely- I’d chose a smack every time...and not bother changing my behaviour.

Its perfectly normal to spank a child. Every other animal and mammal on the plant disciplines their off spring with a simple smack.

Yeah but it will give them a spanking fetish... which isnt so bad.

>most children
Citation needed.

Your bullshit opinions are worthless.
I thought we’d established that.

And to counter, you simply offer more bullshit opinion.

Education really has failed you

How many kids do you have?

Have you ever tried to restrain a child in full on rage mode?

>Every other animal and mammal on the plant disciplines their off spring with a simple smack.
They don’t .

Also, “Animals do it “ is not an excuse for your shitty behaviour...
You really should strive to behave better than an animal when existing within a human society

Never had to raise a hand in anger at then, and they are the sweetest, best behaved kids a guy could ask for.

Guess I’m just a better parent

They are much smaller and weaker than me, was very easy if you know the techniques

Yes, they do. Ive seen it plenty of time. Maybe look it up instead of just assuming your right.

Life isnt all sunshine and rainbows and a little smack on the bottom isnt going to fuck up some kids life. Grow up and stop being so sensitive over normal shit. Far worse happens everyday, wtf are you doing about it? Oh, posting on an anime image board, youre just so much better than all of us eh?


Never said I did hit my kids. Funny how you assumed I did and crowned yourself a better parent. They may be well behaved a sweet, but their dads a smug af asshole

Too lazy to read most of the thread but id personally physically disiplyn my childeren depending on their gender. Id spank the boys. Id let ma handle the girls but if it came to it maybe a slap on the wrist.

this is how Ethan Van Sciver turned into a maniac


Spanking is totally counterproductive.

Instead, wake them from a dead sleep while wearing a werewolf mask. If they go to sleep afraid, you've won.

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>Yes, they do. Ive seen it plenty of time.
t. David Attenborough

ad hominems are not arguments, if you dont want to argue just concede and shitpost some other thread.

Having animals as pets and watching nature tv shows is too far fetched for some people I guess. Either that or youre a complete idiot.