I want to fuck her

I want to fuck her

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She has a really long neck.

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Needs to be Blacked.

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Why is one eye lower than the other?

No one needs to be blacked.

I'm not even racist either, I just hate the meme/fetish.

and deep throat

Who doesn't?

don't look at shannen doherty. she was an icon for a decade and they even tried to keep flipping the picture back and forth horizontally to make money off of her.

then, there's scarlett johansenn. once you see that left eye looking off the side, you can't forget it.

we only get shit that sucked harvey weinstein's "missing testicles intersex genitalia".


I bet that soft, pale skin is ever so cool to the touch... like you could feel the faint warmth of her heart but still hold without getting too clammy, as the delicate but definite scent of jasmine graces the air around her...
Also, this.

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Please stop this makes me feel queasy and nauseous.

that's hot

I'm sorry. I truly am, but it's too late.

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Not going to happen. She's too pure to be degraded by an inferior like a nigger.

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Elle edit when?

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You need to be blacked faggot

LinusTechTips needs to be Blacked.

>blacked Emma
Fuck yes, more!


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Danm, it looks awesome


>tfw Elle is happy

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And then guess what happened next...

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Elle is a fucking goddess but stop with all this cuck shit

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Cuck shit? Who said anything about cucks?

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Oh fuck
She looks amazing, like a true slut


You're delusional again, user
Here, come let Nurse Elle give you your medicine
It will only hurt for a second. Probably.

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She's very influential on her big sister as well...

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If Elle sat on my face with her wet crotch until I died, I would die happy.

I'm ready to endure any pain to feel her lips on my cock

You know she'd never be satisfied with you, right, user?

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it applies to any girl


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Hurts so good

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why are you so cruel to her?