What does Cred Forums think about children transitioning sexes?

What does Cred Forums think about children transitioning sexes?

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Corey worked out just fine

Just kidding. She's starving to death & begging for money on insta

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What do you think?

I think it's pretty f'd ngl

I think a whole generation of sterile little faggots is fucking hilarious.

Considering it's gender not sex that they transition I don't think you really get a say in the topic if you don't understand the difference between the two
Just because colloquially people use them as synonyms without actually taking the time to look up the the actual definition doesn't make it right

>it's gender not sex that they transition
>doesn't know about giving children hormones

it should follow the age of consent laws

the parents and doctors should be fuckin arrested


any parent and doctor and politician involved in this crime against humanity should unironically be guillotined


We don't let kids drink or smoke because it might irreperably damage them.

I never stated my opinion in the second point
To that I say it is disgusting that any parent would actually allow a child to go through such a thing
The absolute youngest age anyone should transition is 16 and only in special circumstances
Otherwise they should be 18 and regardless of anything there should be a strong vetting system in place to ensure it 100% is the right choice for the person I question and that they won't change their mind later due to it being a phase or they're being pressured into it

Well they have the highest suicide rate. good riddance.

>I never stated my opinion in the second point
I didn't say you did.

If you're too young to be prescribed most painkillers you should be too young to be prescribed HRT. I don't really give a shit about trannies getting surgery or taking hormones, but FFS leave the children alone and quit forcing your SJW Jewtard views on them.

Someone needs to admit that mother to a fucking mental hospital or child services need to take that girl away; not even old enough to know what her mother is talking about

The parents and doctors involved should be dragged to the town square and hanged.

>it's really fucked up to permanently alter a child's development
But also
>traps that never went through male puberty with bodies almost untouched by testosterone

Well they're not traps if they've had their hormones altered.

If you're not old enough to operate a motor vehicle, you're not old enough to change your sex.
Dress and present as the opposite sex if you want, but no HRT until you're at least 18.

Trap just means bio boy that you would easily mistake for a bio girl

Y-chromosome. Biologically male. Trap.

You're thinking of a femboy user. Don't fuck with me on this typa sh it.

Fucking ridiculous horseshit in general, but even worse when kids are involved. These attention whore moms do this because it would be looked on poorly if they let people know they'd be just as happy if their kids had cancer. It's a combination of pedophilia, social contagion, fad, and jew trickery.

I'm really lucky to have a supportive mommy she's so good to me and was always supportive. I love her so much for her letting me be a little sissy and not just judging me. My mommy is also a sissy btw I love her so much. My other mommy died when I was younger. My mommy is beautiful inside and out and has always helped me with my gender disforia and U guys don't understand what it's like to he in the wrong Boddy and every other girl like me deserves to have a supportive mommy like mine.

You’re just as retarded as the mother.